Hey Guys I Just Became A Dogecoin Millionaire (April 15, 2021) PT 2

i just became a millionaire by spending all my money on dogecoin yolo okay so the official date is april 15th at 6 00 p.m is when i actually crossed over that mark of a million dollars on my robin hood account with all of my dogecoin 69 days that's how long it took me 69 days i i'm not even kidding like that's actually the number of how many days it took me this was me searching how many days in between february 5th to april 15th for me to become a millionaire okay so let's see here how many days between february 5th april 15th if you're in the doge community you know the significance of the number 69.

69 days 69 days i can't even make this up look 69 days between the day that i bought dogecoin and the day that i became a millionaire isn't that ironic fate loves irony people fate loves irony yeah i can't even make that up like that's exactly what it is fate loves irony crazy so really quickly before we start this video off i want to address something that was incorrect in my first video which was my assumption that a third of the dogecoin was being held by elon musk in a wallet um come to find out that the largest wallet that is holding about a third of all the dogecoin belongs to robin hood so as soon as they open up that wallet and let people transfer in and out it's gonna go up back to my bullish thesis i want to add to that something that i didn't mention in the first video is that i truly believe that 2021 is the year of cryptocurrency and if you think about that what is the equivalent to gold in the cryptocurrency world that would be bitcoin what is the equivalent to the dollar in the cryptocurrency world in my opinion that's dogecoin and it's gonna be dogecoin for the foreseeable future of course in my humble opinion like i said i'm very new to reddit so uh i was kind of excited about it and i wanted to make a post so i went ahead um made a post on reddit screenshotted my phone and said hey guys i just became a dogecoin millionaire um i made the post and it went completely viral i had no idea i had like 70 000 upvotes on it a bunch of like over 5 000 comments on it and it ended up becoming not only the hot posts on the dogecoin reddit but if you look at the all-time highest upvoted post on reddit since the beginning of the dogecoin reddit um mine is like number three or number four which is insane um because like i said i'm brand new to reddit like i started two months ago just to join the dogecoin community so that's amazing um in that whole thing i'm like replying to comments and all this crazy stuff somebody actually reached out to me from newsweek and wanted to write an article about me shortly after maybe a few hours after i had made that post because like i said it went viral um so i went ahead he had a few questions for me i went ahead and answered those and then he wrote the article i told him that at the time i wanted to remain anonymous because i wasn't sure about you know showing my face and all that stuff um but i gave him you know a bunch of details that it only could be me on in the article if you know me you know that that's me um but let's let's read it real quick a dogecoin investor told newsweek of how he became a millionaire after investing his life savings in the mean cryptocurrency the 33 year old los angeles resident who wanted to remain anonymous yeah at the time i did invested all of his 188 000 life savings into it in february this year if you go back to my video i posted it on february 5th no i did that on february 5th i posted it on the 6th or the 7th since then the coin has risen sharply in value as cryptocurrencies in general have grown in popularity and thanks to support from influential figures such as elon musk in the last 24 hours alone doge has risen in value by over 200 percent and 435 over the past seven days it is currently worth a record high of over 40 cents per token it's a little bit lower now but well it's actually probably at 40 cents right now as a result the investor found his initial investment had grown to almost 2 million so i want to talk about that real quick literally i post i made the reddit post right and it was less than 24 hours later i think it was around 6 40 a.m the next day dogecoin hit a new all-time high it went all the way down i want to say 47 or 48 cents around that and the entire time i'm on my phone because i can't sleep i mean if you became a millionaire overnight you would probably not sleep either so i'm there looking on my phone all night long and um sure enough at its ver at its peak when it hit that i i was checking my balance and i had hit 1.8 million so i was i almost doubled the million dollars that i had previously hit the day before in less than in 12 hours time less than 24 hours the next day i almost said two million dollars which is crazy to think about because it was 188 000 investment that i had flipped to almost 2 million so i also took a screenshot i made a post and i didn't put it on reddit i just put it on twitter so if you follow me on twitter you would have seen it by the way my twitter is the doge just you know follow me and stuff but yeah anyways uh something that was happening too during this entire time was i kept checking the reddit uh post just to see what people were writing and there was a lot of people that were hating on me hardcore on there saying like i was a billionaire that just was throwing money around didn't really care or i was a trust fund baby with a bunch of money just throwing that around or whatever um i'm not i'm actually not wealthy i don't come from money my family is broke up uh and i never had money you know what i mean like i'm just really good at saving so i would stash little bits of money here and there throughout you know my past like five six years and i started putting that in the stock market and learning about stocks and investing in tesla investing in uber investing and all these other um stocks that i thought that were undervalued and i made quite a bit of profit with doing so and by the time i was ready to invest in dogecoin i had accumulated quite a bit of money that i was able to sell everything and just go full throttle 100 all-in on dogecoin which is exactly what i did back in february 5th but yeah you guys can read the article whenever you want i'll post a link beneath in the description section you guys go check it out another thing i want to point out in the article too is where it says i currently have a regular nine-to-five job right now and i basically live paycheck to paycheck which is true i also own a super beat up 2004 toyota corolla that has over 200 000 miles on it and is completely falling apart if you know me you know that i drive a 2004 toyota corolla that is completely falling apart like paint peeling off of it like the side mirrors just like completely broken off i had to like tape it on and then screw it in and stuff and there's like glue dried up glue on all over the side of the car i'll make a whole nother video just showing you guys the car because it's it's crazy but facts is true oh yeah really quickly so at the end of the article i kind of took what ron kitty had done and what he said in the testimonial that he did what about the whole gamestop thing and at the very end he was he was saying a bunch of things and i literally took it word for word and i just replaced gamestop with dogecoin um after i had some comments on reddit saying that i was instead of deep [ __ ] value which was his name on reddit that they were calling me doge [ __ ] value so i thought that was hilarious and so i did that at the bottom and you know paid homage to uh the goat the one that started it all shout out to roaring kitty also i know i had said that i'd be uploading those coin related videos on a daily basis or regular basis or whatever but it kind of got to the point where i wasn't sure if i still want to remain anonymous or not like on the newsweek article you know they kept me anonymous because i i didn't know um i feel like at this point i really don't care if people know or not uh i had previously put my first video on private right after i had made it because i wasn't sure what i wanted to do and um and yeah now i don't care anymore so i made it public a few days ago whatever uh i'm gonna make this one public and just you know i'm gonna start doing videos i really wanna start doing a lot more videos and if people find out that it happened whatever you know what i mean if you know me personally and you're like what dude you got what you're a millionaire what let me hold some money let me get some money bro i'mma probably be like i'm not touching it for a year so i'm not seeing any of it either you know what i mean if you want to come back in a year and see what's up and maybe if i'm up to 10 million or something i might feel generous and throw you a couple bands i don't know we'll see but people have been asking me like oh cool you're a millionaire now i'm like are you going to quit your job are you going to buy cars houses and all this other stuff and i'm not changing anything that i've been doing my whole life i'm going to keep my job i'm gonna still work regular job i'm still gonna drive my little beat up car um i'm going to do what i had previously said i would do i'm going to hold it for a whole year and then at the end of the year i'm going to take out 10 and then live off of that you know like who knows i might hit 5 million in a year i might hit 10 million in the year i might hit 20 million here i have no idea where it could possibly go but i'm going to stick to what i have previously said and i'm going to hold it for a whole year and then only take out 10 and keep the rest in there while it grows and gains more value that's my plan let's talk about dogeday 420 which is tomorrow um okay what do i think is going to happen doge day is going to be huge in my opinion um but then again i was wrong about uh in my first video i thought there was going to be a commercial at the super bowl there was no commercial i thought elon would have been you know allowed people to buy tesla dogecoin he hasn't done that either but he did do it with bitcoin so i was kind of right right there a little bit um i think those days is going to be huge tomorrow 420 slim jim is coming out with their whole dogecoin slim jim thing um i've seen snickers tweeting about it i've seen somebody tweet at wendy's about it hoping that they'd be the first ones to hop on board with the whole dogecoin craze um i just feel like a lot i feel like snoop dogg's gonna post about it it's 4 20.

It makes sense i feel like elon musk is maybe going to finally get his dog his shiba inu dog um that would be dope i also feel like we got things that still need to happen we gotta like we have coinbase that still hasn't listed dogecoin on their platform we have robin hood that still has their wallet intact you can't move anything in and out of robin hood you can't transfer your coins out but when they open that up i feel like that's gonna increase the price of doge all of these things you know what i mean i feel like it's only going to keep growing i feel like you know bigger stores bigger retailers bigger companies are going to start embracing doge and allowing people to buy things buy products their services with dogecoin and i feel like it's only up from here you know everything that i was thinking in february i thought was gonna happen is happening now and i really thought it was gonna take me like six months to a year to become a millionaire and it happened in 69 days which is so ironic but in any case um yeah let me know what you guys want me to do i could do videos about whatever i could tell you about my life story i could tell you about my come up i could tell you you know how i was raised i could tell you about dogecoin news i could tell you about things happening in the dogecoin community in the dogecoin world i could do live streaming i don't know i want to do basically everything i want to sell merch too i i've already bought www.thedogecoinmillionaire.com i've got all the handles on social media you guys can follow me on twitter at pro to those you guys can i'm gonna have the website up and running pretty soon uh follow me on instagram the dogecoin millionaire i also got protodoge on instagram i got tick tock the doors coin millionaire proto doj i gotta start posting stuff and start getting on my game with all of this so yeah follow me you know let me know what you guys want to see and uh yeah i'll see you guys on the next one oh really quickly too before you guys go i'm gonna record my phone again and show you guys exactly what my robinhood account looks like right now where my doge is at how high i'm up how much i've gained and exactly what's going on with that um what else oh also i know last video i said i have five million dogecoins now i have about four million dogecoins and there's a whole story behind that which i can say for a whole other video but yeah all right so here's my robinhood account um at 1.6 million today alone i made over 270 000 up 20 today of all time i'm up over 1 100 at 1.4 million and here's my doge we're up over 40 cents right now which is great i'm pretty sure it's gonna go even crazier tomorrow on doge day 420 um here's my position as you can see i'm at 3.9 million instead of the 5 million that i used to have and like i said there's a story behind that i'll make another video about it my equity is 1.6 million average cost basis 0.047 and total return is 1.4 million over hundred percent almost eight hundred percent here see there you go right there the market sell of over seventy seven thousand dollars that i'm still upset about but it's a whole other video i did not do that uh volatility super high still which means what i'll tell you here let me remind y'all i am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice this is strictly entertainment so invest at your own risk and don't forget to smash that like button subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell so you don't miss any more of my future videos and with that being said i wish you guys a happy doge day tomorrow 4 20.

let's go to the moon.

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