Here’s Why You Should Not Buy Tron(TRX) Tokens

do not buy tron tokens or trx tokens here's why? 
so maybe you have seen many posts on facebook   that they offering you to buy TRON coins but i am 
going to show you in this video you don't need to   buy these tron coins because lucky for you 
faucet pay microwallet now offers you with a   tron wallet here it is so my guys we don't 
need to buy these coins in order to make a   profit in few years or few months we can collect 
them free so this is the price currently it's 0.02   right now so first thing you need to do is go to 
your faucet pay wallet if you don't have one you   can create an account right now then after you 
sign into your account in faucet pay wallet just   click deposit here it is then scroll down and 
find the tron deposit address here it is just   hover over your mouse on to the tron address and 
click as you can see here it says copied now your   tron address is copied to your clipboard then my 
guys here are the five websites that i recommend   you to collect trx tokens instantly this is the 
first one and guys remember i have links to all of   these websites in this video description so check 
them out then in this claim free trx website first   thing you need to do is put your address in this 
tab that you copied from your faucet pay account   then my guys click login you don't need 
to sign up after that click continue   then just prove that you are not a 
robot by completing this recaptcha   then you need to solve this 
captcha by clicking these words   in following order that means this order okay 
let me do it it's bit tricky but i know you can   do that aha then you can hit verify and 
my guys you can see now i do have 0.06   trx tokens in my faucet pay wallet aha now back 
to the website then you can click click here to   continue after that all you need to do is 
wait seven seconds in this website okay now,   now it's done we can hit get 
link and as you can see here ….   was sent to your setpay account all right 
now our next website is   all alright guys it's the same procedure you just 
need to scroll down in this webpage and find this   tab and paste your address then 
you need to complete this h-captcha   then click claim and please click on the antibot 
links in the following order all right two eight   five four easy right? then it has a three 
second countdown after that we can get rewards   and like that i got 0.014 trx to my faucet pay 
wallet that was our second website and my guys   this is our third faucet website diamond faucet 
dot space you can check the link for this website   also in the description after you visit to this 
web page just scroll down and find this section   which section you may ask here it is then put your 
address the trx address do you got from faucet pay   wallet then click login after that there is a 
anti-bot link that you need to do to go further   2 times b it's ''bb'' 1 times c plus 1 times 
a ''ca'' yep 1 times c plus 2 times a ''caa''   1 times c plus 2 times b ''cbb'' alright now we 
have to complete this recaptcha then we can hit   get reward to get 0.01 eight tron tokens to our 
faucet pay micro wallet all right now our fourth   website is here guys it's 
if you don't want to type these addresses just   click the links in the description below 
then you need to put your address in this   box that says your address like this then hit 
claim after that we have to do this h captcha i think this is it this time it 
is right yep then this antibot you just need to hit these buttons in 
this following order in this order let's   think that was wrong but 
let's try to click get reward all right now we got this amount of satoshi 
to our trx wallet in faucet pay website let's   refresh this website and as you can see here 
I now have 0.12 tron all yep these are the all   transactions i got right now you can see the date 
here and my guys for the last website it is not a   instant one it is it is also a faucet website but 
there are some things we need to do before we can   request a payout from this website so guys i'm not 
going to do a full review on this website right   now but as our fifth website you can use this 
website too all you have to do is just register in   this website using your email and a password then 
you can see there are many options to earn in this   website like faucet shortlinks ptc ads and many 
more all you need to do is complete those things   and first thing we have to do is complete at least 
20 faucet claims before we able to withdraw so i   can't show this website's payment proof right now 
but i will be doing that in the future so my guys   you can subscribe to this channel if you want to 
see that video or if you want to see any other   videos about collecting crypto coins for free on 
internet just hit that subscribe button and ring   that bell so my guys that is it for this video so 
now you know you don't need to buy tron coins you   can just collect them for free right guys thank 
you for watching I will see you in my next video

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