Here’s WHY This “STIMULUS” Will Go Right Into BITCOIN!!

Stimmies, stimulation, free money you could
say that gets the people going! Everyone’s excited for this next American
round, but in reality, here it's just the government making it rain peanuts. But since there stimmy handouts, there has
been a way to turn those peanuts into gold. How? Find out in about ten minutes or less. Because it's time for Chico Crypto! Oh Big Papa Bitcoin….the king crypto & based
on hash power, king proof of work blockchain. It’s withstood the test of time, further
than any other altcoin. Thus today its over 50gs to obtain a whole
BTC!! We are currently witnessing BTC transition
from the people’s crypto asset, to the corporations & hedge fund whales crypto asset. Not many people have 50k laying around. Corporations and rich whales do though… Micheal Saylor scored some more of the asset. 10 million dollars worth, which netted Microstrategy
about 205 BTC.

Then it was announced NYDIG raised 200 million
from partners to grow and accelerate bitcoin adoption. The article also said “NYDIG also announced
today that life, annuity, and property & casualty insurers now own, in aggregate, more than
$1 billion of direct and indirect bitcoin exposure facilitated exclusively by NYDIG,
and held on NYDIG's secure, audited, and insured institutional custody platform”… And then another big one yesterday…A Norweigian
Oil Billionaire took a bet on bitcoin, by creating a new company Seetee AS, to tap into
the potential of the asset…going to it’s website, we can see their first move, picking
up the treasury asset…bitcoin, 1170 of them, and the strategy is to HODL. Like I said BTC is transitioning before our
eyes. And to paint this picture. Let’s talk about those stimmies, stimulus
checks. Everyone is getting excited because the US
Senate passed the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package, which included a third round of individual
checks to eligible people worth $1400. Butt to get the Chicgoh type of picture painted,
we need to rewind to the first stimulus checks. Back in April of 2020, in the middle of the
month, the first round of stimulus checks were sent out or directly deposited.

This was worth a measly $1200 dollars. The smart thing to do would have invested
it into bitcoin…why? Well looking the charts the price was low,
about 6 thousand $629 bucks… How much is that $1200 today if you invested
it into BTC with the price growth? Well luckily there is a website that tracks
that. and looking at the price
chart…over 9208 dollars. Turning 1200 bucks into nearly 10 grand in
less than a year. And back in April of 2020 with 1200 dollars
you could get nearly a fifth of a bitcoin .20… Today how much does 1200 dollars get you? .024…instead of 20 percent of a bitcoin
in april of 2020, 1200 gets you about 2.4 percent of one.

But, it’s $1400 dollars coming this time…this
Stimulus. Well let’s edit it, a person would have
gotten about 2.8 percent of one if they invested that yesterday… I hope you see the narrative…The 1-2 punch
is coming. Some of these stimmy checks are coming for
BTC and crypto. Many of the people missed out on the first
one, turning that 1200 into almost 10gs.

They missed out on the second one, yes there
was a second stimmy that came at the end of december 2020 for a measly 600 dollars, but
if you would have put it into BTC…luckily bitcoin stimulus track that one, it would
be worth nearly 1100 dollars, a return of 87 percent in under 2 and a half months. I don’t think many of the smart ones will
miss out on the third… Another people's punch is coming. but the corporation punch is the two.

Like I showed, many have been punching recently….of
course Saylor, and Norweigian Billionaires, but also Musk, Paypal, Square, Venmo, Citibank
& the list goes on & on… These entities can accumulate entire BTCs
at these price levels, and they have been….like the SeeTee Norwegian company, it is the company's
Treasury asset on the company's balance sheet. From a billionaire Oil Mogul…if you would
have said that was coming in 2017, you would have been laughed at… But I’ve seen this coming, this transition
of bitcoin.

It began as the people’s asset, is now moving
to the corps asset and then its eventual full transition, the countries and global asset. Just like that shiny metal before gold 2.0,
bitcoin 1.0, Gold. The people used to use gold as a currency
even before the common era. The Romans, Persians, and Greeks all utilized
gold coins, but the first recorded instance of people using gold coins as currency dates
back to before the second millennium BC with the Lydians. But eventually, the scarcity of this asset,
gold and precious metals, wouldn’t allow that. Thus paper currency backed by GOLD welcomed
itself to the modern world. We all know how that turned out for the america’s. The people rushed for the asset that would
back the countries currency, the GOLD rush…in the mid to late 1800s.

Their chance to accumulate, and many did… But The government stepped in, and by 1933
under the emergency banking act, made it illegal for citizens to own gold. GOLD went into the corps hands, the bankers
hands, and the government's hands… And now today, even though it's legal to own
again…how many citizens own a “gold” bar. Not many own the big dogger the kilo, shoot
barely anybody owns the ounce…the citizens own paper currency, even though paper currency
isn’t backed by gold anymore… gold is majority owned by the corps, the bankers and
the governments of countries…they still see & hodl it’s value… BTC is following a similar path. But at an accelerated pace, because of technology.

It really began as the people’s asset. Anyone with a computer had a fair chance at
obtaining it. It gained value in 2009, small value cents,
but cents became dollars, still in the reach of the people, dollar became hundred of dollars,
still in the reach of the people…hundreds became thousands of dollars, getting out of
reach…and now throughout 2020, thousands has become over 50 thousand. A whole bitcoin is out of reach for a majority
of the population. But not for the corps, whales and even the
bankers. They are scooping BTC up,…at around these
levels….. BitGO just put out a post, about the public
and private companies with bitcoin reservers totalling over 55 Billion dollars. Corps, like Tesla and Micro but also insurance
giants like MassMutual…who did they invest through? Oh hey there is NYDIG…but also bankers like
Fidelity and then below, those whales managing funds…

It’s happening before our eyes…the next
question is when is a country going to go all in? Yes a country adding it to their reserves,
just like they do with GOLD. And In Chico’s opinion, the question is
not if this will happen. The question is when?? Even for the good ole US of A…very nice!! Why do I think this? Well if you didn’t know, some countries
are already indirectly holding it. The Norwegian government has something called
their Oil and Gas Pension Fund. Which has invested in over 9200 companies,
in 74 countries. One of those companies is Microstrategy. Searching into their fund and equities, we
can see they own nearly 1.1 percent of Microstrategy.

Micro strategy today owns 91,604 BTC. 1.1
percent of that? The Norwegian government today indirectly
owns over 1 thousand & seven BTC. Indirect hodl to direct country HODL…it’s
only a matter of time. And I would bet my bottom dollar…no pun
intended, that some countries' governments are in silent accumulation mode or have been
for some time…. Let me tell you…this digital currency movement,
gold 2.0… will involve a techno- economic fight that crosses borders through the internet
like never before. The common theme with government banks and
FEDs, is bitcoin is bad, central banks will never HODL it, that what European Central
bank president said on February 10th, just a week later, the US Fed came out and said
a similar thing. Ya it’s Gross, not a challenge to our dominance. In my opinion, there is the once in a lifetime
opportunity for a country to silently accumulate a bitcoin position and later announce its

And if they were silent about it, they would
be doing just that…BITCOIN is bad, we don’t hold it…we know what you really mean & so
do your corporate friends. Cheers viewers I’ll see you next time!.

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