[Music] [Music] [Music] Hello guys and welcome to a new encoder video of the most beautiful musical instrument out there Coded violin guys I hope you had a great day today I'm back with some very up-and-coming content I hope you're ready I'm a little tired I've spent A very long day and it was a very productive day so this is so good ah it's 1 o'clock at night here and I'm here with my wife and my dog Cinnamon in bed but I couldn't not sleep I had to make a video that's why I'm ready and I'm going to start this video Rookie by asking all of you to subscribe and comment in the comments section if you guys don't subscribe, come on we're at 24.1k subscribers let's move on to the 25 to help your kid crypto fiddle for 25k subscribers that is said let's dive into the bullish juice I have today, ok first of all let's take a look at the xrp usd pair in the exchange of printers i draw some lines here which are very interesting lines ok why because here is a large symmetrical triangle pattern which is ok and this body of this pattern is 300 percent tall so if we hack triangle pattern This is symmetric so it means a clear breakout would mean here and it would immediately trigger a three hundred percent blowout that would take the price stabilizer B into five dollars so this is the first short term price prediction and the second here I see a bull flag here happening a bull flag so we have a trend bullish uh let me see this uptrend here and then ah the bull flag then we get off the bullish flag and then we go up again ok and i will explain to you what this is here what is a bull flag and a bull flag is a continuation pattern that occurs as a short stop in the trend after a strong price move to the top, it seems that The bullish flag chart pattern looks like a downward sloping channel denoted by two trend lines parallel against the current trend during this period of volume consolidation through which its formation should dry up and its intention to push higher on the breakout, the actual price formation on the bullish flag is similar to that of the flag on a bar , hence it has a good name, look at this uptrend trading here , upwards flag pattern and then also breakout up exactly the same sideways trade.

The price moves up in sideways trading and then explodes again in the upside so well here the second flagpole is the bullish flag and the third is the retracement and the fourth enters at the bottom of the flag or on the breakout above the top and above the breakout above the top then the fifth is the target price based on the flag hole if We measured the flag column here we measure 157 ok so if we break through from here uh let's say we find support here and then we break out from xp going up 157 which will make the price-fixer p come to $2 and 88 cents with a little bit of hype and FOMO, it will push the price up xrp into three dollars and what I think is possible after that. Third this is a breakout of $3 and a half, maybe a retest of the previous fall's high, uh breaking the previous high on time and then retesting it like Cardano did well, this is my short term prediction for xrp price and you know what I think could happen at any Wait a minute and I'm not the only one I'm going to show you this guy I cover a lot I don't really like but 1.21 million subscribers say otherwise so uh ok I'm subscribed too and he's calling for a settlement at any moment and he's not just calling it he's dancing he's screaming he's laughing about it So let's watch this, we're gonna screw something up for you guys that nobody owns.

We get this, it's huge and public and no one else knew it, we'll be the first to talk about this massive development not with the case but with the ripple and acceptance of banks in the integration of xrp into the world's financial system and this is a real document Unnamed: this ain't that ain't you You know kinda of a ghetto that someone made up and sent me this is general info you'll be able to check out that huge huge video coming up this week I've been told you guys know I originally said mid September at the latest I've been told the timeline might have been Push it 1-2 weeks in but folks who care still prefer that it be by mid-September so by October by September 30th, 30 days in I think by September 30th this thing should straighten out 100 maybe around the 20th or 21st, and it might be What we're looking at maybe a few days into the 15th, but we're going to start hearing the grumbling come out in a few weeks so in a few weeks in a few weeks ideas about settlement and negotiations we'll hear rumors about settlements and then at any moment we can see settlement and I think it's Right to know what can That settlement occur at any moment because ripple could win the case on the fair notice defense and that means that Ripple says it didn't have fair notice that the market didn't have fair notice and everyone thought the ether was clear and thus certainly except that it wasn't t announced because xrp wasn't even an ico and you know what a digital asset investor tweets, very interesting stuff that sounds like novogratz as I thought it was a second step and not Hitman's personal opinion so mike novogratz on June 14, 2018 had fun talking about cryptocurrencies At the NYSE Capital Summit Thanks for a great day to the local team with ssc moving on the ether and ios going to live just fine after that .

The crypto market has gained some clarity with the noting that the two largest currencies bitcoin and ether are not currently securities strong cases to make although a number of other tokens with large market caps are incompatible , And then you tweet like wood, and don't forget about this case, let's see this advice you would give to this audience and to the thousands of people who feel in some cases that they are waiting for a second to get more clarity in this world, and I think there really is a clearing for paramedics I think there is a lot of clearing Well here he didn't become president for a second and he's talking about someone in sc and asking what do you think of people asking for clarity because I think there isn't enough clarity and then ten seconds later there's a video of him as the head of the NSC saying there's enough clarity, and there set of clarity .

What we call a rotten pit, I hope you guys like this short summary, I'm not going to spend much time from you, but I wanted to ask you guys, please help support my channel like this video if you like it Comment in the comment section if you have Questions or just don't have a chat also you can subscribe don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell is very important so go to this video like subscribe and turn on the notification I will help this channel a lot Thank you all for watching I hope have a great day In the next great video Goodbye [music] [music] to you.

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