Henry’s Trampoline Dodgeball Championship! Dodging Danger | Henry Danger

[yelling] [yelling] You're out! [grunting] You're out! [yelling] You're out! [whistle blowing] You lose. [audience cheering] [yelling] You lose. [grunting] Oh! [whistle blowing] That's game. [cheering] Bro Force One! Bro Force One! Yeah! All right people, this is it. The Dodge-A-Leen Finals! [cheering] Yeah! On the north tramp we're
gonna have Bro Force One! Bro Force One! We're taking
names and dodging balls, all right! Yeah, man! Dodge-A-Leen! Hi everyone. And on the south tramp we're
gonna have The Jumping Jaspers! [cheering] Okay teams, it's tramp time! [cheering] Tramp time! All right, both teams, I
want a good clean match. No spitting. No ball slapping. No nose picking. Hey! No glaring. – Sorry.
– I didn't know. Ready! [whistle blowing] Dodge! [audience cheering] [audience cheering] Oh no! Don't throw a ball at my foot. You're out! [audience yelling] Darn it. Whoa! Piper flew away. [yelling] Jasper, look! What the… [grunting] You're out! [laughing] [groaning] [grunting] No! [whistle blowing] You're out! [audience yelling] Come on, I dare you. I dare you. [grunting] [gruntong] [groaning] [audience yelling] [yelling] [laughing] [groaning] You're out! [audience cheering] What the…

Piper, you got him. [laughing] No way, dude.
She was already out. No she wasn't. The girl was never hit by a ball. I did not call her out. So you lost! [cheering] You're not gonna call me out for that! [both yelling] [whistle blowing].

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