Hey everyone to my channel today, we'll be covering Hedera hashgraph, it's a move Price and some use cases have what companies are doing on The platform and what is the potential for that, so we'll look at The price now hedera hashgraph is actually less than 15 hours in the past 24 hours, So many of you might be wondering to yourself if this is the right time to buy or are you waiting Until it goes down a little bit, so hopefully this video gives you some clarity and so You appreciate it, be sure to leave a like below so that more people can see this as well Especially if they are going to hunt for hedera hashgraph videos, that means They are very interested in this, so subscribe to the channel too if you like these types of videos, So the hedera hashgraph now sits at around 8 cents after hitting a high of 12 A cent and a half in the week and a half a week and a half ago and it's basically dropping a bit as it tests its support Previous this is a hit if it broke, we can easily see seven cents after that maybe even Six, so that's just something to keep in mind but if it's now standardized and stays in place And it hasn't broken the previous support it just reached, that's pretty cool Very good sign, we'd love to see it bounce, then if it bounces then maybe this is your sign To buy more because it will keep going up and why it will keep going up So many exciting things Hedera hashgraph they talked to when mentioning a lot of great partnerships As their use cases grow and grow, they have come up with a consensus service that works Really well in 2020, it was cool once people realized the true potential of hedera hashgraph, You will see that it becomes a lot more valuable especially if it lives up to her expectations.

It started with a vision of how the Internet works and how it can work, who should be Really possible for anyone to kinda wave their hand and make a CE pie for cyberspace And creating a world of their own, but the technology to achieve such a vision simply did not exist, it does not exist A way in which you can get really high productivity and you also have a whole These safety and fairness characteristics, I have managed to convince myself that it is not possible and I put it aside It will come back and haunt me and it will keep nagging in my face so I would like to pick it up again Putting it aside again and this continuing for years three years later Lyman had a breakthrough Hashgraph algorithm, consensus, wait a minute if we're all talking to each other And I included very little additional information That could end up with us with a complete history of exactly how we talked to each other in any order I'll know a lot so that I can take one of our very impractical and impossible slow voting algorithms And do it without a vote at all.

I know how to vote so don't bother voting, no You tell me your voice, I know it and it gives us this date in full is Cal drove the tick In 2015 Manson Lyman founded inflation to fight algorithm testing in environments Licensed and the following year Lehmann published the technical paper and then in 2017 a hashgraph was introduced To the world we just got out of cryptic hash is the future of blockchain technology But to achieve a fairer and safer digital future for all the places the internet belongs, The world needed a trusted internet side, and a hashgraph-based general ledger, to my delight To introduce you to Federa, it is a public hashtag network with a world-class board of directors, This is we are about to launch the hedera mainnet and 50 billion hours, are you ready, I'm ready, let's do this all right All there is to it, congratulations, it has been We just concluded the first eight global decentralized cities a hackathon called an h-bar, that is it Our icon that we think will change the world, we're so excited Being here in Seoul, I am very proud to be able to announce the first group of councilors Talking about hedera consensus service, this is a new service Okay, so looks like we got to the last seconds here three two one The network is open as of this moment we have held the members of the board online ready for the taking Transactions from anyone, anywhere in the world, and this year we have seen tremendous growth on The network surpasses daily transaction volume of ethereum in just nine months To welcome new board members and see dozens of game-changing apps popping up on hedera We can't wait to see what the next year brings into the future, So what are some cases of its use that you can use in payments in healthcare to mitigate fraud, You can basically create your own assets on this platform, you can be sure that Your data is compatible, you can specify that We work with the right people, There are many different things, so let's take a look at some of the cases For today they have listed on their website some companies that built the platfo platform mainly rms The hedera hashgraph and they are in industries such as agricultural media, healthcare, And retail technology, financial services, and many different industries here, and it's very interesting To see hedera hashgraph is actually being implemented in various industries And it's not just one type of customer that this applies to, it's super exciting Which is why I mentioned hedera hashgraph price action because you need attention To 7.8 cents if that crashes, it will probably drop lower but if it doesn't break that So it bounces right before that, and kind of keeps going up, as a lot of different things pop up In the Hedera hashgraph pipeline so we can easily see this rises to 12 Cents and you'll never know if a break of 12 and a half cents, it will probably go to 15 20 30 cents in Sometime soon so that's just something to keep in the back of your mind and as for the algorithm, Make sure to leave like below at the bottom especially me if this gives you some clarity on whether or not You should invest now, wait for what you should do with the h bars you have or what you should not Done because you are a long-term investor and I would appreciate you all again if you have Any questions also with hbar, let me know in the comments section down below, I am glad to answer Any questions you guys have, I just be a resource for you guys and subscribe to This channel also if you see some value from this I appreciate all of you and Mr.

Mofleh comes out.

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