welcome back everyone to my channel today 
we're gonna cover hedera hashgraph it's   price action and some of the use cases 
for it what companies are doing on the   platform and what are the potential 
of it so we're gonna look into the   price right now hedera hashgraph is 
actually down 15 for the past 24 hours   so a lot of you might be wondering to yourself 
whether it's a good time to buy or do you wait   till it drops down a little bit more so hopefully 
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channel as well if you like these types of videos   so hedera hashgraph right now is sitting at around 
8 cents after hitting a high of 12 and a half   cents a week and a half ago and it's basically 
come down a little bit it's testing its previous   support that is hit if it breaks out we can 
easily see seven cents after that maybe even   six so that's just something to consider but if 
it consolidates right now and it stays where it's   at and it does not break its previous support 
that it just hit then that's a very very good   sign we would want to see it bounce up and then 
if it does bounce up maybe that's your signal   to buy more because it's going to keep going up 
and why would it keep going up a lot of exciting   things are happening with hedera hashgraph 
they're mentioning a lot of big partnerships   their use cases are growing and growing they came 
out with a consensus service that's doing really   well in 2020 it was amazing once people realize 
the true potential of hedera hashgraph you're   going to see it become much much more valuable 
especially if it does live up to its expectations it started with a vision for how the internet 
should work how it could work it really should be   possible for anyone to just kind of wave their 
hand and carve out a piece of cyberspace and   create a world of their own but the technology 
to achieve such a vision simply did not exist   there's no way that you can have really high 
throughput and also have all these security   and fairness properties i was able to convince 
myself it's not possible and i set it aside   and it would come back and haunt me and it would 
keep nagging at me and so i would pick it up again   and set it aside again and this kept going for 
years three years later lehman had a breakthrough   the hashgraph consensus algorithm wait a 
second if we're all just talking to each other   and you include a tiny bit of extra information   we could each end up with a complete history of 
exactly how we talked to each other in what order   i would know so much that i could take one of 
those huge impractical impossible too slow voting   algorithms and do it with no votes at all i know 
how you would vote so don't bother voting don't   tell me your vote i know it and it gives us this 
entire history the history is called a hashgraph   in 2015 manson lehmann founded swells to battle 
test the algorithm in permissioned environments   and the following year lehman published the 
technical paper then in 2017 hashgraph was   introduced to the world we've just come out of 
stealth hashgraph is the future of blockchain tech   but to realize a fairer more secure digital 
future for all where the internet belongs to   you the world needed a trustler of the internet 
a public ledger built on hashgraph i'm pleased to   introduce you to federa it is a public hashgraph 
network with a world-class governing council this is it we are about to launch the hedera 
mainnet and mint 50 billion h bars are you ready   i'm ready let's do it all right that's it congratulations   maynette is live we've just wrapped up our 
first eight city global decentralized hackathon   this is called an h-bar this is our symbol that 
we believe is gonna change the world we're very   excited to be here in seoul i'm very proud to be 
able to announce the first set of council members we're talking about the hedera 
consensus service this is a new service   okay it looks like we are down to 
the final seconds here three two one the network is open as of this moment we have 
council member nodes online ready to take   transactions from anyone anywhere in the world 
and this year we've seen exponential growth on   the network surpassing the daily transaction 
volume of ethereum in just nine months   welcoming new council members and seeing dozens 
of game-changing applications deployed on hedera we can't wait to see what the 
next year brings hello future so what are some of its use cases you can use 
it in payments in healthcare to mitigate fraud   you can basically build your own assets 
on this platform you can make sure that   your data is compliant you can identify that 
you're working with the right people you can   there are so many different things 
so let's look at some of the cases   for today they have listed on their website 
some companies that built basically platforms   on the hedera hashgraph and they're in 
industries like agriculture media health care   retail technology financial services environmental 
so many different industries in here and it's very   exciting to see that the hedera hashgraph 
is actually being implemented in different   industries and it's not just one type of customer 
that this applies to so that's very very exciting   and that's why i mentioned the price action of 
hedera hashgraph because you need to pay attention   to 7.8 cents if it breaks that then it probably 
will go down lower but if it does not break that   if it just bounces up right before that and it 
kind of keeps going up a lot of different things   are coming up in the hedera hashgraph pipeline 
so we could very easily see this going up to 12   cents and you never know if it breaks 12 and a 
half cents it'll probably go to 15 20 30 cents   sometime soon so that's just something to keep 
in the back of your mind and for the algorithm   make sure you leave a like down below especially 
if this is giving you some clarity as to whether   you should invest now wait what you should do 
with the h bars that you have or what you should   not do because you're a long-term investor 
and i appreciate you all again if you have   any questions as well with the hbar let me know in 
the comment section down below i'm happy to answer   any questions that you guys have and basically 
just be a resource for you guys and subscribe to   this channel as well if you see some value out 
of this i appreciate you all and mr mufleh out

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