Hedera Hashgraph Update – HBAR Price Analysis & Prediction – KEY EVENTS COMING SOON!!!

today we're going to take a deeper look 
into hedera hashgraph and its price   so right now it's sitting at about nine cents 
after going from three cents just last month   to almost tripling in price and if it's your 
first time hearing about hedera hashgraph i made   a couple of other videos before i'll leave them 
on the screen right now feel free to watch them as   well basically they're like a blockchain but much 
faster cheaper and more secure and you can apply   it to much more industries and it's more scalable 
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keep going so hedera hashgraph like we said has   gone up from 3 cents to about 9 cents in the past 
month and as you can tell the volume has picked up   a lot so in january twice actually in january 8th 
and the 20th we saw basically two huge spikes in   volume that pushed it higher and higher so 
the first bike we can tell that it kind of   went back down and then it stabilized and went 
back up and now we're kind of seeing it coming   down a little bit is it going to stabilize and go 
back up or is it going to come down to six seven   cents because if you look at it from the one year 
chart you can kind of tell that in february there   was a huge spike in volume as well that kind of 
pushed it up but it couldn't really hold it so   it went up to about six seven cents and then 
went down to three five cents and it kind of   was stuck in a range even dipped down to about 
290 for a bit so it's going to be interesting is   it gonna just keep going up or will it come down 
to six five seven cents if it does come down to   seven cents i am going to be a huge buyer and i 
opened up a small position in h bar um i wish i   had bought more just now seeing this bike but 
it was just a couple hundred dollars so if it   goes down to six seven cents i will definitely be 
a buyer of this keep adding on right now i'm just   kind of waiting to see what's going to happen with 
the price if it stabilizes i might buy more just   before the next run up but if it starts going down 
i might just let it do its thing because in the   past you can tell that once a volume hit it just 
kind of went back down but a lot of people are   saying that 2021 is different that the bull market 
is here and that people are just getting on and   the trust in the government system and the fiat 
system and all that is going down so more and more   people will go into crypto so is this time going 
to be different i'm not sure but i'm just going   to keep an eye out for this i'm very interested 
in it but either way in the long term i believe   that this can easily go to 50 cents by the end of 
the year because as you can tell on coinbase it   went public at around 42 cents and that was back 
in october 2019 september 2019 when they didn't   have as much as they do now so right now they're 
partnered up with companies like google they have   they're on their governing board ibm and zane 
telecommunications so many different worldwide   companies that are already using this technology 
so hedera hashgraph right now is sitting at about   650 million dollars in terms of market cap and 
it's went up a lot in the past month yes but   if you think about it this can be a multi-billion 
dollar company very easily so that's why with   hedera hashgraph 50 cents by the end of the year 
is very very conservative i believe um but my   analysis on buying at six seven cents is just 
for the short term so i i hope it goes down for   six seven cents for like a week or two and just 
stabilizes around there and then goes up again   um just so i can get a better buying opportunity 
it's not to hate on hbar i actually really really   like this technology and how are they going to 
get to 50 cents well let's look at the road map   on their website they have basically what they did 
in q3 and q4 of 2020 and now in 2021 they launched   their new token service and after that they're 
going to work on their stable coin and their   quorum plug-in which basically it works on their 
consensus service to execute global transaction   without double spending so a lot of you saw the 
news headlines about bitcoin and why it went down   in the past couple weeks because there have been 
a lot of news about double spending or whatnot   and it was all bogus from what it sounds like but 
anyways hedera is also working on that problem   network automation phase three they're working on 
a token bridge between ethereum public networks   and their smart contract nodes they have so many 
different things coming up scheduled transactions   so i'll leave this in the link down below feel 
free to check it out if you're interested in it   and next thing i want to say is that their proxy 
staking service is coming soon so you'll be able   to actually stake your h-bars in a platform that 
they create for us and just earn h bars for free   hopefully the gas fees are not that expensive 
because as we know ethereum is very expensive so   maybe this is different and better so i'm really 
looking forward to this to also earn on my h bars   as well while i'm sleeping while i'm hanging 
out and it just shows your commitment to the   system and that you actually believe in the 
technology and that's why you should do it   if you don't do not stake your hpars at all 
you know keep it in a wallet where you can   exchange it if you want to sell for profit 
whatever if you don't believe in it long term   that's what you should be doing but if 
you actually believe in this technology   you need to stake your tokens especially if they 
make it to where the gas fees are not bad thank   you all for watching up until this point what 
are your opinions on hedera do you like hbar   what price are you trying to buy it at let me know 
in the comment section below and make sure you   leave a like button too so more and more people 
can see h bar and we can actually get people to   invest in this exciting new technology and also 
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watching up until this point and mr mufleh out

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