Hedera Hashgraph Update – $HBAR Big Thangs Poppin’!!

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crypto content on the internet h bar h bar team   unite i know i know it's been a while since i gave 
y'all a price update but dub digital i had to go   get some r r but now it's time to get right back 
on that h bar and speaking of h bar shout out to   the h bar team for sending me this dope merch 
making me look all fresh and [ __ ] i like it   but now that i'm back in the scene i'm sassier 
than ever but guys i've been looking around and   the market's been bleeding i see people laying 
all up on the floor rocking back and forth in the   fetal position holding a quart of haagen-dazs ice 
cream and stuff but i know my age barians y'all   ain't sweating it because the blue chip crypto 
it stays steady working and i just happen to   have the headlines to prove it we're gonna take 
a look at that price action cut it up a little   bit but make sure to stick to the end y'all 
because this is the dub digital channel you   know i get that ta and the fa and i'll mix it up 
spoiler alert y'all more and more organizations   keep choosing hedera hashgraph as their platform 
of choice more and more value-added individuals   in the crypto space keep jumping ship to 
join that cash cow hedera hashgraph team   and more and more heads keep getting turned 
to see what's going on over in this corner of   the cryptocurrency space but you know what i'm 
getting ahead of myself let's pull up the chart all right guys i'm sitting on that h-bar u-s-d 
pair let's get it because guys because the   broader crypto market has been letting off some 
steam lately this one it's not going to be too   complex i'm a macro investor first longer spans 
of time let's not get all wrapped up in the weeds   around the beginning of january 2021 hbar it blew 
up with the quickness shot up damn near 1000 1381   over the course of 70 days then over the next 112 
days hbar happened to give a little bit of that   back at the lowest point of the week drop down 
damn near 70 up digital that ain't just a little   bit of gains guys i know this but let me help you 
put it in perspective in a little over two months   hbar went from three cents to 46 cents that's more 
than a 10x a 10 bagger and when it was going on   i don't really remember anyone complaining 
about it but three or so months later at the   lowest point hits about 13 cents then it caught a 
bounce about 38 percent off of this bottom trend   line here but let's just measure from the point of 
initial breakout to the lowest point it hit in its   correction 371 percent above the price at start of 
the year at and at the time of filming this video   it's sitting somewhere around 19 cents which means 
it's 561 percent above where it started the year   at dub digital you know i don't care nothing 
about that i just like number go up i want to   live on the moon moonboy lambo bring it in let's 
talk about it what do i say price progression is   sequential you take two steps forward one step 
back and what i'm essentially getting at is guys   hbo's price has been respecting this bottom trend 
line and what are some characteristics of an upper   trend higher highs and higher lows is the first 
macro impulse in a broader crypto bull market what   i see forming out here is a triangle it's looking 
like something's gonna happen within the next   three months because when i apply a measured 
move height of the triangle to area of expected   breakout might just enjoy an increase in price 
of a hundred and fifty four percent bringing   h bar to around 63 cents because we all know hbo 
likes to move with the ferocity of a thousand suns   with the intensity of a nuclear reactor to the 
heights of the soaring bald eagle ah shut up dub   digital you're always coming up on my feet talking 
about phil floren filth guys i'm getting tired of   all this ta let's go ahead and get in some of 
that fa because this is the dub digital channel   you know i get that ta and the fa and i mix it all 
up at fundamental analysis because those closer to   the knowledge profit simple as that tweeted out 
by hedera hashgraph on july 1st of 2021 the re   exchange is an innovative nft trading platform 
that leverages hedera hashgraph to deliver more   than 10 000 transactions per second as compared 
to ethereum's 12 with much shorter user wait   times and fractional carbon footprint guys come 
on how how am i going to read that and not dive   more into it published by forbes on june 30th of 
2021 exclusive meet the arya network a new media   company seeking to disrupt advertising via ar nfts 
and new shoppable experiences augmented reality   non-fungible tokens oh my let's read on consumer 
engagement has gone digital the global pandemic   made that clear for many brands after a year of 
lockdowns when customers turn to online shopping   entertainment and video games to socialize 
physical goods and digital experiences blended   together to create a physical reality digital 
reality that sounds like something i would say   after a long night of drinking a new media company 
called arya network is about to launch and they   are seeking to disrupt the current media ecosystem 
by using emerging technology to implement a   digital model the aria network turns any physical 
space into a potential virtual access point for   digital merchandise nfts an exclusive augmented 
reality moments which consumers can bring to life   with their phones what the hell imagine yourself 
just sitting in a park or something put on some   ar goggles and there's like pokemon running around 
and stuff this is some ready player one [ __ ] man   it's a new way for brands and celebrities to 
engage consumers leveraging billions of existing   assets around the world as gateways into their 
lives any physical space is now a candidate for   a virtual experience and can be brought to life 
simply using a phone's native camera dub digital   uh okay but i like hbar what the hell guys hold 
on the rv exchange is an innovative nft trading   platform that leverages hedera hashgraph to 
deliver more than 10 000 transactions per   second as compared to ethereum's 12 transactions 
per second with much shorter user wait times and   fractional carbon footprint boom mic drop not 
only does the aria network sound dope as hell   you have little cartoon characters running 
around and [ __ ] they're straight up   saying and telling you sticking points in legacy 
blockchain that aren't being addressed all of   which that can be readily serviced right now using 
hedera hashgraph and guys this ain't no little   reiki ning newspaper this is forbes next on the 
chopping block published by coindesk on july 1st   of 2021 spencer dimwitty's crypto app for creators 
raises 7.5 million there he is the blockchain   basketball savior himself speaking of the people 
and look at kyrie over there looking at i'm all   salty and stuff he's probably mad he didn't think 
of it us basketball star spencer dimwitty's token   based app for creators has raised 7.5 million to 
accelerate its development and partnerships the   raise was completed through a simple agreement for 
future tokens or s-a-f-t for galaxy's native token   clxy or for equity and galaxy so far the app has 
only been tested internally we'll go into a public   beta in a few weeks that's what i'm talking about 
what that means is we're going to have a clubhouse   style rollout where we invite influencers along 
with their communities and one by one tried to   drive some fomo to the platform wow being that 
spencer dinwiddies all up in the nba i wonder what   kind of influencers and celebrities they already 
got lined up can you imagine kyrie irving or   lebron james announcing that they're using galaxy 
do you imagine the traction that would drive right   into galaxy and indirectly right into hedera 
hashgraph i gotta calm down i gotta finish the   article the round was raised by animoka brands red 
beer ventures arcstream capital ngc ventures and   genesis block ventures national football league 
star ezekiel elliott matt james from the bachelor   national basketball association coach luke walton 
luke y'all up in galaxy luke former head of   blockchain strategy at paypal jonathan padilla and 
nfl player larry ogunjobi also joined in the raise   also includes a list of initial creators who will 
participate in public beta elliott james singer   songwriter tiana taylor nba player and taylor's 
husband iman shumpert oh they got the shump   wags miami star claudia san pedro and social media 
influencers eric stroke chaz smith and chose us   chelsea shows us whatever my bad if you got that 
name wrong to be quite honest guys i think a lot   of people in the blockchain space are looking at 
galaxy and underestimating it think it's just one   of those cash grab gimmicky celebrity platforms 
but i've been following this project for a while   now and they're building this thing on a strong 
foundation using the hedera token service to power   a lot of these soon-to-be communities native 
tokens could you imagine the social cred that   can be had by these celebrities announcing that 
they're moving over to galaxy running on hedera   this dude can tweeted out by elaine song 7 on july 
1st of 2021 going on a space walk feeling blessed   about my time at ok coin and looking forward to 
joining the hedera team stop digital what the   who the hell is elaine song seven what 
the hell has she done for me lately ah   looks like you don't know much about elaine cause 
if you took a quick stroll over to linkedin you'll   see that she posted this she's alert after almost 
three years friday was my last day at ok coin when   i first joined we were a small group of 15 working 
to make crypto accessible to all we've made leaps   and bounds towards that mission in a few weeks 
i'll be joining the hedera hashgraph team to   grow the hedera ecosystem establishing more 
on-ramps building out new crypto use cases and   contributing towards pushing the hedera technology 
to its fullest potential i'm super excited to be   part of the hedera journey there has got it going 
on it's no wonder that prominent individuals in   the crypto space up and comers and veterans alike 
keep joining this winning team birds of a feather   flock together in elaine it looks like she's 
flying south for the winter with the winners   see what i did there see it nah next on the 
chopping block posted by business wire on june   21st of 2021 ping identity puts users in control 
of their identity with new personal identity   solution what the hell is a ping identity man 
like looks like you've been living under a rock   we champion identity for the global 
enterprise recognize your users secure   their digital access of digital ain't that 
to do from the old spice commercials yeah   guys but that's not the point okay identity is 
everything especially in an all digital world   and when digital is all you have you need more 
than technology you need a champion that's us   we champion identity because what makes us unique 
can actually unite us identity security can bring   us together even when we're apart it's the key 
to unlocking extraordinary digital experiences   identity makes things easier and safer 
the way we work collaborate stay in touch   buy what we need and want we champion identity so you can champion 
employee productivity from anywhere so   customers stay engaged as if they're in the 
same room so your enterprise can thrive and   keep the world moving forward ping identity 
identity security for the global enterprise   all right guys y'all filled in let's get it nysc 
ticker pain the intelligent identity solution for   enterprise announced ping one for individuals 
at identiverse 2021 the new personal identity   solution empowers businesses to give their 
customers full control over how they securely   store and share verified personal data without 
unnecessary friction users can store and easily   share their verified always up to date personal 
information with businesses or other individuals   using a digital wallet on their mobile device 
the process makes sharing employment history   transcripts healthcare records or other identity 
related data simple sharing it is as simple as   scanning a qr code and come on guys you know 
that's a problem employment history transcripts   healthcare records those are things that are stuck 
in the last paradigm the world's been ready and   primed to use a digital solution sensitive data 
is never outside the person's control since they   only store it in their digital wallet which is 
protected by wait for it hedera distributed ledger   technology to ensure information is never modified 
or deleted uh are you guys catching the pattern   here someone's using hedera over here hedera over 
there hedera hedera hedera every single niche that   you could think of in the crypto space right now 
there's somebody slotting to use hedera alright   guys i just want to bring you an update on hbar 
that blue chip crypto hedera just keeps coming   with that freaking fire press release after press 
release adoption by enterprises after adoption by   enterprises we even got people leaving other 
crypto companies flocking on over here spencer   dinwiddie killing it with the galaxy raising 7.5 
million got iman sharper coming over homies from   the nfl songwriters i just cannot wait to see 
what celebrities and influencers they include   in this public beta rollout because that could be 
the equivalent of pouring gas on the hedera flame   break out the s'mores because we about to have a 
bonfire then we got arya network coming up on the   scene turning any physical space into a digital 
advertisement place using augmented reality   i can't even really wrap my mind around it we got 
ping identity a global leader in digital identity   solutions featuring hedera hashgraph technology i 
mean come on y'all what else do you want to hear   what else do you have to hear hedera's all over 
the damn place on the tip of everyone's tongue i   can't wait to see just how high hedera hashgraph 
might fly but hey y'all ain't gotta listen to me   this is not financial advice i'm just a dude on 
the internet if you appreciate the content give   me a like comment subscribe dub digital crypto 
news macro trends i'll talk to y'all later peace.


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