Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) The Best Cryptocurrency For Earth & NASA Partnership!! (INCREDIBLE NEWS!!)

Hey guys welcome back to the channel, today
we’ll be discussing breathtaking statistics that show that hedera is the best token for
the planet! If you’re new to the channel, don't forget
to like, subscribe and turn the notification bell on for daily crypto news! Since Elon Musk’s tweet about Bitcoin’s
perceived excess use fossil fuels in its mining process and the large amounts of energy it
uses, the conversation about cryptocurrency and environmental sustainability has been
reignited. So what does this all mean for hedera hashgraph? An article written on the 22nd April 2021
by Jiro Olcott, who is the director of power transition, detailing the sustainability of
blockchain technology. The article detailed how hedera compares to
blockchain technology and mainstream payment processors such as visa. In the report, it was detailed that hedera
uses substantially less energy compared to the big 2 cryptocurrencies and is comparable
with visa in energy consumption. Hedera hashgraph uses 0.000170 kilowatts per
hour per transaction, whereas, bitcoin uses 885 kilowatts per hour per transaction and
ethereum uses up to 103 kilowatts per hour per transaction.

These figures indicate hedera’s superior
efficiency when consuming energy, whereby it is more sustainable compared to bitcoin,
ethereum and even visa and mastercard which we all use for day to day transactions. This coupled with hedera’s scalability potential
whereby, it can process significantly more transactions per second compared to big payment
processing entities, including mastercard. Whereby, mastercard is limited to processing
5,000 transactions per second, while hedera hashgraph can process up to 500,000 transactions
per second. With hedera’s environmental and transaction
processing efficiency, it makes it no surprise that central banks, including the federal
reserve are set to use hedera’s hashgraph technology as the backbone for their CBDC. With hedera’s capability of processing up
to 500,000 transactions per second, the use of hedera’s rapid transaction processing
potential makes it a desired technology to ensure that potentially millions of transactions
in a country can occur.

As stated by Dr Baird during a hedera hashgraph
town hall event on hedera’s youtube channel, the implementation of hashgraph technology
into CBDC’s will include transaction costs which will be paid using HBAR tokens. The potential for millions of not 10s of millions
of HBAR transactions occurring on a daily basis through CBDC’s throughout the world,
the price of HBAR tokens could see significant upsides, this could potentially lead to impressive
returns on investments over the long term. If you’d like further information in regards
to how hedera will be used to power central banks, I will link a video I made on the subject
in the description below. In other news, NASA has partnered with Hedera
hashgraph. NASA is set to use Hedera’s hashgraph technology
to assist engineers in keeping track of developments within the organisation such as, developments
in engine mounts, electrical grids for satellites and having a 100% certainty of correct version
of a set of engineering drawings or what the functional capacity of distributed resources
are at a given time.

Hedera hashgraph’s Asynchronous Byzantine
Fault Tolerance technology, which is the highest known level of security, will ensure the robust
and trustworthy encrypted security of data NASA obtains from its studies. Furthermore, hedera’s capabilities of providing
transaction speeds of 500,000 to nearly 1 million transactions per second, means that
relevant information within NASA’s ecosystem can be readily retrieved by employees within
the organisation, thus ensuring the smooth running and assisting developments within
the organisation. I will include NASA’s proposal for its use
of hedera hashgraphs technology in the description below. This partnership adds to a growing list of
organisations which have an association or actively use hedera’s hashgraph technology.

With the continued adoption of hashgraph technology,
namely from large corporations, the price of HBAR tokens will continue to rally and
big returns on investment should be observed especially over the long term. What are your thoughts on NASA’s partnership
with hedera? Are you bullish on hedera’s long term price
performance? With news detailing the eco-friendly nature
and rapid transaction capabilities of hedera hashgraph, hedera hashgraph could become more
attractive to more green orientated organisations and governments. The eco-friendly characteristics of hedera
may have been a driving factor for central banks around the world partnering with the
hashgraph technology pioneers, in building their central bank digital currencies. With central banks adding to a list of large
corporate entities implementing hedera technology, the sky seems to be the limit for hedera hashgraph.

What are your thoughts on these new developments? What price will hedera hit by the end of the
year? Thanks for watching the video, we hope you
enjoyed it. Don't forget to like, subscribe and click
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