Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Hedera Used In Trillion Dollar Industry & Exciting Hedera Partnerships!

Hey guys welcome back to Crypto Clan,   today we’ll be talking about a number 
of exciting hedera hashgraph use cases   and news of hedea being a leading player 
in the tokenized security industry.
  Hedera Hashgraph, has announced a 
partnership with the micropayments platform,   Dropp. Dropp offers the ability for merchants 
to implement their micropayment platform   to enable merchants to overcome limitations 
associated with current legacy payment systems.   In current payment infrastructure, 
transaction fees are costly and unpredictable,   the settlement process associated with these 
legacy systems are slow and are associated   with poor transaction throughputs, especially 
for when processing relatively low fees.
  Dropp has leveraged Hedera’s hashgraph consensus 
service to implement desired characteristics   for a micropayment system.

Whereby, Dropp 
will leverage hedera’s consensus service   to provide a number of features including high 
throughput rates, whereby transaction finality   can be achieved in 3 to 5 seconds. Dropp will 
also implement hedera’s ability to enable the   processing of 10,000 plus transactions per 
second, this would be highly advantageous,   especially when processing potentially numerous 
microtransactions. Hedera hashgrpah also offers   low predictable transaction costs, whereby 
transaction fees can amount to $0.001 dollars per   transaction. This is in contrast to legacy 
systems, whereby transaction costs typically   amount to 4% per transaction, namely when 
using mastercard or visa payment methods.
  Dropp’s leveraging of hedera’s hashgraph 
technology, could also open markets up to   new payment methods such as pay per use and 
micro-subscriptions. Aswell as the benefits   experienced by merchants, consumers will also 
benefit from the micro-payment model provided   by Dropp, whereby, sign up procedures will 
be more affordable and instantaneous.

  The music, asset tokenization and payment 
infrastructure platform, Tune.fm has built   its system on Hedera hashgraph’s network.
Tune.fm solves inefficiencies in the music   and streaming industries, whereby 
artists are generally underpaid for   the sharing of their music. Tune.fm enables 
artists to publish their music for free,   while listeners pay directly using a fungible 
token issued on Hedera called "JAM." This payment   model cuts out several costly intermediaries found 
in today's music streaming business models, which   is synonymous with platforms such as Spotify.
Tune.fm has turned to Hedera Hashgraph   as its public distributed ledger of choice for the 
issuance, management, and transfer of its native,   fungible JAM token and exclusive NFT’s minted 
by artists which use the Tune.fm platform.   Tune.fm will implement Hedera’s token service 
due to the platform's low transaction costs   and low minting fees for NFTs. It costs $1 to 
mint an NFT on the Hedera consensus service,   this is in contrast to Ethereum, where 
the minting of NFTs can cost between   9 dollars and 55 cents per transaction. 
Hedera's performance and low, predictable fees   enable economically feasible micropayments in JAM 
while also reducing the costs associated with the   issuance and transfer of non-fungible tokens that 
represent unique content created by artists.
  The growing number of partnerships Hedera 
is engaged in has led to Hedera being one of   the leading players in the tokenization 
of securities in the world.

Tokenized   securities can represent a number of assets 
including, shares in a company, real estate,   art collectables and many more assets.
Tokenized assets bring a number of benefits   to the securities marketplace compared to 
traditional security marketplaces. Benefits   of the tokenization of securities include lower 
fees, whereby, the tokenization of securities   can remove intermediaries involved 
in the transfer of securities.   The use of the hedera platform will bring a 
number of notable benefits to this industry,   namely hedera’s low transaction fees, whereby 
fees can amount to $0.001 dollars per transaction.   Furthermore, Hedera’s high finality rate, will 
lead to tokenized security trade that can be   settled in 3 to 5 seconds. This is in contrast 
to the trade of securities in a traditional sense   whereby, it takes 3 working days to settle a 
security trade, thus hedera’s DLT platform will   enable for increases in the seamlessness 
and efficiency of security trade.
  Hedera’s Token Service will also enable the 
potential for fractional ownership of such   securities, whereby parties can acquire 
a percentage of ownership of a security   through the use of NFTs.

Hedera is an optimal 
platform for such services due to the low fees   associated with the minting of NFTs. The use 
of hedera for the tokenization of securities   will lead to increases in liquidity in 
the securities marketplace. The increase   in liquidity provided by the hedera consensus 
service will lead to invariable increases in   transactions taking place on hedera, this in 
turn will lead to increases in the demand for   HBAR tokens, which in turn will lead to 
increases in the price of the token.
  With wall street beginning to implement 
technologies to aid in the tokensation of   securities, more organisations, namely large high 
net worth entities may look to hedera’s consensus   service to build a securities marketplace.
With over 1.5 billion transactions   already taking place on the hedera 
consensus service, coupled with hedera   having a number of large corporate partners, 
hedera could be highly attractive for more   organisations to build their platform on.

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