Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Hedera Set To Power Health Sector & Hedera Use In Billion Dollar Industry!

Hey guys welcome back to Crypto Clan, today
we’ll be talking about exciting partnerships Hedera is currently in, which includes the
use of the Hedera consensus service on healthcare platforms. Hedera Hashgrah is partnered with the integrated
healthcare data integrity platform, Safe Health Systems or SAFE. SAFE is a specialised health application which
provides the ability to input health records specific to an individual on the platform. The platform also acts as an integrated testing
network, whereby results from home testing kits, commercial lab testing and rapid testing
will be recorded on the SAFE platform. Users of the platform are also given the ability
to access virtual care options, whereby, automation assisted care measures and telehealth providers
can provide advice in regards to potential symptoms and health complications an individual
may be experiencing. SAFE is used by major enterprises and organisations
such as Delta Airlines, Arizona State University, the Mayo Clinic and other organizations, serving
over 150,000 users for rapid deployment of health applications to reduce cost and improve

With the current global pandemic, more entities
including healthcare providers, employers or universities may require individuals to
prove their health status. However due to the sensitive nature of patient
health and how such information is generally held by healthcare providers, it can be difficult
to securely share health details via a third party without the risk of compromising security
and or identity theft. Due to these factors, SAFE has turned to Hedera
Hashgraph. Through Hedera’s hashgraph technology, information
stored on the DLT platform will be done so in an immutable fashion and thus, there will
be a verifiable log of patient information and identifiers whilst preserving end-user
privacy; this increases trust by both patients and customer organizations, leading to greater
adoption, retention, and platform usage. SAFE’s use of the Hedera consensus service
will enable invariable security and immutability of sensitive patient information, this has
led SAFE to develop a private- label mobile application, which will provide users and
interested parties details such as exposure notifications, vaccination status, and health
status verification SAFE’s adoption and use of the Hedera consensus
service to build their platform adds to a growing list of Hedera hashgraph use cases.

With the trust and transparency provided by
Hedera’s hashgraph technology, more organisations and even governments may turn to SAFE to implement
a COVID passport or a rudimentary health record for employees or citizens in a nation. Hedera has also partnered with the cross border
excess inventory trading platform Maalex. Maalexi is a business-to-business marketplace
that enables cross-border trading of excess inventory, allowing sellers and buyers to
connect, communicate, and transact in an easy, secure and reliable manner. Excess inventory sales top $151 billion dollars
and the market is made up of over 63 million companies. Due to the significant size of the industry
and the magnitude of companies that make up the excess inventory marketplace, it is important
to maintain trust and reduce the risk of fraud. To maintain trust and transparency within
the excess inventory marketplace, Maalexi has utilised Hedera’s consensus service. Maalexi will implement Hedera’s consensus
service to provide records of a variety of important documents and data points across
the platform. This includes standard legal contracts digitally
signed by users, invoice issuance and payment receipts By using hedera’s hashing mechanisms, such
documents can be recorded and created in an immutable fashion whilst also providing verifiable
logs of transactions within the platform.

Maalexi’s incorporation of hedera’s consensus
service into its framework will potentially open the marketplace to a variety of stakeholders
such as small & medium-sized companies, in high-risk countries, to trade with larger,
more established companies, in developed countries. The trust, speed and scalability provided
by the Hedera consensus service, will enable Maalexi to accommodate for the scale and growth
of potential market participants, whilst also providing security and performance. Maalexi’s characteristics could attract
to more global companies to buy and sell excess inventory on the platform. Increases in participant activity on Maalexi
will lead to invariable increases in activity on the hedera consensus service. Activity on the hedera’s network will most
notably involve increases in transaction volume. Increases in the number of transactions on
the Maalexi platform will lead to increases in HBAR transactions occurring, namely as
gas to power such actions. Increases in HBAR transactions in this instance
will lead to increases in the demand for HBAR tokens, this factor will lead to synonymous
increases to the price of HBAR.

This factor will ultimately lead to increases
in returns for HBAR token holders, especially over the long run. What are your thoughts on hedera’s partnerships? Which partnership excites you the most? Let us know your views in the comments below Thanks for watching the video, we hope you
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