Hedera Hashgraph Explained | MASSIVE DILUTION COMING? | Blockchain vs. Hashgraph 2021

So this is hedera hashgraph and they created a technology that can directly compete with Blockchain technology so that you can see that this is a blockchain and every node must be cut and authenticated To be safe and literally separated from the main node. Here Now what hashgraph does better in my opinion and that could be more extensible is that it connects Many knots together, so now instead of getting knot uniqueness, You have this mix that holism For the entire ecosystem which in turn gives a lot of benefits, for example, the cost is much lower We're going to argue that efficiency is a more effective method, and we'll go to that Also, so click the "Like" button now and subscribe before continuing to watch this video, One thing I want to cover is that the security of this technology is really compatible with Our highly confidential information standards are so it's here and this impressed me a lot because I had reservations Also because blockchain 2 is very immature, so like a lot of people still have doubts about it, So imagine if this h bar technique came out and people were very skeptical about it, it should be They are very safe, so this segmentation technique is powered by this segment that represents the Byzantine asynchronous Fault tolerant that essentially means that there is not a single node or a small group of nodes It can prevent the network from reaching a consensus and it cannot just change the consensus Access to it, so if the network has really come to an accurate conclusion there is no one person or An entity can go back and change things as we have seen in history because more often than not, winners do In any dispute to write their own history, so this is basically not allowed With this happening, you can actually invest in hbar so this hash technology is primarily owned by this company hedera hashgraph and they're on the cryptocurrency exchange, so they're out again in October tonight First 2019, and their ipo was around three cents or I'm pretty sure it was around 50 cents a Reality, but immediately decreased, which is why it appears here at a price of three cents, but it It dropped to about one cent, rose to seven, eight, and seven cents, and then basically came back down And he's now boosting now he's actually climbing to an all-time high, so it's going to be Very interesting if we can clear this up, and I think 50 cents and 30 cents is very feasible, What do you all think of the price tell me in the comment section below, so the schedule or The slow release of hbars is something I want to tackle because it's going to be there Only 50 billion bars have been created in the world, and they are on the hedera website, so they literally say that They have a fixed width of 50 billion coins and 1 billion bars h counted as gigabars, a million bars are jumbo 1000 bar counts as a kilo and all on their website, So I'll leave their links in the section below feel free to check them out so this is t is H-bar distribution table, so at the moment we only have about 6 billion hours in there And, as I covered, we're going to have 50 billion, so there's a difference of 44 billion should It was edited by many investors who could see this as relief for this reason they do not want to Investing now and I can see that as a very potential concern so let me touch on it in this video We have about 284 million tapes that will be released this month, January 2021.

Last month We had about 327 million the month before, and we had 324 million the month before that, so 361 million. So its history is quite different as it could be around 400 million per month To 200 million per month but they handle this on their website as well Accordingly, they say there should be an initial slowdown of the coin that was issued During the early stage of adoption, which many people can consider stage 1 Of adoption because a year or so has passed with a progressively faster release Like d emand coins from the treasury increase so that the treasury mainly depends on Governance Board Their Governance Board is made up of some of the largest companies in the country World, check out my previous video on this topic, I'll leave a link in the comment section below But I cover those who are partners with them and who is considered a council Their governance but anyway, if you're an investor worried about this illusion, think of it this way On average so far for the first year of this phase of adoption we've released about 3 billion Annually, that's the very bottom line if we have 44 billion that we need to cover In only 10 and 11 years we'll be running out of hbars and no more coming So this 50 billion supply constant will go into effect in five years, so We are now literally in very early ages of adoption and people are asking me when a technology was created This hash, and it was created in 2015 by a doctor named Dr.Baird This is very early in blockchain, the first actual research was done in 1991, so it's nearly 20 years old On hashgraph and hashgraph it looks very promising, as the technology is more Secure, as transactions per second are the literal way of saying the blockchain About four deals per second and a hashgraph can do over ten thousand so that's no comparison The total number of accounts created on the hashgraph platform Double actually in November 2020 so it went from about fifty thousand to about one hundred thousand And it's going to be interesting to see where this is leading us because you can tell us since 2019 since Released all the time until today, we've literally been up and down and we haven't On a 1 month low so that's a really good sign, so we basically moved on from 20,000 to 100,000 in a year and a half, which is really good growth if they can keep that For a few years that's exponential growth um it's something to consider as an investor, so again , We'll run out of tick bars that will appear in the five to ten years Coming, so you don't have to worry if you are a long term investor if you are a short term investor, There will be a lot of twists for sure, but you need to have your basic game plan in place In the long run and being strategic about it anyway, this was a bit more about Hedera hashgraph And hashgraph technology because I had a lot of questions in my last video so just wanted Clarify a few things, I hope this clears a few things, but if you have more questions, let me know In the comments section below and everything that helps please like Mr.

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