HBAR vs Cardano | Charles Hoskinson Is Absolutely Wrong About Hedera!

[Music] in this new world of cryptocurrency new digital currencies are fighting to come out on top while old currencies are not backing down cardano and hedera hashgraph is currently trending across the globe some organizations are rooting for cardano while some hedera now the big question is why what makes them a site for different organizations and companies you think the future is near right well not really because the future is now hello future i welcome you to the almighty dollar and today we're going to discuss about hedera hashgraph and kodano which one do you think has the greatest potential you're about to find out but before we get into all that you know what the drill is make sure you give this video a like button smash that subscribe button and don't forget click that notification bell that way you get notified whenever a new interesting video is dropped all right now speaking of cardano cardano is more than just a cryptocurrency it is a technological platform that will be able to run financial applications that are currently used every day by individuals organizations and governments around the world the platform is built in layers which gives the system the flexibility to be more easily maintained through soft forks after the settlement layer that will run ada is completed a separate compute layer will be built to handle smart contracts the digital legal agreements that will underpin future commerce and business cardano will also run decentralized applications or dapps services that are not controlled by a single party but run on a blockchain hedera hashgraph on the other hand is a public distributed ledger for building decentralized applications developers can build secure fair and lightning fast decentralized applications on hedera the hedera hashgraph platform provides a new form of distributed consensus a way for people who don't know or trust each other to securely collaborate and transact online without the need for a trusted intermediary comparing the two coins together both have their own advantages and both can make you money the founder of cardano when interviewed says that hbar is bad but tell us what do you expect from your competitors so hedera is bad because charles hoskinson who has his own blockchain project in cardano says that we understand the criticism and it is fair however one man is not the god of all crypto there are multiple ways to go in the crypto space we like charles he is brilliant but so is the founder of hedera limon baird when charles hoskinson only laments hedera's patents and doesn't comment on hashgraph's technical merits you know he sees the future as well as anyone why would he bother with hedera's patents when hedera has patented something inferior hoskinson is just pissed that he can't use someone else's technology to build a profitable business for himself open source advocates pretend they're all about sharing and collaboration but at the end of the day all they really want is a free ride there's no free ride here it's .0001 cents the hoskinson situation is like people talking about oss while using mac os and saving their lives in google drive that's always been pretty funny transaction speed is incredibly important when money is involved so slow transaction speeds are a deterrent to would-be cardano adopters but hedera's fast speeds are much more enticing hedera uses a proof-of-stake system that most currencies want to evolve to think about it tell us how ada competes with hashgraph remember ada is slow has very little going for it right now except fairy tale dreams and promises it's expensive and not very scalable if you want to know more about cardano click on the pop-up card on the top so if you're comparing on speed you're asking how lionel messi competes with titus bramble hedera also beats cardano ada on some important points including energy efficiency hashgraph is believed to be superior to blockchain and energy efficiency stability and security it doesn't need high computational power so it doesn't consume crazy amounts of power hbar solves all the problems with legacy blockchain starting from speed of transactions less than five seconds done so many potentials now for many of you who think elon musk would go for cardeno you need to educate yourselves a little further okay let's take it from this perspective in terms of your vehicles h bar is a rocket ship and not one of spacex that just blows up when you try to land or maybe it's a real usable worldwide public transportation system we think you should start with the white paper on the website the technology isn't blockchain which is why we didn't choose a different kind of car hashgraph has a unique consensus algorithm hbar helps companies of all sizes adopt a distributed ledger technology the power of a distributed ledger is creating an ecosystem where multiple companies can collaborate and share information on a private or public ledger if you want to know more about hedera hashgraph click on the pop-up card on the top now for hedera to truly scale it needs widespread adoption by businesses for that to happen companies need a distributed ledger that can be fully integrated into their current operations hyperledger is one such solution that is already helping companies adopt blockchain it is an open source community focused on developing a set of robust frameworks tools and libraries for enterprise-level blockchain implementations this means that hedera needs to help enterprises integrate with the use of private ledgers like hyperledger in fact a year ago hedera launched a plugable hedera consensus service in hyperledger labs this helps raise its profile earlier this year the uk nhs national health service announced plans to use a blockchain derivative to monitor the storage of cobit 19 vaccines this internet of things solution is built on hedera hashgraph then in february supply chain service platform suku migrated to hedera hashgraph from ethereum hedera has also partnered with the chopra foundation to combat rising suicide rates and support mental health awareness it allows the foundation to distribute safe access to science-backed research worldwide to those in need another perspective what you need to understand especially about ada versus hbar is one is a centralized system and the other is a decentralized system ada is decentralized hbar is owned by a company called swirls they patented their chains so it can be hard forked there is a board of 39 members that controls governance to use hbar you have to pay and 10 of all profits go to swirls compare that to ada which will be a fully decentralized platform with true community governance once voltaire is implemented open source project ada vs closed source project hbar decentralized hbar versus decentralized ada you can make money with both projects but you need to know what you are investing in hbar wants to maintain status quo and get paid for access to its chain cardano is open source and anyone can build anything they want on the chain cardano has the largest dao in the world the funds and profits in hbar that goes to the shareholders with ada they are invested in catalyst browse the largest dao where community voices in on what projects are funded the two currencies are both looking for a way to change the world in a positive way ada is good you will see some more short-term gain in ada it is more scalable than eth but it is rudimentary technology compared to the hashgraph okay well i hope this helps and good luck with your investments and feel free to subscribe to our channel we're going to have a lot of fun in the world of crypto this year alright so what will you choose as always i want to thank you for watching i really hope you found this video helpful and if you do please click the like button subscribe and click that notification bell if there's anything you want us to talk about just let us know by leaving a comment and we're going to be more than happy to make those videos for you alright folks don't forget subscribe and then click that bell okay folks we will see you in the next video peace

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