HBAR Price Prediction – HEDERA Price Prediction & Analysis 2021 – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

hey guys welcome or welcome back to my channel my 
name is michelle and today i'm going to be going   over hedera hashgraph or hbar so currently right 
now we are sitting at 34. we have a 24 hour volume   up 107 love that green market cap unfortunately 
we are down 16 and we are currently holding our   rank at 45. so strong number for h bar huge 24 
hour um volume and let's go ahead and head over   to our chart so our chart obviously you guys 
we could do better of course with the b2c fall   we are going to see falls in different altcoins 
and that's what we are experiencing with each bar   but however i know h bar is as strong as it 
can and we can be able to jump out of this rut   hopefully as soon as possible um but 
let's kind of dive in and take a look so   i can see a little bit of a formation in the 
last couple of hours to a couple of days mostly   of a head and shoulders top so this one being our 
shoulder our head and our shoulder and typically   whenever we have a head and shoulder top it does 
go into a downtrend from there however these are   our numbers we are going to be testing is our 
resistance zone of 37 cents and we are going to   have a support number of 31 cents we can see back 
here our 31 cents on september 8th we have touched   this multiple times got rejected down but was able 
to break out here but not quite as much support   got rejected down once again until we can see 
stronger volume numbers shooting us up to our   resistance zone and ultimately giving us this 
all-time high here of 56 cents so that's basically   what we are looking for is another breakthrough 
as long as we have the 24-hour volume and   we do indeed have it today of 107 so as long 
as we can get consistent numbers then we are   ultimately going to break through however with 
the head and shoulders chart pattern we may fall   actually closer to the 27 cents or the 29 28 cents 
right in this section here we have had multiple   false breakouts leading into this consolidation 
so we attempted to break out here but we did   drop down we attempted to break out here but 
consolidated down so we are having multiple false   breakouts which could definitely bring us down to 
the 26 cents now however if we don't go into the   26 cents crossing my fingers you guys then we most 
likely will be doing a continuous zigzag formation   and hopefully retest this area up here we are 
looking for at least three points at our highest   resistance zone to be able to break out and we are 
looking for two points at our support system to be   able to validate that breakout so um back here 
just a few hours ago we have touched our support   system just once we are looking to hit it once 
more but most importantly hits our top bar three   times so we haven't quite hit it yet i'm hoping 
that we would hit it in the next couple of hours   bring us down hit it again but don't hit it on 
the second time and then hit it on my third time   then that's going to be our immediate exit out of 
this resistance zone and hopefully have a breakout   so that is my take on hedera guys this is a 
short-term analysis it's not a long-term analysis   it is going to be for a couple of hours that i am 
going to be predicting this for hopefully we do   get the volume to be able to push us through of 
course but that is my take on hbar go ahead and   drop me a line in the comments area let me know 
what you guys think if you want to follow along   with me go ahead and click on subscribe or like 
the video but i'll see you guys in my next one bye

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