HBAR price prediction Hedera Hashgraph fall down #realcryptofuture

hi everyone blogtic if here and i'm doing a 
quick video update on hbar today in the raj   graph and i'm looking at the 12 hour chart 
so this is near to immediate term update   and i'm going to take you through my process 
in terms of what i expect for hbar over the   next few hours and something that i'm looking 
at is the phoenix ascending technical indicator   and a technical indicator at this point is showing 
that we are about to experience much more downward   pressure this is quite a extreme bearish scenario 
where the green energy comes out below the gray   whilst under the 50 line also the green making 
contact with the red wires going down the red and   the blue the red is the red rsi the blues the blue 
lsma also underneath the 50 line all pointing to   quite a severe bearish indicator and 
we also have the volume at this point   indicating that we might be seeing some more 
downward pressure now in terms of looking at   where we could be going what our support and 
resistance is i'm gonna use my bar over here   and just to draw in our first basic line of 
support is our previous resistance over here   previous resistance then became our new support 
and is currently still acting as our support   so this is roughly between 14 and 16.

And it seems 
so far that we are going lower we've tested the   support quite a few times not a good indicator 
generally you want to test the support see enough   buying pressure to push the price back up but 
we are once again testing the support making it   a little bit weaker every time so where could we 
be going next all right now to take a look at that   what i'm going to do is i'm going 
to look at the previous resistance   because ultimately our previous resistance will 
become our new support so i'm taking a look   roughly over here is our previous 
resistance became the new support over there   and that will be the next line of support 
if our current support doesn't hold all right and that is around about 0.10 it 
seems so generally we won't go all the way down   and these kinds of things have a tendency to 
go halfway first so what we might be seeing   get my brush ready if we cannot close 
daily candles above the support line   and looking at the technical indicators it seems 
we might not we can get a second confirmation on   that by looking at the bowling events and we 
see the bowling events are in fact expanding they are in fact expanding and 
the 20-day moving averages is   curving down so we have a second confirmation 
there two technical indicators pointing towards   that we might be seeing more downward pressure 
correlating with the increase in volume   so what we could be seeing is something like this 
in case we don't close a candle above the support   we could be seeing a half way and possibly we 
could go back up and then the question is is   this going to act as our new resistance or will 
we be able to break all the way back up from here   now that's the one scenario that i see happening 
the second scenario that i see happening is we   don't really have a lot of support in this area as 
you can see slight bit over here and a slight bit   over there what we could do is we could go halfway 
depending on the volume briefly trade sideways and then re-test our previous resistance which 
will then be our new support and this is kind of a   more medium term over the next few days what 
i'm seeing happening because of the technical   indicators so this looks like the more obvious 
scenario to me looking at the phoenix scene and   the bolinger bands it doesn't seem to me at this 
point that we will go i need to draw this that we   will go back up from here all right that doesn't 
seem likely at this point judging by the technical   indicators so yeah just a brief summary on hbar 
once again technical indicators pointing towards   more bearish pressure to come the bollinger 
bands are expanding to the downside the 20-day   moving averages is curving down which is the 
yellow dots over there starting to curve down   and i always use these two indicators technical 
indicators together phoenix ascending and bowling   events they are meant to be used together and 
then other than that we can see that we have just   tasted this support a little bit too often without 
seeing positive movement back towards the upside   not enough buying pressure in this zone to give 
us the momentum that we would ideally want to see   when we touch a support line ideally when 
we touch a support you want to see something   like that a lot of buy order is getting filled 
enough volume pushing the price action back up   but since the peak something else that i can also 
point out just roughly looking at the chart quick   is it's pretty much a solid i almost want to say 
triple top here a severe supply zone very strong   selling area which has basically caused 
the price to make lower highs and   driving us all the way back down to our 
previous resistance which is now our support   so if we cannot maintain closing candles above 
this line the technical indicators suggest that we   might not we will be testing most likely halfway 
first and then the next obvious place for us to go   is the previous resistance which should then be 
acting as the new support and that is roughly   around zero pointing and that's it on hbar   thank you for watching please feel free 
to hit like and share a comment thanks

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