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hedera hashgraph is among the green crypto catching eyes of environmentally conscious investors there are many altcoins out there that are doing well but trust us when we say hedera can make you a millionaire overnight i welcome you to the almighty dollar and today we're going to find out the reason why hbar could make you a millionaire also we're going to look into its long-term prediction are you ready to be among the millionaires well then watch this video all the way to the end now before we get into all the details you know what the drill is make sure you give this video a thumbs up by clicking the like button smash that subscribe button and don't forget click that notification bell trust us when we say you don't want to miss our next video now with the search for green cryptos accelerating more investors are taking an interest in hbar hedera is the internet's trust layer a decentralized public network for you to make your digital world exactly how it should be yours whether you're a startup or a business or a creator or a consumer hedera goes beyond blockchain for developers to create the next era of fast fair and secure apps hedera is a fast fair and secure public distributed ledger that offers two primary services the hedera consensus service hcs and the hedera token service hts which are used to build decentralization in to new or existing applications these two services enable data integrity and tokenization with the performance security and stability of hedera hashgraph providing trust and verifiability for applications in health care retail finance agriculture supply chain and more now truly hedera needs no hype because the potential it holds is enough we don't think hbar needs hype to do well in the crypto industry hedera hashgraph is an scc compliant company that basically means they always refrain from hyping people into buying hbar directly they're not targeting retail investors because retail is clearly not their target instead hedera is focused on attracting actual customers that's why they're very keen to build a board of directors that businesses will actually trust they don't post memes on social media they don't try to impress people with meaningless partnerships instead they have board meetings with employees of potential customers hedera is targeting companies that will actually build useful products on the network not yet another unreliable token casino people call hedera centralized because there is a misunderstanding of what centralization is for example iota is centralized there is a single point of failure which is the coordinator note hedera is not centralized it is permissioned that's a big difference if you want to know more about hbar check out our earlier video on the hedera currency or click on the pop-up link map on the screen now there is no single point of failure if some nodes fail it still works the number of nodes is increasing and it will increase until they reach 39 nodes from the government council then they'll move to add nodes from trusted companies probably until there are hundreds then to a permissionless network hedera expects mostly reputable companies to run the network so there is no slashing mechanism because the network is supposed to exist within legal boundaries not outside of them to think that you will ever be able to run a working scaled network used in real applications outside of any legal boundaries is idiotic idealism the same idiotic idealism that has turned the crypto scene despite being around for 10 years and milking hundreds of billions in investment capital and to read ridiculous vaporware shin city and non-scalables where investors are only here to ride pump and dumps and ponzi okay hedera is the most sensible way to build an actual decentralized network who do you think actual end users in the market will trust to run critical applications on the network google ibm lg banks then hundreds of diversified companies or chinese mining pools or any shady whales hedera also fairly enables oracle that's why we believe hbar and link are the only tokens that have a very good future why are we talking about link remember those who bought link for its incredible fundamentals in 2018 and have had it crawling for years many multi-millionaires from that time and it has now no reason to stop there the year 2021 is supposed to be the year of all coins and other digital assets in the crypto space as 2021 begins it is noticeable that many all coins have upgraded and skyrocketed in price hbar is a utility token that is required to use the hedera dlt as retail investors we will never use it for that purpose we use it as a security buy some and hope to sell them later at a profit so for us the main interest is the price of hbar as it relates to our fiat currency of choice so our main goal is to drive the price up because that's capitalism and self-interest drives progress the bottom line here is how do we help the price go up price is determined by the relationship between supply and demand when demand is greater the supply price goes up as retail investors we could try to limit supplies by buying as much as we can and not trading but that would have a negligible effect on supply as there are currently over 250 million hbar being put into circulation each month okay okay so how can we increase demand we could try to spread the word and give more retail investors interested as many of you have done or we could spread the word to dap investors and developers and big businesses to get them excited about building on hedera you might be thinking why would big business be interested in hedera because it's much more than just a cryptocurrency and is tailor-made for enterprise use the main use right now for hedera hedera consensus service or hcs other uses are live on the main network but this service is what most enterprise adopters are interested in or i'm building on right now in terms of technology hedera hashgraph or hbar is a public proof of stake network based on hashgraph consensus this allows hbar to achieve high transaction speed with low bandwidth consumption this is also a reason that has made hbar one of the most popular and leading digital assets in the crypto market the hedera hashgraph cryptocurrency is one of the digital assets that has surprised the crypto world with its performance today this cryptocurrency has a growth rate of over 800 percent in the last year a level that is really preferred by investors hbar continues to rock the crypto space with its over 2 billion market cap do you think this is enough to convince investors about the profitability potential of hbar are you already interested to know so what are you waiting for join us and let's analyze h-bar price prediction and how the investment in h-bar would be in a few years obviously h-bar maintains its position in the uptrend despite the wild volatility of the crypto market even the crypto price increase of almost 332 percent in the last 30 days in fact this is a price level that could put traders and investors in a state of fomo that's fear of missing out currently hbar trades at a high price of 38 cents with a growth rate of 63.9 percent in the last couple of weeks moreover it is noticeable that hbar is forming a strong consolidation at the price level of 24 cents if this price consolidation continues to receive more support from the bullish market hbar could break through its resistance at 38 cents if it does the cryptocurrency can go all the way and break above the bullish price of 45 cents in this case the door opens to the bullish area an opportunity for hbar to reach 60 cents best of all the bullish area provides a path for the crypto to skyrocket to its price of one dollar of course this is possible if hbar continues to gain investor confidence now however if the crypto loses its traders and investors confidence h bar price could nosedive hbar's price could fall below the price of 0.62 now let me give you this hint it is very much possible that h-bar could reach two dollars soon as per the current bullish trend the potential is there now it's all in the communication for the price to take off one tweet from elon musk is all it really takes all right yeah so that's gonna do it for today that's i think that's enough for you so if you ever hit a snag don't forget we're always here for you as always i want to thank you for watching i really hope that you found this video helpful and if you do please click on the like button subscribe and click the notification bell if there is anything you want us to talk about just let us know and leave a comment in the comment section down below and we'll be more than happy to make the videos for you now don't forget subscribe and click that bell alright folks we'll see you in the next video peace

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