HBAR, AGI, DOGE, BTC, & XRP Crypto Technical Analysis – Support & Resistance

Hello everyone back to my channel today, we'll be taking a look at some of the cryptocurrencies Which I love the most Hedera hashgraph with its unique Dogecoin network so if you're investing in Any of these, be sure to watch them through to the end and see exactly what you have to do because so much It has happened since I made my last technical analysis video and first one We're going to turn to him today is Dogecoin and I made a video about this yesterday and this is it Exactly the lines I drew and it plays so far exactly how I drew it, so I said if He bounced off this red line, merged only, and then reached this red line, Look for the hack and it does exactly what we do as I said it because there is, too A lot of the hype in reddit on the news and the crypto market in general is getting a lot more hype right now Which is why I said what I said with dogecoin and it does exactly what we said the next time you We'll take a look at is one of my favorites until the hedera hgraph h bar and again yesterday I did a job Another video about this and I have some lines drawn from this video and it's still playing Exactly how did I say that we can now come to a major support line here And if it crashes then look down, but if it is consolidated and then it can move up, We will see moves to the upside, but for now I will say that it does not look very promising With Hedera hashgraph just because it broke its previous low again on Jan.27 from 7.8 cents , Actually broke that at 7.7 cents, so that's a sign that more downside is coming on hedera If they don't come up with news or anything spectacular, expect this to drop A little further down, I suspect it should come in close to 6 cents That would be another major support level if it breaks down, we can easily see 4 cents, but me I doubt this could happen anyway, this is the next hedera hbar we're going to look at is also o ne I covered it a few days ago, and I swear guys I'm not doing this on purpose i literally When covered by the charts the support levels are still solid resistance levels Still intact until this one didn't break the previous support level so we can definitely see 6.2 cents likely, and if you don't know what's going on with the vocabulary grid, they are out Billion new tokens over the next five years if the proposal passes by Ahead of token holders, so there will be a lot of selling pressure on this, how low it can go If the cryptocurrency market does not turn around and everything goes up, it can easily fall To five cents maybe especially if a lot of people were trying to sell their tokens before The new minting of coins is in the period of time in which the coins are put into place but in the long term in general, this is still It's going up as you can tell in the last year it's been going up around three hundred Percent, so this is very promising in the long term but fo r in the short term, Its support level has been breached so expect it to continue declining and this is from my own analysis, the next analysis is King of the cryptocurrency market at the moment, as the price of Bitcoin is around 32,500 and has fallen Much since Friday since the massive rise from 30,000 to 38,000, It has fallen a lot at the moment nearing the first support level, and if it breaks 31,500, the number is expected to reach 30,000 and then it is expected to decrease to 26 but if consolidated again , That's a good sign and you'll keep going up this one, Dogecoin gets you Lots of hype on reddit Wall Street says it will amplify it, too So if they do, you can definitely see this one really fast double or triple if things turn around But it's been stuck in range for about two weeks, so it'll be interesting Find out what happens with Bitcoin What do you think will happen with Bitcoin, let me know on Ion comments section below and let's continue to the next currency and last but not least xrp, it is About 25 cents rose to 45 cents and has now reached another major resistance level Because in November when it went from 30 cents all the way to 70 cents in a day , Literally merged around that 45-cent area and then kept going up then Again here before lawsuit news goes up from 45 cents, and then the next time when It collapsed after that it kept coming down and going down, which is why it is important now what Will happen if it consolidates and rallies, expect 65 cents to be the next resistance level And I painted it because if we go back a few years, we can tell it In September 2018, it hit him, and then again in November, it kind of hit 65 70 cents Then pull back again, so this will be your next resistance level, it will be your last support level All the way here at 31 cents if it breaks down, I'd expect it to drop below 25 Cent, and I don't think that will happen again since so many people are at bets Wall Street on reddit will inflate this dog and Bitcoin they say these three People are going to jump in and want to put pressure on big institutional investors Who are betting against it, there is a war going on against the second, so he may see Lots of people claim that XRP is the main winner in the next two weeks if something like gamestop or amc is going on in The cryptocurrency industry is just as it has with dogecoin again, what do you think of my price resistance And the support you drew, you agree with them, let me know in the comments section below And if you have some value from this, be sure to leave like below so that he can More people are seeing this, and I appreciate all of you for watching up to this point and Mr.

Mfleh, out!.

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