HASHGRAPH vs. BLOCKCHAIN 2021| HBAR ALT COIN | Should you invest in Hashgraph 2021?

This is a hashgraph and a lot of people say it will replace Blockchain and blockchain technology which is what Bitcoin and Ethereum are working on from Hedera hashgraph Or hbar they have their own cryptocurrency which you can actually invest in it is called hbar is again the original cryptocurrency of the public hedera network and h-bars are mainly decentralized applications Firms and individuals can use it as a business model for peer-to-peer payments or a business model Micropayment, it fully protects the network from malicious actors So you can authenticate to see who you're dealing with checking numbers you know who you're sending to And everyone can also authenticate it basically and it does exactly what the blockchain does But much faster and cheaper, for example, the first generation Bitcoin does three Transactions per second ethereum does 12 hashgraph doing 10 000 plus so there is Huge difference and average fee is also much lower with hedera tape being $ 1 zero With Bitcoin and Ethereum, you are essentially paying roughly three dollars per transaction And if you have invested in cryptocurrencies, you might know that the transaction fee is Too high and that's part of the reason why hbr can really solve such a huge problem And if more and more people are following and starting to adopt hbar technology, it will likely You see its market value increase and increase more and more, so now it is about 350 million and I wouldn't be surprised if it reached 3 billion 30 billion and if not more because they are in Actually partnerships with companies like t-mobile boeing lg zane ibm google, you know that Some of the biggest companies in the world are already using this platform and this one The technology is using it as a medium to interact with other companies, so it is similar to Bitcoin Other mainly, but it would be better if the simplest way I can explain it to you guys if you have them Any questions about this coding, please let me know in the comments section below at Right now, I think there's roughly five to six cents around, and it will likely double this year if not Triple, you wouldn't be surprised and if you saw a crypto bubble, you'd never know it might hit Ten times as much as hundreds of times your money, so it's just something to consider A very unique solution to a big problem we run into in the crypto space so again if you are You are looking for something unique because a lot of the cryptocurrencies you see nowadays are kind of the same thing If you really anatomy it, so if you're looking for something unique and a fresh idea to invest in, Maybe this will work for you and what are the suggestions you all have what cryptocurrencies are Your favorites, let me know in the comments section also below everything that helps Mofleh out!

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