HARMONY ONE Crypto Will Skyrocket! | Best Potential EVER! | Harmony One Price Prediction[Must Watch]

Guys, "harmony" or "one" is about to take a big step to the top. Although most investors suffered throughout the month, it’s worth noting that This token has great potential. The currency will be for anyone who dares to add it to their portfolio People create huge profits . In addition, some investors have learned from the previous bullish trend of the token Received a lot of money. As always, welcome to the "money side". If you haven't, please click the subscribe button to show us some love. Now, let's get started! What is harmony? Stay tuned for the in-depth technical analysis of the token at the end of this video, but in Before that, let’s take a look at what Harmony is, I think it’s worth investing in . We will only elaborate on some details that I think are true. It is worth knowing about this coin. Harmony is a cryptocurrency token designed to solve the scalability problem of cryptocurrency. We all know that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are due to their proof-of-work consensus protocol And it has gone through a difficult period in terms of scalability.

There are several reasons why you should consider adding "harmony" to your portfolio. 1. P2P network and sharding are fast and reliable blockchains, It is very important to have excellent functions such as P2P networking and fragmentation. Sharding is an innovative plan that can promote project development through the Binance ecosystem. 2. NFT supports Harmony is one of the few One of the cryptocurrency blockchain technologies that supports NFT. There is no doubt that NFT has recently become the focus of attention in the crypto world. I may sound record breaking, but after DeFi, in the cryptocurrency market The next hot item is NFT. We all know that the NFT market is now exploding.

However, due to Ethereum's gas bills and network congestion, it is still facing slow development. Nevertheless, the fact that Harmony supports NFT is a plus for blockchain. 3. Open decentralized blockchain technology harmoniously helps enterprises develop A market for replaceable and irreplaceable digital assets. The technical team plans to create a trustworthy platform on which cryptocurrency traders and entrepreneurs can Use blockchain technology to play to your own advantages. This puts the encryption technology company ahead of its competitors. In addition, Harmony is trying to develop a block that may become an alternative to Ethereum Chain platform. last month, Ethereum team leader Harmony VS Ethereum Péter Szilágyi Tweeted that Harmony violated their software license. Peter also went to Github and asked Harmony to delete any possible sources in its source code. Any copyrighted material. Today, many cryptographic systems copy code from other existing blockchains. This is the case with harmony. In order for companies to use the Ethereum code, they will need an LGPL license. However, the public on Twitter had a different view of Peter's tweets.

They claimed that he felt the heat of his competitors, which is why They are investigating Harmony. This led to a drop in the price of One and significant losses to Harmony traders. Harmony’s algorithm uses a technique called sharding, Play a role in the proof-of-stake consensus, the technology can Create a new block in a few seconds. On the other hand, even if Ethereum transitions to POS Still on the proof-of-work agreement . Generally, POS will greatly reduce the transaction speed and solve the scalability problems associated with POW . Is this one? Around the end of February 2021, Harmony is operating steadily. I'm talking about in less than a month Achieve 700% profit. This has brought Harmony to a record high. The only reason the token fell was after Peter’s tweet, which greatly harmed coin. Since then, it has been in a stable bearish trend. But now is the best time to buy this token, when Harmony is still in its early stages , You should seize the opportunity.

Why buy harmony? The better question is, why not? Harmony is a direct competitor of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency market. If this is not enough, then the token has an excellent mission and support. Harmony has also established a cross-chain bridge with Ethereum (Horizon). This is an efficient cross-chain bridge that allows developers and users to communicate with multiple chains To interact. Horizon provides fast transactions and meager fees. As a reward, they have a superb team behind Harmony, responsible for overseeing the cryptocurrency’s Features. All team members have a history of working with some of the best companies in the world. Most importantly, Harmony has established partnerships with several cryptocurrency-friendly companies.

These companies should Put this token on the map. These partnerships include: 1. Travala cooperates with Harmony Travala is a crypto-friendly travel application, They have integrated One Token into their platform as a payment method. Through this affiliation, Harmony is expected to increase its adoption rate in the travel industry, Thereby increasing the value of One in the market. 2. UTU Agreement Partnership Another important business partnership is Establish an AI-based agreement with UTU to maintain the reputation of users. Oracle's credit score will be integrated into the Harmony-based DeFi lending application.

Yes, this is correct! Harmony also supports loan applications on its platform. These two business partnerships will eventually lead to Harmony becoming a market The main cryptocurrency. In addition, the recent “offensive” of the Ethereum team has shaken the price of Harmony, but still Ready to push it to a record high. More importantly, Peter’s tweet indicated that the cryptocurrency giant is already investigating Harmony, because they might be afraid of competition. Ethereum has become the only profitable blockchain dapp platform, occupying a dominant position in this field. But this is not the case now. To describe the price movement of a token in more detail, let us Take a look at the technical analysis. Now, we are looking at the 4-hour time frame, the passage to heaven and one eye The cloud acts as resistance and respects the channel. I really want to take up this position and hope to continue to make profits in the future.

The volume increases during the breakthrough. Even if the volume doesn't look as high as before, the harmony is still very strong. Currently, the price is still in the cloud. You can set the stop loss to $0.132, but it's up to you. Like I said, harmony is really a powerful coin. I must say that harmony gave me a good atmosphere. Obviously there is a unique trend, and over time, it has carved out the HARMONIC model for itself. Continuously, ONE has a series of uninterrupted bullish reversal patterns. Every time this operation is performed, it will set another ATH. This time, I saw a huge new ATH because the calibration took much longer than expected. The rebound behind the Harmony token is very impressive. There are no real diagrams here, and no complicated analogies are needed. Everything is clearly marked in the chart, so you can guess MOON clearly! Just ONE's next road.

The Bulls are likely to attack and push up at dawn. I am very optimistic about harmony. Since the beginning of 2020, the price of Harmony has risen by nearly 3,000%. Despite the rise, Harmony serves as the third round against Ethereum and Cardano There is more room for development. The current price is $0.15, and I think Harmony is likely to reach $1 per ONE token this year , The price will continue to rise to 3 to 5 dollars somewhere by 2025. Each of the main assumptions is that this bullish crypto market will continue to be strong stay. If we see a crash similar to that of Bitcoin in 2018, then many altcoins may also been destroyed.

So please keep this in mind. Please remember that we are not a licensed financial advisor. All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comments section below and let us have a conversation. Thank you very much for watching. Don’t forget to like this video and click the subscribe button below. Whenever we post amazing content, please turn on the notification to get notified.

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