hello friends today i will tell you oh incredibly cool you okay he is called harmony I will talk about the essence of the current project results and near future project plans harmony is needed for high-performance applications for trading platforms that require high throughput but also in some cases decentralization is exchange and payment systems various games internet segment of things and so on the project has several differences from common blockchain platforms but for starters let's take a look at the team and the team have we are enough competent specialists first queue worth starting to force it stephensi as we see more from school he worked with different coded asic protocols it x11 so on 2007 year he received a doctorate in University of Pennsylvania to Egypt Earl and further received the position microsoft as researcher after this became the chief engineer of google and apple the next is to highlight the operating directors Nicolas Bertie who is still the twelfth year created a start-up cheers attracted 10 million dollars the results of this project have become following 70 countries use it thousands of users of the world further it is necessary to tell about alloc Qatar if I say this correctly a man engaged in learning syria before what of apple he taught her understand our language also engaged in various studies math machine translation even in the thirteenth year received an award for one of his studies on International Conference on the Internet and social networks in general as i said the team is quite deep technical and equally important practical knowledge many specialists have quite high qualifications were trained prestigious universities and has practical experience in fact in top companies of the world such as amazon alibaba google and gender i already said and samsung would further like to briefly go over the harmony partners they mainly consist of various artificial services intelligence from gaming and marketing tools to arrange renting and geo-locations in general harmony and focus on technology artificial intelligence geo-location perhaps it is in these areas she will be more in demand despite on the fact that even the eighteenth year, many reviewers talked about what came out harmony project it is in fact the usual standard blockchain and me what others do not differ also intended to increase bandwidth solves issues scalability and so on and so forth there are actually some differences First, the project does not reinvent something new he is already using proven tools in particular google quick internet protocol bloom filters architecture returned well or the whole mosaic algorithm all these tools are needed to enhance throughput performance increase abilities but overall decrease data load important is natural safe in this case she Provided by specially designed meme language and in addition to this will be applied additional techniques tools for security who based and developed on current vulnerabilities current experience existing projects in their entirety technology this project can be compared to already known and successful projects great and rotate naturally due to shining h1 also in the future 2020 will drive ethereum but for now We'll see however, and in this case there is few differences first complete scalability unlike delica where so-called transactional occur sharding for something can be networked take steps harmony suppose to realize state the ball that is instead of each the note kept the whole structure blockchain in this case every note will keep quieter and part of what undoubtedly affect network security in In general, in addition, it is assumed use on such a consensus from love of state that is, doubts are just as great and where by fuuuuck in this case additionally increasing productivity practically that time due to the mechanism these signatures were with regards to the question scalability harmony solves it for account to sharden to transaction seeking realize logarithmic scaling dependency the number of steps is basic technical advantages However, in the description of the project itself viper there are many more quite useful and interesting information so i surely leave in the description further I would like talk about current on metric pocket has a large enough pool of investors who came earlier wearing a round this was almost a year ago then the project managed to bring order 18 million or rather 18 million 300 thousand dollars for as many as twenty two and four tenths of a percent of total number of tokens and now a year later project harmony decided to hold again raising funds only now no longer donkey as it was popular then a a l and not anyhow where is she herself mbi nancy and in fact now he assumes raise another $ 5 million for twelve and a half percent off total token of and it comes out Immediately on been an section along the road the map assumed that by the end second quarter they will have their own network but unfortunately apparently they are not yet manages therefore go to been an section the most interesting is that the cost Lunch tokens will be practically half the cost of wearing tokens round that is sixty five thousandths cents vs dollar vs city 1 that in principle should be at least economically feasible interesting You can participate in this project with help in the lottery that is, you will appear whole opportunity to try to test 300 dollars for 1 winning ticket accordingly if all your tickets win you can invest one and a half thousand dollars for one account Naturally to participate in lottery you need to fold to for 7 days starting May 19th years 50 coins bingbing for one ticket and 500 coins for 5 tickets proper the system is introduced at the connection so you don't have to keep it every day 50 or 500 coins on your balance then have you can buy a thousand today Tomorrow to sell 800 then buy 600 and so on but on average your result there will be over 500 coins accordingly you be able to get 5 winning tickets after that on May 27 the necessary bembi for every win for every ticket will be written off and on May 28 you will know how much tickets you won how many funds be able to invest a conclusion It is worth noting that this project has become known since last year gained widespread popularity as among stone and so and among other projects It has a high technological the level of competence of his team supports quite serious projects and investment funds and that least important in the current reality supports it benz as we know 12 likes to beat their tokens All the more Tokin from lounge on yes the speaks in advance about his financial success Well, we must not forget that investors Loboda goes much on more favorable terms than undo cider investors unfortunately you You can invest not so much means but nevertheless you do not need wait a year like the others before listing and the cost of your entry is still lower I hope this review was interesting for you I will leave all useful links in the description write your comments to everyone until

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