Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Tips & Tricks Trailer

Hello everyone! I am Trey Today I will share with you some of the skills and experience in the game "Wandering Deep Space: Shipbreaker" This is an industrial science fiction spaceship recycling game under zero gravity But first, on behalf of the game development team and our friends at Focus I would like to express my gratitude to all players from all over the world Thank you everyone for joining our journey through Steam Early Access We have been listening and discussing your feedback Ideas and suggestions with everyone’s help, this game will definitely get better and better And this is just the beginning Thanks again everyone! [Robot voice] LYNX is also very grateful Your "free of charge" feedback and suggestions [Trey] In this video we summarize 10 important tips To help you shipbreakers Earn massive credits while minimizing rollovers 1.

Learn to use the grapple gun The grapple gun is an essential tool if you want to move heavy or dangerous objects floating in space It can pull lighter objects in front of you or pull you to objects that are much heavier than its own mass. But be careful if you pull too fast, bad things may happen! And if you want to pull the damaged parts out of the tight space You can adjust the angle of grabbing the object by rotating itself 2. Practice cutter technique As the saying goes: think twice before acting In "Shipbreaker" you often only have one chance! High temperature laser for cutting tool saw head Can quickly cut the walls of the hull But it may also damage precious parts or accidentally cut the fuel pipe hidden behind the wall The cutting saw has two cutting directions, horizontal and vertical You can also switch the saw head to a fine cutter at any time So as to perform finer operations 3. Use your hands skillfully Your hands are also extremely important tools in a zero-gravity environment Magnetic gloves can hold metal objects and walls Help you aim more steadily Or provide a buffer for high-speed impact Your hands can also be used to carefully move or manipulate objects in the environment It can also come in handy when you are about to be sucked out of the pressure chamber 4.

Tether Tether is an advanced tool obtained by upgrading the grapple gun Two objects can be pulled together when starting Smaller objects tend to be pulled to the place of larger objects Two objects of similar mass are usually pulled to the middle at the same time Using multiple tethers at the same time can increase the pulling force In other words, as long as the number of mooring cables is sufficient Almost anything can be pulled! But replenishing the tether will consume precious credits So use your brains, especially in the early stages of the battle. 5. Air pressure adjustment You will encounter some areas on the ship that are still pressurized Decompression accidents occur when these areas are exposed to a vacuum environment The escaped oxygen will throw all unfixed objects into the gap Usually causes an explosive chain reaction The safest way to decompress is to find and turn off the air pressure regulator in the room If not, find a safe place to decompress yourself If you use your brains, you can even use stress relief events to help yourself do your work better.

6. Energy and Electricity The spacecraft’s energy is controlled by batteries or generators It depends on the class of the spacecraft Keep this in mind when disassembling the spacecraft because once the energy source of the spacecraft is removed Each system of the spacecraft will malfunction or shut down completely Be extremely careful when removing energy sources Reactor-like energy sources become unstable once removed from the shell May damage nearby objects or overload any electronic devices that come into contact 7. Fuel and Fire The fuel pipe can be safely cut after the fuel inside is discharged Find the correct valve to manually discharge the fuel in the pipeline If you can’t find it, you can also carry out planned demolition operations. Drain the fuel by yourself Be extra careful when cutting near damaged fuel pipes Fuel leaks often produce deadly gas clouds Easy to catch fire 8. Coolant Pipes and water tanks with coolant inside can freeze the walls in an instant and destroy fragile objects As long as enough force is applied, the frozen surface can be easily broken The use of the coolant tank can easily damage the wall while avoiding the risk of causing a large fire Experienced shipbreaker if necessary Will also use coolant to extinguish the flame 9.

Pick the right ship There are many types of spaceships in the game Their shapes, sizes and configurations are different Choosing the target spacecraft correctly can get higher profits The premise is that you have to know what you want If you need furniture to meet your next level certificate requirements Small transport ships usually carry a certain number of passenger seats for recycling But if you need metal materials Large industrial cargo ships are your ideal goal 10. Certificate and equipment configuration Completing work tasks is the best way to upgrade the certificate level With a more advanced certificate, you can unlock new tools and upgrade options for the new spacecraft Although generally speaking, recovering the entire spacecraft in its entirety can maximize the credit income Even if it takes several shifts to do so But sometimes you may only need one or two objects to meet the requirements of the next level certificate And unlock the long-awaited upgrade option So if you take what you need, you end your shift early Buying new upgrades right away is also an option But be careful LYNX doesn’t like you wasting precious resources Wage deductions may be used to reduce the possibility of this behavior happening again in the future Thank you everyone for taking the time to watch this video If you want to know more about "Lost Space: Shipbreaker" Please join our Discord channel and follow our player community Thousands of roads are safe, the first is broken, see you next time!

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