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Hey guys hello guys I thought for a long time but couldn't I'm doing it right now From analyzing the preferred sub-currencies welcome everybody I will share my favorite subcoins with your friends On the upcoming march of sub-currencies I ran an analysis to ensure the maximum return On the fundamental analysis side And you accordingly I put together a presentation and then content to show them. Let's take a look together Now if we just swipe the Buddy up like this, by our preferred alternative currencies When we look like this Faded Friends on the first side of the favorite sub-coin Even the left As you can see with the acronym Sol The reason is these guys Cryptocurrency exchange And she is using it now as money. So, show it to you on the news side, yes here. You see, decentralized stock market opens in Solana, so friends You all know Binance or Binance to some people This has its own currency, BNB or BNB This also faded here too FTX The currency exchange will have its own currency I can say that What does this mean 2-3 years ago we used BNB We remember it in the range from $ 3 to $ 6, and it will go up a lot on that high at $ 44 now.

Although it fades here I can say that BNB is the same as it was 3 years ago I told you the reason here Second, friends, Hedera calls it Hashgraph hbar on the exchanges. The reason for this is that the friendship structure is strong, so are the partners Because it is very powerful Here I will show you your partners quickly You see guys there IBM Boeing Deutsche Telekom And since Google added friends Create a very strong partnership structure So on this walk This partnership structure is the currency behind these powerful companies. I think it will bring in serious returns The third is LTC's friends because the news is now Air Drop Due to the fact that it can be processed through This is dangerous I think it will pay off here Coin Lite spark symbol Thanks to this news that FLR Flight will landing status I expect it will provide serious bullish returns. 3 friends, you know, Ethereum didn't come together predictably in the process The reason for my choosing to release the next Ethereum 2.0 has been announced in December 2020 The expected rally has not yet occurred, it is likely to do so along with the sub-currency's rally on this rally.

Will make We can say that, let me show you the news here of Ethereum Yes As you can see Ethereum news here, December 1 It will be launched in 2020 It will be under implementation towards the end of this year. He said he would be in the process that I could tell him 2 which 1 km. 5. Coin Friends Dash you know DASH and Monero are actually due to their secret need for privacy Coins created but little DASH Another Click provided an advantage and refined itself to run on its commercial side.

Privacy + Trade Both are a constant need For this reason, I chose Dash Finally you guys choose here you can see No march without you see Many of you already know How does a manager achieve returns How do they take it on time 🙂 I chose this Here, friends are generally out of a coin basket. You do not remember If we wanted to So it's safer here I choose, knowing if the largest is enough Side of the basket Honestly, the biggest move I anticipate here is that the hedging aspect is HBAR all over the place. Serious action awaits by HBAR and SOL On the side of TRON I wanted DASH, ETERIUM, and LITE coins to be heavy balls in the basket, so get paid. But the downside No serious moves For this I chose So is a vehicle Balanced + risky, so it kept its balance risky on the sub-currency's rally I also want to look at this stuff with you Now friends there We said SOL in the first place Let's take a look at SOL, the left is now 30% behind its historic peak.

It has seen 4.85, and now it is 3.42 So I think he will see these lower sums at the start of the rally. We'll see that we'll all live together Let's see HBAR's second friends HBAR came here friends We can say that this is 37% behind the historic peak he made in his time. Here in any sub-hex coin I think all of these coins will see levels of all his time making I can say that I think the coins I choose you will see Others can see but I wanted to be on that side Next let's see the LTC guys Let's choose LTC here With friends what I did all the time at LTC About 60% late 1100 days What was sixty percent behind $ 355 I think you can comfortably perform 250-270 on my side Let's see the ETH men It's here at ETH, which is 22% of the rest of the time. Grand So not 1392 You will pay in 2000-2500s I think it looks negative at the moment I have such an expectation in the altcoin march Let's look at DASH, Friends Together DASH Friends are less than 91% of their usual height dangerous situation Finally, let's take a look at TRON, Friends With You Friends by TRON, 86% behind its own record In short If you need to collect video and analysis, Friends are the currencies of our choice I mentioned to you that we chose them for what This is a cart And therefore This is a basket that I built on your side You can evaluate, you cannot evaluate a job that you will know After all, this is not an investment advice A position you do next to you with the information So I mentioned the basics.

And on the technical side When there is a minor currency rally without delving into the current technology, evaluate those technologies anyway. Based on the highest level ever Where are they now, neither they nor I am informing you Personally, I think that the rally of the sub-currency will occur in the first quarter of the year. You can see this in previous Bitcoin fundamental technical analysis, and it will appear directly above. If you click, you'll see These guys It's not investment advice like I said The evaluation is up to you He liked the video And I want you to share friends, we need them, and that's a moral reason for us. Have a nice day, see you.

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