HA.com 2011 April CSNS & Platinum Night US Coin Auction

welcome to Heritage Auctions 2011 central state sale our platinum night session on Thursday April 28 contains the most prestigious lots of the auction and I'd like to share a few of them with you today for colonial and early American collectors lot five zero zero four is a 1776 Continental dollar in pewter the word currency spelled with one are graded ms 62 mg c it is an example of the Newman 1c variety which is one of the more accessable continental dollar variants but still a scarce coin regardless of grade high-end examples of the historic Continental dollar rarely change hands so our offering of this ms 62 coin is sure to attract attention early us silver is well represented in the auction of special interest is log fifty seventy nine a 1796 quarter of the very scarce crowning the one variety graded ms 63 NGC this is a high-end coin that is noteworthy not only for being one of the best surviving examples but also for its appearance in the recently published early united states quarters reference by Stephen Tompkins where it is listed as third in his condition census and serves as the plate coin to illustrate the variety heritage rarely has the privilege of offering any proof bust half dollars but in this auction we are delighted to offer three lot fifty one forty four is an eighteen eighteen half dollar Overton one thirteen variety graded proof sixty-five NGC and pedigree to the Haines and buyers collections it rates as rarity eight improved with just two confirmed examples and two more possible lot fifty one forty five is in 1823 half-dollar Overton one eleven variety graded proof 63 NGC and unique as approved this coins long provenance is confirmed to extend back to be MEC smell in November 1954 and it was later part of the famous Norweb collection heritage has offered the coin once before in our January and 1996 pun auction and we are happy to see it returned in a more modern vein there are three proof 1895 Morgan Dollars in the auction two of the coins come from a pair of our auctions featured collections lot 50 to 85 graded proof 66 NGC is part of the B and D collection while a lot 50 to 86 greeted proof is 65 cameo NGC hails from the slop confirm lis trust collection both are attractive and well preserved specimens that should attract considerable attention from our wide base of Morgan dollar enthusiasts proof gold is a strong theme of the auction and one of the most important selections is lot 53 63 and 1859 three dollar gold piece grated proof 66 cameo NGC though 80 proof $3 coins were minted that year the net mintage was likely much lower perhaps 35 to 40 pieces of those coins few are so impressively preserved as this lot which also boasts an impressive pedigree that stretches back more than a century to Sh Chapman's auction of the Jewett collection in 1909 it later appeared in the cabinets of famous collectors such as John clap Lewis Elias Berg and Edie trumpeter one of the most popular us patterns is the four dollar gold coin or Stella and heritage is privileged to offer four examples in this auction in a wide grade range the two best examples are lot 53 70 adjudge 1635 1879 flowing hair Stella gritted proof 64 PCGS with a CAC sticker and plot 53 71 Estella of the same variety graded proof 65 cameo NGC moving on to the largest circulating Quidditch denomination the auction has a great selection of double eagles lot fifty 492 is an 1860 double eagle graded proof 64 cameo NGC and part of the slot can Family Trust collection which we believe is one of just seven examples available to private collectors lot 54 93 and 1870 double eagle gritted proof 65 ultra cameo NGC with the CAC sticker is one of just four proofs known outside of museums and hails from the famous Harry W bass junior collection lot 54 94 also part of the slot confirm Lee Trust collection is an 1873 close three double eagle graded proof 65 ultra cameo NGC and a strong candidate for the finest known survivor among business strike double eagles in the auction one stands out above the rest lot 55 18 a 1920s double eagle graded ms-64 PCGS the 1920s is the earliest double eagle date to have been affected by the mass melding of gold coins during the 1930s few of the coins went to banks and from there on to private citizens and most of the 20s 20s were melted without ever having left the government's possession this examples past includes a stay in the collection of famous numismatist Reed Hahn last but not least among our highlights his lot 55 62 and the 1883 Hawaii $8 pattern graded proof 63 cameo NGC and part of the Michael Eitan collection when the then independent Kingdom of Hawaii made plans for silver coinage to be struck at the US Mint in San Francisco the proposed denominations include an eighth of a dollar coin following the old Spanish system of fractional coins with the US influence however the smallest denomination struck was a dime not the eighth dollar and just 20 of the eight dollar pieces were made as patterns I hope you've enjoyed this look at some of the many highlights in our central state's auction I invite you to learn more about these and other coins on our auction at h8 comm slash 1154 anytime before during or after the auction thanks for watching

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