GUMMY vs REAL FOOD Challenge #Funny Eating challenge | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends Today we are going to do a challenge that you were asking for Tell us which one? Gummy vs real food challenge yes, we will have a lot of fun So we should not waste any time and let us start Dad bring fast Coming, why are you shouting so much? Take this Rock, paper, scissor Rock, paper, scissor shoot I won What does Aayu wants? 1 or 2? 2 So this is Aayu's Let us see if Aayu gets real or gummy 1 2 3 start Gummy Pihu gets real I do not get anything they are so bad they did not offer me anything Sister how is your's? How is Aayu's? Aayu's has a real orange flavour It is so good I also feel like eating it Whoever likes ice cream please like this video I am trying to pull it….

This feels like that What? The one that Dad fed Mom in Sweets challenge Karachi Halwa (sweet) Aayu reminded me of that So I will eat 1 bite with that stop now If it is up to Aayu he will eat it all but it's very tasty come on, we will see what comes in next round Dad you have got my favourite thing now yes Pihu's favourite How did you know? Now it is Pihu's turn I will choose number 1 or 2 2 Aayu got a real pizza Pihu got gummy see it looks like real only yes It is sticking It is fun Yes friends These are very big pieces you do not have to eat them all at once cut them into small parts eat them in small portions or share them with your friends gummy party see they again forgot me they both started eating it is very tasty yes I am just sitting I want to eat gummy pizza sister please give me some Why? it is my pizza I will eat mine, you eat yours But you know friends this tasty gummy my aunt got these from America because we can not find them in India So shouldn't you thank your aunt ? yes Thank you Aunt and thank you Praavi and yes with that I remembered when she sends texts on phone I do not understand anything Why? because she lives in America and her English is very good yes, that is true So I have a solution for that What? See this is Udicitonary Application select settings and turn on the magic translate What does this do? like when you get a text in English but you can not understand it take this and drop it on the message yes it got converted to Hindi Yes, now you can read it and just not in Hindi it can be converted into many world languages Mom that is a very nice application but I make grammatical mistakes when you type any message you think that there is a mistake in that turn on the grammar button so see there was a mistake here it is corrected now now I will never make a grammar mistake He will be our English teacher at home Yes and our English will improve and that too for free ok Dad next round next round Dad bring something sweet next time please You want sweet? Yes No Now who's turn is it to choose? Aayu's, Aayu choose 1 or 2? 2 Get it Oh nice nice I told something sweet will come Pihu's will taste the same Aayu got a doughnut tasty, tasty Pihu's teeth Sister you can do it do it do it Your teeth will have a good exercise today Mom I do not want to eat this I want to eat the real doughnut This just looks nice yes But the real doughnuts are good I did not even get the pizza It was my favourite I wish Pihu gets all the gummies only no, no and Aayu gets all the real ones It will be nice It will be fun if Pihu sister gets all the gummies Not mummy, gummy yes But your Dad is not giving me anything to eat I have to get something for mom It would be nice if you do Dad wait a minute yes, yes ok give me the plate What did you say? Aayu what did you ask for? It is my favourite so fruits a fruit gummy Mom's favourite fruit is mango yes, half fruit and half gummy Dad has made that specially for me Aayu told me What? that you are going to get mango for me ok, you can assume what you want Great a mango What is this? A rat What? you want to eat rat awful I will not even eat this gummy What are you doing? eat it No, no Mom at least eat the tail the tail is tasty you eat it taste it mom, it is for you you eat it, no mom I have the doughnut Dad this is very wrong from so long you are just getting thing to eat bring something to drink hmm, to drink how will you drink gummy? you will have to eat only eat I will choose number 1 yes, I will drink coca cola What will I dink? mom open it Pihu feel that you are drinking Thank you Dad save some for me Aayu is drinking Do it firmly Try it harder Pihu sister's teeth are weak Pihu it's neck is breaking yes, it broke You know why Aayu is so happy? because I do not let him drink cold drink but he is getting it today because we are doing challenge Aayu save some for sister see see stop it has the cola flavour I want it Now Aayu didn't got the gummy so he wants a gummy now Now it will Aayu's teeth exercise pull it Aayu's teeth will pop out What is better? yes I burped He has eaten so much sugar today Not sugar, it is due to cold drink Now it is the most exciting thing What? Eat it yourself to know What? Melody no Aayu 1 or 2? Attack number 2 yes How will Pihu eat? Aayu Green chilli sister got green chilli yes Mom you start I eat it Mom I have never eaten a green chilli so nice This is also spicy This is spicy? This also has the spice Now tease me but not very spicy This is really spicy Now you tease me Aayu that is it Gummy foods seriously have the same taste as the real food Aayu thought gummy green chilli will be sweet but this also turned out to be spicy when Aayu was small he held the cockroach like this and I used race with cockroach when I was small When Aayu used to crawl he used to race with cockroach they were racing Aayu attacked the cockroach and caught it and shouted Mom he was very naughty Now whose turn is it to choose? Mine Mine Aayu did it Pihu 1 or 2? 1 so 2 is Aayu's Pihu got gummy watermelon Aayu it is so heavy The seeds will also be gummy yes do not stress this is also heavy Dad you have cut out such a nice slice This weighs 1 KG and this would at lease be 1/4 but it is heavy Aayu you like eating like this Mom see this same watermelon these gummy makers are really talented Sister this watermelon is nice so the seeds would be nice too Mom will eat the seeds but it is nice this is tasty we can eat it's outer layer too but real is real Right Aayu? Pihu sister and me when we eat watermelon there are a lot of seeds, so we eat them too you should not eat seeds Aayu is teaching a wrong thing he eats it but he is teaching you as well My mom used to say that a tree would grow inside you here it is This is one more exciting thing A nice offering by dad Kids will have fun Let us see what happens with Chip and Dale Sorry with Aayu Pihu Chip and Dale Dad is saying like he is doing stand up comedy Aabra ka dabra – Gilli Gilli Chu number 2 Aayu has number 2 1 2 3 I do not want the gummy This separated does this really have cheese Maybe it has it's flavor Aayu eat and tell if it really tastes like burger See mom there is sauce too oh yes Can you taste cabbage But you can eat all the gummy you want the real is always better so from now on Pihu will not eat sweets No no She said that she said it Aayu will eat all the sweets Pihu will eat real I said that I will not eat gummy yes Real is different always This will something nice right? Yes it will be very nice Pihu 1 or 2? We have to choose first umm 1 I do not want to eat bitter gourd What can I do? you have to eat what you get This is not bitter gourd, it is a cucumber oh this is cucumber then it's ok Now Pihu is feeling better she will not have to eat bitter gourd But mom how will be the cucumber favored gummy? It will be like cucumber Aayu is showing his power Aayu really likes cucumber with his food daily he needs 1 cucumber the whole thing and Pihu will eat too from now on the gummy one can not cut it it is a little like cucumber just a little Today I will not cook Today Aayu Pihu's dad will cook Great It will be so fun Dad will feed you burnt food you can make anything you want just do not bring the rat So yes friends You all should also take full advantage of Magic translate and Grammar feature with which you can learn English and that too just at home The download link is given in the description below Ok bye love you all Bye

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