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we're covering a variety of different topics   so check the timestamps below and this will be 
a continuation of what we've been reporting to   you on the infrastructure bill in the united 
states specifically the crypto part of it so   i hope you saw this video i hope you saw this 
video i hope you saw this video if you haven't   i encourage you to watch those i'll leave the 
links in the description below but this video   can stand on its own so even if you just know 
a little bit about this continue watching this   video because this is time sensitive and we 
might need you to act again to put it bluntly   this could be the difference between your 
cryptocurrency investments 5xing and 20xing in the   next year just to put it bluntly so like the video 
comment below interact with this video because   we need people to know about this because they're 
they're voting on this today and they're making   moves today and tomorrow and this information 
needs to get out there let's jump into it we   have reached a compromise amendment this is good 
the good guys the bad guys the pro-crypto senators   and seemingly the anti-crypto senators have come 
together to just make this common sense i mean   jerry explains in detail in this thread tldr 
this is not perfect but it's better than the   original and we should urge senators to support 
it to pass this amendment needs unanimous consent   if even one senator objects we lose and if we lose 
they could try and push through something that is   far worse so again call your senator i'll leave 
this information in the description but continue   watching again this is time sensitive i need to 
inform you so this is what the compromise is all   about there's now a compromise amendment being 
offered by the good guys senator toomey loomis   and the quote unquote bad guys warner portman 
and cinema and we think that this compromise   all senators should support so the original 
problem as you recall is it basically defined   almost everything in cryptocurrency as a broker 
and if something's defined as a broker they can   invoke mass surveillance really a broker should 
just be an exchange like robinhood like coinbase   but they were trying to say that protocols were 
brokers proof of stake proof of work they were   trying to say that developers were brokers 
they were trying to say that wallets were   brokers so they have tightened the expanded 
definition of broker sufficiently which is good   so that it would be too difficult to argue that 
it covers protocol devs who only write and publish   code this is common sense this is a big win that 
people can see this it then also has exemptions   for validators and hardware and software wallet 
makers which is great common sense they've already   changed it so that protocols like proof of 
work and proof of stake are not included   tldr call your senator and tell them to support 
the toomey loomis warner compromise crypto   amendment again if you live in america this 
affects you directly if you hold cryptocurrency   at all this affects you directly that all said 
after this there's still a lot of work left to   be done while this is way better than the original 
base text the provisions still has other issues   besides the broker definition and we'll still 
have to see how the treasury issues regulations   so make sure you subscribe we've been updating 
you with the new information on a daily basis   i agree with jerry this isn't perfect but better 
than the original underlying bill there's still   plenty more work to do but the senate should 
move to adopt this compromise in this language   today and truth be told there will be a request 
to vote for this unanimous consent probably today   around 3 30 eastern standard time by the time 
you see this video maybe this information is   already out there maybe they reached a decision 
maybe they postponed it let me know what you know   when you're watching in the comments below 
because right now we're watching them debate   the whole infrastructure bill live they're not on 
cryptocurrency yet but we can tune in and see what   they're saying say only 24 of this money goes into 
roads and bridges and ports that's just not true the number actually is about 42 
percent into roads and bridges alone   disgusting it's almost like these politicians 
are waiting to be bribed before they push through   common sense regulation anyways let's check 
on the market movers my friends maybe this is   surprising to you bitcoin is pumping through all 
this uncertainty ethereum is pumping through all   of this uncertainty so i think that crypto is 
not selling off too much on this news for two   big reasons number one dc realizes that the crypto 
community is big diverse and loud that's because   people like you and me have been making a 
storm commenting calling emailing and two   they're proving exactly why people want 
decentralized finance systems in the first place   ain't that the truth now let's address something 
that i've heard a lot recently that the reason   that bitcoin and ethereum are pumping so much 
right now is that this is one last exit pump   so everybody can sell at higher prices and we'll 
just you know you know go down into a bear market   people are saying this is an exit pump what is 
happening right now so you know be wary of this   it's possible but in my opinion it's not likely 
let's just deal with the facts despite the strong   rally to 45k the bitcoin market still has not 
seen a significant increase in old coins a year   or older being spent this means that people 
who have been huddling bitcoin a year or more   are not selling on this rally and this is very 
different to the 2018 bear market where old   hands took exit liquidity on most relief rallies 
so the exit pumps are what we saw in the last bear   market every time it pumped old coins sold and 
we got deeper and deeper into the bear market   that is not what is happening here and there's 
plenty more metrics like this to suggest   that bitcoin is in a bull market and 
there's plenty of reason to be bullish   now there's plenty of reason to be bullish on 
ethereum as well i'm not surprised it's pumping   ethereum's tokenomics are great they 
changed their monetary policy so now as   there's more demand on the network supply 
is getting burnt and we're almost at 20 000   cumulative eat this is millions and 
millions of dollars worth of eat   and it's because of the success like open c the 
largest nft platform decentralized exchanges   una swap play to earn games also nft related axi 
infinity stable coins tether and just everything   going on in the eth ecosystem together so eth very 
bullish bitcoin very bullish let's drill down on   the most successful play to earn game thus far axi 
infinity becomes ethereum's first nft game to hit   1 billion in sales my friends what is happening 
with axi infinity is undeniable let's go over the   history and some of the metrics ethereum based nft 
game axi infinity has crossed one billion in sales   as of writing one million worth of tokens from 
the pokemon-inspired nft game have traded hands   through 2.4 million transactions there are 300 
000 buyers 900 000 owners and more than a million   daily active users the milestone is the latest 
piece of evidence to show that the blockchain game   which launched in 2018 has truly gone viral this 
summer almost a fifth of axi infinity sales took   place in the past week in three quarters concluded 
in the past month axi infinity is the first nft   game to surpass 1 billion in sales nba top shots 
on the flow blockchain is number two then crypto   punks on the eth blockchain is number three so 
the metrics are undeniable my friends and axie   infinity is the largest pay to earn game on the 
ethereum blockchain what happens when two or three   paid to earn games are like this what happens 
when two or three nft platforms are like this   so yeah i'm bullish on ethereum now there seems 
to be a lot of salt and misunderstanding about   nfts recently however they arguably now the good 
ones have a shot at being bigger than d5 think   about it they have cultural significance with 
music games royalty skins art online worlds in   10 years hindsight's going to be 20 20.

At least 
be open to nfts i mean think about it like this   it's the reason why meme and entertainment 
accounts do better on twitter or why   celebrities make as much as they do we 
value emotions higher and nfts trigger them   more than charts so this is only going to 
get bigger over time now that being said   the market goes and ebbs and flows with crypto 
punks exploding and axia infinity exploding   and a rock nft game exploding on a theater 
maybe we'll talk about that in a future episode   the market's going to go on ebbs and flows 
there'll always be peaks and valleys and we're in   a little bit of a peak right now now we don't know 
how long this peak is going to last you know but   but just be aware you know this is going to go in 
ebbs and flows but overall hugely bullish on this   whole thing and as if you need another reason to 
be bullish on regulations around cryptocurrency   poloniex cryptocurrency exchange settles for 10 
million with the sec for their aggressive listing   securities policy poloniex did not admit 
or deny the sec findings so this is another   slap on the wrist poloniex was in trouble for 
aggressively listing unregistered securities   and they just got a slap on the wrist 10 
million that's nothing to them this is   like a little tax the sec is putting on crypto 
companies some crypto companies hardly any and   you know it's they're hardly regulating this stuff 
and in addition stable coin giant circle which has   usdc on ethereum plans to become a federal bank 
if crypto is going away anytime soon we will not   see this stuff we wouldn't see this stuff 
happening so stablecoin issuer circle has   detailed its plans to become a national digital 
currency bank operating under federal oversight   circles usdc has seen explosive growth in 2021 
with a current market cap of 27.5 billion the move   would see circle company or this the move would 
see circle comply with federal banking rules which   are much stricter than state banking regulations 
so they're going to be subject to a lot stricter   regulations but again they will not be doing 
this if you know there's a worry that anything   was going to happen to them in america and usdc 
and plenty of other stable coins usually make the   list on the on the burn leaderboard they're not 
there right now but they have been and bullish   for eth so hugely bullish on ethereum right now at 
31 000 hugely bullish on bitcoin right now at 46   000.

Tell me what is happening with this in the 
comments below and in tomorrow's video we're going   to update you and if you haven't emailed or called 
your senator to encourage them to support the   compromise i'm going to leave links how to do that 
in the description below appreciate you all see   you tomorrow guys i'm interjecting this recording 
at the end because some new information is present   apparently this compromise bill did not go through 
senator richard shelby a republican from alabama   has objected to the compromise amendment it's 
because he didn't get his own amendment for 50   billion in defense spending in so he's against all 
others and unless he changes his mind that's it   the compromise amendment is dead fyi he's retiring 
at the end of his term now the bad news is that   the amendment did not receive unanimous consent 
so it will not make it into the bill good news is   we're not giving up the next stop is the house 
where we can try and get a whole new amendment   from scratch that can address all our concerns 
so there is still hope we will keep you updated   it's again nice to see everybody in the crypto 
community coming together and even people outside   the crypto community who support crypto coming 
together come on even gene simmons knows that   crypto is good for america anyway subscribe to the 
channel we'll keep you updated on tomorrow's video

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