Guaranteed To Be RICH If You Buy $1000 Cardano Ada NOW (Shocking Results!)

[Music] the best possible investments you can make today the recent covered pandemic left a lot of people bankrupt and in debt due to their hospital bills that's when people started thinking about making investments that could secure their family's future so what better thing to invest in the 21st century than cryptocurrencies but which cryptocurrency do you invest in make sure to keep on watching because we have a special hidden surprise for you in today's video hi cardano lovers welcome to cardano land your daily dose of cardana if you're interested in everything around cardano this is the place for you make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for us provide you with more cardano news and let us know in the comments how much you think cardano will cost next year next month or next week let's get to it also we would like to mention that this is not a channel for financial advice and we do not ask you to invest in any company this is merely a channel directed towards bringing educational content to your doorsteps with that in mind before you invest in anything we'd recommend you do thorough research on the topic cardano is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies with a long history its ada currency is among the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization since its inception in 2015 it's consistently ranked in the top 10.

It's now ranked sixth behind bitcoin ethereum finance coin xrp and tether however the environment is ever changing and it was just a few weeks ago that it was in third place cardano has a lot of positive aspects working for it its technology is superior to that of many of its competitors and it has widespread support the cardano platform is linked to the digital currency ada it is named after ada lovelace the first computer programmer in the world output input cardano's research lab is based in hong kong its primary focus is on decentralization and the problems it brings with it first of all no one knows the full potential of the crypto markets it's not any financial advice and you should do your research thoroughly cardano outperforms more well-known cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum in terms of environmental impact cardano is classified as a green coin since it uses a proof of stake system rather than a proof of work mechanism it means that cardano as a whole doesn't require nearly as much energy to run the entire system and ecosystem and utilizes a fraction of the energy the bitcoin does this is important to keep in mind when looking into cardano as an investment especially with all the concerns about the environmental consequences of cryptocurrencies cardano is energy efficient when looking at the long run with your thousand dollars still its purpose is to give the finance and tools that people in affluent companies have to the less fortunate people in developing areas like africa the crypto market is currently negative and no one knows when it will end yeah when the market's bearish it's the best moment to buy crypto coins but you must wait until the bear market ends because cardano is a very strong fundamental foundation crypto you can profit a hundred x or a thousand eggs in the future if you can find the appropriate entry time to buy cardano for a thousand dollars cardano is a cryptocurrency even though cardano can provide a high return there is no guarantee that the price will rise and there will be many times when the price falls below where you bought and not just below your buying point but significantly below where you bought keep this in mind when dreaming of a thousand x returns not that it will happen but to get to higher returns you'll often have to hold on tight because the price will often fall below where you bought currently cardano stands at 1.96 which means it grew by almost 100 in the past three months it had certainly come a long way since january when it was only worth 17 cents therefore if an individual had invested about a thousand dollars in january they would have about two thousand dollars by now not bad for a three-month profit if you ask me the cryptocurrency industry is volatile and even the slightest change can change the whole course of the industry for example elon musk and his role in the recent cryptocurrency market crash elon musk in an interview stated that his company tesla will not be accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment anymore this was due to energy concerns he had about bitcoin bitcoin's annual energy consumption is equal to the annual energy consumption of the netherlands and elon musk thinks it's really harmful to the environment therefore his statement about bitcoin resulted in the cryptocurrency market crashing and experiencing a loss of 300 billion dollars but here's the interesting fact when all the major cryptocurrencies were seen crashing the only one that wasn't affected was cardano's ada currency which managed to stay afloat by eight percent this was just the beginning for cardano as it displays potential which its investors are looking forward to so let's say an individual invested about 1 000 in cardano today and its current price of 1.96 he or she would then be the owner of 510 cardano coins now if the cardano price were to hit the five dollar mark next year then the individual's investment of a thousand dollars would now be worth two thousand five hundred and fifty dollars to put things into perspective if you invested the same amount of money in the stock market it would take you eight years to make that kind of profit most cardano holders follow a staking method where they put their ada token in a staking pool so if you were to invest 1 000 and obtain 510 cardano coins and stake them you would still be able to make profits without even investing if cardano hits five dollars and the person staked the tokens then they would have earned an additional 115 dollars which is a pretty good deal considering staking only takes one click of a button most people might not think these returns are high enough but they have to keep in mind that cardano only has a market capitalization of 62 billion dollars in contrast ethereum has 373 billion and bitcoin has 800 billion so if cardano wishes to hit the five dollar mark then it will have to have a market capitalization of 155 billion dollars this is easily achievable for gardano because it has a lot of potential after all according to experts cardano might even hit the 10 mark by the end of 2021 therefore people looking for a sure shot and an investment opportunity here's your chance there have been speculations that cardano might hit a market capitalization of one trillion dollars and when that happens your investment of 1 000 will be turned into 23 000 that is an amazing rate of return and if you were to invest ten thousand dollars then you would have a return of over two hundred thousand dollars pretty impressive right if you've made it this far you surely deserve a break and you know what that means time for our surprise mini quiz in what year did charles hoskinson start developing cardano 1 2013 to 2015 3 2017 let us know in the comments below what you think the answer is let's get back to the video shall we card darno has shown nothing but promising growth since the beginning people who have invested in have nothing to complain about except for the price fluctuations that happen from time to time still one can't really complain about that because let's face it it's a volatile industry price fluctuations are inevitable and they're bound to happen at some point but what's important is the fact that cardano always managed to jump back on its feet after a crash and still manages to grow more and more as each day passes carddano's never give up attitude has attracted many people around the world and it enjoys a strong community of supporters who refuse to give up on the coin and that's all that matters as long as cantano keeps growing at the pace that it does now and has a strong community behind it there is no telling about the heights it's going to achieve the long-term ada coin price prediction from algorithm-based forecasting site wallet investor projects the price will move back above two dollars by the start of june reaching a fresh high of 2.80 by the end of december doubling to 4.25 by the end of 2022 and almost doubling again to 8.43 by the end of 2025.

cardano shows promising growth and it won't be long before elon musk decides to endorse it as he did with dogecoin and bitcoin if that were ever to happen then cardano prices would skyrocket through the roof and all the present cardano holders will be rich in no time and numbers never lie experts state the cardano will hit the 10 mark by the end of 2021 and a simple investment of 1 000 will turn into 5 300 by the end of 2021 therefore from the above data it's safe to assume that cardano prices are not going anywhere but up and people are looking for sources for a good investment here's your opportunity since we've reached the end of this video it's time to reveal the answer to the mini quiz the answer is b charles hoskinson started developing cardano in 2015. well that's it for today's video guys and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time on [Music] cardanoland you.

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