GTX 1660 TI Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrates & Overclocking

hey everyone welcome back to another gpu overview 
video in this video we are going to go over the   gtx 1660 ti we're going to cover it in details 
regarding to where you can buy them from how   much do they cost and as well as the expected 
profitability from this gpu we're also going to   give you overclocks for mining the most profitable 
coin on this gpu and then after that i will give   you my conclusion whether you should buy this 
card or not i hope you guys enjoy this video before i jump into the video i asked you guys 
in the last gpu overview video which was the   3060 ti whether you guys rather two articles 
on or one article that will   contain all the information and everyone voted 
for the new system so i went ahead and changed   all the articles on regarding to 
the gpus to have only a single article where you   can visit it and find additional information 
and up-to-date profitability as well as the   overclocked settings over there so if you're 
watching this video one year from now please   feel free to visit this article you'll find more 
information there and it's probably going to be   more up to date than this video now let's go 
ahead and jump into the overview so as you   guys can see we have the 1660 ti evga single 
fan model this gpu takes three slots if you're   plugging it into a regular pc because of how 
thick it is and it also takes a single eight pin   which makes it easier for us to later on put 
more of them in one rig and as of the coin that   we will be mining on this gpu it will be ethereum 
since as of the date of this video it is the most   profitable coin to mine on all of the gpus and 
now before we get too deep into that part let's   first talk about where you can buy this gpu and 
how much does it cost when the 1660 ti first came   out it came out at a price of around 300 msrp 
which gave it a really good edge comparing to   the other gpus at the performance that it can give 
but now as the date of this video being published   the prices are different and as you guys can see 
here it says that you can find it on amazon for   around six hundred dollars which is a really crazy 
price for this card so let's go ahead and visit   amazon and see what we find there as you guys can 
see you can hardly find any of the 1660 ti's here   the only option we find is the msi gaming one for 
550 dollars so i do not recommend buying it from   amazon if you can't find it for a decent price and 
then also as well in newegg it's all really high   in prices and i wouldn't recommend buying them off 
of here but if we go ahead and go to ebay we can   see here that there are multiple that have sold 
for a fairly decent price so you can see that this   one sold for 330 dollars recently on january 22nd 
and then there's another one 365 dollars and 300   so there are one that are still selling for 
a good price and what i would recommend doing   is i would recommend checking ebay if you're 
looking to buy this gpu after watching this   video now when it comes to the different models 
like evga and all the other ones honestly they're   all pretty good options so you don't need to be 
really picky on this but if you do find the msi   gigabyte or evga over the other ones for the 
same price then i would go with them instead   now other than that there are also the 1660 supers 
and the 1660 regulars they are all pretty close in   performance but i will eventually make a video 
comparing them all together so now let's go   ahead and move on to the profitability of the 
1660 ti so now to check the profitability we   are going to go to what to and then now 
we're going to select one 1660 ti and as for the   overclocks we know that we can push it more than 
28 mega hash so it would be around 31 mega hash   and then for the wattage we can leave it at 80 
so it's somewhere around there as well and as of   the electricity price we're going to leave that 
at 10 cents per kilowatt hour and now we can go   ahead and hit calculate and then they will give us 
the profitability of this gpu so now as we can see   here in the profitability the most profitable 
coin to mine with the 1660 ti is ethereum and   it will make you around 2.78 cents a day and 
then after electricity it will make you around   2 dollars and 60 cents so you guys can change the 
electricity cost based on your region and how much   it costs you but so far it looks pretty good so 
for this gpu to break even you're making around   almost three dollars a day so if we go ahead 
and open up a calculator and we can multiply   2.78 cents by 30.

So a month you'll be making 83 
dollars with this gpu that is without electricity   costs and then let's say this gpu would cost 
you 400 max if you're looking to buy it at the   state of this market right now although i wouldn't 
recommend buying it over 350 dollars i feel like   that's already too much for it so now we can go 
ahead and divide 400 by 83 and then from there we   can see how much it will break even so with the 
profitability of the market that we're in right   now this gpu will break even in around five months 
which is really good so if you buy a rig full of   them then you can expect breaking even in around 
five to six months and that is without electricity   costs like i mentioned so if you want to check it 
with electricity costs then i would come here and   then put on your electricity cost and then use the 
second number instead of the first number and that   will give you a good estimate on how much you'll 
be making your money back but guys remember all   these profits don't stay the same so maybe one 
month from this video being posted the profits   could have dropped around 20 percent or they could 
have increased so please come double check here or   you can visit our website and it 
will give you a real-time update on how much money   this gpu will make you and this part of the video 
is being recorded on january 22nd and it won't be   posted until later on so please double check and 
you'll get a more accurate information so now that   we covered the profitability we can go ahead 
and set it up into the test bench and then we   can run the miner and test the overclocks as well 
as see how much power this gpu takes off the wall so i've placed the gpu on our test bench but as 
you guys can see the veda frame was built for   a full length gpu rather than a mini gpu so it 
didn't really support it that well but it's okay   as long as these screws hold up and then after 
that we're going to run the initial tests in   windows 10 so we will be using the gtx 1660 ti on 
ethereum because ethereum is the most profitable   coin to mine on this gpu as of this date and then 
also this system pulls around 30 watts off of the   wall without any gpu so with the gpu it pulls 
around 35 to 40 watts which means that anything   above 30 will be just the gpu itself and now let's 
go ahead and run phoenix miner just to test it out   with the stock settings without any changes so 
with the stock settings we can see here that we   are getting around 25 mega hash on phoenix miner 
and if you guys need a tutorial on phoenix miner   i've recently just posted one so i recommend 
you to check it out and as for the wattage   we're drawing around 135 to 136 watts off of the 
wall so that means 106 watts are for the gpu only   and then 30 watts are for the system which puts 
the gpu in a decent place it's more efficient   than an rx 580 without any tuning so now after 
we tune up the gpu we will be able to get a lot   better efficiency so let's go ahead and find the 
perfect overclocks for it and then after that we   can run the miner again and then compare the 
results so for the overclocks like i mentioned   guys you will be able to find these overclocks 
on so for the values that i   ended up settling on it was 60 for power limits 
negative 200 for core clock and then plus 1100   for memory clock and as for your fan speed you 
guys can put whatever fan speed you want for me i   kept it pretty quiet because this gpu does not get 
that hot at all so with these settings i'm getting   around 30.8 mega hash which is really good so it's 
almost 31 mega hash and we're only drawing off of   the wall 85 watts for the gpu so the entire system 
is pulling around 115 watts to 116 watts and we   can take off 30 of those watts and then we will be 
left off with the 85 watts for the gpu itself and   as for your overclocks in hive os it is a little 
bit different because in hive os it doesn't take   an offset rather takes a fixed number so you need 
to put the double of the memory clock that you put   in windows 10 so in windows 10 we did a thousand 
and 100 and then in java west we would be putting   2200 for your memory clock and i'm sure it will be 
like that for other linux based operating systems   as well so please double check and then try to 
use the values there and both of these values   will also be mentioned on so 
you'll see the first value which is the offset   with the plus sign and then the secondary value 
is the fixed number where you can use it for linux   based operating systems now let me give you my 
conclusion on this gpu the 1660 ti is honestly   a really great card when it first came out it was 
probably one of the best options you can go with   for mining it's very diverse it can mine multiple 
different algorithms really well rather than just   ethash which is for ethereum and it doesn't run 
hot and it's a very quiet gpu but if you do put   the fan speed above 70 percent to 80 percent it 
can get loud although one thing that caught my   eyes is the oil that comes out of this car maybe 
it's just evga specific but it did leak some oil   so this doesn't harm your gpu in any way this is 
just some oil that leaks out of the card when it   gets a little bit hot and it's not that common 
so not all of the models have it but you don't   need to worry about it either now what i like the 
most about this gpu is how efficient it is you can   run like eight of them with just a 1200 watt power 
supply they're really efficient cards and the best   thing about them is that they're super stable 
i rarely have to check their settings i can run   them for two months three months in a row without 
worrying about them at all so in a nutshell if   you do find these gpus for a decent prices like 
we talked in the first part of the video then   i honestly recommend trying to get them but when 
you compare them to a 3060 ti then of course it's   better to go with a 3060 ti if you find that one 
more available or most of the 3000 series cards in   general but for older generation cards the 1660 
ti and the super are definitely one of the good   options out there now that wraps up the video guys 
if you have any questions or concerns please leave   them in the comments below the upcoming videos 
will be the bios modding for the rx 580 as well   as a comparison between the rx 580 and the 1660 
ti so these videos will be coming out very soon   i hope you guys will enjoy them now that being 
said guys please feel free to hit the thumbs up   if you enjoyed the video and subscribe if you're 
new here i have a lot of new content coming out   very soon for all the newcomers that you guys will 
benefit from and please join our discord server if   you have any questions you can always reach out in 
the server and then the community and i will try   to help you so thank you guys again for watching 
this video and i hope you have a wonderful day you

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