Hello everyone and welcome to this new technical analysis video on crypto currency so on the program today we usually go anyway talking about bitcoin is to keep them quiet, but today we are also going to talk about link is another cryptocurrency and you will then see it just before you start the analysis video I would like to invite you to follow us on twitter you probably noticed it for those who already follow us on twitter we are more and more active on it so do not hesitate to come and follow us every day we post tweets things that seem interesting to us have retweeted even some things that we are is interesting to give you information on real-time trading of course as well as videos it's much longer to do and you can't do it every minute videos are a format that you can do once, twice, three times a week while as soon as there is an emergency well we put it directly on the twitter feed whether it is an emergency or not anyway we absolutely put everything related to trading above so especially if you have a crypto currency which is listed on bin ans if you have for example information on the texts as we were able to do earlier so you have as play 10 whitcomb routes done on scans of people who we seems interesting it allows you to have more information complementary to his analyst videos that you receive every Tuesday in sometimes we see retweet articles we announce a lot of information so do not hesitate to go follow us you will find the link in the description you will see you go with the different twitter will you post to take a lot of things including what concerns everything that is excellent decentralized and the adie flaw is especially on its construction right now we will switch back to the video to analyze more particularly on bitcoin in unit of time where they then shout on the bitcoin in wiki time unit not too many changes compared to the week last you see it here we just have a little bullish candle tct last week I told you that we had to be careful we were under the resistance of 12 thousand dollars for what was already positioned he had no reason to sell given that we did not have a bearish signal for those who had not yet bought well it was better to either wait for the resistance breakout or well to wait for a correction which could coincide with a gap that I mentioned in the analysis video of last week and of which I will get back to you in a few moments to send the bitcoin analysis it is exactly the same as last week we are under the resistance of 12 thousand dollars we are just below the wooden benches the angel is therefore for the moment the trend remains upward we can further refine this analysis by switching to the crime unit of time you see on the offense unit of time we can see very clearly that the resistance of the 12 thousand dollars acts as its name indicated as resistance to the price on its continuation of the uptrend so several days were blocked by this resistance of 12 thousand dollars then I said 12000 is to little nearly 2000 and its price easing on certain platforms is roughly 11,900 dollars more precisely so you see it here all last week all these last days were finally stopped right on the resistance 12 thousand dollars so for the moment two scenarios either in 4 the birth of 12,000 dollars and it will be the bull market on bitcoin is therefore the price it is good he left he will not come back to look for levels that are much lower than the four digit levels or we can still have here a correction to go and fill the gap which was created in the $ 9,500 zone roughly before rebounding for the time being as I wanted you are positioned on it there is no bearish signal today when I leave this video before to have one tomorrow the day after tomorrow next week or not at all but in any case at moment when I make you this video so on Tuesday afternoon there is absolutely no bearish signal for the moment the clip consolidates under its resistance we will now switch to the bitcoin chart but this time on the futures contract to show you the gap I'm talking about it is a few moments you see it is this guy placed on the level of the 9700 dollars at around 9,800 we have a gap that was created on July 27 and which has not yet been fulfilled all the gags so far were fulfilled except this one, the last gap I was telling you about now several months here on the area of ​​11,000,800 dollars has just been filled it has been already filled last week so we only have one gap left to fill it is this statistically there is still a good chance to go and fill it once again for those who are positioned on bitcoin it would be a shame to sell now we don't have still bearish signal if we have one on the other hand well that would be interesting to resell going to the $ 1500 to the thousand dollar creations for example to hope to have a strong retracement and to resume a position towards the 9000 and some dollars 9300 9400 dollars approximately so here compared to bitcoin analysis for the moment nothing to report since last week it did not move at all so we within the private club we are still positioned on it and for the moment we have not sold the position we did not have a bearish signal we will now switch to the analysis of the ether land present ditto the same situation as bitcoin again I was telling you about it last week look on the unit of time in bed there know almost nothing past we have a little bullish surge the week dana at the end of last week but here we see it here calais at de the weekly unit of time is still something rather little perceptible land that is under the resistance of 400 dollars which just like with bitcoin and its resistance of the 12-mile lands to a big resistance on the 400 dollars is time that we are in below and well for the moment it is obviously fine course and the price despite everything also have zooms we can see that the land is started again in an uptrend why because it made a new low higher than the previous one is also a new higher which is higher than the previous one so we are in an uptrend we have freed from the last two biggest but here so that of 300 dollars and that of about 285 dollars so we can see very clearly that the land also the uptrend for the moment same as with bitcoin no bearish signal we will switch to the unit of time of beds to refine all that and on the crime unit we see here a new a consolidation just under the $ 400 level you know I repeats it to you every week the prices evolve by cycle we have trends bullish or bearish the more we have consolidations then also for dessert more consolidation see for example the last consolidation of the ether happened here on the $ 250 or so area it was an area that has been tested several times we had a buy signal the bollinger bands widened and therefore the price went up quickly at the moment we are observing more or less the same thing we have a new one consolidation the bollinger bands are in the process of tighten up before possibly having a new movement bullish in any case for the moment the analysis and the conclusion is exactly the same as the one with bitcoin, it's simply that we are always positioned on it so on land we have been positioned from now about a month has allowed us to take advantage of all this movement bullish and for the moment we have not yet sold our position maybe that we will have a bearish momentum tomorrow the day after tomorrow we do not know then we will sell the position so when I tell you impulse bearish what does that mean, that is to say that quite simply here the price aims on the level of 400 dollars and comes back here no need to look for the level of 360 dollars for example and if we have an impulse candle like that there is still very strong chance of correcting much more violently up to the 50 moving average around the $ 300 before its this scenario we are not there yet it is a scenario that can occur but for the moment we are not there the trend is always upward the price is in the process of consolidating and therefore as long as it is in the process of no bearish signals that there is absolutely no reason to sell position is better to stay positioned to enjoy all this movement bullish and a future bullish movement that could eventually also occur we will now switch to the d-link graphic then the link you know I will tell you about it once again every week so the link comes once again to give us a new point high this week so it's really a crypt which is very dynamic so when I tell you this week it is not this week Monday Tuesday is the week since the previous empty from anadys because you can see since Monday we have been in a rather bearish but so since last week the leak has made a new ath it rose almost to the level of 14 dollars 50 and there he is consolidating a little bit so we can see very well that the link it's a hand crypt is very interesting very dynamic but it's once again I have been telling you about it week after week for several months already then concerning the same lead within from the private club we are always positioned on the links so we are positioned on the league since the level of 6 dollars 0.8 so you can see compared to the current price levels the price has more than doubled and once again today we did not sell the position if we and if we will sell it for the moment it is not the case that allowed us to take advantage of all this uptrend say the same on the bed we returned to position at the beginning of July within the private club I already had some for you spoken in the previous ones and video analysis here for the moment we remain positioned on the link the proof it is new ath it can still continue to climb why not for those who have not bought and well it's too late I told you the last time it's too late the price is already climbing it will give you bad ratios is the probability of correction remains very high for those who bought very early and a few weeks a few months and well for the moment there is no still bearish today however this may change in the coming days because we see that more and more crypto currency stops on resistance levels bitcoin the two thousand dollars lands the 400 dollars and when you have like that several domenech clips arrives on resistance levels and fails to rank them well we can have movements of stagnation or even two small corrections before being able to set off again so we simply bounce back to take more energy to be able to break the resistance levels so the liter still in an upward trend for the moment we still have the position next crypto currency is the taiso this then the taiso this game you don't have it cited last week but I told you that within the private club we had taken a cryptocurrency a position in a crypto year then obviously I was not going to give you the name of this crypt led by respect for those who are in the private club and who pay for it precisely but here it is I can tell you since a week has passed the coin clip I told you about last week where there was a signal purchase is simply the bone so the taiseux has gone up well since our point of purchase last week it has took a little more than 30% so 30% a week is interesting when once the increased laughter potential is ahead on the thunder team like I meant we are at the very beginning of a bullish cycle takes 30% in a week that's good we could have a lot more than you see in the bed which made 1 x 2 to the space of a month like the bitcoin and the lands which have risen quite a bit and also other year signs I cannot tell you about all the crypto currency in a 10 15 minute analyst video but you get the idea the potential is really in front of us even if there was already a lot to do this summer therefore concerning the analysis of the taiso this then on the unit of time yes that they saw that the summer has just made a new high point so this week is a bullish week since it was in fact on Monday he continued to push the same last week we had a impulse week it grew so there the rising summer gave us a new high point like the link and therefore it shows us that this currency in a very good dynamics a dynamic and very strongly bullish then see the birth of discussing the unit of time offenses on the unit time delhi paris we had a very interesting consolidation still a few days so it was an opportunity that you still could take for what they had spotted this domain crypt you see it here we have a first point of contact a second a third very good consolidation the price bounce more their faith on the moving average 50 we have bollinger bands that are tightened and whose price four days ago gave a new buy signal so the purchase cnet that we had taken is a buy signal on bounce back a little earlier but here you see a buy signal an impulse candle we had two buy signals on teos which gave him allowed to make a new attachment so here is compared to the different critot currency that I wanted to present to you for the moment we are still in uptrend even if some crypto currencies stabilize it is necessary to do attention we are welded resistance but we are still an uptrend if you want to receive the crypto is that we send within the private club you will find I remind you the link in the description for the moment we are still positioned on these crystals year there I saw that last week many of you joined us so I wanted to thank you for your trust if there has not been a lot of bills sent in recent days it is completely normal I remind you that within the private club we manage a wallet so when you have a wallet you don't have money in unlimited you have 100% and it is 100% you allocated them according to some crypto currency therefore given that we were positioned for the beginning of July quite strongly there was little room to take new opportunities we had in releasing by the more is was therefore we had sold the ftt to take the instead of taiso which is much more dynamic but here is if you join us now it's normal that you see every day the clips shot in which we are positioned so far we can't take more new positions on the other hand it is interesting to know when will we sell well obviously now to position them on the beatles was is and to saada also lets us know when will we be reselling his clips to give away because we could very well for example resell them in a few days wait for the correction to pass and be able to buy again later for example we can imagine the end of August beginning of September once it will depend on the movement of the decrypts so it's both interesting to know when to buy but even more important to know when to sell rise and crypto currency so here is if you are interested once again find the link to the private club as well as all the information on the presentation page which can be found in the description here I thank you for having followed this video of analysis and I will see you next week for a new analysis video hoping that by then of course the currency crypts break their resistance and go back to new highs so I'll see you next week be well take advantage of your holidays if you are on leave and therefore very soon

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