GREATEST Bitcoin News Yet (Walmart To Announce $1B BTC Buy in May)

welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everybody on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button it might be a little loud here i'm outside uh on the balcony of the hotel uh it is uh not looking too good outside it's storming so there's people in the pool uh my wife is actually filming me filming this which is kind of weird but uh guys i want to talk to you guys about bitcoin about the price uh a very strong rumor for you guys that's super interesting and i'm even gonna go so far as to say it's a hundred percent true we're gonna talk about how this changes everything for bitcoin so first and foremost bitcoin overnight hit get back to 60 000 yesterday actually and then it plummets back down and so my wife and i woke up this morning and i looked over at her and i said what do you think bitcoin's at and she said oh probably 63 000.

She's a moon girl and uh i i said you know what i bet it's at 59.7 i open it up it's at 59.4 right now it's at 59.2 we're looking like this 60 000 level is almost insurmountable but i would predict that the uh coinbase ipo on wednesday of this week will be enough to push it above 60. once it clears 62 000 we are looking at a 70 000 bitcoin that is most likely very imminent i don't know if something could be very imminent uh maybe it's just imminent or not but i think it's imminent but let's talk about what is going on right now with bitcoin institutional demand is skyrocketing going straight up uh we're seeing uh the company in china me too that's meitu not only do they have huge ethereum holdings from the institutional level they've also bought 10 million dollars more worth of bitcoin which that's a decent amount is a decent amount um but the fact is there's something else going on right now with bitcoin which is the corporate buying we know right that uh you know tesla announced a giant buy we know that other companies have done the same microstrategy continues to buy more and more bitcoin and the question is okay the question is what is the next company to buy bitcoin well the rumor is that it's none other than walmart supposedly and i've been reading a lot about this story because i didn't really want to bring this to you guys uh from the standpoint of it's not confirmed right it's definitely not confirmed but i've done a lot of research on this i've read numerous articles i've looked at numerous posts from people in social media and i will say it's true walmart bought a billion dollars worth of bitcoin i think it's true and this is why all first of all this the place that debuted this was bitcoin magazine okay now bitcoin magazine is a very large and respected media organization uh they're the ones who put on uh the bitcoin conference every year so bitcoin 2021 that i'll be going to uh in the month of june so we're really excited about that but the fact is they were the ones that actually released this story now if you really think about it for them to put this out they have to know something that we don't it's almost like a leaked report that they've gotten access to that they cannot confirm because if they confirm then that confirms that it was actually leaked for sure what i believe has happened is walmart has bought one billion dollars worth of bitcoin and in may i believe the day is uh may 18 of 2021 we will see their quarterly earnings report that will reveal this bitcoin purchase now what is the end game here for walmart and why would this change everything well we look at all of the people who have been buying bitcoin uh over the last year there are a lot of luxury brands there are a lot of tech companies walmart is kind of the everyday man's company why would walmart buy a billion dollars worth of bitcoin well could they possibly be gearing up to start accepting bitcoin at walmart and if you look at all the largest retailers you have amazon you have you know paypal supported companies and then you have walmart uh i remember seeing a uh i remember seeing a chart a while back that showed the death of retail and oh the company's market share that has been lost from big box stores and walmart is the only one that has survived and thrived and when you think about the pandemic i mean targets are also done pretty well but if you think about the pandemic and everything that has occurred because of that you know it definitely has been very good for walmart and target and amazon amazon interestingly enough not taking bitcoin which i can't wrap my head around why they're not stacking bitcoin right now we do know that their new ceo taking over for jeff bezos is actually very cryptocurrency and bitcoin friendly so i think this is something we could see that could kind of be the wave at the end of the year that pushes bitcoin up but walmart accepting bitcoin makes a lot of sense in my opinion um i now i guess the question would be how would they do it right because if you think about uh the slowness of the bitcoin network their end goal would really just probably be stacking more bitcoin kind of like tesla with their allowing for bitcoin purchases but you know you probably wouldn't be able to go to walmart and scan in the store with your bitcoin because it just isn't fast enough however could be what they're aiming to accept bitcoin with if paypal is going to be allowing all their merchants to do it why would walmart not do it you start to see the real selfish nature of these companies right because it's not like tesla really needs to accept bitcoin it's not like there's a gigantic demand the reason they do it is to slowly stack up more bitcoin and they said that they're not going to be converting over to fiat well what if walmart makes the same kind of announcement um and people are able to spend bitcoin on there and if you think of the walmart customer base compared to let's say the uh the tesla customer base it's blue collar people first and foremost but second of all it's massively larger than tesla massively larger and so i think it really opens up a lot of opportunity for more people to get exposure to bitcoin because if you think of it like this not only are they accepting bitcoin but they also would be every time a customer went to purchase something on they would be exposed to that paid with bitcoin option which would number one legitimize bitcoin more in their eyes number two if they have never heard of it it could introduce them to it so it does look like walmart has probably made this purchase the number is one billion dollars we're going to find this out next month in the earnings report similar to what we saw you know with tesla's sec filing when walmart buys bitcoin i would predict 1 billion worth of bitcoin i would predict this will pump the price even higher than the tesla purchase of bitcoin it just is an entirely new base of customers and clientele that we'd be looking at so sorry i didn't have the gimbal things were a little bit shaky today but you know i'm just trying to relax a little bit on the beach we'll be back tomorrow i have a video for you guys tomorrow morning then i'll be back tomorrow night uh from my trip back live streaming on tuesday let me know what you guys think what companies are you the most interested in when it comes to bitcoin purchases drop those down below that's all i got be blessed boy out

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