Great HEX Stats and a Big HEX-Whale at the horizon

[Music] welcome to day 416 in my hex journey i hope you're doing all great thanks to my latest subscriber pg hex welcome to the hot brother and now make sure to destroy this like button let's get this video up to 200 likes let's hit that subscriber button and turn on post notifications to get notified for every new video and now let's get started with today's episode first of course we're gonna have a look at the usual hack stats on different sites and for the main topic everybody's talking about in crypto twitter and as well on every stream we can see on the 14th of march there is a big ass stake which will come out we gonna have a quick look into this address what will the address maybe do in the future when this stake will come out to the market what maybe you should do for your stakes so now let's jump right into it if you have a quick look on our hex wallet you can see on the current day 416 we have a stable circulating supply of 567 billion hex tokens i have staked a little bit more yesterday when the fees were low so at the moment i have staked 18.6 million us dollars that would be nice at the moment i have staked 18.6 million hex tokens 11 million hex tokens already earned and you can see as well if you have a quick look at my staking ladder you can see 212 stakes with roughly 3 000 t-shares i'm still filling up all those gaps in here but also focusing on filling up the long-term gap in here i'm just missing a 200k stake in here and as well in the year 2036 and after that we gonna position some more big stakes because the t-shirt rate is constantly going up you can see this on the main page of your hex wallet the t-share daily close price in usd is dipping a little bit that is a good sign that means some cheap usd t-shares but don't get blinded by the usd t-shirt rate have a look at the t-share rate it's going up steadily this was the big payday so of course we had a big bump in here you can also see the dotted line which represents the prediction and we are even a little bit above the prediction now came back down and for now i think we're just going on this predicted line up and up this is the main part you have to consider the share rate is going up constantly if you hop over to hex info taiyo you have an overview of the market situation hex is up in usd 147x in bitcoin we're up 33x and in ethereum we're up 16x graph hex study rocks also informs you about the current apy of 37.23 9.8 of the total circulating supply is staked at the moment this is nice we are getting closer and closer to the ten percent as well the end stake versus start stake ratio is positive again forty seven thousand three hundred twenty eight t shares has been staked today and the t share price hoover's around this one hundred and forty dollars you can see this on the chart as well the orange line in here is the t-share price we had some heavy big drops in the price of hex now it looks kind like that we are stabilizing around 0.008 of a dollar and as well the t-shirt price looks kind of steady so get your stakes in just before the t-share price rocks to the moon again you can see this from here we went all the way down to 52 and to an all-time high of 233 dollars on nomix at the moment the cryptocurrency market is kinda red and green you can see everybody is going down and up a little bit overall it's more red and green let's scroll down a little bit more until we find hex on position 13 with a total market cap of 4.6 billion us dollars the price is down three percent the seven day prediction of nomix still looks a little bit bearish but hex can shoot up pretty damn quick and i anticipate that soon we will fight for the top tens again on uni swap hex is traded for 0.0083 of a dollar up 2.7 percent you can see the total liquidity sits at 1.3 million us dollars the volume in the last 24 hours is up 43 now at around 2.1 million us dollars with just 602 transactions on the uni swap exchange we have the hex east pair and as well the hex usdc pair on the hex heath pair you can see the total liquidity is around 1.5 million us dollars the liquidity is still low for the moment that will shoot up the price as well the volume is similar to the liquidity at the moment 1.5 million us dollars we have a total of almost 100 hex tokens allocated to this pool as well 655 ethereum if you would like to dump or buy some hex tokens in the usdc pair we have 1.1 million us dollars in liquidity the volume went up sixty percent now around five hundred and twenty one thousand us dollars the fees earned by the liquidity provider one thousand five hundred and sixty six dollars the total allocated tokens in this pair is 66 million hex tokens compared to 553 000 us dollars on hex dot vision you can see today we already have 161 stakes in yesterday today closed with 282 stakes and the day before with 311 stakes overall since a couple days the total amount of stakes is going down and lower i'm not really sure why this is going on just people have enough hex maybe but just don't forget it's not all about the hex you also need the t-shares for the next couple years so i'm still staking more hex just to get the cheap t-shirt rates because at the moment we do not have any idea what this big steak will do but once this steak will be out it will burn a lot of t-shirts and if this dude gonna restake his amount we will have an even higher share price so let me proceed with the penalties in the last 24 hours if we give a little refresh you can see 1.7 million us dollars has been paid out we had here one big penalty paid for 1.1 million hex tokens so thank you very much 0x3f for a total of 1.1 million hex tokens as well 0x24 thank you very much for 265 000 hex tokens distributed to the hex takers and the oa address the ethereum gas fees are dropping just a little bit from the last couple hours but overall it seems that we are in an uptrend in fees the fastest and the fast fee are pretty high with around 150 quave for the moment if you scroll down you can see we still have now friday and saturday which are white last sunday was a little bit higher but just have an eye on it you have 14 days to get a stake out you can get a stake in for around five dollars at the moment so now to the main topic on hex dot vision you can see for the next 15 years all the stakes and we already talked a lot about this big stake of 5.36 billion hex tokens which will come out so this is the accumulated hex amount which will expires in stake if we zoom in a little bit you can see this big stake is just staying here we have at least three big stakes around 976 million hex tokens and again 966 and this is the biggest one with 1.43 billion hex tokens and thanks to the hex community we also have the ethereum address in here you can see this is the filo madras with one of the big stakes you can also see the last activity is around 90 days ago he just received the uni swap unit tokens which he didn't sell yet this dude even has some sense of humor you can see he has some paypal tokens and some pillar tokens just look at the amount and the amount of hex he didn't stake is pretty funny as well he has 420 weed 420 what you smoking point 69 hecks i do not i do not know what 69 means so let's have a look on graph hex dot rocks if you enter his address in here you can see the stake which will come out on the 14th of march is 1372 million hex tokens then he has another stake on the 5th of november this year around 412 million hex tokens one in the middle then it's getting bigger again 415 million on the 1st of june 2028 and the last stake which he maxed out for 15 years another billion hex token staked for 15 years and in total he has a massive amount of 731 000 t-shares so this is a winning whale and you can see the green dotted line the big stake will come out soon so we can just have a guess what he will do with this take the profit of this stake is already pretty massive if you enter for example this address in the stake rep go on hold.doc in your browser on your smartphone the staker app is available for unread and ios so download it today track your hex stats accurately on the mobile wallet and in the future you will be even able to stake directly in that so we can just have a guess what he will do but he is staked for 15 years so either he takes all this amount of hex and gonna stake it up for longer or the second solution he takes the massive amount of hex and builds up a nice ladder we don't know yet but we will keep an eye on this dude so what could you do for example if you have a look back in this chart so maybe your stake should not come out just right after a big stake like this because there's always the possibility of profit taking but i also have the feeling with the low liquidity we have at the moment on the uniswop exchange nobody's going to unload a big bag like this because you would just destroy a massive amount of profit so for you don't stake after big stakes just to be sure you will always find some sweet spots and you can also see for 10 to 15 years there are a lot of empty spaces still going on but you should stake for the amount of time which you are comfortable with if you would like to swap some tokens on the uni swap exchange for one ethereum you would get at the moment 148 833 tokens and on the one inch exchange you get approximately exactly the same amount i have both links down there if you would like to trade some tokens for hex and if you have a quick look on the chart you can see the chart is doing his thing we can also observe since the last all-time high we still dropped 66 percent at the moment the market is recovering a little bit we still have this sidewise trend you can see the spikes up and down you can really observe now that maybe just maybe those hidden limit or buy orders are just doing her job for the moment we could say we are in a slight uptrend i'm not sure about that because there are still some addresses which are dumping heavily outside but for now they don't get near as much they would like to get so we will see how hex will perform in the next couple days and i just anticipate maybe a new all-time high should be around the corner but always also be prepared and i don't want to scare you i just want to mentally prepare you if we drop down heavily even more 70 80 percent you could be around the level of 0.004 or 0.05 of a dollar be prepared for every scenario but if you're staked you're good you're earning nice interest plus penalty tokens from all the emergency and stakers and with that we are already by the end of this video for today if you found any value in it please leave a like and subscribe to my channel this would be really appreciated drop a comment down below if you have any questions stay long and fat stay safe out there and see you in the next one [Music] peace you

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