“Gra o tron” – Nowy zwiastun 6. sezonu! [HD] [Napisy PL] // Westeros.pl

. :: Westeros.pl ::. I thought it was thanks to him that we would survive the Long Night. But I was wrong. Do you like games, little man? – Would you shed blood in this holy place? – The gods will not mind. They shed more blood than we all do. Who you are? Nobody. The girl got a second chance. There will be no third. I only think about what has been taken from me. I know what awaits me. We will not hide from it. We have to fight. Lead our army. Where is your place. Show them who the Lannisters are. And how we deal with our enemies. The real war is between the living and the dead. And do not be deceived. The dead are coming. "Dragons don't take bondage well." – How do you know about this? That's how I am.

I drink and I know my stuff. GAME OF THRONES PREMIERE IN POLAND 25 APRIL . :: Westeros.pl ::..

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