[Gra o Tron] Jaime Lannister (napisy PL)

– Strange thing when you first cut a human. When it turns out that we are only a sack of meat, blood and bones. My name is Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and I play Jaime Lannister. "Game of Thrones" is, as the title suggests, the story of a game of power. All these families are fighting for power in the country. My character is a member of the Royal Guard, he is, in a way, the bodyguard of the king.

She is also known as the Kingslayer – Kingslayer! Come on in! because he killed the previous king. “Watching the Mad King die, I remembered how he laughed as your father burned at the stake. I felt justice. – Do you keep saying that to yourself at night? The previous king was angry, but Jaime broke some rules. He has a hard time accepting that people are not grateful to him in some way.

He's a soldier and he doesn't care about politics. He understands it and knows how to be involved in it, but doesn't want to be involved in it personally. Translation for GameExe.pl by Strażnik.

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