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In the Dawn Age of Westeros, before the advent of humans and the rise of castles and cities, only the beings known as the Children of the Forest lived. Today, however, little is known about them. It is said that they were small in stature, dark skinned, and handsome, and when grown up they were not taller than a human child. They lived in hidden villages or caves deep in the forest. They hunted with bows and were armed with obsidian blades. Their sages were called "Green Seers" and they were gifted with powerful magic.

They worshiped the gods of the forest, stream, and stone, whom they did not give a face or a name to. According to legend, it was they who carved their faces on the great white trunks. Their eyes, deep and red with resin, always watched. Twelve thousand years ago The first humans came from the eastern continent through the land known as the Hand of Dorne. Riding his great steeds and wielding bronze weapons, he cuts down the forests and groves of the Children of the Forest. A terrible war broke out between the First People and the Children of the Forest and lasted for centuries. After a long time, the two races finally decided to stop the violence and the bloodshed. They met on a small island in the middle of a great lake called the Eye of the Gods. This is where they forged the pact The first People will be given power over the coasts, mountains … In the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the dominant religion is that of the Seven. Brought to the shores by the Andals six thousand years ago. However, there are still those who are faithful to the old gods.

They believe in Old Gods, Children of the forest and the First People. Old Gods cannot be counted, they are nameless nature spirits. In ancient times, the Children of the Forest carved their faces into tree trunks, which then became a sacred symbol of their faith. In time, the First People adopted their religion as theirs. Most of the castles in those days had a nearby God's Grove with a holy tree in the center.

Meanwhile, beyond the Narrow Sea, a new religion was born in the Andalos hills According to legend, the God of the Seven appeared to Andalom, and the invasion of Westeros came shortly after. The Andals sailed across the Narrow Sea in ships, armed with steel swords. Some warriors have cut a seven-pointed star in their skin as a sign of new faith.

The invaders destroyed most of God's Gaia in the southern lands. By killing the Children of the Forest wherever they could find them, and conquering every kingdom of the First People. Over time, faith in the Seven spread like wild fire across the continent. The Seven are one Deity with seven aspects, each symbolizing a different area of ​​life. However, most people refer to the Seven as separate Gods. Mother. They pray to her for grace, fertility, childbirth and peace. Father. He judges souls. Warrior. They pray to him for protection, bravery and ability in battle. The old woman. It is a symbol of wisdom and foresight. Blacksmith. He watches over creation and craftsmanship. Virgin. Symbolizes purity, love and beauty. Finally … there is this stranger to whom hardly anyone prays. It represents Death. This belief is deeply organized and highly influential in Westerian politics and culture as the official religion of the monarchy.

Followers gather in temples called Septas. The place of power is Grand Sept Baelora, which is located in the capital, King's Landing. But still in the North where the descendants of the First People reside the confession of the Old Gods continues to this day, and the holy faces of the trees plume the faithful. When Aegon the Conqueror invaded Westeros had seven kingdoms to deal with. Kingdom of the North. Kingdom of the Valley. Iron Islands. Rock Kingdom. Extending Kingdom (Reach). Stormy Lands. And Dorne. These regions were established by the First Humans thousands of years ago in the Age of Heroes One of the heroes of this famous era was Bran the Builder Bran built the Wall and built the Keep of Winterfell while founding the Stark House and becoming the first ruler of the North. Other legends speak of the Gray King in the Iron Islands. He defeated Nagge – the first water dragon. House Greyjoy of Pyke, the current rulers of the region claim to come from him.

The Casterly House ruled the gold-rich Western Lands from their throne at Casterly Rock. But out of the ground and power, they were chased by the legendary trickster Lanna the Clever. The noble house of Lannister is supposed to come from him as well. The wild and fertile lands of the Reach were first ruled by the Gardener family. Its founder, Garth the Greenhand, wore a crown of flowers and vines. He ruled from Highgarden. It is said that he was the first king to make the lands bloom. Many noble families claim to be descended from him. Also current rulers – House Tyrell. In the Stormlands, according to Ballades of History, a certain Durran fell in love with Elenea.

Her father was a God of water and her mother was a Goddess of air. She gave him her virginity, devoting herself to the mortal life. In anger, her parents summoned the winds and waters, destroying Durran's fortress – his wedding gift to his wife. Durran declared war against the Gods and rebuilt his stronghold, which was also destroyed. The four more castles he erected were becoming more and more durable, but still fell under the power of the Gods. But Durran's Seventh Castle, "Storm's End", withstood the anger of the Gods. Durran became known as Durran Sorrow for the Gods and continued to reign as the first Storm King. There are tons of stories from the time of the heroes, countless. These stories were never written down, but were passed down verbally from generation to generation. Some may pass for fairy tales, but still everyone in the Seven Kingdoms is covered. East of Westeros lies the Smoking Sea, where no ship dare enter.

There are those who say it is haunted by demons, and who can say they are wrong? Because it was there that thousands of years ago a cataclysm took place, destroying one of the greatest civilizations in history. The exact details of their origin are unknown to us, but it is said that the Valyrians were once a community of shepherds taking care of their herds on the small peninsula of the glorious eastern continent. One day, in a volcanic region known as the Fourteen Fires, they made a devastating discovery dragons. They were monstrous scales-covered creatures with huge wings, sharp claws and fiery breath. They are said to be deeply connected with magic. Over time, the Valyrians tamed the beasts. By mastering their great power, they established a city of miracles like no other before or after him. They became skilled in magic and metallurgy, creating outstanding weapons of enchanted steel. With such weapons on their dragons, the Valyrians conquered the neighboring lands, slowly moving westward. At that time, it was the Ghiscari Empire that dominated most of the eastern continent.

Trying to stop the expansion of Valyrian The Ghiscari Legion attacked Valyrian five times, but could never defeat them. Eventually, the Valyrians marched to the Ghiscari capital, the Old Ghis, razing it to the ground. With dragon fire, turning streets and buildings to ash. Wiping the Ghiscari people and their culture off the face of the earth. The soil of Valyria has become the most advanced civilization in the known world. They had their own language, gods and culture. Valyria's reach covered most of the continent. Great cities were built, roads were paved, and everything led straight to Valyria. The lands of Valyria prospered for nearly five thousand years. But it wasn't going to last. The event that is only known as the Doom devastated Valyrie, its capital and adjacent lands. The peninsula itself was shattered into what we now call the Smoking Sea. All dragons were deemed lost, as were Valyrian spells, knowledge, and written history. Thus the mighty empire collapsed. What caused this cataclysm? Nobody knows for sure. Some say it was a volcanic eruption.

Others say that Valyrian magic turned against himself. In any case, the devastation of the people of Valyria brought about by the Holocaust was absolute. Except for a lonely rocky island in the Narrow Sea. Dragon Rock. Because that's where the Targaryen lived, the last of old Valyria. They waited for a hundred years before unleashing the dragons' fury on another continent Westeros. The days of the andals were numbered. One by one their so-called kings knelt, otherwise they would recognize the wrath of Aegon Targaryen. Aegon of Old Valyria.

Aegon who was the blood of the dragon. After defeating the Iron People in Harrenhall and killing the last of the Storm Kings. Aegon and his sisters Rhaenys and Visenya focused their eyes on the other loot. Rock gold mines and fertile lands of Reach. Kings Loren Lannister of Rock and Mern Gardener of Reach foolishly thought that their combined armies would be able to repel the Targaryen attack. They drove forward together. Their proud banners fluttering in the wind. And they faced Aegon in the great golden fields of the wheat. The two kings commanded a massive army of nearly sixty thousand. The day seemed to be theirs. Until Aegon, for the first and only time, freed all of his three dragons. Each of the beasts is named after the Valyrian Gods worshiped by Aegon's ancestors. Visenya rode Vhagar, whose fiery breath could melt his armor. Rhaenys rode Meraxes, whose mouth was so wide that he could swallow the horse whole. The greatest of them was Balerion, the Black Terror. Its fire was black as night, and its wings were so wide that when it flew over the city, it was completely covered in shadow.

This wonderful creature was ridden by Aegon himself. On that day, four thousand people were bathed in a wonderful dragon fire. This event was later called the Field of Fire. King Mern was among the victims, and the Gardener family died with him. Their vassals, the Tyrells, surrendered Aegon to his ancient stronghold, Highgarden. Instead, they were proclaimed Lords of the Reach and Stewards of the South. When Loren Lannister found out about Mern's fate, he wisely bent his knee. Aegon spared Loren's life, and the Lannisters became Lords of the Western Lands and Stewards of the West.

After his triumph in the Field of Fire, Aegon's success was certain. In a short time the Seven Kingdoms were melted in the heat of the dragon's fire and transformed into one kingdom. Aegon became known forever as Aegon the Conqueror. Aegon Targaryen's rise was now certain, and the fate of the Seven Kingdoms sealed in the Field of Fire. Kings Loren Lannister of Rock and Mern Gardener of Reach set themselves up for Aegon's invasion.

They commanded six hundred banners by the combined forces. Five thousand cavalry and fifty thousand armed. Aegon's forces were far surpassed, and when the army of the two kings attacked, the invaders rushed to flee. But Andali's strength was nothing to the dragon's fire. After Aegon released all three of his dragons, four thousand men on the battlefield were horribly burned alive. King Mern among them. Realizing that all hope was lost, King Lorren capitulated. The Starks of Winterfell had no intention of submitting to the Targaryen rule. From the time of the First Men they ruled as the Kings of the North. They were determined to resist the invaders.

Just as thousands of years ago they resisted the Andalom. King Torrhen Stark led his army to the Red Fork, just east of Riverrun. Hoping to succeed where Loren and Mern failed. But when Torrhen now saw Aegon's mighty army alongside his monstrous dragons, he knew he couldn't lead his men into the horror of another Field of Fire. He bent a knee and swore allegiance to Aegon, who allowed the Starks to retain power over their region as the Lords of the North and the Lords of the North.

On that day, Torrhen Stark unquestionably saved thousands of lives. From that day on, he was known as "The King Who Knelt". Aerys Targaryen was the last of his lineage to sit on the Iron Throne. Known to everyone as the Mad King. His former reign of instability and terror. The Seven Kingdoms were fed up with him and his ilk. At first, he may have appeared to be a capable ruler. However, his advisers, led by the Royal Governor, Tywin Lannister, had no small share in this. The years of Aerys's rule may have been quiet and prosperous. But it was Tywin who really ruled the country when Aerys descended into madness. The dragon offspring were famous for their tendency to lose their minds. It was the price they paid for centuries of keeping the bloodlines clean. Aerys was more than happy to continue this noble tradition of his grandfathers of [ __ ] sisters. As the years went on, Aerys's behavior became more and more erratic.

It cut so often on its Iron Throne that it was called the royal scab. But never directly in the face. It became a rumor that he developed an obsession with the Wild Fire. He was known to inflict terrible punishments on those he considered enemies. Including being burned alive. As his paranoia and bloodthirsty grew, he had bitter skirmishes with Lord Tywin, who had served the crown faithfully for twenty years. At least Tywin managed to leave his job without losing his life or property. The successive governors of King Aerys were not so lucky. Then the Targaryen went too far. Crown Prince, Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark, daughter of Rickard Stark, Lord Winterfell. I was engaged to her. I was in love with her. A beautiful and soulful woman. I loved her more than life. Rhaegar traveled south with Lyanna and hid her in Dorne.

Only the gods know what harm he has done to the poor girl. Brandon Stark, Lyanna's older brother exploded with indignation. He went to King's Landing to confront the King and demand the safe return of his sister. Instead, Aerys executed him. His father, Rickard Stark, too. There isn't much to discuss after that. Aerys feared that their loved ones would seek revenge for what he had done. And he was right to fear. Aerys wasted no time and called for Brandon's younger brother, my friend Eddard Stark. And mine, of course. I'm sorry he didn't come looking for her in person. With Jon Arryn of the Valley, the man who raised Ned and me as children. Baratheons, Starks, Tullys, all called their banners. When our rebellion began, the days of the Mad King were over. As Aerys's behavior became more and more erratic, the task of ruling the Seven Kingdoms fell on me, Tywin Lannister. I served Aerys for nearly twenty years, and as a result, the Kingdom prospered. The royal trunks were full and the country was quiet. But Aerys grew more and more hostile, jealous of the success many attributed to me.

My power and influence irritated him. Once upon a time, my guard captain, Ser Illyn Payne, was overheard making side-by-side comments about who really rules the kingdom. When the King found out, he had Ser Illyn's tongue plucked out with hot tongs. It was my wish to unite the Targaryen and Lannister clans by marriage. My daughter Cersei was to marry Aerys's eldest son, Prince Rhaegar.

Such an alliance made perfect sense for each side. However, Aerys's senses had already begun to leave him for some time. Instead of uniting the royal family with the most faithful and powerful ally, Aerys chose to offend my family instead. By claiming such a party was below Rhaegar. Instead, he chose Elie Martell of Dorne as his wife for Rhaegar. As if he was rubbing salt into my wounds. Aerys appointed my son Jamie to the Royal Guard. The Royal Guard may be an honor for families smaller than ours, but it is a lifelong commitment that forces you to give up your rights to family estates. This makes it difficult to appoint an heir to Casterly Rock, but Aerys knew it well. I got tired of being constantly provoked by the King. So I resigned my position as Governor of Aerys and returned to Casterly Rock. Along with my considerable strength. When Robert Baratheon rebelled against the crown, Aerys began to fear that I would join forces with Robert and rise up against him.

He considered himself clever and, as a warning, kept Jaimi close to him. More and more he succumbed to his delusions, paranoia and violence. Heard he got obsessed with wildfire. A substance that is once set on fire cannot be extinguished. Convinced that he was surrounded by enemies, he did not allow weapons to be carried around him. Except for those of his Royal Guard. Ultimately, it turned out to be his undoing. When word of King Aerys's erratic and dangerous behavior spread through the Seven Kingdoms, Lord Rickard Stark continued his faithful service as Governor of the North.

A proud father of four. His daughter Lyanna was engaged to the young Lord of Storm's End, Robert Baratheon. The centuries of peace between the Iron Throne and the North ended with the day Rhaegar Targaryen, Prince of Dragonstone, kidnapped Lyanna. In a frenzy, Brandon Stark traveled to King's Landing demanding his sister's release and Rhaegar's death. Aerys arrested him for treason, and ordered his father to come and buy him out. My Lord Rickard has declared that Aerys is completely insane, and that Aerys has arrested him for treason as well. Lord Rickard demanded trial by fight. Aerys appointed fire the champion of House Targaryen. He ordered Lord Rickard to be hung from the ceiling of the throne room while the pyromancy set fire to him. While it was on fire, Brandon was brought in. The leather strap around his neck was connected to a suffocating device. Aerys told Brandon that his father was dead, but there was a chance to save him.

A sword was placed in front of Brandon, but this one was beyond his reach. The more he tried to reach it, the tighter the belt tightened around his neck. Brandon Stark strangled himself in an attempt to save his father, who was roasted alive in his own armor. The entire court stood watching the horrors. Ser Jamie Lannister and the Royal Guard among them. It is said that the Mad King laughed hysterically as these two noble men were tortured and brutally murdered right in front of him.

In order to get rid of all your supposed enemies, Aerys called for Rickard's youngest son, Eddard Stark, and Lyanna's fiancé, Robert Baratheon, for the head. He sent a word to Lord Jon Arryn, the man who raised the two young men to arrest them. Instead, Lord Arryn joined the rebellion of the Stark and Baratheon families. Robert swore to kill Rhaegar Targaryen and retrieve his beloved Lyanna.

Rebellion … the Targaryen crimes were too horrible to go unaccounted for. The noble families of the Baraethons, Starks, and Arryn united to overthrow the line of the damned Dragon Kings. When Ned Stark and Arryn formed an alliance with the Tully family of Riverrun, I summoned the banners of Storm's End and rode in full force against the Mad King and his followers. Gods … they were battles! Our first victory was the Battle of Summerhall, where I faced my dragon allies three times in one day.

Three battles in one day! By the Seven Hells, it was a glorious day! We wanted to take Ashford in the Reach, but the Tyrells repelled us. We had to regroup. My army was pursuing northward by Aerys's army and we took refuge in Stoney Sept in the Dorzecze. As the Targaryen army entered the city, the septum bells rang alerting the townspeople to the upcoming battle. As the Targaryens went from house to house looking for me, the combined forces of the Starks and Tully rushed into the city. Gods, what a day it was! We know it today as the Battle of the Bells. We overwhelmed the Mad King's forces and rushed to King's Landing.

Aerys' son Rhaegar, who unleashed this whole damn situation finally emerged from hiding in the south and gathered his own army to face us. As for the Mad King … he had to be frightened. The battle that decided the fate of the Seven Kingdoms took place at the crossing of the Green Fork of the Trident River. Rhaegar commanded a royal army that numbered forty thousand. My forces were over five thousand. But it didn't matter. They were fresh, but we were toughened in battle and we had justice on our side. As the battle broke out, I came face to face with Rhaegar.

Deer and Dragon, right there by the river crossing. I fought in the fury of the ten men, showering that blasted prince blow after blow when I finally sank my war hammer into his chest. I hit so hard that the rubies on his armor fell off into the stream, now they call it the Ruby Rift. With this scum dead and the royal army defeated, our next move was to go to King's Landing. However, during the battle, I received a few wounds and was unable to continue. I sent Ned Stark to the capital to face the Mad King and make sure he paid for his crimes. The Targaryen, the Blood of the Dragon, the last of Old Valyria, were loved by their subjects and widely admired as the greatest monarchy in the history of the Western world. Yet the peace and prosperity of nearly three centuries of Targaryen power were shattered by usurper Robert Baratheon and his band of traitors. The Baratheon family owed its existence to the Targaryens. Was it not Aegon the Dragon who personally brought this bastard Ors Baratheon to power during the War of Conquest? What about the Starks? Lannisters? Arrynami of the Valley? They were all spared and allowed to hold the lands when Aegon could sweep them away with ease.

Centuries later, the Usurper and his obedient ones repaid Aegon's kindness with betrayal. There are those who dare to say that Robert and his allies had cause to rebel. They claim that Crown Prince Rhaegar has kidnapped the darling of the Usurper. They say my father, King Aerys, murdered Rickard Stark and his son for nothing. Whether these allegations are true or not, the Dragon is answerable to no one. Over the years since the rebellion, Aerys' good name has been blurred.

He has been called a dangerous madman. A monster. A tyrant who has brought his tragic end to himself. Lies! My father was a victim of the weak in his council. The brainlessness that allowed the rebellion to get out of hand and failed him in a time of need. But it wasn't enough. The royal army was crushed in the Battle of the Trident. It was there that Brave Rhaegar met Robert in a duel, but the Gods betrayed him and died at the hand of the Usurper. As centuries before, the Field of Fire marked the end of the Andal era, so the Battle of the Trident marked the end of the Dragon Kings.

When the word of my brother Rhaegar's death reached the capital, my father Aerys focused on protecting me as I was the only heir to the throne. He sent me, along with Mother Queen Rhaella, who was pregnant, to the Dragonstone Fortress. While my father, my King, Aerys Targaryen, prepared to protect his throne until the very end he had no idea of ​​the horrors and betrayals that awaited him and our family. For our rebellion to succeed, King's Landing had to be conquered by force.

Nobody was crazy enough to believe that Aerys would peacefully hand over the crown. The Mad King's reign had to come to an end. What Tywin Lannister's forces did was unfortunate but needed to secure the Iron Throne and give justice and peace to the Seven Kingdoms. My glorious victory over the Trident left me wounded however, I sent my private Maester to Sir Barristan Selma because his injured were more serious. Although Sir Barristan was a member of the Royal Guard of Aerys and fought on the opposite side, the man's courage and loyalty were admirable. This meant my wounds would heal longer and I wouldn't be able to go to King's Landing in person. I sent to my place a man whom I trusted above everyone else in this world – Ned Stark. If only I had been able to go, I might have made it to King's Landing faster and prevented some of the horrors which took place when the Lannisters entered the city.

But what Lord Tywin did was for the "higher good". Even what happened to Princess Elia Martell and her children Everyone knows that the same damned blood flowed in the children as in the veins of the Mad King. The dragon offspring were not allowed to survive. What would they grow up to? Faithful subjects? Ned with that goddamn northern honor of his We had our first fight over the deaths of the Targaryen children. Ned called it murder. Murder! It was a war. It was a war … Lord Stark demanded that the Lannisters take responsibility for their crimes. Was it a crime to end an insane family born out of incest? I didn't blame Tywin and I still won't. Instead, I sent Ned Stark south to finish off the rest of the Targaryen Loyalist forces. It was Lyanna's death that brought us together. Ned lost his sister and I am my fiancée and my sweetheart. Ned and I shared this sad bond. Thanks to her, our friendship became strong again.

As for the surviving heirs of Aerys those who escaped in the face of my fury now live somewhere on the other side of the Narrow Sea. Best let them stay there. If they set foot in Westeros again meet the Royal Justice … The victory of Robert Baratheon and the Trident was a turning point in the war for the Iron Throne. When it became obvious that the Gods were smiling at the rebel forces, Aerys Targaryen still held the Red Keep in King's Landing. As Robert was injured and unable to drive, it was up to Eddard Stark to go to the capital and force the Mad King to step down. Lord Stark rode to the city gates only to find out that Tywin Lannister Lord Casterly Rock plundered the city on Robert's behalf. House Lannister has remained neutral up to this point, ignoring all pleas for help from both the Crown and the rebels.

Now that Robert's victory is almost certain, it seems Lord Tywin has finally chosen a side. Lord Eddard was horrified by what he saw as he entered the city. Houses looted and burned, women raped, innocent citizens murdered. Despite his disgust, he led the forces at Visenyia's Hill to the Red Keep. Upon entering the throne room, he discovered King Aerys lying in a pool of blood. Dead. Killed at the hand of Jaimi Lannister's own sworn bodyguard of the Royal Guard, who sat radiantly on the throne. In requesting information about Queen Rhaella's whereabouts, Lord Eddard was informed that the Queen and her son Viserys had been sent to Dragonstone before the Lannister forces arrived. However, other members of the royal family were not so lucky.

Elia Martell of Dorne, who was the wife of Prince Rhaegar, was raped and murdered by Sir Gregor Clegane. Under Lord Tywin's orders. Sir Gregor and his men also slaughtered Rhaegar's little children. When Robert felt well enough to get to the capital, Lord Eddard demanded that the Lannisters answer for their horrible crimes. Robert refused and sent him south to bear the siege of the Baraethon stronghold, Storm's End, which was still besieged by forces faithful to the Crown. The words spoken between old friends are known only to them. However, Lord Eddard is said to have left King's Landing in anger. Later when Robert was crowned appointed Jon Arryn as King's Hand. Lord Arryn's first assignment was to make peace with the Martells of Dorne, who were enraged by the brutal murder of Princess Elia and her children. After Lyanna Stark's death, which was promised to Robert, the Lannister and Baraethon families were married, when the new King married the eldest daughter of Tywin Lannister Cersei as his Queen.

Eddard Stark has returned to his hold in Winterfell forever persecuted by his sister's death and the shameful way Robert secured his throne. The Battle of the Trident may have been an important victory for the Usurper, but it was Tywin Lannister's deceit and barbarity that sealed the fate of the Targaryen dynasty. My father, King Aerys, has always been a friend of Lions of Rock. Aerys graciously brought Tywin to court and made him the youngest governor in history.

He gave him power. He gave him respect. He made it possible for Tywin to restore the House of Lannister to glory. Aerys and Tywin ruled together by their side for a prospering 20 years However, when the Usurper called his banners into rebellion, Tywin Lannister ignored his king's pleas for help and remained hidden in his stronghold at Casterly Rock. In time my brother Father Rhaegar was dead state in chaos and it was said that the Usurper's forces were headed for King's Landing. What a magnificent sight it must have been when the forces of ten thousand Lannister men showed up at the gates of the capital with Lord Tywin at the front swearing support before their king.

Aerys opened the gates to his old friend. Instead, Lannister and his men began to plunder and destroy the city he had called home for decades. Along with the destruction of the capital and its population terrorized Jaimie Lannister, son of Lord Tywin, has proved that he is just as treacherous. He killed my father at the foot of the Iron Throne. The Lannisters entered the Red Keep, and Tywin gave the order to kill the rest of the royal family. It is said that Princess Rhaenys was found under her father's bed and executed. She was just a child. Rhaegar's widow, Elia she was forced to watch as the lannister thugs smashed her son's head against the wall before she herself was raped and then murdered.

As I was heir to my father's throne, I was sent to Dragonstone along with my pregnant mother, Queen Rhaela As a raging summer storm crashed against the fortress walls and destroyed the Targaryen fleet my sister Daenerys was born. My mother, the Queen, died in childbirth. Now, some 17 years later, the rightful King is still in exile. But the day of settling the score is coming. I will sail west like Aegon the Dragon ages ago. I will take my father's throne with blood and fire and I will show those treacherous dogs that wanted to destroy my family, and people will rejoice. Rhaegar Targaryen fell dead on the shores of the Trident. His royal army was broken and in retreat. The days of the dragon kings were clearly over. Until then, it would be foolish to give Casterly Rock to the Crown or the Rebels. What would our family gain from the support of a crazy mad old man? Or from Robert Baraethon's crusade to the Iron Throne? However, no one benefits from chaos.

The time has come for the House of Lannister to do their utmost to restore order and prosperity to the kingdom. I, Tywin Lannister, brought ten thousand Lannister soldiers to the gates of King's Landing to bring the bloodshed to a quick and conclusive conclusion. King Aerys had been sending ravens for months, begging for my support in ending the uprising. In some ways, his request was granted. As I suspected, Aerys opened the city gates and greeted my men. Our plan was clear. Crush the rest of Aerys's oaths and remove the remnants of the royal family as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each alternative meant more years of war and the division of the Seven Kingdoms. Our way was bloody. However, the results speak for themselves.

As for Aerys, it is true that he knew his fate through the hand of my son. Aerys held Jamie close during the rebellion, thinking he was smart and had my son hostage if I decided to support the rebel cause. This turned out to be his biggest mistake. When it's time Jamie has done his duty as a Lannister and pierced his sword through the Mad King's back. With this, Robert Baraethon's crown was secured. The New King acknowledged our participation in his ascent to the Throne. Just as he recognized the utility of the power and riches of Casterly Rock. If he wanted to keep them. For this, I have offered my daughter Cersei as his Queen. Had Aerys not rejected the same offer years ago, perhaps things would have been different. With the coronation of Robert and Cersei as King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, a new day has come. The dragon has been defeated. And the Seven Kingdoms now belonged to the Deer and Leo.

At the far west end of Westeros, at the mouth of the Honeywine River lies the stunning stone town of Oldtown. It is home to the Citadel. Where men and boys from all over the kingdom they come to receive their instruction on the Maestra. Maesters play an integral role in Westeros society. Serving as scholars, healers, and counselors to the nobility of the Seven Kingdoms. Order of learned men who are dedicated to the service of the kingdom. They are sworn to be neutral when it comes to power and politics. After completing his studies and taking the oaths, the Maester renounces his ancestral surname and swears celibacy. It is assigned to a castle or a fortress and is bound to serve there as a counselor and healer. Even if the lord over the castle changes. Maestra's fidelity is for the Kingdom, not for any family. His badge is a large chain made of various metal links around his neck. It is meant to be a reminder of your role as a Kingdom servant and is never taken down. The maester forges his chain in science. Each link represents a mastery of a different field of science.

For example, the silver link signifies mastery in the field of healing. The golden link in the study of money and counting. Iron knowledge about war. Ravenclaw is a very important ability for the Maestro. As he breeds and trains ravens in the art of spreading messages in the Kingdom. There are also Maesters who have obtained a link of Valyrian Steel. This means knowledge of the higher secrets. Commonly known as magic. Only one Maester in a hundred has such a link. As this field of study is not common in the Order. It is possible that magic existed for a while long ago However, most believe that the higher secrets are lost from this world. Serving as a Maester is a noble calling. Very important for a prospering Kingdom. It is not surprising that some call the order Knights of the Mind. Joining the Night's Watch or donning black it is a significant honor to every inhabitant of the North.

Because it is in the North some eight thousand years of lethargy The First People repelled the Others. They established a sworn brotherhood to guard the kingdom and its citizens from the dangers behind the wall. Unfortunately, the Night Watch no longer has the same respect and admiration as it used to be. When House Stark and other northern houses still recognize the role of the Guard in the security and stability of the kingdom this view is not shared by the powerful families of the southern kingdoms or their subjects. Most refer to the Guard as a lost, redundant order made up of useless outcasts. Granted right … the Order is now only a substitute for its former glory. Their number dropped to less than a thousand.

Out of nineteen castles on the wall, only three are operational. Shadow Tower, Black Castle, and East Watchtower. Extension of the castles was abandoned. The stock is barely enough for maintenance. The recruiting officers known as the Wandering Crows they search dungeons and slums in hopes of finding people to fill their ranks. While there are still occasional high-born volunteers The newest recruits are practically all low born criminals Thieves, rapists and murderers sentenced to a wall as punishment for their crimes. The fall of this infamous order is problematic for the threat they face is real. While no one has seen or heard of the Others for ages and what may be the subject of myths. The barbarian tribes that live behind the wall known as the Savages have been a threat to the people of the North for centuries.

At certain points in history, the desperate Savage tribes united under a single leader. King beyond the Wall. They tried large-scale attacks against the Kingdom. However, thanks to the resourceful and brave men of the Night's Watch the so-called Kings were sadly defeated. While many have lost faith in the Night Watch, Northerners are confident in their faith that the Brethren in Black will respond to the call of service. Winter is coming thinned ranks, and lack of popular support. Will they be ready? A long time ago in the winter North an army of demons emerged from under the frozen ground and sowed darkness and despair on the continent. Riding monstrous spiders with giants by your side they wreaked havoc on the innocent, slaughtering thousands. All hope was lost. Until the brave warriors of the first Night's Watch pushed them back into the frosty mountains and built a magic wall to prevent them from being invaded again. These brave brothers in black continue to protect us from the evil that lurks in the dark until today. An absurd lie. A fairy tale born by people from the North. What is some great wall there is. The triumph of engineering, maybe but not magic.

As for the Night's Watch. Perhaps there was a time centuries ago when there was honor and prestige in the pathetic monastic life of Black Brother, but now The Wall became a sanctified penal colony full of outcasts and criminals. Today, the typical Night's Watch husband most likely started out as a beggar of little, or the rapist or a country idiot. As for a few high-born Guardians they fought on the losing side in the war or were sent away by their parents for one reason or another.

Those who stand up for the Night's Watch recognize that the Seven Kingdoms need protection from the savage clans of the far north. However, there is not much to fear from these primitives. They are a nuisance. They are not sophisticated or powerful enough to be a significant threat to the kingdom. And any talk of the Other's return with their armies of the dead and giant spiders and snarks they are just that … speech. "Ours is the fury" This is the motto of the black deer of the Baraethons. The battle cry that echoed throughout the kingdom during the rebellion when I, Robert Baratheon, was the first of that name to conquer the Iron Throne from the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen. Ending a dynasty almost three hundred years old. The House of Baraethons was born of the wars of conquest when Aegon the Dragon invaded Westeros.

Aegon sent his commander, Orys Baraethon, to conquer Storm's End. Argilac the Arrogant last of the Storm Kings recklessly left his safe walls to meet Orys in open battle. Argilac was defeated. And Orys took his lands, property, and daughter. Orys was said to be half brother to Aegon Targaryen. If that's true, then some dragon blood was mixed with deer blood in those days. The seat of the Baraethon family is Storm's End. A legendary fortress built in the age of heroes. It towers over Shibreakers Bay, where, according to the legend of Durran, the first Storm King built a stronghold with Bran the Builder forging a bond between the North and the Stormlands for many centuries. After Aegon's conquest of the Seven Kingdoms, with the Targaryen kings coming and going, the Baraethons remained faithful to the Crown However, loyalty has its limits. When Rhaegar Targaryen, the filthy son and heir of Aerys, kidnapped Lyanna Stark, my fiancée, my love …

it was the time of action. We raised our banners. Baraethon, Stark, Jon Arryn and the Tullys. United in a rebellion against Rhaegar and his father, the Mad King. We won and won the Iron Throne. That bit of dragon blood in my veins was gone. For having put me in a distant blood relationship with the Targaryen lineage through my long-forgotten ancestor, Ors The truth is, that I took it. I am sitting on the Iron Throne. I rule the Seven Kingdoms from the Red Keep. The Starks of Winterfell trace their ancestry to the First People in the Age of Heroes.

Founder of the Brandon the Builder family, who helped create the Night Watch during the Long Night. Legend has it that he used the help of the giants and the powerful magic of the Children of the Forest to erect a mighty wall to protect the kingdom for generations. He then went home and built a fortress at Winterfell, where he ruled as the first King of the North The Starks ruled as kings for thousands of years. They even survived the Andal invasion. As the southern kingdoms fell, the Children of the Forest were driven away, the North was strong preserving its traditions and way of life. Ultimately, the reign of the Kings of Winter came to an end with the advent of Aegon the Conqueror.

After Aegon and his dragons destroyed the combined armies of Reach and Rock in the Field of Fire, King Thorren Stark bowed his knee and swore allegiance to the Targaryen Dynasty. To avoid the destruction of Winterfell and his people. Since then, he has been known as "The King Who Knelt". As a reward for submission, Aegon appointed Torrhen Lord of Winterfell and Governor of the North. The Starks take great pride in their history and tradition.

It is one of the few noble families that still maintains faith in the Old Gods. Holy Ferdinand was large in God's Grove of Winterfell. The ancient sword of Winterfell, "Ice", was forged in ancient Valyria and was passed down through the ages House Stark remains steadfast in their support of the Night's Watch. Despite the hard times. Like their crest, Wilkor, the Stark family remains legendary in the North and throughout the Seven Kingdoms. And their motto "Winter is coming" is to serve as a reminder of their beginnings during the Long Night and about the gloomy things to come. Among the snow-capped mountains, rising above the rich lands of the Valley, is Eyrie (Eagle's Nest in some translations). Castle said to be impregnable. It is said to have been built by the legendary Mountain Kings in the Age of Heroes. It is a stronghold of the Arryn family. One of the oldest noble families of Westeros. Their coat of arms flying eagle against the backdrop of the crescent moon.

Their words "High as honor". The Arryns are direct descendants of the Andalusian invaders, who crossed the Narrow Sea and landed at Fingers. According to legend, Sir Artys Arryn, known as the Winged Knight, flew in the heavens riding a great eagle. He landed on top of the highest mountain, where he defeated the Gryffindor King in a duel. It was the first great victory of the Andals over the First People, and Ser Artys was generously rewarded. He was proclaimed King of the Mountain and the Valley. And the name of the region was changed to the Valley of the Arrynas. Thousands of years later, Aegon the Conqueror landed at Westeros.

House Arryn bowed a knee to Aegon and his dragons and consequently allowed to retain authority over the Valley as Lords of the Valley and Lords of the East. For centuries, the House of Arrynas remained faithful to the Targaryen dynasty. Until Lord Jon Arryn joined forces with the Baratheon and Stark families in a rebellion against the Mad King Aerys. Upon conquering the Iron Throne, Robert appointed Lord Jon as King's Governor. A position he held until his mysterious death. On the far west coast of the continent, high on a rocky bluff towering above the sea where the sun is setting, there is Casterly Rock, ancient seat of the Lannister family. Lannisport, one of the finest cities in Westeros, is located under the rocky outcrop. A place of commerce, culture, and a great Lannister fleet There are many gold and silver mines in the western lands. Making it the richest region in Westeros. One of the most fruitful mines is located directly below Casterly Rock. By making House Lannister the richest of the Houses of Westeros. This allows the Lannister House to fund many of the endeavors of other noble families.

Even the King himself seeks support from Casterly Rock from time to time. We Lannisters derive our origins among the Andalusian invaders and across the female line from Lanna Clever. According to legend, Lann, using only his wits, won Casterly Rock from the noble Casterly family during the Age of Heroes. The Lannisters ruled as the Kings of Rock for thousands of years and they labored to the envy of all the Seven Kingdoms. Our time as kings ended when Aegon, known as the Conqueror, came to Westeros with his armies. The Last King of Rock, Loren Lannister has joined forces with the King of Reach, Mern Gardener, together with sixty thousand men they faced the Targaryen watas in open battle. History tells us that Aegon released all three of his dragons, murdering four thousand people. This event was called the Field of Fire. King Mern fell that day, and House Gardener turned to dust with him. Seeing the threat and opportunity both of the Targaryen represented Loren wisely surrendered and assisted Aegon in his further conquest of Westeros. The Lannisters were made Lords of the Western Lands and Stewards of the West. Titles that we keep to this day.

Let's be honest, it is not luck or royal grace that makes the House of Lannister mighty. There have been times in our history when some have considered us weak, lazy or rich. My father, Tytos Lannister, almost brought our family to the brink of bankruptcy with his poor investments and allowed to be publicly mocked at court. When our vassals, the House of Reyne of Castamere, dared to rebel against the Lannisters, learned the danger of teasing a lion. I, Tywin Lannister, led the attack on Castamere to crush this rebellion. I made an example of them. For anyone who doubts our strength. There was even a song about the fate of the Reyneów of Castamere. Unfortunately, there are no Reyns left to listen to her anymore.

Today the Golden Lion of Lannisters is duly admired and feared throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Our motto: "Hear my roar." But there are other words that should be remembered as you pass The Lion of Casterly Rock. "Lannister always pays off its debts." The Targaryen Dynasty united the Seven Kingdoms and lasted almost three centuries. It was a dynasty forged in fire, sealed in blood, and destroyed by rebellion. The Targaryens are the blood of the dragon. They come from the nobility of Ancient Valyria, once a mighty empire in the east. When the cataclysm ended Valyria and its people, the Targaryen survived settling in the island fortress of Dragon Rock years earlier. They stayed there for a century. Until the rise of Aegon the Conqueror. Instead of trying to reclaim the ancestral lands of the East, Aegon sailed west to the seven kingdoms.

With sisters Rhaenys and Visenya by my side. To keep his blood pure, Aegon kept the traditions of his Valyrian ancestors and took both sisters to wives. Together they landed on the east bank of Westeros. Their coat of arms, the three-headed dragon representing Aegon and his sister-wives. Their motto: "Fire and Blood". Even though their army was small compared to the army of Westeros that awaited them. Aegon and his sisters had secret weapons.

The last of dragons. He conquered every kingdom except Dorne, which succumbed to Targaryen rule a century later. He melted the swords of his enemies in the fire of his dragon, Balerion the Black Dread, and forged them into the Iron Throne. The capital, King's Landing, was built where Aegon and his sisters sailed to the shore of Westeros. And Aegon had the royal castle built on the highest hill. Red Fortress. For three hundred years, the Targaryen dynasty was strong in the face of rebellion, civil wars, and plagues. But the line of the Dragon Kings has been broken when my father Aerys Targaryen, the Second of that Name he was overthrown in rebellion. My father was betrayed and killed by Sir Jaime Lannister, a member of his own guard. His son and heir, my brother, Rhaegar, fell on the battlefield at the hands of Robert Baratheon, who took the throne for himself. And so today the only surviving members of the Targaryen family are I, Prince Viserys, Rightful King of Andals and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and my sister Daenerys.

We were sent by loyalists to the Free Cities in the east. Here we lived in exile from then on. Dreaming of the day we cross the Narrow Sea and regain my father's throne. Subtitles by Maciej Haśkie, Valar Morghulis!.

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