GoPro Tether (Magnet Edition) GIVEAWAY

what's up guys we're in my mobile office today i uh i don't really trust my suction cup now it's not really stuck but anyway anytime i put it on the outside of the truck and i'm driving the entire time i'm driving all i can think about is at what moment that mount's gonna fall off and i'm either gonna really damage or lose my expensive camera now i'm known to you know take these down the freeway and all that so pretty much i'm not getting it back if it falls off well i noticed that recently gopro came out with their little tether system which i think is stupid this is basically another sticky mount if i wanted a sticky mount on the side of the truck i put a sticky mountain i wouldn't need this heather so if you're like me and you don't want to permanently put some glue on the side of your truck for your car or whatever you're putting on i came up with a magnet mount now the magnet does the same thing as a tether but i think it works better you can move it you can put it in different spots it doesn't you know if you don't like it you want to move your camera and you're scared that your tether is going to be in the frame just pull it up and move it with the uh just a magnet base plate mount this is a uh tripod screw so you use your tripod mount then you can also put that anywhere you don't even have to be on a vehicle you put it on the side of a metal building you know anywhere you normally wouldn't be able so i made a couple of these so at some point i'll do a giveaway i don't know maybe my 50th subscriber you can get one or she i don't know i'll figure it out put it in the uh description section see what we want to do now we're going to go to the outside of the truck give you a little demonstration first we're going to show the actual tether mount and then show you my tripod mount there's the magnet tripod mount just give you an idea what kind of setup you can use so here's the completed tether it's got a pull tab on it now we can you know get it off when it's magnetized onto your car it's got its leash right here one ends attached to the tether just slide it over your suction cup tighten it down can't really do it with one hand and that's it good to go not gonna come off and here's the completed tripod mount it's got the same tab on it pull it off you

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