Going “ALL IN” w/ Ethereum!? $10k ETH Is TRENDING!!

Oh Ethereum, you are the way! Smart Contracts, tokens, dapps, Staking, DeFi,
NFTs… This is the way of the etherean!! Like a lone Mandolorian, you have the power
of blockchain at your fingertips, yet feel alone with rivals claiming greater power. Their power is not, this is the way. Because it’s tiem for Chico Crypto! What a next couple of months this is going
to be for Ethereum. Vitalik just came out on a podcast and put
fear in Ethereum competitors eyes. Let’s hear what he had to say on the Tim Ferriss Show…. Ole Buterin thinks 100x scaling with rollups
will be here in the next couple of months. Ok, Ok that is great & all but you have to
have more for us Chico.

We knew Optimism & Arbitrum’s rollups were
close. What else do you got!? Well, what about Berlin? No not the city in Germany, but the upgrade
coming for Ethereum. Tim Beiko, Ethereum core developer posted
a blog March 8th titled “Ethereum Berlin Upgrade Announcement”. In it he said “Berlin is ready to be deployed! We’re moving fast: the first testnet to
upgrade, Ropsten, is scheduled to upgrade on March 10th. Mainnet is scheduled for April 14th. So, they predicted the Ropsten testnet upgrade
to happen on March 10th…did Ethereum succeed? On March 10th, Core Dev Peter tweeted “The
Ropsten Ethereum testnet seems to have forked into Berlin without issues across all clients. If you want to help battle-test it, now's
a very good time to play with the new features and try to break things!” Yes, they did! Which is a great sign for Mainnet going on
schedule for April 14th.

But what comes with the mainnet?? Lots of improvements to GAS, lowering the
costs for certain things, and upping the costs for certain things which are being abused
to spam. They are also introducing two new transaction
types. One that works as an envelope, holding multiple
transactions in one. And the second, is a transaction type with
a list of addresses and storage keys that the transaction plans to access. Saving Gas once again. A smooth gas saving Berlin upgrade & rollups
on the mainnet coming just before, or just after. That’s a solid 1-2 punch for Ether on the
ETH-1 proof of work mainnet.

But what about that stackable chain running
in parallel? The ETH-2 proof of stake mainnet? Could it be getting a BIG upgrade around the
same time too?? Well within the github for ETH2.0 specifically
in specs, they have contractual control version 1.0.1 as a release and this “adds support
for the 0x01 withdrawal prefix..specifically the “ETH1 ADDRESS WITHDRAWAL PREFIX” that
sounds like it could relate to a project waiting on just that. Withdrawals from the beacon chain. Rocketpool… Rocketpool and its code is actually in Audit
right now. David Rugendyke founder and CTO of rocketpool
said this in their Discord March 8th. He is Darcius “I've got a laundry list of
things today to do. But had a great chat to ConsenSys Diligence
auditors last night, who just spent their first day wrapping their heads around RP. Yes, the leading smart contract auditor from
Consensys has now spent 4 days doing their due diligence of auditing their code. Audits usually take at least a couple of weeks. After the audit news, Rocketpools has one
more beta which should last a couple of weeks two. Which means Rocketpool could be launching
in April too! And too back this theory up, let’s just
go see what Superphiz said, Eth staker community member who is more involved than I with both
ETH2 and rocketpool.

He said this on the ethtrader reddit just
a couple days ago. Recommending against Lido & stating the requirements
for a good staking pool. He then says “There is currently one project
that meets all of these criteria, they're slated to launch in early April – Rocket Pool. Please wait until they've had some time to
run live on mainnet before sending your funds, but they look like an excellent offering” Launch in early April! And another great sign is from a reddit post
in the ethstaker subreddit on the upgraded ETH2 spec. A CryptoWocurrency asked “Next step is to
be implemented in beacon chain clients?” And a lifesmage answered “ Rocket Pool may
actually launch with support of 4 ETH2 clients (Lighthouse, Prysm, Teku, and Nimbus).

Thanks to the help of jcrtp (a community member)…. Thus when I compare the market cap to its
centralized competitor Lido, who is close to double…i think there may be more room
to grow for RPL up into the month of April and beyond… But I wish, everything was green grass and
blue skies for Ethereum in April. Not gonna sugarcoat it…it won’t be. There is another Ethereum upgrade, not coming
with Berlin, but after and is planned for this year. EIP 1559, which is looking like it will happen,
before the switch to pure proof of stake with eth 2.0. And this leaves the Ethereum proof of work
miners with a big ole question mark over their head! Why? Well if you don’t know what this is, EIP1559
is an upgrade to Ethereum’s fee Model that does a certain something the Miners won’t
necessarily like. It splits their miner fees, into a base fee
& miner tip, and that base fee is burned. Ether destroyed forever!! Of course the Miners don’t like this, nor
do they like the eventual switch to proof of stake.

Their whole business gets hit with eip1559,
and then goes out the window with ETH2. Well this EIP is coming sooner than the miners
thought. Tim Beiko posted this March 5th, a schedule
for a talk they were having, and included in the next update, London, possibly would
be 1559. Well Tim posted updated and said this “We're
in agreement about 1559 and a difficulty bomb pushback going into London” This has ticked off a subset of Miners, and
they are planning a show of force in Early April. Red Panda Mining tweeted this 2 days after
that Tweet by Tim. “For educational purposes, let's collectively
move our hash to ethermine April 1st for 51 hours. Tagging big mining forces in the call.

So why is this important? Well Ethermine has publicly stated they are
against EIP 1559 on Twitter, they are the face of anti-1559. And looking at poolwatch, Ethermine already
controls over 20 percent of the hashrate. They just need 31 percent more to perform
a 51 percent attack. That is what this April fools day show of
force is all about. Do they actually have the support of the miners? Well there is a good place to see this. It’s called stopeip1559.org and it splits
the mining pools into those who oppose the upgrade and those who support it. As you can see spark pool opposes like ethermine. According to poolwatch.io, they control the
most hashrate, 23.1. Just between ethermine and sparkpool. It’s close, but with the others who oppose
added, it definitely pushes over 51 percent based on hash rates right now! So is it going to happen, will the show of
force work? Will miners stick with the pools if they support
this show of force? Or will they switch the other pools who don’t?? Will they cross 51 percent?? Well for you newbies, who’ve came in recently,
this is the first time you have experienced a crypto miner fight.

Bitcoin went through it last cycle, reaching
it’s peak of possible splits in 2017 with Bitcoin Cash. What happened? Bitcoin survived and Ethereum has actually
had a miner split once before, Ethereum classic ring a bell? Ethereum survived once it will survive again. But I’m a realist, I know what’s coming
and so should you. At the very least, there will be one proof
of work split, pre or post ETH2. And I already see it coming, there are talks
of a split, pre-split fight in Ethereum…with the coin that already split from Ethereum…. Ethereum Classic. I’m telling you, one of these or if they
stay one, and stay proof of work will be the FORK for proof of work. They will attempt to hash power, the writing
is on the wall. Remember Bitcoin in 2017, split more than
a few times. Cash, SV, and even GOLD. Ethereum Cash Classic, Eretherum Ultimate
Boogey Jam? It’s all hogwash and noise. I’m a etherean…stick a fork in it. This is the way.

Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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