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hmm what's up how's it going did you guys see that intro bad 
guys my coffee maker it'll forever overflowed   i got a i got a coffee cup it's my 
wife's coffee cup it says wifey on it   damn god damn it 11 people what's up 
11 people wow i like the turnout guys i can't be drinking the coffee 
on the i'm on camera now   i can't damn i can't believe 
i grabbed the wifey cup   y'all gonna clown me now what's up hey guys ben 
nine people what's good give me a second guys give   me a second so i told you guys was gonna do some 
reformatting with um some of the videos right so   trying to do like two community coins and then 
like one coin like one video on the weekend going   over a couple all coins some people are like 
oh yeah what are you doing like shut up i got   people who've been with me for a while y'all 
i gotta i gotta keep you guys entertained i   can't be doing the same damn thing you know 
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been doing good give me a second we'll warm up   we'll do the macro charts just want to say hi to 
everyone macro charts then we'll i like the crypto   news you guys like that last time i'll do some 
more crypto news also you know i hear there's like   some kind of hack or something some some some deck 
scott hack or whatever soggy chips i know that   umb umbrella never got got exposed in that so 
that sucks 33 yawn dang flat smack hey ben man   haven't seen in a while everything good i'm fine 
let me drive full coverage what's up blind dave i   watched your video with scrip just put two and two 
together hey yeah for real guys hey go watch um   blind dave's video of scripts kinda it was 
tight i watched that too that my name was on the   stationary bike looking at that [ __ ] i 
was like i gotta learn more about blind   dave let's see let me pull it up real 
quick guys oh wait a digiverse now right   rebranded i respect it i respect it did you bite 
nah did you verse my bad reverse 14 people was   good so guys come follow the homies digiverse 
everything everything did you buy it right here   this video right here did you buy com talk with 
blind dave dine dave's story is actually very very   interesting you know it's one of determination 
it's one of perseverance this one a crypto i like   it so blind dave what's up man happy to have 
you in the community i'd love to have you on   sometime just talk about it i think your story is 
something that a lot of people need to hear about   you know very inspirational stuff dub what does 
higher lows and higher highs mean for the market   we knew the price was going to dip but never 
touch below 32 i feel that's bullish as hell   bottom structure staying strong actually we hit 28 
we wicked at 28 so that's not entirely true but i   mean look my time horizon is much different just 
like blind dave's time horizon is much different   blind dave was out there by 2015.

I was out there 
i bought a little bit of 2013. can't say i was   completely like aware of what i was doing but i 
i dip the toe in you know to me it's like look   i bought my first bitcoin at 100 bucks then 
it hit 65 000 now it's that 32 hit 28 000.   i remember back in 2017 when i 
couldn't believe it hit 20 000.   so to me this is like not that big a deal you 
know but it's over long spirit periods of time   and it does feel like a big deal if you bought it 
higher and it came down lower and you don't know   have the history of crypto before i get it but you 
know it's all pretty much relative you know we'll   look at bitcoin but give me a second a second i 
gotta warm up i got 20 people already holy smokes   hey do you guys like the wednesday live streams 
i barely get anyone in those live streams   and if i don't get no more attendance i don't know 
if i'm gonna keep doing it so let me know if you   guys like that because damn guys like i need to 
have some people up in there i can i might as well   just keep doing a video you know what i'm saying 
okay we talked this we talked that's morning dub   favorite show on the web love the vids hey i 
appreciate that willy woo interview i watched   yesterday is quite informative oh yeah can 
you drop like a link in there or whatever   willy woo is on his channel i like willywoo 
i watched a video on today just right now on   um nuggets news you guys follow him he's 
pretty smart guy the brother from down under he talks about how he thinks 
crypto's about to go crazy as well a lot of people i watch say the same thing i feel 
the same way guys because remember the one thing   that really spurred the pump up in crisp crypto 
last bull run was like after the american election   right the united states election and and trump 
won presidency i'm not sure like trump's horn   or whatever i don't i don't care about any 
of that right i'm apolitical i don't care   what i'm saying is it crypto usually does a spike 
up from an event that no one anticipates everyone   was caught off guard by that so what i'm saying 
is you don't see a a light coming through the   the tunnel you don't see it just see darkness it's 
always like that it's always like that because to   be on the right side of the trade you've got it's 
a contrarian view it always is the profits belong   to the bowl guys 25 people what's up it was on the 
pomp worthy af for new bullish info hey i'll watch   that then yeah i know that pomp was trying to get 
willy woo for a second yeah 23 people was good   be humble come on guys come on we gotta warm up 
hand stretches got that all right pull circles tree pose do i look like a tree i think i'm wearing a 
leaf on my face holy smokes 23 people was good but let me know if you guys like that all coin 
video idea i think it's cool like you know   right learn about some new coins i mean we keep 
talking about the same damn thing it's good to   keep like you know updates but it's also going 
to expand your vision right wolves like to eat   hold up beyond thanks a lot higher lows and   all right zoom out yeah zoom out guys blind 
dave knows what's up blind dave knows what's up you know everyone's looking 
at the little zoomed up in a   one week and five minutes bro if i was gonna 
sell my bitcoin in five minutes 2013 i would   have probably sold it for 102 bucks instead 
of you know six figures five figures so hey   also where can i get your p.o box twitter 
account not working look into gmt please is your is your twitter blog my twitter's not 
working or yours hit me hit me on telegram you   know at dub digital with 2u's i have a link to my 
telegram group in here as well also just shoot me   an email if you go to my home my email address it 
should be on my youtube channel people hit me up   every day on there so yeah just send me a message 
here i can send it to you no no problem no problem   gmt okay okay okay hold up gmt i'm 
gonna write this [ __ ] down i got a pen i don't know about you guys i'm tired of 
crypto freaking being drunk and [ __ ] 23   people what's up yeah gmt i i was 
doing my time stamps the other day   and i noticed like i was like i'll come 
back and i never came back and that sucks   so hold up where's the other one 
too someone says something else i usually write my notes on my hand 
but then my girl said what what you   got a number i was like oh [ __ 
] no but i see what you're saying married issues guys okay let's see it i'll come 
back i wrote down gmt eos the one diamond in the   sun yeah we gotta look at eos 2.

Hey uh 
my next video update is going to be eos   i hit what i hit hbar and i also hit some other [ 
__ ] did you bite yeah last week so i'm trying to   do two a week i narrowed down my core coins so i 
can do more frequently i'm probably hitting those   i'm probably hitting those strides every 
three to four weeks monthly updates right   because come on guys like i can do it every day 
but let's be real right every day there isn't   juicy juicy info you got to have some time elapsed 
when you want want those fire videos lol zooming   out doesn't look pretty but i'm still learning 
to read charts i have very basic understanding   yeah i mean be humble if you zoom out look 
you just see an upward linear trend line right   like that zooming out not forward from 
this point going forward he's talking   about zoom out as looking the past and the 
present and looking at the the overall trend   see that's that's macro investing is more or 
large trend investing investing with the trend   and while there's periods of overvaluation and 
undervaluation in aggregate the trend is up right   what you can do as an investor is try to 
buy god damn just broke my goddamn pen what you can do is as an investor is to try to buy   closest to the average or sometimes even under 
the average what you try to avoid is buying   and like over inflated points right and you see 
the bitcoin price it goes like that up here on the   spike that's not a good time to buy down here 
on like the re-accumulation that's it that's   typically a good time to buy until we start to see 
crypto doing this over the long term decade chart you know that's you you don't 
want to keep investing in that   a blind day i'm 100 with you i mean that's 
all i've done and i started investing at 2   23 in crypto i was 23.

think i knew much of anything no   but over the long term it does it investing 
with the trend seems to have pretty good gains   let's just say that dove you got your moonboy mug 
ready for the end of the bully your bully man man   i gotta get one of those freaking um 7-eleven big 
old jug cups you know the one that the truckers   got i take bullish youtubers with a grain of salt 
so you take bearish youtubers with more validity   why the i don't understand that i mean you 
should take everything with a grain of salt but i mean hey at some point you got 
to take a pick a direction or what   the [ __ ] you know what i'm saying last 
smack table is global to the bank my guy   hello everyone what's up i should 
keep the f bombs to a minimum hey but youtube don't be pushing my 
live streams anyway what's up with that   youtube hates my live streams i do this for i do 
this for the people man it did not be pushing my   live streams at all that's why the videos i got 
to pump out some more videos too because in order   to go grow the channel you know but damn what's 
up they don't like coffee i don't get it can't   wait for the new vid dub eos homies might need you 
hey man like i reached out to actually i actually   reached out to block one guys so yesterday i sent 
it to like at their engagement email address and   their media email address to say hey i want to 
use this video don't take it down when i post it   they're probably not gonna respond so like 
if they do remove it i need you guys to like   raise hell like what like come on man trying to 
cover your damn project you know what i'm saying   ah blind dave you like that bass 
drop i've been trying to make some um   i've been trying to make some upgrades to the 
channel the intro is one of them um also i got my   fir i got the um what do you call it the samples 
for the merch coming in it's supposed to be today   it got delayed like three days damn but close 
guys close all right guys i think i've gotten   close enough dabmaster was good be humble fire 
fire i like that hello all relevant nobody   damn you be coming with these you got milf ghost 
was ghosts look legos are pretty going though   that was those mcafees yeah max okay 30 people 
wow i'm impressed i'm impressed thanks guys   for joining me on the sunday sunday crypto 
service you know forgive me bitcoin i have i got wrecked 30 people what's good what's good 
okay we're gonna jump into some bitcoin analysis   real quick we're just gonna do this get out of the 
way don't drop off it's gonna get a little serious   it's gotta get worse before it gets better don't 
drop off don't drop off hey i see i see you going   towards the x don't do that 31 people oh i gained 
one that's tight okay let's do it bitcoin usd   okay guys this is bitcoin it goes up 
it goes down it goes up it goes down   but i'll outline like i i just keep saying 
the same damn thing because look guys   my outlook don't change that much right 
like it doesn't change that much and it's   not what you guys kind of want like don't you 
want someone who kind of sticks to their gun   i mean for me i'm a macro investor so it 
takes a lot for me to see a trend change okay   i don't think the trend is broken okay if anything 
worst case scenario if anything worst case   scenario if we come down and touch 20 000 which i 
don't think is probable but it i hey i'm gonna be   straight up it's possible that's just a resistance 
support flip on the all-time high in 2017.   a dub digital like why wouldn't i just like 
sell here and go down and buy it back lower   it's like okay that's a very dangerous 
it's a very dangerous proposition to take   because you're pretty much making a bet a short 
bet that it's going down think of holding a crypto   as a long position think of selling crypto 
for fiat as a short position what you do with   your position and like your digital assets 
is pretty much taken aside on the market   okay so look i look at everything going on i see 
inflationary pressures coming all over the place   feds increasing their buying of mortgage-backed 
securities 80 billion a month right printing money   printing money printing money assets go up in 
value we see houses rising in value we see lumber   rows in value starting to come down now 
we're seeing gold rising up in some value   it's inflationary because as dollars get devalued 
it takes more of those dollars to buy the same   amount of things you all see food going up exactly 
so why would it be any different over the longer   term for cryptocurrency which actually is a dollar 
alternative okay so you're saying that basically   crypto's gonna drop down and you're gonna 
buy back but what happens if it doesn't do it   what happens if that if that never comes now 
you're out of the position right so if you do   do it i'm not saying you shouldn't but just you 
know i would never be all out but that's just not   financial advice that's just what i would do i'm 
never all in or all out because i recognize and i   admit to myself the possibility of being wrong 
and see that's the thing to be a good investor   you more or less have to be somewhat humble about 
it you know what i'm saying 29 people what's up   you got to be humble about it because it's all 
percentages you try to take you try to maximize   your plan in the way that it's most probable to 
happen but there's no such thing as a guarantee   there's no such thing as guaranteed money 
you know what i'm saying so like i'm okay   i have taken enough fiat to get through 
what i think the rough period will be   which i think is probably like you 
know at longest maybe three months   not financial advice you know because look guys 
we can't drop down damn near 56 and just pop up   right away because everyone got their feelings 
hurt everyone's scared some people lost money   they're they're pessimistic about it you know 
they're down on crypto about it it's gonna take   people some time to regain that confidence you 
know but what i see here happening let me zoom up   is instead of seeing that maybe it shows 
better on the daily instead of seeing this   parabolic inverse drop all the way down and people 
thought i was gonna just crash down to 150 bucks   what i see is a rounding out very much what 
happened you know in this bear market we have a   rounding out this is a pattern of accumulation of 
consolidation right just like we saw here in 2017 i guess it don't show it very well but 
you have a drop then you have a small   period of kind of a cupping pattern right 
rounding out these this is geography guys   this is geography right so look at it 
and it charges something called symmetry   it doesn't make sense for a chart just to go boom 
boom straight up like one sided structure more or   less has to be equal to the other side of the 
structure you know so it took us approximately   what 60 days to do this maybe it takes another 
60 days or 90 days to form the other side of   the structure that would put us into q3 q4 of 2 20 

What happened in q3 q4 2021 in the last cycle   so that's putting us more or less october 
whatever what is it what's q3 in q4   november october whatever september whatever whatever i can't do math right now but 
basically bitcoin ran up a whole bunch about 250   okay that doesn't sound like a lot but what do 
you think happens all coins in that time period   that's when all coins went freaking parabolic 
i know how it sounds guys look at me look at me   look at me i know how it sounds it sounds like a 
pipe dream right i sound like a permabull right i   don't know what else to tell you all i know is 
most of the games in crypto happen in a split   second and that's why most people get stupid rich 
and no a lot of people get super rich but majority   of people fomo into it pumping the price up higher 
making the people who stayed in it even richer   most people don't make money that's just capital 
markets this ain't freaking red the red cross   this ain't the red cross crypto ain't out here 
trying to make everyone rich nah crypto's saying   hey ten percent of you are going to make a 
lot of money the rest of you are going to   give that money to every the people who stayed 
in not financial advice y'all do what you want but at this point of time like 
i got people trying to back me   up my position like i never done this before no no no you ain't got to play guys look you think i went through all this [ __ ] you 
think i went through all this [ __ ] just to   give up right now no um i'mma see this through 
oh hopefully y'all are with me whoever's with me   we're gonna be drinking some champagne that's 
just my thought you know but it doesn't mean   that you're not gonna go through any pain at all 
getting there it it i'm sure people who climb   mount everest their thighs be burning a little 
bit they're breathing heavy they're sweating a   little bit it takes it takes some effort to 
climb a mountain y'all 32 people what's up   hello hello 34 people i got to be a pillar 
right now man i got to be a freaking pillar   right now i can't be wavering i got people on 
twitter saying some bull tilt farm filled and uh   that's weak hey dub got any family roots outside 
of usa yeah man uh my mom's from trinidad man island ash shirt and stuff yeah caribbean bro 
caribbean you know how it is ain't cardi b from   trinity no not cardi b what's that girl's name 
i don't even know guys i don't listen to music   anymore all i listen to is crypto videos in the 
bull run i'm like uh what's happening what's music   music what are kids watching on mtv i 
come out of my room the charts are like after that's after that's that's bear market 
[ __ ] man i'm out here 35 people what's up   yo yo what's good dubs how you 
guys been you guys been okay   you got scary for a little bit like i'm not 
trying to sit here acting like you know i'm   mr no it's like come on guys at a certain 
point do you believe in this or not do you believe it or not if you don't believe 
in it very much maybe lighten up your load that sounded away but you know what i'm 
saying like size your positions according   to how much risk you're willing to take 
but also how much you believe in the cycle   hey i'm telling you what i'm gonna i'm gonna 
i'm a ride or die i'm a sink or swim on this   i put the money where the mouth is 
i put i'm a sink or swim on this   good morning lady gentlemen and dub let's get into 
into it have been we'll be moving my stable coins   into alts this week soon hey that's what's up 
yeah i'm gonna try to bring some other all coin um   blowing up people don't hit me up 
though i'm like hello scammer oh [ __ ] but like yeah um i'm gonna try to bring some all 
coin videos um now because i believe we're at a   relative low maybe not the bottom not maybe not 
the best place to be but i told you guys the   best time to buy is during and throughout 
the bear market the second time to buy   is when the market compresses i think we're   not compresses but contracts i think we're in 
a temporary contraction before a larger expanse i'm saying wow be humble thank you very much man i 
appreciate it 20 bucks supporting the channel and   i appreciate all you guys is a you know affiliate 
link purchases to soup chats it all goes towards   keeping me being able to do this covering the cost 
of it because to be quite honest like most of my   being able to do this and living expenses and 
everything has been largely for my crypto trading   you know i'm saying people to be thinking i'm 
getting like all this kind of nah i'm getting   money from this crypto trade practice what i 
preach guys so i appreciate it the people's champ   about to hit 5 000 subs that'd be sick that'd be 
sick gotta push out more videos more videos more   videos more videos you know what i'm saying i 
like the wednesdays okay cool i like wednesdays   we are bold i like it you know this is the wolf 
pack ain't no puppy pack out here man wednesday   i got something to look forward to okay okay 
i'll keep it for the real ones for the real ones tell your friends to your moms we're out here 
every wednesday every sunday i do live streams   sunday 9 a.m pacific standard time wednesday 
5 p.m trying to do for the australian homies   pacific standard time you know what it is all 
right 31 people it's good it's a lot of time to   watch both live streams sunday and wednesday it's 
like when joe rogan went for one three hour show a week to three plus of them a week video should 
take off when crypto pumps only soldiers here now   yeah i mean that's why i kind of like um 
i timestamp it you know what i'm saying   trying to timestamp it so because i know it's like 
a lot but you guys can flip through to see what   you want just catch up refer to it because i've 
i've been like i like i have youtubers i like that   i wouldn't mind watching a long stream for but 
sometimes it's like too long so one of the process   improvements i'm trying to implement is like 
time stamps guys i'm lean i'm i'm lean six sigma   certified man i gotta do process improvements 
that's how i am lol great job on the clips hey   like it 30 people okay let's jump into another 
one let's do bitcoin dominance actually nah   total two that uh so guys on trading view 
total two is actually the all coin market cap i didn't open it geez i'm 
sorry guys trying to be all   ready and [ __ ] so look look guys look look 
we broke out of this triangle formed here okay   so guys i'm gonna show you something on bitcoin 
actually but look these two triangles that broke   out from the bottom came down forming another 
triangle broke out from the top i've seen this   before i saw this at when bitcoin was at 10 or 
14 000.

It had the hardest time breaking above   10 or 14 000. kept like breaking below and see 
this air control sitting at about 865 billion   still flirting a little bit above a little bit 
below probably do another try break above below   air controls are pretty much areas where most 
of the selling is occurring if you could break   above that area the cell depth gets much more 
shallow which means explosions become much more   likely because the cell orders just aren't 
the same as if sitting right at this point   so once we're able to breach above 868 000 i mean 
billion it's gonna be much more it's much easier   for the all coin market cap to do a 70 uptick 
back up to about 1.5 trillion that's guys and   just to let you know if you haven't been encrypted 
before 1.5 trillion dollar all coin market cap   was unthinkable last cycle everyone was like oh 
i think crypto one day might get to 1 trillion   bitcoin and all coins combined now we got all 
coins almost doubling that by themselves halfway   through 2020 just putting in perspective you 
know what i'm saying so let me zoom up guys look   at this broke out we want to see and be able to 
break above here but we're not really going to do   that unless bitcoin starts to recover right in my 
opinion unless something weird happens where like   something never happened before where all coins 
start taking off with bitcoin staying still which   it's possible but it just historically isn't 
like it's not his it hasn't happened in the past   you know and i don't like to plan my 
financial decisions based around anomalies   i think it's much more prudent and responsible 
to plan it based off of established patterns   seen and proven from the past you know but i'm 
not saying and discounting that just saying   30 people but i want to show you guys 
really quick bounce back to this bitcoin   the last point i saw like this doubling 
of the triangle and i already had it   drawn you guys seen this it's right 
here at 11 000 almost 12 000 bucks   this is bitcoin now and we're comparing bitcoin 
and its price action and like the geometry of its   price action to the all coin market cap because 
geometry is geometry what you see in the chart   as long as it's like following similar patterns 
and stuff it doesn't matter if the chart is   market cap you know it doesn't matter 
if it's dominance doesn't matter if it's   actual crypto asset it's all telling you 
a similar story okay so it took bitcoin   like what 30 days just sitting at 11 000 12 000 
bucks people were getting bored alt started going   up because people started getting bored it failed 
to break above definitively dropped down about 12   to 10 000 bucks people freaked 
out but then it formed in this   second triangle of which it just exploded 
out of and over the course of about 52 days   bitcoin ran up about 75 and hit about 25 bucks 
i mean 20 000 bucks 25 bucks and that was   what winner of last year i bet you guys remember 
that right so when you come back to all coin   market cap i see something similar happening 
here this is like this is like the cap being   pressed down on the lid right it's being pressed 
down there's pressure applied so bitcoin has   to overcome i call it overcome gravity you 
know it's not easy but i believe i could fly i believe i could touch the sky you know 
what i'm saying a space jam golden pipes   but here i'm saying in order to have an 
a blow off what do you need in physics   to have a like an explosion pressure 
to build you need pressure applied   right you need pressure applied to something 
you need to push the volleyball or whatever   the pool ball down into the water but what 
happens when you let go of that pool ball   pops up and actually jumps out of the water same 
thing same process applied even in charting and it   helps to like think of i like to think of charting 
in terms of physics and physics laws right   thermal dynamics like if you guys don't know like 
laws of physics go look that up man it applies   pretty much universally from what i can tell a lot 
of processes throughout life you know so 33 people   hopefully you understand what i'm trying to say 
could i be wrong could we drop down a little   more yeah i showed you the worst case scenario 
but the worst case scenario in my mind is just   a resistance support flip but i will tell you 
this bitcoin typically doesn't come all the way   down and touches prior last all-time high i still 
can't find that chart but diy investing did a good   good job i follow him too you guys check it 
out i don't agree with everything he says   but sometimes he has some good he puts things 
together in a similar way i would explain it   you know so bitcoin doesn't always come down to 
its last all-time high it's not always so clean   right so like hey we're gonna look at another one 
real quick i still got 31 people but why while i'm   all nerdy on you guys let's finish it up then 
we'll have fun okay then we'll have fun we're   gonna look at bitcoin dominance real quick dub 
digital what the hell man i'm tired dub digital   stay with me we gotta do some some boring [ __ ] 
sometimes guys know what's happening okay this is   bitcoin dominance i'll make this all like dotted 
because it's kind of ruined by vibe right now this   is the overall trend guys this is why i'm talking 
about the trend this is not the trend this is   not the trend this is not the trend zoom out i'm 
zooming out like blind dave said this is the trend that's damn near the whole chart yes that's the 
macro trend from 2014 to 2020 where has bitcoin   dominance gone did it go this way no it's gone 
down there's been periods of overperformance like   up until march 2017 when about 97 of the money 
is wrapped in bitcoin and there's been um i mean   over performance i mean overvaluation and there's 
been undervaluation in terms of bitcoin dominance   like the bottom of 2018 january right when 
bitcoin dominance sit damn near 36 percent   that means about 40 percent of the money not damn 
near 60 of the money that was in bitcoin in march   of that year fell out and into all coins and 
how long just so you guys know how weird and   fast this happened in less than a year 60 of 
the money in bitcoin flew out into all coins   okay then we had another rise up because 
mean reversion it keeps hitting this point   overvalue hits that trend line that average 
trend line under i mean undervalued hits   that trend line over hits we haven't hit it yet 
what i think is we'll hit this at least that 31   definitely hit this not financial advice 
but i think we'll definitely hit 37 percent   i think we're coming with 32 and then we're gonna 
have over performance the downside now we're just   measuring the last time it happened bitcoin 
dominance dropped below this trend line and   not saying the trend line's perfect but it's 
just the overall concept 47 check this out 47 under that is about 17 bitcoin 
dominance that means at this point in time   just assuming this trend line 
is more or less accurate right   that's 62 percent drop still you know what i'm 
saying so when you look at it like this guys   yes bitcoin caught a bounce it caught a bounce 
bounce up damn near 22 percent will it go   farther it could but over the longer term of the 
rest of the cycle i think we're dropping lower i'm not backing off it no i 
refuse 32 people what's good we're done we're done guys what's good how you guys been you're taught to go to school get a job get 
a paycheck you're not taught how to get rich nope and i was a business major and i still didn't 
know how to get rich everything i learned guys   was on my way to work and at work through 
audiobooks because i can't read for [ __ ] i can't read for [ __ ] i can't spell for   but i know how to make money and when you know how 
to make money you don't got to know those things   and then you get the people who can read 
and spell for [ __ ] to work for you   i like that 32 people what's up sub dub how's 
it been inside all of us there's a poor person   a middle-class person and a rich person yeah 
guys you heard that um that indian parable   about the two wolves right there's a grandfather 
and indian culture and stuff like that and like   older cultures they pass a lot of stuff down 
through stories and parables to get like concepts   and messages across basically there's just one guy 
around campfires telling his grandson hey there's   a story there's like this wolf and this like 
it's good wolf in this bad wolf and they're like   constantly fighting i'm summing up very very much 
so you guys can look it up on youtube you want to   find out more and and it was like it's just 
like battle go ever going back and forth back   and forth back and forth and the grandson said 
grandpa but who wins and he says the one you feed   are you gonna feed your poor wolf 
are you gonna feed your rich wolf   either one wins it depends which one you 
focus on the most you know i'm saying   so when it comes to guys like when it comes to 
growing when it comes to like bettering yourself   when it comes to education when it comes to 
improving your financial i guess situation   what do you focus on you know do you focus on i 
don't got enough i'm i'm too dumb i can't learn   it or do you focus on how can i afford that 
how can i get into those classes how can i be   around these people what i got to do do i go drop 
some friends over here and pull me down you know   do i gotta do i gotta like go guys i i've been i 
have offered companies to work for them for free just because it's like i want to meet these 
people i want to i want to take this dude   out to lunch i want to learn what he knows like 
how bad do you want it you know what i'm saying   because it's never been easier to 
get the information than it is today   like back in the day like people couldn't 
even read you know now everyone can read   but they couldn't get the books because books 
were very expensive back then because people   would spend their whole lives transcribing books 
that was their job to copy books there'd be a copy   of four books in the whole world like now it's 
readily available on your phone you can look at   it when you're taking a you know what i'm saying 
like and and even if you can't read you've got   a learning disability like i got something like 
that i'm pretty sure like i listen to audiobooks   there are almost no more excuses 
the people are out here trying to   help you but you got to put in some effort right 
it takes it takes some effort to climb everest   you know what i'm saying 34 people it's good yo 
just spreading that wisdom that's what i'm saying   how do you buy stack just bought ledger how or 
what to back up stack on stack is erc20 so i   believe right yeah it's the erc20 so anything's 
erc20 then you can actually send to your um   ethereum address you know i do suggest doing 
a test though like don't just send your whole   about a bank capital to like one address 
because usually when you send the wrong crypto   to addresses you lose it so do a small transaction 
like send the stack to your ledger ethereum dress   and then you wait wait for the confirmation 
to come through and then it should show up   no i'm saying should show up right doesn't matter 
if it's ledger live supported does it pretty sure or trust wallet yeah the cool thing about 
account based blockchains is like um ethereum   other ones i i just not ethereum's a big 
one right any um token built inside of that   the ecosystem can be received within that address 
that overall hierarchy arching like address   which is cool yeah i mean i'm just trying to give 
you guys some more looks in case you're looking to   get some more stuff if not i get it you know hold 
hey 34 people what's good people be talking about   the great reset can you shed some light on this 
splinter hey um i did a video on the great reset   where is it at you know i'll find it i was i was 
living this different spot at the time my youtube   channel was just starting no one's seen this video 
i know no one's seen this video it's way back   i'ma find it but um yeah great reset who knows man 
it's some weird [ __ ] but as time goes on and i   get older i just i get less and less surprised 
right so the great reset right here the great   economic reset 11 months ago almost a year ago i 
have 68 views i go through the whole thing when   they before they even announced it really i found 
this freaking website out of pure luck like this   is weird they wanna pretty much like it's a whole 
thing where you're gonna own nothing and be happy   with it right it's pretty much the redistribution 
of wealth in terms of in the name of environmental   safety you know you guys think that there 
aren't narratives put in place by people   who are of power to like disguise intentions 
okay well look they're going to probably switch   to more renewable energies right they're probably 
going to transition the power commodity from oil   to electricity that's why we see a transition and 
a rise of bitcoin what do you guys think bitcoin   really is bitcoin is a store of electricity 
just like the petrodollar is a store of oil or a   representation of oil it's the de facto commodity 
but the world is moving away from oil you know   look at look in california there's a housing 
code where all new constructions must have solar   that's telling me that's telling me 
that the united states government knows   california definitely knows that their 
centralized power grid cannot continue to support   an ever-growing population you know so electricity 
has become more and more and more relevant   as electricity becomes more and more relevant 
cars are gonna run electricity houses are gonna   run electricity everything's gonna run electricity 
battery um capacities are gonna grow electricity   is gonna be more demand and more expensive now 
what does it take to mine bitcoin and crypto or   proof of work coins electricity which means 
that the value of the underlying commodity   that derives crypto is gonna be more expensive 
so crypto therefore will become more expensive   you know i'm saying this is all of a 
move in my opinion to a cashless society   cashless automated taxes a renter a renter 
class and a and a landlord class and a   renter class but with everything 
cars what do you think airbnb is it's getting you ready it's getting you 
used to doing that making them work and be   hey this is convenient you don't got to buy 
a whole car by the end of the day over the   course of your life i mean you're going 
to pay more much more than having a car   you know we we see rent moratoriums 
people getting evicted sorry goddamn blackrock buying up damn near all 
the houses in the united states   they're they're renting the renting class 
versus the renter class right families can't   get those homes and they definitely can't pay 
fifty thousand dollars above asking you know   so you start to see the aggregation of assets 
into a smaller smaller group of people's hands   that's why i'm out here telling you guys like it's 
like a train right if you stand on the tracks and   you get hit by the train you're gonna die you're 
gonna die you know what i'm saying so you might as   well get on the train because there's going to be 
a bifurcation in my mind between like the middle   class is going away it's going to be a thing of 
the past it's going to be the haves and haves nots   but the more people who are ethical moral 
and are able to sneak up in that have class   i think the better the world will ultimately be 
you know i'm saying so like i'm like out here   making videos all damn day 
trying to help people out uh people seem to be saying i have ulterior 
motives and [ __ ] nah man like i'm just trying   to help you all out end of the day it don't 
make no difference to me you know i could   steal over here and trade my crypt by myself 
and and do it like that you know so like hey   now is the time to focus in my mind like i'm a 
fun dude and stuff but at the end of the day it's   a very serious message you know like something's 
on the horizon i think everyone knows that i mean   with the food thing that's really like amping 
some like making it aware and hitting people   in their wallets now before it was like oh 
yes houses or corporate real estate uh you   know commercial real estate i don't care i can't 
do that but now it's the battle is in the front   is on home territory for most people you know 
so you guys are in crypto that's great i like   diversifying you know precious metals are good 
land is cool i like owning things i like owning   things in a world where people tell me i don't 
want to own something i like owning things   32 people what's up youtube is a bunch of 
haters yeah man the thing is it's like um   that crab in the pot syndrome you know crabs 
pull other crabs down to try to get that pot   they'd be pulling i think generally censorship 
sensor crypto content usually useless unless   someone actually searches for it or is subscribed 
tiktok is blocking all crypto related content now   firm from what i've heard yeah i saw that we're 
gonna look at some of the crypto news if you guys   like that i thought that was pretty cool um 
we'll probably get into it in a second guys   just give me a second and um you guys gotta drop 
off i get it these are long i'll time stamp but   yeah i mean this happened before in the bull 
run i mean the bear market is had a crypto   hard wallet website where i was just trying to 
write reviews and because i knew like people   were get up in crypto and not know how to store 
their stuff and they'd get hacked and it sucked   so like i was just trying to you know and make 
some money along the way with some affiliates   spread some knowledge get compensated 
my website went from traction to zero   two years dead i was paying i was you know invest 
a lot of time into that but i've seen this happen   before where big tech could just turn your your 
money making on and off it's crazy guys why block   crypto damn why block crypto you know why they're 
blocking crypto bro you know exactly why they're   blocking crypto 30 people what's up how about 
some price action mitx yeah we can look at that i didn't even know about this until 
someone brought to my attention i was like   look at these partners right so this is a newer 
one to me too but they're working with you guys   haven't seen my video check it out they're 
working with um when chain link huawei amazon   right single port based project 
singapore is a hub of blockchain guys   one of the most it's called the the 
switzerland of asia right they're very   open financially and economically so like a 
lot of these projects that are doing big things   coming from like southeast asia area but look this 
thing from january 2021 was at almost two cents   in two months it ran up damn that's crazy nine 
nine times it went from 18 cents because of this   crash obviously down to three cents we're 
sitting at about three cents four cents now   okay and we had volume to match it right volume 
every time there's been a pump that's good total   supply i didn't i didn't put like tokenomics 
on i i realized that after i filmed it my bad   uh about 700 million okay so we'll do 
the math i like doing this what's it this divided by 1 million how much it costs 719 all you need is a 719 to be a 1 million 
club right now sitting down let's say 4 cents   it costs 30 bucks to be in the 1 million 
club for mitx right so that's interesting   i'll definitely be doing that haven't got it 
yet just all transparency but i'm interested   um yeah looks good do i think i'll get back 
up here uh yeah unless you guys think that   huawei and amazon are just derping around they usually just don't dedicate teams and 
resources to things they don't believe in and i saw a good interview of a huawei talking to 
the engineering group at um mitx or morpheus labs   it's not a very like impressive visually 
impressive like thing but i'll tell you   guys what like when i worked at i worked at um 
northrop grumman guys used to work at northrop   grumman that's a fortune 80 company okay i worked 
with a lot of very smart people smart engineer   types they usually are so focused and zoned in on 
like technology and like what they're doing they   don't give a damn about how things look it's what 
these guys remind me of you know a lot of people   look at these videos like all these videos suck 
it's a scam it's like hey man you just don't know   how very smart people are you know so like uh this 
is interesting to me a new one i think it was cool   to bring up to you guys attention not financial 
advice you know but i mean if you guys are all   up in altcoin forest seems like you are looks 
like interesting to look at 29 people what's up   what up buddy how's it going they don't want 
to blow up like a bomb that's why i don't know   what tick-tock is but if you ban anything 
people will want it more this is bullish   hey man tick-tock i'm still confused with 
tick-tock is facts cm it's very concerning as   well the whole pro prospect of bitcoin crypto was 
being able to spread and talk about a peer-to-peer   they do this once in a while it's just that 
people new people don't like know that this   happens that's why i'm like they try to cap it at 
certain points usually on the bear market floor   where people can make a killing amazing that 
youtube algo can't block scam ads that's funny   holly it's like we're moving more and more towards 
governmental domination we have no representation   anymore ask yourself if you feel represented the 
statistics of el salvador are alarming hey man it's a big old club and you're not in it 
george carlin giant cup and handle coming   if cash money is eliminated you'll know yeah hey 
how there's some like industries i don't even   know how they're gonna operate without cash like 
laundromats and [ __ ] every laundromat in la they   yeah laundromats damn and also like dry cleaners 
every dry cleaner la's like nah what cash i'm like   hey chill out man i'll go to atm shula do you 
see oxt breaking his trend and getting stronger   and this market oc seems kind of strong you know 
what you brought that up on the comment um i   didn't i just like i'm not tripping too much about 
see so i didn't check it but yeah it's coming up   i mean that's like a v and there's 
some volume building into here   maybe like one side of the w second side 
you know maybe right or it could just be   like a v shape v shape recovery that was [ __ 
] right but um yeah i think oxt at a certain   point i'm gonna have another moment like this 
right guys like study the nature of the asset   assets don't move just sporadically in ways they 
don't typically do right now why do i say that   because these lines right here aren't just magical 
lines that show up out of nowhere just because   the crypto gods painted them that way they are 
price action is essentially a representation of   the psychology of people investing in that asset 
these lines show you how the people in asset   typically respond shows you that oxt more or less 
catches a lot of hype from a lot of new people   runs up spikes down it has such sell-offs 
because people who got in on this parabolic rise   are the same similar people who like to buy doge 
are the same similar people who like to buy [ __ ]   it's the kind of people investing in the asset 
that make the chart look the way it looks   you know so at a certain point of time i'm 
expecting lxt to catch another similar hype wave   just like they caught it with barstool 
presidente or whatever his name is   portnoy courtney whatever his 
name is you know what i'm saying   yeah i just think this is like you know this is 
disappointing i'll tell you that disappointing   but remember why things happen was this 
because oxt failed and it just everyone rug   pulled and left and went to bermuda no this 
is because the god market bitcoin fell down   right like look man like i used to play basketball 
i used to play basketball in college right sometimes we lost sometimes we won but sometimes 
i played get great in games and we still lost   you know what i'm saying you look at someone 
just based off of the results it doesn't tell   you the whole story right think of crypto 
as a team sport they're all on the same team   bitcoin sucks a game and he's your star he's your 
big draw you'll probably lose against a good team   every everyone else gets an l on their record you 
know what i'm saying maybe not the best analogy   what i'm trying to say is this like there's 
different components in the market that influence   other assets and when the when a when an asset 
is bigger it has a larger market cap and it does   poorly it pulls everything down with it just like 
a link in the chain right you don't have links and   chain going this way and that no the head controls 
the chain this goes down the rest eventually come   down this goes up the rest eventually come up it 
moves like that i could have said that much better   yeah i think oxy is going to be doing fine same 
people that put together like zeke zcash they   like oxt right zuko wilcox electric coin 
company early investor in electric coin   company or at least z cash was roger ver og in 
the space very early in investing in bitcoin   right so look at the uh associations who's 
working with who who's attending whose conference   who's speaking in like people don't speak at 
conferences they don't support or want to be   i guess intertwined with right look at who's 
working with who who's investing in what   cnet awards technology awards 
i think oc is going to be fine   it just gets a little questionable when the 
price does what you don't want it to do right that's why i tell you guys like investing 
has an element of faith involved in it   right an element of faith because you have a 
vision in your mind's eye but the trust saying   you're wrong dub digital you're stupid dummy and 
you're like no no and and that's that devil on   your shoulder it's a devil on your shoulder 
trying to talk you out of it but look at me i say the power of christ compels you   my mom went today 39 people what's up 
most citizens didn't want to use it but   now they're being forced to la to by law 
and the whole world is rooting for it hmm oh you mean like cashless yeah right they 
were burning money in china because of the um   the germs i won't say it the germs i was very happy about oxt hello 
i hit dub up on twitter lol   i mean i still hold my oxt and damn i'm still up 
i'm still up i got my oxt at 25 cents 20 cents   am i very up no well i like to be more up yes 
but ain't that the way the cookie crumbles   sometimes i think so bch yeah we can do it 
trying to do a bch this week too because i'm   doing two community coins a week so eos bch i 
just want to get eos up first because global i   mean bullish global's launching i don't wanna i 
don't wanna leave for that after that's lame bch 36 people what's good almost 500 bucks a slight contour zoom a little 
more point a hit wow 400 bucks but at the same time guys i bought my bch 
at three 300 bucks okay so i bought it   damn near end of the year last year right 
about in december 2020 even at the lowest point   it's still 100 bucks of what i bought it at 
and see that's the reason i say buy low so high   it's not about like you know oh dub like you can 
get in on this momentum doge play it's like yeah   but you know what crypto goes up and goes down 
and as you're in the space you start to care   more about risk mitigation than just explosive 
immediate gains sometimes it makes sense to give   up a little instant gratification for some 
risk mitigation that's something i learned   working at northrop they're all about risk 
mitigation when you get to bigger bigger like   white-collar companies fortune 500 countries they 
care about risk mitigation more than you know like   instant gratification but bch i think is doing 
fine it's good thing we're starting to see this   downward slope decreasing over time and i 
think it's in the process of leveling out   the volume's looking pretty much level more or 
less right you see this big old cup on the volume   we see if you drew line to line pretty steep 
less steep flattening out then we'll want to see   some volume sneaking in rounding up returning 
back to previous levels maybe you get a dip   then cup and handle it you know what i'm saying 
this is all the process of crashes consolidation   akuma the motorcycle and [ __ ] josiah are you 
out there you know julian's backman he rides   a motorcycle but it's all psychology man right 
people get scared they all want at the same time   some some people like oh i'm gonna buy this dip 
they buy it up it gets a balance and people think   oh i'm you know maybe they want a quick profit a 
quick flip they start selling off but the drop is   less than what it was during that panic then it 
starts leveling out people got a clear head some   time has passed what july to may a month or two 
past people aren't so scared anymore they might   start looking like hey you know what maybe it's 
time to sneak back in here start sneaking in   rounds up it's all just natural stuff you know 
bch i don't know if it's going anywhere and i   told you guys i think that q4 2020 is gonna 
be when bitcoin cash shines because that's   when kim.com mega upload founder someone who's 
very used to getting traction online is going   to be releasing his platform k.i.m a content 
monetization platform that they've been working   on since 2016.

So this isn't a startup this has 
been in development this should be a final project   um final product and they've already they're 
ironing out like the user interface right now   but they already put it through audits 
past right so hey 40 people what's up no me choking gmt oh yeah i 
have some other ones real quick damn okay okay let me catch up let me catch up 
38 people what's good i'm preaching today guys   sometimes man it's like it's hard being the pillar 
you know i've got the weight on all my shoulders you know what they say in spider-man who 
to whom much is given much is required   and i'm saying god just just got to like you know   lift up the bears then wwe their ass like 
bang shut up get out of here click off gmt go go mining oh talon yeah 40 people what's good 33 cents when's come out may 31st so it's pretty young how many total supply and max what the hell 
total supply and max supply created minted   okay so 10 10 billion 10 billion like that's a lot 
where can you buy it just want to know unit swap what the hell is this token backed by real 
estate oh real assets with daily income payment   in bitcoin to its owner each gmt is backed by 
actual unit of computing power shot 256 protocol   by purchasing one gmt require actual okay so it's 
like someone has a mining facility they pretty   much tokenize their mining power in a token you 
buy that power then you're pretty much rewarded   in bitcoin it goes to a wallet the bitcoin goes 
to the wallet or something how interesting i don't   know i'm not too crazy about it it's really new 
there's a lot of volume here that's interesting   what the hell is this drop this chart just 
looks weird it's just really new though um but   how do you just how do you guarantee this the 
centralization of the mining power the hash you   know the hash power that's what i have to ask 
37 people what's up brand new way of investing   token back by real constantly growing assets with 
daily income paid to its owner smart contract okay   about us let's who are these dudes go 
mining's professional mining company   combining professional minecon found 
in the pool of international investors uh it's centralized obviously man you know 
centralized i don't know who this dude is   large-scale infrastructure in church creating 
some ecosystem not crazy about it just got to   be real not crazy about it 38 people what's 
up pch yes rndr we need to be seated legalized   abch legalizes tender i feel like asia's gonna do 
that first i mean it's big in asia right thailand   japan china china you know can't say china is 
like bullish on anything publicly right now rndr oh eos eos first eos first eos looking like a bag of milk i like to make 
videos on the lows so people can't say i was right   i was you know riding the coattails and this thing 
ran up to 13 bucks 14 bucks that was tight got it   at three bucks fell down happens right but same 
thing with bch right you see that if you point the   point draw a point here point here that's pretty 
steep point here to point here the angle of the   decrease is less point here to point here now it's 
starting to turn around okay like i tell you guys   lower lows lower highs means there's a maybe 
a interim trend occurring of downward action   but as soon as those lower lows turn into higher 
lows that's giving you some understanding that   the price is turning around a bit we had like 
a little bump in volume it's a little atypical   it's not a huge amount but right now i think 
we're at a pivotal turning point in the market   where those lower lows cease to stop but they're 
less noticeable because they're just not like   huge expanses but before you get huge 
expanses unless you're talking about an   impulsive oscillator like oxt or xrp or doge 
it typically makes a bad rounding bowl pattern   so you tell me what man you think is bearish 
that block one's releasing an exchange   right and it's gonna be listed 
on the new york stock exchange i don't know i don't think that's 
bearish to me over the long term   you know we're just kind of living 
in the shadow of bitcoin still that's all it is man that's all it is and 
then have one more nobody nobody no son who could love you like me nobody another one 
what's it coming up is it unclear market cat man   no it's not my bad okay let 
me interact man in our rndr cocoon 39 people hey i like 
the turnout though you know   i picked up some water skiing i think i was saying 
it was snowing skiing and [ __ ] like another one   i i don't know that stuff man look at me 
it looks like going to snow no let's see it nikki man i knew his name is wild i can't say it 
for [ __ ] his show she made a video where a   segment he calls 404 error fail he trashes eos 
saying they are washed up i hate it i hated it you got a whole bunch of geniuses out here huh they're geniuses prophetic words hey man look 
no matter who you look at just understand that   it's their opinion you know a lot of these dudes 
ain't are my age or not are younger you know what   i'm saying so like before you make a god out of a 
man admit the fact to yourself that they're a man   and you're a man or a woman what i'm getting at is 
this everyone's gonna convince you that there are   professionals and experts in this market i'll turn 
around and tell you that's some [ __ ] okay you   guys are just as capable you're very intelligent 
does ever occur to you that maybe in some aspects   you're right and they're wrong and in some 
aspects you're wrong and they're right   right so like hey they just have a bigger 
platform i have a platform doesn't mean i   can't be wrong about things it doesn't mean you 
can't be wrong about things by the end of the day   money goes to the hands of people who make 
contrarian plays if you're waiting for the   world to give you confirmation that your asset 
is worthwhile you're gonna be buying a top   you know what i'm saying like if i waited 
for confirmation for people to tell me to   buy bitcoin in 2013 i would have bought it i'd 
probably start buying it this year you know people   call me an idiot they said dub digital you're 
stupid hahaha world of warcraft money hahaha   and then it ran up 2017 people were like oh my 
god i was wrong then it came down and guess what   they still told me i was stupid like people are 
just haters man you know god gardeners and [ __ ] i told him wait i don't wait 42 people what's up   i'm just here hodling good i've been 
holding for freaking eight years duh my man i'm with you good good i got some 
wolves out here the last cycle super cycle macro   trend just walking up to one million do you keep 
up with on shane metrics yeah man it's something i   gotta like add to my repertoire because it takes 
some like yeah glass node you're talking about   glass node guys if you don't know about glass 
node that's a pretty good um what do you call it   resource let me pull it up so basically like 
there's ta there's fundamental but there's also   like metrics you can derive from blockchains 
there's some websites that aggregate that for   you this one's called glass node um they have 
free insights and stuff and also a paid one that   gives you more in depth but it does take some 
um understanding of what you're looking at and   what means what so i will be fully transparent and 
saying i am not completely up to date in terms of   what is what and reading on shame metrics it's 
something i definitely would love to learn and   learn more of i know like basics and stuff but 
hey i'm just a living breathing person just like   all you two there's many things i'd love to learn 
one being you know how to decipher glass note all   that stuff another one being japanese candlestick 
reading another one is getting better elliott wave   you know theory and all that um but yeah if you 
guys are interested check class note out um i   don't keep on it up on it as much as i probably 
need to you know but between growing the channel   and all that i think ta is going to get me 
what i need from this cycle and in the bear   market that's what i really focus on learning 
new things you know you know what i'm saying i know what you're saying dub one up hey i just 
remembered to hit the like button hey hit the   like button please guys to help me out i think i 
don't believe it man like so like how many videos   i got a shitload of videos man i started doing 
three i started this channel doing three a day   they weren't good though these are much better 
um i got like how many videos does it tell me   doesn't tell me what am i doing i'm just 
clicking [ __ ] now oh god damn it okay   i don't know i almost have like 365 videos i 
almost have a video for every day if you watch   one of my videos every day for a year you 
probably watch a new video every single day   i can't believe some some channels blow up with 
like a 100 videos i don't know i don't get it   xtz looking at buying few more under two oh for 
real blind day that's sick hey you guys don't   know blind dave is actually a tedezo's baker 
right so he actually runs like i guess he'd say   it's a roll roll baking pretty much is the 
word for like staking and like pos for tezos   and a role is basically like the word for a node 
right but um you're looking at getting some more   oh look at it has those two dollars 84 
cents hey this is not too far away from   where i pick mine up like a year and a half 
ago we just did a long ass extended boom i   think i bought mine like around around 
here april 2020 or something like that   yeah ran up to about seven bucks came back down 
i've been staking this for damn near a year   so like i've gotten some pretty significant 
just basically delegating my steak but blind   baby must be killing it but that's tight 
man yeah tezos is another one where like   on the come down on the cycle i'm looking and 
getting to a staking coin and tell this is what   i'm looking at because they're making products 
where you know how there's like a hardware wallet   for your storage or your coins well i saw 
tesla's israel made a like a device where   it pretty much makes it foolproof where you know 
you can't get like exposed and hack that's some   [ __ ] i need you know like if i'm gonna be put 
in in possession of people's funds i need to make   sure theirs and mine are safe i'm not trying to 
like get people's [ __ ] hacked you know so like   tesla's is something where they're having that 
in mind they're working with reno they're working   with what north i mean not north korea south korea 
loves them right they're making like programming   like mbas and michelson so that's something that's 
showing me staying power you know staying power   whenever i see like a music municipality working 
with them tokenizing and making the dow on tezos   i want someone's gonna be around something that 
could be secure that's what i'm talking about   40 people what's up because at the end 
of the day guys like yeah trading's cool   but it's cash flow is just the bomb right like 
whatever the market does buy on the bottom   live off the stake in rewards game over done 
don't care what happens i'm good right i don't   gotta exhaust my my capital i gotta sell my btc 
in the bear market right longevity guys is key   after you hit a certain point in financial um what 
do you call it financial comfort there's something   called the law of diminishing returns right once 
you're in survival mode now we've all been there   maybe i have right survival most survivable you're 
working just to get by you're scrapping you're   scrapping you're scrapping right but once you have 
a little more than excess right that satisfaction   of money just kind of goes down and down and down 
right but you want to always cover your baseline   your baseline is what like lets you expand 
right when you have a baseline met and covered   so the bear market is going to come i'm 
not a huge believer in a super cycle   i don't think like this time is different 
because that's what i said last time   and look what happened and i'd be a 
fool if i'd made the same mistake twice   you know so hey i always i always preach the 
i'm going to sell majority of my bag but i'm   always going to hold like 20 whatever 
30 to 10 whatever just in case i'm wrong   because i've been wrong in my life i'm the 
first one to tell you that 40 people what's up   one is over diversified how and when would 
you recommend consolidating your capital seems   difficult to let some of these go after doing the 
research over diversified consolidating my capital   i just like to do it when i'm in the in the group 
i mean are you in [ __ ] or or do you like all   your investments like or do they all have likes 
holding pattern like what i like to do is like   i have investments i'm not crazy about but i 
think they'll go up i have investments that   i really love and i i like a lot you know 
so like i try it throughout the bull market   um i always try to consolidate more into the ones 
i love and use those ones i'm not crazy about as   just like a pump a cash grab and put it in so like 
i don't typically like to consolidate when i'm   in the red though i like to always make money 
even if it means i have to hold it for a little   longer i always like to make money so i 
look at my investment and say what's up   you up you up you up you know and if 
it's like one of those i really love   i might take a portion but i i more or less when 
it comes to building my crypto bag consolidated   ones i don't like that much and the ones i like 
a lot i like to do that when i'm up on those   because i'm always like i'm making money i'm 
always liking to make money because the thought   process is a good project's probably going 
to have more staying power than a bad project   right and if the market goes sour 
the good project probably is going to   fare well fare better than a bad project 
and i start with [ __ ] coins on the bottom   or whatever i'm just all spread out and as it goes 
up i'm consolidating into higher higher cap coins   and then then eventually in a bitcoin right and 
then i'm selling right i'm selling i'm selling and   then if i get caught on the way down at least 
i got the digital gold at least i got bitcoin   that's going to go down less it's going 
to go down a lot but it will go down   less that's what bitcoin dominance has 
showed us that's all i thought presses   42 people what's up what's interesting is that 
constitutionally we should be allowed to use as a   form of money trade there's nothing illegal about 
and agreed upon exchange these conspiracies man um   yeah yeah you just can't pay 
your taxes in any of those right   oh it's like it's okay but it's not 
xrp looks pretty bullish look at that xrp 63 cents i bought xrp at 17 cents man 
see the thing is guys like i wasn't like   i'm not just talking about best in the 
bottom i was investing on the bottom   like i wasn't just talking about i was doing 
that [ __ ] so i i i know how it feels and   i've seen people freak out and i've acted 
in the opposite way because i knew i had to   right i can't just like i have to practice what 
i preach i did that right around february or   first quarter of 2020 when this happened bang i 
bought xrp you know what i'm saying when i hit   a bad damn near 15 cents well 17 cents when i 
got it right and the same thing was happening   that is now people freaking freaking out oh my god 
crypto's down it's gonna die i saw you said this   and getting all mad not taking accountability 
for their financial decisions oh you said   i've seen this people acting the same way then now 
than they were then you know so i'm not tripping   because look at this d shape looking not exactly 
like this but it was it's pretty extended drop   you know now xrp then came out of that and did 
a big old impulse i was like whoa okay okay   that's cool a w pattern right here did 
a cup a handle bigger impulse come down   pretty much damn near sitting on this 
point that we hit february 11 2021 guys   look at this it's the upper sloping 
line it's an upward sloping line guys xrp should be dead right xrp should be gone right 
because it's getting sued by the sec but every   time i look at updates on the sec like ripple um 
or xrp lawsuit yes cc is getting denied access to   brad garlin houses like personal financial 
decisions xrp's hitting them with on fire like   this should have been easy right if a judge 
worked with scc this should have been easy   it's not i just can't shake the fact that xrp 
might come out victorious with this now what's   going to happen in the crypto market if that 
happens it's going to explode because essentially   what it's telling you is precedence guys in legal 
terms there's a thing a concept called precedence   meaning if a court case has been ruled in one way 
before it's going to probably rule that way again   you know what i'm saying that's why lawyers always 
refer to previous like cases like roe versus way   they they list it out because they're 
saying hey you guys did this before   in order to overturn this you have to 
show some like reasons why you're breaking   the consistency of the rulings you know so if 
this happens then every crypto company gets   sued by the sec could always refer back to xrp 
sec and they'll have a positive leg to stand on   i don't care how you feel about xrp i'm not 
asking you about how you feel i'm asking you the   sentiment for crypto in general and like being 
able to actually fight off the sec that's huge   huge 41 people what's up if you look at eos 
based on ta when bitcoin drop eos went on a run   will it happen again this should be interesting a 
couple weeks yeah guys like look 2017 everything   moved up a bitcoin everything moved down with 
bitcoin it didn't really matter what you bought   but now we're seeing like like differences of 
correlations like xrp running up you know what's   taking a run heck's not going down matic not 
going down when bitcoins dumping like this is new   before everything was like this bitcoin 
goes up boom now we're starting to see this that's the maturation of a market the market and 
the people in the market are getting more and more   intelligent in my opinion you know i'm saying 
like they're starting to look at digital assets   as separate assets and not just all a bitcoin 
right we're past that now it's like oh this is   a bitcoin that's a cheaper bitcoin it's like no 
they're all different things they do different   things and people are starting to sink into the 
psyche now so could it happen yeah it could happen   i can't wait till the day like i like that i like 
uncorrelation because that means i can pick one   put it down on one it hasn't taken off it goes 
off i could pick it put it down like i thrive on   on that i don't want everything to 
go like this because then it's like   i can't really capitalize on differences of 
valuations but when my when my xrp tree sprouts up   imma harvest that drop into my digi bite 
that blows up like you know how much more   you can grow wealth if you know what you're 
doing when there's uncorrelation of assets 40 people what's up shaw's exploding right now safe haven wow 92 dying oh damn and it's barely even 
blipped interesting i mean volume that's crazy   it's still it's still it's still 
sitting on the damn lows yeah guys look the games that should be coming probably will be 
shocking and they probably be quick and they're   probably gonna leave a lot of people out on 
the of the move and they're gonna pile in and   it's gonna just throw everything further into the 
sky that's what happened like at the end of 2017.   everyone thought bitcoin was dead tell me i was 
an idiot like they have i'm okay it's okay they   could call me whatever they want to call me i'm 
just like you know looking at previous patterns who's emotionally driven and who's data 
driven that's up for y'all to decide did   anybody need some positivity positivity 
passive aggressive sentiment on twitter right see that's what that's 
people not taking accountability   you said this why aren't you doing this 
you do something to make my bags go up   child please child please you know i'm saying like 
come on man like ain't no one make you press the   buy button you know exactly what you're doing you 
just thought it could only go one way assets go   up and asses go down sometimes they go way up and 
way down we all make our band we gotta lie in it   you know what i'm saying and some of these 
people just went through a month of down prices   i've gone through three years you know so like 
this is the thing man this is the wolf pack   you gotta you gotta build your emotional armor   so like don't pay those people don't mind 
they don't they don't belong in crypto 42 people suck you think 
elites would let us go age freaking gardener i was like what does that sound 
i hear through my mic do you think our the leafs   will let us go amen look um i don't believe in 
elites ain't no one elite to me don't use the   word you know what i'm saying like that's giving 
a lot of power to someone and words have power um how about you be your own elite and you don't 
need permission to get let go of let yourself go   free yourself why you think i'm up on here man 
no one's going to give you a key to the castle   no one's going to give you you know just take 
you out of your jail cell economic jail cell   that's up to you you know like this is why 
i'm out here like if i waited for someone to   to take me out of my job i'd still be 
working my job you know you for yourself   the world's messed up but yours doesn't have 
to be you know what i'm saying as peasants   get rich change your guard hey that's that's 
what i'm saying but you're not a peasant either that's why iot device industry is booming that's 
going to enable everyone and their services to   stay connected um iot i mean that's that's just a 
matter of time guys like airbnb like i'm waiting   for the day where raspberry pi like locks are put 
on airbnbs where you just send someone to qr code   poop right managing airbnb because your fridge is 
telling you that you're out of sewing so you know   what i'm saying like this is all coming ethereum's 
slow now but in a decade it's gonna be it's gonna   be fast it's gonna be the standard you know i'm 
saying like all this stuff is in its infancy guys   you guys remember you guys probably 
remember i have a little older following   i remember when like we had dial up the computer 
and the internet were weird as hell i i was a   little kid sitting there like why is it screeching 
like that dad he's like hey shut up i don't know is it alive or some [ __ ] i'm i was 
trying to play starcraft online freaking   taking forever to load like the internet 
was not always the sexy thing it is now   and bitcoin will not always be the antiquated like 
not antiquated but like inconvenient technology it   is now it needs to develop but once it develops 
people are going to look at it like oh of course   i knew this was going to happen you know what's 
up 43 people what's good how's it going marston   how you doing hey tell your did you buy homies 
chill out man it's gonna be okay it's gonna be   good it's gonna be good i see people tripping 
yelling and stuff and all caps on twitter like did you buy foundation and made them buy 
tell them tell them to go buy equities man   it's owned by equities i got the wifey cup today i'm tired of drink off 
screen i got the wifey cup yeah i know i know i   know do you know any bearish youtube channels they 
are all bullish all the time unless i missed one yeah i mean but like over what time frame   coach k is kind of bearish for the time being 
like he's talking about like three four months   but to me you know i just don't stress on that 
because i'm like cycle investor i look at the   cycle right my bearish time was 2018 due to that 
2019 20 20 20 ish you know that's when i like   knew nothing was gonna happen but this is my game 
time right now like bearish over what time frame   you know what i'm saying but the ultimate 
vote of bearishness is to sell your crypto   it does it's not very it's not very consistent to 
have crypto and then say you're bearish on crypto   you know what i'm saying so like look i think 
people who've been in crypto long enough know that   these things are cyclical you know and they're 
not trying to capitalize on every single swing   because the risk of getting caught out 
of the move is too great because people   who've experienced a large crypto impulse know 
how large these can be they're life-changing   what's missing you know making her bag a little 
fatter versus being financially free you know   what i call myself a bullish crypto 
channel yeah a macro bullish crypto   i'm i'm bearish a dollar at some point i think 
the dollar after it's dropping will bounce again   and then my thoughts will change but i just invest 
over a longer period of time than most people do   right i mean youtube's full of 
people who day trade swing trade   bearish bear market for a month that's 
some [ __ ] you know bear market for   a month to me a bear market's 
like years right years but hey hey dub i like your video on new what 
do you think of xlm i'm doing pretty   well swapping and buying these two just waiting 
for them to bounce back thanks excellence cool   i mean if xrp does well excellent 
is going to do well right   it's let's see it i've looked in the while 
though i have some excellent i don't have a lot stellar 24 bucks 20 and 25 cents my bad look this is a pretty impulsive 
move up over the course of what   five months fell out just like everything else 
did fall out look at that volume though that's   a telltale sign man that's a real move i mean 
it's bigger than any volume it's ever got before   i think it's a matter of time especially if 
xrp drop pops off excellent gonna go nuts   because they're so it's like their sister coin 
you know people i like say okay is this going   to be the next like global payment coin and 
stuff i don't know that i don't know all that   but it is fast as hell directly late at xrp 
is probably going to work in tandem with xrp   and i could just see where like 
those two just catch hype after the   they win the lawsuit i think they're 
going to win the lawsuit you know i'm here for ben simmons free throws shazad   hit me up on twitter let me figure out webcam 
and mike script was just over a cell phone yeah i   figured that out man um yeah i'd love to just like 
walk through your story and stuff that'd be fun   nobody does free throws like giannis does 
nobody i do the granny free throws man   i'm just like a results guy you know i don't care 
i'll look plus mag try crypto's happy channel bearish guys bearish for how long time frames 
matter how bearish for how long because then   because then you know what happens then it starts 
going up again and everyone goes see i told you   we had a bear market and now we're going up 
again it's like what how bearish for how long please specify because like i think at 
the end of the year crypto's going up you   know and i don't want to hear these 
bearish channels coming out saying   see this is why it's like just pick a lane 
man you think it's going by that year or not crypto savvy play old content sometimes misleading 
had to do some emergency plumbing brand new   piping system under the kitchen sink has fun 
doing it oh did you buy it on my mind my bank   maintenance haul ah i can't exchange cash 
to buy more doing plumbing stuff dang man plumbing is for the ladies nowadays charles h on etc board of directors thoughts yeah 
yeah i got thoughts man here here's another one here's another one i'm going to show 
you another video i did a long time ago i'm live dang it's an etc video it's 
a playlist playlist please please what the hell i talked about utc i used to but then 
i was like uh no no one was hitting it   i was like okay i already did a couple for y'all   the case for the original ethereum 
how long it was this yeah right here the theorem classic tickle announced 
is the case for original ethereum you   guys need to list look at the listeners if 
you haven't september 14th 2020 uh yeah my   videos looked a lot like uh worse than before but 
basically i talk about is how ethereum classic   like everyone shits on it you know everyone 
shits on bitcoin cash but it's literally has   a lot of the same properties hard cap right 
210 million then bitcoin like um than ethereum   and also getting 51 percent attacked but early 
this year everyone thought it was dead it lost   some of its mining partners right just like any 
coin would if it lost a lot of mining support   and then it took a long time to send exchanges 
i think exchanges require 110 confirmations now   101 confirmations now i missed the peak 
but like look how exponential this moves that is huge that is hugely exponential right and 
guess who came in to try to save the day once it   was getting 51 attack iohk you know associated 
with cardinal cardano whatever the hell charles   hoskinson now he's on their board of advisors 
charles keeps sneaking in ethereum classic i see you charles you think i don't 
see you man i see you out there   trying to make moves i see you a long time ago bro now guys why would a gr like why would a new 
weapon come in crypto and a head of a crypto   like charles try to save dead and dying ethereum 
classic because i think i think he has plans and   guess who was also approaching ethereum classic 
after i o hk bitcoin suggested mining their hash   you know their mining power with etc so it makes 
them more resilient to get through this time bitcoin cardano ioh k out of hong kong 
charles hostinson they're all very very   interested in ethereum classic and then 
we see a big ol pump from ethereum classic   one of the most expensive ones out of the whole 
all many all season whatever the hell it was   went from six bucks to damn near 130 bucks 
it's more than a 10x off its first impulse   then it did a resistance poor flip on around 
its all-time high in 2017 and took a bounce i just don't think we all know 
exactly the whole story with etc and i got a video from a long time ago 
talking about that so ain't no one could say   that i was bandwagoning it t is great and 
all but a long tweet back to drawing board yeah whatever elon's elan is elon i'm not gonna let people who sell 
their assets based off a tweet   knock me off of my investment thesis man 
you 100 look like you snowboard in big bear   i snowboard once in my life bunny hill 
twisted the hell out of my ankle never again   morning dub digital picked up some jig stack 
last night thanks for the tip that dgb though hey   awesome yeah the cool thing with 
jigstack man and some people saying oh   my stats are wrong for jigstack okay 
i'm just going off their website damn   i think they're redesigning their website 
they got a new website so i think you know   they haven't updated that stuff a little bit 
but the one thing with jigstack as i say is this   they're looking to be working like being a launch 
pad that supports hedera hashgraph coins and stuff   i don't know too many launchpad doing that and 
they're a hashgraph you see my last video on it   it's a growing ecosystem comprehensive ecosystem 
getting approached by countries corporations   wouldn't you want to maybe be exposed to a 
platform that lets you get into a launch pad   for what i think is somewhat overlooked ecosystem 
pretty early on that's why i think launch pads are   cool you know and they're paying what 80 of their 
transaction cost back to the holders of stack   hey worth the look try to lay it out some 
people you know some people be hating man   damn i'm just trying to give you guys free 
ass info by hbar hey 34 people what's up   when i bought it back when the computers were 
expensive and cell phones are not as advanced   i was sort of scared i could have bought btc back 
when it's 3.50 cents and had 10 g's to use but hey   see happens to all of us marcin 
could have bought it back when   what 60 times lower than what i bought it at 
people are looking at me a bitcoin like oh you   want to buy it right now i don't know i said 
yeah whatever man it's only like you know this   look guys every time you pick bitcoin up it 
sounds like it's a bad deal and if you look   at the moment-to-moment fluctuations you might 
convince yourself it's a bad deal and drop it but   mars in it happens man it happened that would have 
been about you would have been set for life except   for life but it's just a matter of time the trend 
is up see bitcoin we used to be cents laughable   they turned into dollars tens of dollars hundreds 
of dollars thousands of dollars tens of thousands   of dollars now it's on its way to hundreds of 
thousands of dollars that's what i call a trend i buy digi because i'm dumb 
keeping cash even dumber   i don't think it's dumb to keep cash man i 
mean end of the day there's there's uses for   everything right i mean what happened there's 
a dip you can capitalize you need cash to live   you know did you bite i don't think it's done 
i don't think it's dumb i just think you know   people want things that happen on their time frame the problem is the world will 
operate on your time frame let's see you see 360 vids i 
think you'll learn how to shoot   i got a jumper man i'll see you i'll see 
you on a three-point contest any day bro   any day let's go i made some 
wild cash doge by luckily chins wild cash what's a wow cash a lot of cash almost 5k subs congrats so me hey i appreciate you   appreciate you i'm trying man 
5 5k has been hard to break freaking bitcoin dumped i was on a good gainer too 
i almost said like 6k views on did you buy it yeah   video right before this happened then you know 
everyone stopped looking at my videos way it goes deezub look into ian dreyer and his 
cryptoverse trading service using coinbase what is that a trading service 
i don't use trading services we ain't free but we at least have opportunity 
what about what else could you ask for you know what else could you ask for you know like ain't no one 
gonna come make your life better   you know i spent a lot of time waiting for that i just decided to make it better myself man i sold zcash and litecoin for bitcoin cash 
consolidation really hm i guess it all depends   when you bought it i i have all those right i see 
i see a feature of bitcoin cash kills it i see a   future like one kills it and z cash 
i think is gonna kill regardless   it's just a privacy play i have this theory 
that you know once regulation comes privacy   might take like its own bull run because 
we start seeing uncorrelation now right   on correlation and there's been some there were 
some coins that pumped a lot in 2018 after the   bull run maybe that happens i just i just have a 
sneaking suspicion z cash is just going to catch   a lot of people off guard they had their first 
halving i can't believe what is he cash at now i'd be very invested in roger 
veer himself has he cash   you know so pump i just want to catch this 
blow off from pretty much 900 but i mean this   other chart saying this past five thousand but 
okay let's just say you hit two thousand right   i pick my z cash up about ninety bucks right if 
it hits two thousand twenty x can't be mad at it   again but it's privacy though and it's more 
compliant privacy because you could switch   privacy on and off you know so i think this would 
be more widely adopted when compared to monero   i think monero purchasing power wise might be 
worth more but then you know you got to do some   things to spend it and i ain't trying to do all 
that at least right now you know what i'm saying exactly dub be your own elite don't 
be an oliver twist please sir hey   you know what i'm saying like hey words have power 
guys you know what you say dictates how you think   how you think dictates what you do what you do 
dictates how your life plays out you know so   hey you might not be able to fix the world but 
like you can set your world up in a way where   it it doesn't matter that much i'm saying like i'm 
not trying to i'm not trying to save the world you   guys should save yourself first then when you 
have excess then you can save the world you know   what i'm saying so like just focus on financially 
securing yourself people you you care about and   get off that survival baseline you know then then 
the cup is overflow you know 36 people what's up ethereum is crap there's a lot 
of people that disagree with you i feel awesome today good haha you'll tell them to buy 
equities haha that's gold hey   you guys want consistent gains like ain't 
no one said this was a consistent gainer   they obviously haven't looked 
at the cryptocharts before when it's bearish you should be more active 
buying when it's bullish it's time to find   other activities yeah yeah it's just like you 
know i look at like years so my perspective is   a little different than a lot of people so i 
gotta remind myself of that and i've also been   through a bear market so my perspective is a 
little different i gotta remind myself of that god damn gardeners it's a good idea to stack up on 
coins in the bear market cycle when coins reached   your bottom what's the strategy during the bear 
basically yeah i mean that's the strategy it's   it makes sense right it's just the problem is and 
you just saw it everyone talks a great game when   it's going up but when it goes down people's tune 
changes and it's harder to let that money go watch   people are going to lose 95 of their money 
how do i know i did it i'm coming to you guys   telling you what happened to me i ain't just 
blowing smoke up your booty i'm trying to help   you out tell you what i just went through you 
know what i'm saying it will probably drop 95   if you're holding all coins and you probably 
might not have any money left or be so goddamn   scared you won't buy anything but that's when the 
life-changing gains are had to be had you know i   like to buy coins on the bottom it's hard to buy 
coins on the bottom especially if you're depressed   especially if you've got a significant other 
who just watch you lose all your damn money   you know what i'm saying especially if you're 
unemployed now especially if you're in a recession   especially if food prices tick up do 
you think it's easy to buy on the bottom   economic situation just been getting harder 
and harder but if you do and you have patience   it's typically panned out well for people who 
do that what i like to do is buy a staking coin   and you can say whatever you want and have 
your feelings about pow for pos whatever   i just want yield to supplement throughout 
the bear market because longevity is key   right like we look at bitcoin i'll jump back real 
quick well look at bitcoin okay it went up a lot   then it went down for a long time long time if 
you bought the top you were down for a long time   and if you sold at any point along here 
you would have lost money but if you waited   now even if you bought the freaking top in 2017 
you're in profit even after this drop see how   that works it's overvaluation undervaluation 
for longer overvaluation you need to be able   to get through this this is the challenge this 
is what a lot of people ain't built like that   they can't handle this you know what i'm 
saying but that's that's the thought process   and that's why people say dollar cost 
average because you might buy here   and i'll tell you what my big mistake was buying 
way too early in the bear market buying like on   this bounce and [ __ ] and right here i didn't 
wait and then this happened bro how do you think   i felt when this happened capitulation i 
felt like a bag of milk bag of milk man   you know like i had so much money deploying 
it right here and then i just kept dropping   i'm like i'm a genius [ __ ] boom 40 
down oh shoot that's not that bad boom   50 down total of like 70 down 
farther than when i picked up   now my capital just got shrunk to death you know 
so like that's why i say dca across the bottom   if you have capital deploy it over time because 
you typically have time during the bear market 12 apy with 20 minimum for dot on voyager i 
love passive income make that money work for you i hope this buy stays low for me to buy a 
little bit tomorrow what did you buy doing yeah man i want to do a video on um the digi id 
i gotta i gotta teach you guys how to like use   these um these services decentralized services 
to actually use them right like i'm so tired   i'm getting hacked so tired of losing my 
passwords so tired of it man like aren't   you guys tired of that [ __ ] damn and to my d 
digi id this is why i like did you bite though   dub digital hasn't done [ __ ] like look it just 
dropped like a freaking bag of milk it's like okay   bro but like do you not understand that it has a 
use good technology it's rooted in good technology   right that's the difference between buying 
a value stock and buying a growth stock you   think people are buying johnson and johnson 
because they're gonna make the next like   freaking fan craze whatever no people are buying 
johnson johnson because they make toilet paper   and other [ __ ] you know stuff that's not gonna 
set the world on fire stuff that's been around a   long time but it is consistent and it is not 
even arguably like it's it can't even be like   argue that it's not useful this 
is what i think of digibyte   right largely has been underlooked long secure 
diversified in mining algorithm and mining like   stuff so like there can't be centralization of 
the mining power like we have on eth and bitcoin   and they have them with good technology and they 
get they help other projects they're like in hey i like it and digi id is something i 
think is gonna change the world because   i'm just so tired of this [ __ ] trying to operate 
on on the internet and i'm losing all my stuff   starting over on blogs because i get you know what 
i'm saying like we've all been there and done that   where are all the other pastors decentralized 
passion managers that's like something super   useful in this space so like if we all 
could like start like using these products   isn't that what's really gonna 
like change the world right   you use it you find it valuable 
you tell your friends they use it   they get more technically inclined like it's going 
to be a slow process it's a grass use process   but some of the most powerful movements have been 
grassroots in history you know what i'm saying b stage is very popular actually yeah yeah i mean asian loves bch i mean and 
look was it i'll show you guys this before but   if you're new there's only really three cryptos 
that you can get or that except on like um online   brokers for gold and stuff point that mix max is 
one of the largest online brokers in the world hey okay with bitcoin yeah they accept 
three cryptocurrencies more or less well okay more but these are stables right so usdc 
busd which is binance and stable coin ethereum   bitcoin cash and bitcoin these more or less are 
redeemable for gold like directly redeemable   you know how the dollar used to be redeemed 
redeemable for gold you take it into a bank   and it would say like renewal 
for so-and-so amount of gold   you put it down and they would give you the 
gold that used to happen they cut that that   they cut that link but now we have the same thing 
occurring with bitcoin bitcoin cash and ethereum   so when you look at it and a lot of people still 
think the dollar still represents some portion   meaningful portion of gold which does not it is 
confetti money you look at bitcoin and bitcoin   cash and ethereum you can send it to these sites 
and get actual physical gold much in the way that   the dollar during the gold standard would do so 
everyone's calling these things magical internet   money but i make the i make the i play the 
devil's advocate and say well i can get gold for   these things directly i can't get gold at all for 
dollars you know i mean unless you buy it directly   but this is like a standard people 
don't typically compare this stuff too   so you could for bitcoin cash 
specifically you can redeem it for gold   at max jm boolean sd bullion um bouillon star all 
these other ones right then a lot of these places   accept it pretty much paypal accepts it square 
accepts it right like it's very useful and then   you go to like asia and they're actually accepting 
it like in restaurant in store and it's more   feasibly useful than ethereum because of their gas 
fee and bitcoin because their confirmation time this is why i'm saying the payment coin like what 
is it gonna be bitcoin cash litecoin which one   does it matter no i got both of them 
money's green 33 people what's up been watching for a few months now thanks for 
dropping gems appreciate the advice anytime man interview with anti-my dude be dope 
yeah that'd be sick i wouldn't mind it love digi but hey they definitely 
have their [ __ ] together   what a mess behind the curtain right now they have definitely get their [ __ ] together 
they have to definitely get their [ __ ] together hey i mean i saw josiah come out with some stuff something like but with the technology though   something wrong with technology are 
you talking about like the foundation so let's be real guys like in decentralized 
protocol the foundation is not the technology   they're two separate things and that's kind of 
like what josiah was talking about his video you   see his last one uh josiah like um says something 
that he's mad or some [ __ ] 34 people what's up did you buy churches in session bullish   because guys i know a lot of the chains that 
are new and they don't have as much technical   like advancements in terms like technology it's 
actually useful use cases and they're doing better   does that speak on did you bite or does that 
speak on fomo sometimes it's hard to tell jj gonna tank when people start realizing is sterilizing so will the other companies bill 
is on them and he's all about yeah that's you know   i ain't even really into like discussing that too 
much people have different opinions on it and hey   it is what it is we all don't know what's going on 
it could be doing this or that but at the end of   the day johnson johnson does more than that like 
they have thousands upon thousands of products   right i was kind of i was like 
you guys are making like uh that was kind of like i was like kind of 
weirded out by that but like to be honest   procter gamble johnson johnson it 
was just like a example you know bear markets are so much more fun 
holding so so boring i like to buy damn it i like better i like bull runs bitcoin i 
missed those i missed 2017 dude that was the bomb   everyone was just so much more excited 
and happy man now everyone's so depressed   damn i know can i get a little 
excitement guys i drive off excitement   people will be using fiat for ass wipes in 
the next few years that's all it will be worth   it's designed to be inflationary it loses two 
inflationary it's designed to be inflationary   it loses two to four percent of its value per 
year it's even worse now because over printing   jeff two to four percent no it's more than 
that that's the number they tell you but   do you know between 1970s and now they change 
the formula how they calculate that inflation   that's a lie if you kept that equation 
consistent go head over to shadowstats.com   the dude who used to calculate their numbers 
he uses the same num formula that they use   in the 70s he does it now for today's economy 
he's shown upwards of 10 percent year on year don't take the numbers the government gives you 
as gospel they like to do this they like to do   that so it makes it smoke fog fog of war you 
don't know what's going on you're off balance   so you don't freaking trip when 
you know that what you're making   100 000 in a year turns into 90 turns into 80. 
right it's about a generational theft over time   robbing people blind robbing them blind out of 
their own damn pockets and they don't even know why would they tell you the truth 
you know 38 people what's up   have sorry no native speaker hey it's all 
good man i can't even speak english sometimes   it's weird i'd be saying where's 
like banana is that right   babe is that banana sometimes man like i don't 
get it i'm a very phonetic speller i'm not good   at like spelling and reading that's why i like 
to listen to stuff that's why i like youtube   like i've been on youtube probably five years 
straight just listening to [ __ ] because i i   learn much better from hearing you know but 
like english is weird man like silent e's   synonyms i wouldn't wanna i wouldn't wanna learn 
english at all if i was a foreigner that's just crazy have you heard of bitcoin 
cash city australia really   hey i like australia man 
you guys seem cool as hell inflationary yes in their world 
countries it's the most used crypto asset layer one australia is not 
a third third world country you guys got that was it the opera house and [ __ 
] what is that dome whatever i seen that it's hot   the island of antigua is using it heavily crypto is just a nice to have crypto is just 
optional until you leave a first world country   that's like guys that's probably why i don't 
grow a lot i get too freaking real out here   come on guys like this whole 
thing like bitcoin's a scam and   it's like oh you sound sound a little privileged are there people out here that 
can't feed their damn families   you know what i'm saying go talk to someone 
in venezuela they're getting paid in bananas   and [ __ ] for real because foods hold on value 
better than their currency there's people in the   philippines living off of crypto gaming you 
know i'm saying like crypto's all nice and   whatever we don't want to change and this and 
that until you go live in a third world country just saying in 10 years everyone will have 
a cell phone filled with crypto   i think so i mean everyone's got a cell phone now   what was that i saw like most people in 
l.a homeless people you have a cell phone   everyone's got a cell phone right but not everyone 
has an address and not everyone has access   to loans and not everyone has access to financial 
like services but everyone has a cell phone   that's why the switch to crypto and being your 
own bank just seems inevitable to me right   like africa a lot of people africa don't have 
banking services but they all got a cell phone   and they mostly operate off of empeza which is 
sms based money right same thing in rural china   most everyone got a cell phone so how do you 
include all these unbanked people into the   global financial system like lickety-split   you do a cell phone based personal device 
based banking solution which is cryptocurrency here for the realness hey some people some people 
like it sometimes the truth don't sound pretty   all perfect for remittances hey when i take 
profits i like to move profits to stable coins   if the economy fails what happens to uscc when 
i don't think which i don't think has ever moved when i take profits i like to 
move profits to stable coins   yeah i mean basically right so you can do 
stable coins or packs gold or you can pull   it out and buy land or you can pull it out and 
buy physical gold or there's lots of ways to   take profits right you're just trying to 
hold a stable purchasing power i get it   but hey what i'm going to do is like i think 
there'll be a bounce in the dollar after this   run up or at least dollar valuation will catch up 
a little bit with crypto that's what happened 2017   in the bear market you know after that happened 
so i'm gonna obviously pull some stable coins   and then by that time hopefully celsius 
network has their insurance product out   that i could plot my stable coins in and then 
i get 13 on my stable coins if you have enough   money you can live off your stable coins see how 
that goes and then even if they have insurance   product then even if you get hacked and lose 
it they can always replace your fiat value   right because like that's what insurance 
does like they could print out money and   give it to you no matter what but they can't 
give you the crypto right that's why i'm   that's like my strategy guys like i'm gonna 
buy some imma buy like maybe a baker node   give me crypto over the bear market i'm 
also going to have a stable cap stable   coin like thing that throws off money too maybe 
celsius network wants to get their insurance in   so it's pretty much risk-free to me and that's 
throwing off money so i'm getting more crypto   i'm getting more stable coin you know what i'm 
saying then i'm gonna obviously diversifying   other things too but you ain't gotta pick 
which way it's gonna go we're not mind readers   just have things that throw off a little this a 
little that in case the world goes in a way you   don't expect you can react right you don't 
paint yourself into a corner i see too many   people trying to paint themselves in the corner 
acting like they know exactly what's going on   i'm here to tell you that only a few people 
are successful in that and they happen to   be the legendary at the end of it like 
paul tutor jones like drunken miller and   but it's not the majority of people most 
people are wrong 31 people what's up won't stable coin just follow along with 
fiat like they're supposed to yeah yeah   but the trend has shown that cryptos go 
down versus fiat during the bear market right like you're thinking along the lines 
that we have a super cycle hypo inflationary   all of a sudden crypto is just it now that's 
like a reset could it happen yeah has it happened   so far it can happen next cycle that happened 
in two cycles right you know so like take a   mixture of stable trying to secure your 
stable value some path goal some goal   like whatever you got to do you know 
just don't paint yourself into like a   [ __ ] i'm all in the dollar now to 
hyperinflate damn what am i going to do you know what i'm saying i don't like absolutes 
i'm currently working at procter gamble's largest   plan usa in wood west virginia hey i got 
family in maryland they spend money like   you've never seen but the products they make 
are a necessity to solve investment for sure   yeah it's stuff that like is not 
gonna get you excited it's like   you make this it's like yeah but do you know how 
much volume you put through every single year   like program gamble's a billion on billion 
dollar company tens of billions of dollars   it's one of the biggest in the united states 
right so someone's gonna make toilet paper   someone's gotta make wet wipes someone's 
gonna make shoelaces you know what i'm saying   did you buy it we'll get a switch to help all 
run properly each coin will be worth large black rock is funding the 
clintons and the bidens and obamas i don't know about all that but what i think 
is happening is blackrock is acting as an   extension of the united states just like 
i'm pretty sure boeing is you know like   some of these companies are so big 
they get like subsidies and [ __ ] contingencies and [ __ ] you see some of these 
people working with government go work for private   sectors and [ __ ] there's like this incestual 
intermingling between government and corporation   you see all these senators leave and go 
work for be you know work for cnbc and   fox and it's like hold on what's going on here 
man you all just like mixing it up together like   there's no delineation between the two you know 
at what point does the old government stop and   corporations begin like the 
lines are blurred you know we're looking to reform is bullish on 
crypto it's definitely here to stay oh they're bullish on hedera 
they're bullish on elastos   they're bullish on consensus how do i know 
they openly support them i think i've been   brainwashed to be more comfortable with 
all my money in one spot lol some things   i need to work on yep something you need 
to work on it's called risk mitigation what is the no one okay so i used 
to work at northrop grumman right   and i used to work in supply chain 
management and like i would negotiate like   contracts with sub um subsidiaries like government 
contractors we weren't the government but we got   we got contracts from the government to procure 
and build certain things right and we did a lot   of outsourcing so then it'll get passed down to 
us and then we would go out to other companies   that we pretty much outsourced and hey you 
build this you build that you build that it gets   brought in we assemble we deliver okay a lot a 
lot of supply chain management is okay what's the   risk of this not coming in on time how quantify 
that what what is that going to cost the company   right and then you pretty much have to do like 
business cases based on if we expedite this   process to hit our deadline it's going to cost us 
x thousands of dollars right okay they don't like   it but then you also approach the executive okay 
but if we don't do this and we run the risk of   missing the deadline it's gonna cost us a hundred 
thousand dollars each day that the shit's sitting   on the tarmac you know what i'm saying do the 
same thing with your portfolio you know if i'm   right and have all my money in crypto i'm going to 
make millions and millions and millions of dollars   if i'm wrong my [ __ ] could drop 95 percent are 
you willing to run that risk with your life the   answer is no then you need to take a portion 
that money and siphon it off in a stable coin   to protect that because you're more or less 
uncomfortable with that yeah you go all in   right i think that's like something poker culture 
is kind of like fostered for people but like just   think of if you're wrong people never think 
that if they're wrong you know what i'm saying it's called risk mitigation alright guys over two hours dang i 
want to do an hour and a half but   it's having fun a little real one today but i think we needed it guys i think we needed i'm 
seeing some like crazy [ __ ] on twitter people   making accusations people going at each 
other not what we need eye on the prize   no one said it was going to be 
easy making life changing gains but thanks for joining me this 
is crypto coffee do it every   sunday 9 a.m pacific standard 
time and wednesday i do   crypto kickback 5 p.m pacific standard time 
i'll keep that going because you guys like that   um yeah just be on the lookout for some more 
um we call it videos for me looking to eos   look into bitcoin cash and then another all coin 
video on friday i'm not showing you guys i'm just   bringing things to your attention this is never 
financial advice just you know i know you guys   are busy just want to bring some opportunities 
to your eyes so talk guys later peace.

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