Global Bitcoin Vault AMA

hello everyone welcome to the ama this is bitcoinvault developers ama uh welcome everybody who joined us uh we hope that more people will join us as as we as we broadcast today we we meet to talk about the development of bitcoinvault uh the progress we made during the last couple of months this is the first ama for uh 2021 we plan to have similar meetings every at the end of every quarter to summarize the the developments to summarize recent weeks what we will talk about today we will talk about today about payment adoption about development of our applications of the code we will talk about the projects we have some new announcements and [Music] just summarize what we will not talk about there is not no such thing that we'll not talk about as this is ask me anything so first of all uh can you change the slide sure uh just a little bit of introduction uh bitcoin vault is uh as a coin it's a proof-of-work coin uh which allows reversible transactions uh as far as we know this is the only coin that allows uh such a such a thing to to reverse the transaction that you made wrongly you make a mistake or somebody hacked your account it's possible with us [Music] with along with the project we've developed our own ecosystem which consists of a mobile wallet gold wallet we also developed our desktop wallet on top of that we have a key generator which is a third app that allows you to manage your own private keys and based off of this whole structure actually the the reversing of the transaction is possible so guys how are you today first of all i'm fine thank you i'm very pleased to be here with you it's a good occasion to talk about our achievements from the q1 so yeah first of all maybe let's start with uh some some key major developments that we made recently our new website is up and running right now it's not yet finished it's not 100 as we expect it to be so we will be uh making some improvements uh along the way but still this is a new website you can go check um you can leave us feedback also but to to speak up a little bit about more important issue for the project development uh last week actually last week it was last week when we announced a new partnership with mining pool so what does it mean for the project actually well actually radik this is very important what you brought as you know we have been working on on this feature on this development and partnership for a long period of time and i think it was couple months ago when we announced the trial between between our companies i think we announced it already the talks we announced on november yeah something like that this could be and during this time we received a lot of questions when this will happen when this go live so for your information all this time it was necessary to conduct the business negotiations the technical implementation between our companies and right now last week we managed to announce it we our partnership is slightly official yes and this is official actually you can go into explorer uh of bitcoinvault explorer and you can see that is mining the blocks so this is this is actual real data so we have two mining pools one belongs to developers the second one belongs to correct and coming back to the main question why this is important as we promised this is the first step in the decentralization process that we already announced so right now and joined btcv mining this is it means that the part of our network is decentralized and this is just the first step as we already promised we are working on more partnerships but as you can see this takes time but what i can promise you together with peter we are working with with one new entities to introduce this uh later on for sure in this year um and this is our main i would say target in achieving the idea of the blockchain and the decentralization of of our network just a little bit of history we started as a fully decentralized project right after some turbulence last year we had to centralize but right now it's like it's a first step to fully decentralize the project correct yeah yes correct as you can see you see could read on our medium articles we have suffered some yeah some 51 percent attacks in the past so we have to challenge it from our side then we became centralized and right now our project is getting once we get when we are getting more major we are it is the first step to to become decentralized so it's it comes with them once our project is growing and we get more major we are ready to decentralize so this is first step what would be the second and the next steps so as we already mentioned in the past the next step is i believe one or two new partners joining this year and then we we have to check how it works what are what are the results we also have to take in the consideration the mining market in the global what's happening on the market because we have to ensure that our network is being secure so decentralization is good process the new people are joining we are becoming the global project itself as more people can join but at the same time we have to keep in mind that we have to secure our network and this is why for example from technical perspective this is very complicated so how how long do you think this process can take to fully decentralize the project well i'm not 100 sure that will be 100 percent decentralized but this is just ongoing process that and we are going step by step so for sure um we can ensure that within this year that there will be at least one more partner joining uh mining of bitcoinvault and ensuring even more decentralization and then i would say at the end of the year we can we can negotiate check what are the results and i believe move on with even more decentralization okay so from this uh from this place we say hello to welcome to the bitcoin vault family and uh we hope for a great cooperation uh in the nearest future [Music] i'm wondering do we have any more major announcements right now maybe it's an old news pia but still uh i consider beatrix global as our key exchange right now we have been listed in this quarter so i think it's worth mentioning yeah it's worth stressing and underlying that this is one of the biggest exchanges that we have it has a lot of functionalities it has a lot of assets listed uh so the users are able to trade not only crypto assets but also shares and other assets listed there and uh with the huge base of users uh spread globally actually this is our step toward the you know the largest exchanges towards the largest communities not only our community but also the community of bitterrex global which we can address we can which we would like to show how the our solution works why is it important why we think that's a future and that it supplements all the other solutions out there in the crypto industry so it's it's a quite an important partner in terms of ecosystem true okay let's move to the payment adoption speaking of we have some slides here i think that the one at least one of the most important parts in every crypto project is its community and here it's a big thank you to to all of you guys for uh following us on social media we have a huge growth uh in terms of followers base uh it gives us this uh this uh this feeling that we are doing this for the cause and uh it's it's it's i think it's very important and that you follow us you stay uh up to date you see how the project develops um what else because we see growth stable growth slow but stable on every aspect transactions wallets can you can give us more details yeah it's it's all as you mentioned it's all about the community and and what we see from the numbers what we see from the growth of followers from the social media growth in terms of transactions made in the blockchain by 22 percent almost uh we've grown from number of wallets set up uh again by uh by seven thousand uh seen for the past uh additional seven thousands of votes in the past few months this is actually an evidence that the our solution works and and people want to use it that people and our community specifically and is engaged in development of our project in usage of our project so all those numbers and and i think from at least from my perspective those are pretty impressive numbers meaning that taking into consideration our history our path of development our our start in the crypto industry which is getting more and more competitive uh you have lots of different technologies lots of different solutions those numbers are underlying though that the fact that we actually are doing our job uh by providing this unique solution and also that it's um in my opinion at least it does show the growing popularity of btcv uh this is also actually and let me move to the other slide that we have uh this is additionally underlined with the numbers uh of for example number of users at the exchanges [Music] it continuously is growing uh it reached almost 150 000 users currently we are adding those new exchanges continuously with every exchange actually we bring additional user base we do involve those use existing users of this particular exchange to trade btcv there is obviously a road ahead of us because we need to support this additionally and uh we'll be doing so and i'll talk about it specifically in terms of bittrex in a sec and finally what also is visible the uh it's the usage of of the of our you know those solutions aimed at safety of the transaction so the console transaction i worked functionally our key functionality and the numbers are also showing that it works it is used uh people are canceling transactions whenever they made them error they made a mistake by entering a wrong destination account for example and uh we by our functionality we can assume that more or less 10 000 btcbs which is equivalent to half million dollars currently where's sort of you might say saved right you you those money were not lost there they weren't so our technology prevented the loss of half million dollars so far basically yes so that's a good number yeah i would say it's it's it's a good round number i believe so as well um so so this uh this adoption of technology is progressing of you obviously uh but there are really good and real numbers behind supporting our solution same in terms of transactions uh almost 800 000 transactions done on the blockchain with the total value almost reaching uh 1 billion bt cvs that that obviously is a total number for every transaction made but it's still a huge amount of money moved between the wallets whether this is for example depositing on the account or or withdrawing those money to two wallets etc etc every type of transaction is included here uh but again this is uh some really sound number in my opinion okay cool and to just to to we are showing those numbers in the perspective that actually uh we have a fully functional product since november so we introduced the reversible transactions on november after the hard fork so it's what it's uh five months for four and a half right because it was around 17th of november uh five and a half months uh obviously i personally would like to to see it higher and and even more used and this is the goal that we are all of us actually we are we're striving to and uh we are uh betting that it will get momentum you know the there are stages of the project development as in with any other company and uh the sometimes the the initial growth is steady and then it gets momentum in the in the stage two and three i think we'll be stressing this additionally when we'll be speaking of the roadmap right so just to show how how yeah we will get to the roadmap um we have the we have a number 29 new partnerships here yes uh some of them were there uh in november but then again we added i think almost 11 exchanges let me actually name them and show you so most of that were the exchanges for different reasons one is that the some our local communities use this particular exchange uh so for example la token exactly uh some of them are with uh in interesting functionalities large user base like bittrex and the others for example are even self-listing invest interested in in our solution to such extent that they approach us we will list your your coin for free just uh agree i mean we don't have to agree the code is there obviously but but uh let's let's do it together let's support the btcv and let's support our users which were asking about the btcv uh so yeah there are a few as uh coming back to what i've already mentioned bittrex global so i think um that's maybe an even actually a question to you because uh we want to attract users to beat tricks right so why do we believe that this should be one of our well the major exchange for us so what are we planning in terms of marketing activities i'm not sure if you agree with me but i found [Music] btrx global as a very user-friendly i think from from trader perspective it's it's really easy to use and uh quite comfortable in terms of uh the whole wax uh so also also this is a quite as you mentioned it's quite big exchange so um i think we should focus on on this exchange in particular uh among others uh we plan to to to run actually a trading contest very soon it will it will be the biggest trading contest with the biggest prizes uh we want to launch it on april so within the next i guess two to three weeks uh but this is not all we have also some surprises for for the community and uh some some some advantages uh over the the other exchanges so that's all i can say right now it's that's still a working progress sounds interesting though let me know i'll be happy to join this i'll let you know this train as well uh yeah and uh there is also this important part on on wallets uh we are very happy to to say that our ecosystem um grew by those three wallets those three external first external wallets actually which support btcv appeared they they are ready to be downloaded to your mobiles your you can access them also online and those three wallets have pretty interesting functionalities one of the major ones that we are really interested in and it's still under development which i'm just sharing because it's really cool you will be able uh to purchase gift cards with the use of this particular wallet and with the use obviously of the btcv so for btcb if you would like to make a purchase let's say in tesco or or uh in in some other companies like grocery stores uh i don't know jewelries whatever right there are multiple types of those cards you can just download the wallet uh top it up with the amount of btc that you need buy the gift card and spend the gift card in this particular shop that of your choice all in crypto and this is actually yes this happens in crypto there is an exchange tool when you give buy gift cards you you you you buy with a btcv but and you receive the equivalent in the particular fiat currency so there is no worry uh when you go to the shop there is no worry that they don't accept btc it's not the case right they will accept any local currency and it's strictly indicated in when you purchase the gift cards what the equivalent will you receive by buying this particular gift card with uh let's say 50 i think it's worth to mention that those gift cards will be as specific based on the region where where the user is based yes they are they are actually they are segregated by country obviously the country is different different among themselves with the the brands with the the network of shops whatever so yes you have the specialized gift cards for a particular country so you can choose the country you live in or you the country you are traveling to if you want to spend this on on hopefully soon on travel uh then it's it will be possible as well so what that's one of the major additional features that we are actually currently very hard working on and the additional features are ability to exchange btcv to btc for example within the wallet so you don't have to go to exchange you just top up the wallet btc and you if you decide to buy btc it's the functionality is there um there are number number of cellular functionalities that we'll be adding like a specific custom address of the wallet those features will be coming uh in the near future okay it sounds quite quite interesting progress so we have our own apps which is gold welded and light from vault we are adding uh lumi free wallet and mycelium um but this is not all we are also connecting to to fiat currencies right and do e-commerce yeah yep and those are two last points on on this slide uh in the coin is the company that uh offers the purchase of any crypto assets but obviously we are here to talk about btcv so it it offers also the purchase of btc with the use of car so if you have a credit or debit card uh you need to do a fast quick purchase you are you want to uh to invest in btc for example or in the near future you you would like to buy btc in order to spend it on the on a gift card then you're you'll be able to uh you are able to currently as well uh to go to in the coin purchase the card with the car purchase the btc with the card or to go to where you can sort of do it directly right and uh and this is this connection that you're referring to of the fiat currencies normal use currencies like euro usd uh british pound etc and and and our our coin and the like sort of the opposite example is with the xeno this is a e-commerce platform where you can with the use of btc-v with no exchanges no additional uh you know no additional step in in the process of exchanging bcv to any other currency you can purchase goods and services like uh tvs smart watches mobiles whatever actually there are huge amount of electronics there and you can spend your btcv there simply by you know clicking the there will be also especially incentives connected with that i think that they they will be communicated separately but it's uh one of the unique features is that everything was there it can be purchased with the crypto assist of of of your choice and btc is one of the major ones used there yeah connection to e-commerce i think it's worth mentioning that at xeno there is a possibility to play with btc ethereum and btcv to everyone who considers any of those three uh crypto uh it's a pro tip just check transaction fees for btc it would be the less okay uh can we move to development then sure this is from my perspective this is one of the most important parts of crypto project as uh we have to be sound in the in the in the in the way that we do the technical development so something was planned for quarter one and we are the promises there this uh is a security feature it's called the notifications so uh we promised to deliver uh a feature where you will be even able as peter said we already had over two around two 200 transactions which saved around half a million transactions we which cas potentially save you a half million dollars in general by people when people made the mistake or or got hacked or whatever we don't know exactly but this is the amount of money that was cancelled so it came back to the to the owner of this wallet so but the problem is uh very basic that you're not monitoring your wallet uh daily and you might not find out that the the transaction was done on or in in this specific case so we introduced that every incoming and outgoing transaction that's happening uh you'll get a notified by email this is the free step then you'll get notified by pop-up in your mobile and then there'll be even more but this is the first step so in gold wallet you have this notifications this is actually done it's fully developed and this will be live in two weeks from so it's not yet on the it's not it's not yet on the android store or ios store it will be there in around two weeks as the final development is done we already tested it right now we are preparing the tutorials for for for you to for community in different languages so you know how exactly to use it and this should be done in around one week and then so that's why i'm saying that in two weeks this will go live and once we will announce it in social media so this is your part right and once this is announced you can just download the new version or update then the current the current one and then you will be able to use these features what kind of notifications user will uh receive uh outgoing uh incoming comments yes both it will be you'll be notified about each in incoming and outgoing transactions that are related with your main wallet so you know when you receive something and as well if something is outgoing you'll get uh you you notified as well so then you will be able to use our main feature the reversal of transaction of course if you made the mistake or you can even compare the the in a simple way that the address that you wanted to make a transaction is the correct one so there's no mistake and first it happens for the gold wallet then it happens that and this is in two weeks from now and the next step is electron vault the desktop application we are almost finished this should be in few weeks and then the next step is is the pop-up notification in your mobile world and this is this will be coming in in in a little bit later okay this sounds really cool so let's imagine that uh my wallet was hacked yes what this notification will help us help me in some way sure let's imagine you're on on vacation which is very hard right now with the covet situation but let's say you're not watching your wallet and then but you're pretty much everyone is watching your email on daily basis and then you get uh email notifications so you will find that dear peter such and such transaction was done on this time from this wallet to this solid at this amount and and you're notified so if something was done without your knowledge you are you just able to use free keys and cancel the transaction so that's useful so this is something called promised it was planned for quarter one and it will be live in two weeks so this is one of the things another big development that is almost finished uh we call it airdrops it's planned for the quarter two and this is related with uh and current and we do this to encourage current users uh of vault to reach another level of adoption and so we want people who have had freaky wallets on on use it even more and there will be like special prices from bitcoin vote developers from from from our company and us for those who actually use those features so we want to encourage you to use it reach the next level of adoption and this will be a very i would say peter's simplified version of staking yes so basically if you have bitcoin votes on your wallet uh gold wallet then with special actions that we plan for you you'll be able to receive the bitcoin volts and but the main purpose of this i would say uh feature is uh is is to encourage our community to to get to know and get more familiar with our technology to download the gold wall let opened a freaky wallet yes our numbers are growing but we need we would like you them to grow continuously so this is one of the the features that we introduced to to grow even more when do you think it will be launched uh you know on the roadmap is the quarter two but we are trying to speed up so i would say in around one and a half month from now on and this is just the the something that is coming behind the corner but for your information i mean uh you you maybe not have not seen it but we had at least two or three updates on our gold wallet we are fixing the miner bags or or just making uh steps to simplify the use of of of our software and this is more complex solution so we are taking a steps and this we already working for a month or two with our developers to how to find a way how to simplify our software in a way that people who use it will will get more familiar it will be more easier to use it and then again we want to reach a higher level of adoption a global adoption on the market sure there's with exchanges you have this simple and promote usually right so is this something similar yes this is a little bit similar so just for example uh when you create a gold wallet you have a couple of options you can have a legacy version a turkey a freaky legacy let's explain it's the same as on the bitcoin then you can have a 2key wallet freaky wallet but also there are advanced this will introduce it there are some advanced options and you can make it to create a security wallet with different signatures but uh this feature is hidden so you say it's more advanced but peter i'm swearing yes we are trying to make the whole process the onboarding process when you're starting from when you create the wallet uh and we received a lot of requests from from community for example how to reset the password uh how to receive the pin uh how to do different stuff so we are preparing a simplified solutions for that so for example if you're actually you can do this now but it's more complicated if you forget your uh pin you have to use your seat to recover and we are simplifying the way how to do this also we are ensuring that people when you create a wallet you receive a seat and right now we introduce uh like double confirmation that you actu actually put down the seat you have to reconfirm all the all the phrases that you have received so this is like another small step so and just summarizing this around like 15 new features a small ones that we are introducing uh from week to week i would say it's not even a quarter but the next month there will be like two or three of those in the next version of the gold wallet so uh those are the things that are on our roadmap that they were they were planned for quarter one and they are pretty much delivered and we can move on with even even more uh something i would like to radek mentioned something called i we have received a lot of questions and this is yeah actually we we published a new roadmap and a new white paper on december last year and uh already we had a lot of questions about uh rap btcv about tierium 2.0 about uh tokens how does it work uh what's the reason for for the team to go this direction actually yes so rap bitcoin vault is uh uh is connected to the bitcoin vault so this is a one-to-one token backed up by bitcoinvault we and answering why we do this it will be the same value of token and the coin yes this is it we won't be creating them out of air basically to get it you have to freeze your bitcoin vote in order to get the rap bitcoin vote so the supply will be complementary between two cases total supply doesn't change it's 21 million just just you we want to give a new features to be convolved we want to reach a new adoption and we want more people to join and what we need to do we need to do more features those that we have are related with the security with uh with the simplification of our software but still we are on the market and we love it the blockchain the technology behind it the centralization and i personally love the smart contracts so the wrapped bitconvolt basically is the token that we interact with the smart contracts and we plan this for the end of this year but we are speeding up because the whole market is growing and it's becoming more important to interact with the smart contracts so the platform uh is already in the in the mock-up version in the prototype and i i think we should be able to show some marketing materials maybe in the month from now in in this sort of different way as we are working on that research has been done so basically we'll be creating a wrapped version of bitcoinvote we don't know either it will be e or c 20 or binance smart contracts as as maybe both yeah it's changing because of the fees right it's changing from the fees i mean right now ethereum fees are crazy so finance smart contract is growing it would be smart to and actually smart contracts are the same on both uh chains so that there are complimentary technologies the same the technology is the same the main use of it is to you to enter the smart contract market and this um this market is huge right now it's booming so you have nfps you have launch pads you have decentralized applications uh you can reach the decentralized exchanges and we already are doing a lot of efforts to provide liquidity with new exchanges to encourage people to join to join b tracks or different exchanges we do competition but at the same time we can reach this from the technical perspective we can we can uh to offer new functionalities yes if if we are have the rap bitcoin vault instantly we can join uh uni swap or pancake exchanges that they're i would say they are the third or fourth uh in the turnovers in the global market right now so this will be huge from from the adoption perspective so this is wrapped bitcoin voltage is just the first step to interact with the smart contracts and then we will follow with the new features uh a new platform we have a lot of ideas how to what to create and this can be as i said something related to with nfts maybe a launchpad for new pro projects maybe maybe some decentralized application and there is just a bunch of solutions that are rocking right now uh but before it happens we need to wrap bitcoinvolt so this is the first major step in order to achieve new level of functionality yeah it's actually because this is planned for the end of the year correct yes maybe sooner but frankly speaking nfts is a thing of the last two months or something like that i i wonder what will be the the big thing in in the next six months in this industry yes but the point is uh we are not dependent on nfts or something once we are ready to interact with smart contracts whatever we find out ourselves maybe we will make a step forward before the market and our idea will be the first one but at the same time once we have it we can we can compete and we can compete with anyone on the market on the current most promising solution right now we cannot do this because bitcoin votes is just proof of work uh coin we have a great security features but we cannot interact with a smart contract so hold this deal just to make it simplified we create this token to give you a new features i mean basically for our users to have the interaction with default market with the apps smart contracts whatever is the most promising on the market we will be there okay cool uh so you mentioned this uh will affect liquidity sure what do you mean by that well we will approach uh debts and trust exchanges and i said uh for example we received resettled questions about new exchanges right even like binance or something we already have uh b-tracks with this top 10 and then we do a lot of activities to encourage our users to be there with wrapped version of our token we can like automatically apply for decentralized exchanges and then we even more traders which improves liquidity in the long term yes because those tokens are related one to one so if we increase new liquidity by automatic measures then it will affect the whole ecosystem actually i think this is uh more and more people are using dead centralized exchanges on the market so this is like the fees are much lower and at least in the binary smart contracts but then uni swap will have another version and etcetera etcetera so we are adjusting to the market okay anything else uh or shall we shall we move to the roadmap let's move to the roadmap i have one more thing related with the security i would like to share but let's move on yeah so first of all we have uh six uh streams uh in our in our roadmap uh it was published last year and we are progressing on every aspect um so let's maybe summarize this is q1 what has been done in terms of development we actually approached this topic of rapid cv with tokenomics correct yes we are even more advanced than that i mean we are at least two months ahead okay uh so can we already talk about the the the timetable or or the pipeline how how how we're gonna for sure use and we will plan it for quarter four for sure this will be shorter uh i don't want to give exact date but no later than quarter free okay it should happen earlier but at least faster one quarter faster than we planned okay then another work stream is our user experience uh which relates to a lot of aspects how people are interacting with our products i think we have some improvements here here in this area one of them is that we are introducing those notifications you mentioned or warning messages to to users anything else do we plan to to to focus on in the next uh yes actually as i said we are thinking to redefine the way how you use free keys we have to keep them in our ecosystem but we want to simplify so right now our yeah our designers our project manager are working on that uh to find a way how to simplify the whole solution so we might go with two mobile telephones i don't know yet what will be exit but uh we give you even a simplified option how to use free keys to the current solution simplifying things in crypto is a very very challenging topic as whole crypto is complicated enough yes i mean the whole crew the whole industry is complicated also our software i realize that is complicated and the the simpler it is the more people will use it and it will benefit the whole ecosystem but still uh what we see from the community is that a lot of uh newcomers completely new new people to crypto are uh coming to our coin actually because it we offer this additional level of security to so so i think it's a good thing to to have it simplified and speaking of security uh we communicate a lot about our security features based on free keys but this is not the whole security right as security from our development perspective is much more yes so we of course do the internal updates and we to ensure that our code is secure our infrastructure is secure and also our blockchain is secure but something what i can announce that uh i think in around one month time from now we will be announcing the major cooperation and partnership will well know security company which will conduct the full audit of our infrastructure software and user experience on from from from front end to back end and this company is in the in the fortunes 100 so we cannot say the name this again the negotiations but in the month time we announced it and this just uh it's a major partnership in the means of security for our for becoming so you're referring to the test right now yes which we have panthers is just a small part of it we are covering the whole ecosystem our website software how it interacts with the users at our nodes so the whole ecosystem will be covered by this partnership what is the goal here to ensure that whatever we do is secure and just a well-known authority on the market proves and that bitcoinvote is presumably the most secure crypto and this partnership is also important because we need a um well-known partners like to cooperate with us so this partnership we have presuming this this security partnership and this just proves how serious our project is okay let's see what they find out uh one of the work streams we have and we're focusing strongly is the products uh piotr can you give us more detail what happened in q1 and what do we plan in the next year in terms of the any products related to trading and exchanges etc uh i've mentioned already the indacoin so the ability to purchase crypto and pcb with a car that's one second is that we had in january we launched staking with two exchanges that was bitmart and a bitcoin global and with both of them there were two options but generally speaking there are more than 600 users who stake more than 15 000 bitcoin volts so again that's in terms of uh volume that's approximately considering the at that time price uh but that was actually approximately seven hundred thousand dollars more or less so so basically uh [Music] also shortly reminding that staking here means that if you freeze your btcvs for a period of time you get rewarded and that that was uh an encouragement towards our users and community to keep and hold uh dbtcb with them rather than to for longer periods of time so this is an added functionality it's not something common in proof-of-work coins yes it usually is built around a proof-of-stake tokens in general it does appear for for proof of work sometimes it's called landing so because you just lent the coins to the uh to the you know entity who runs the this program uh but generally it's uh the the main benefit is that you get rewarded simply right but you can earn uh additional uh bitcoin votes and or additional assets with with that time uh we also do we plan any more activities like that landings taking yeah we are planning uh i don't have any certain date in mind right now but you can be sure that we'll be announcing something this quarter this upcoming quarter by end of june probably it depends on the partner right uh depends on the partner depends on the market conditions the volatility on the market the the volatility of the price itself of bitcoin volt etc etc so we'll be considering few factors and deciding we definitely will let you know all of you when this will happen on many channels i presume so we'll be informing you about it and finally i was also i wanted to also mention the margin trading products so you're able to trade with leverage on chosen exchanges the leverage is slow currently i think that's times three or times five at the maximum but then again it's for example today the btcd gained seven percent and uh using the margin trading you can earn much more than the seven percent right so basically that's uh product but let's be clear we do not encourage anyone to to trade leveraged trades that's that's totally very very risky i'm not encouraging anyone i'm just informing you that this option is available on the market as with any other coins um what we have on the roadmap is that we will be approaching new gateways payment gateways and my question is here that first of all we have one payment gateway do we need more and why do we need payment gateway section let me start with that with what actually payment gateway is because it can be understood differently the also the india coin itself is a specific type of a payment gateway where you can purchase btcv with with the card where usually permanent gateways are related to purchasing of some goods like for example for example on exino and approach payment gateway is usually a company which allows for easy authorizations on making a transaction and settling on the transaction for both the user that purchases goods and the merchant that that signs agreement with this particular payment gateway like a middleman like an intermediary in the processing of any transaction and actually those payment gateways their business is on obtaining as many merchants and convincing them to adopt theirs their technical solution allowing for processing of cryptocurrencies on those on on in those shops in those with those merchants right so what does it mean for you for you and for for the community and for me is that when you have those btcbs with you you can go to for example i don't know the electronic store online or grocery store again online make a purchase and and everything will go smoothly it will be the transaction will be done and the merchant will receive the equivalent of your transaction he can choose obviously btcvs or or fiat currencies and we are focusing on those because they will also allow the the reach of btcb in wide variety of shops because those usually those payment gateways have vast networks of merchants up to 70 hundred thousand even of merchants around the world depending on the type of the payment gate so basically what this is our main focus to this is this will also allow btcv to be adopted by many merchants this will allow to be to be traded even more with the exchanges this will be this will allow the community the users the holders of btc to to make purchases online with different merchants for for anything and we are already in very advanced talks with with three such entities we are making our priority in this quarter to sign as much as many you know agreements as possible okay anything else in terms of products uh we started to also this um project aimed at q3 relating to the data analysis uh so we are uh some of the numbers presented here in the presentation were already taken from this analytical platform will be gradually making those data more accessible maybe on web page maybe under this some specific reports that that will be is to be decided but generally speaking we made progress in that regard that yeah i think is less relevant to to community more relevant to our partners to actually see what's actually inside the blockchain personally i believe both because it i as a holder of btcb i do want to know how the blockchain is developing so it's sometimes good to simply see how the statistics look like how what's the progress with the amount of wallets transactions is it is the blockchain used etc etc but basically yes this is more important for us to decide what to do next what what steps today considering okay so last but not least we have one um work stream related to marketing and communication uh so here we have launched our new website and we are also progressing in terms of creating as a communication awareness marketing campaign on a global scale i can update you it's not that easy to find a good partners that can actually provide us with uh with good service but we plan to to already have um some major progress here uh in may so uh we will be updating you what we can actually i think we can announce this yes share some insights uh we will be more uh entering more into space of esports uh gaming and uh as uh as a as a cryptocurrency we want to be present among the amateur semi-pro and professional uh players in this field so okay so we are getting more competitive right yeah exactly we will run some competitions for um for players uh gamers um in our key markets we are aiming at asia latin america and africa for now yeah so stay tuned to our social media i think we will be able to announce this officially in the next three to four weeks so it's going to be interesting we have we are building this strategy uh security partnership you mentioned already and uh everything is uh in progress airdrops platform will be launched uh in uh in a in a couple of weeks blockchain analytics platform we have uh already yeah that's really is it finished not not yet right it's like the final stage second is there so we can already draw some conclusions and numbers but it's not like ready to be released publicly or outside our company so i think it's uh it's a quite good progress when it comes to to only couple of months uh 12 weeks so far so um maybe let's move to to uh some questions from the community where we have received during this uh ama uh there is always question which repeats itself that there's actually two questions that repeats that are repeated all the time first of all uh when do we plan to be listed on finance and when do we plan to to get market cap uh on coin market cap yeah i hear that a lot so i had a dream about it a couple of days ago uh there's when uh i don't know personally it's not that we are not hearing this question and not just not doing anything with it uh we are um we've filled actually all the necessary application forms or all the documentation was provided for to both platforms to binance and coin market cap we did additional [Music] apis providing the circulating supply for a coin for example that's one of the examples of additional technical requirements that they had uh so we are pushing this and and doing everything uh what's possible to to be included in on both of those platforms uh and uh i think that's um crypto is getting more and more um like open and and there are more and more projects so again this is i'm referring to this competitiveness in the market and there are so many projects out there which want to apply for both platforms and this is what i also hear from the market that they are overcrowded with applications from everywhere the small token projects the larger projects the new projects are coming from the existing players etc etc it seems that the the whole process on their side is being you know stretched in time simply just because they they receive a lot of applications so generally speaking this is our goal as well we are doing encouraging what we can to be there so let's see but i think it's also worth to mention that we already have market cap uh listed uh in a lot of directories i think no mix is one of them or coin paprika uh uh we are working also with coin gecko for example and also trying to to finish the process of being listed there we've started talking to diap which is also one of the well-known rankings there um we are that's a side topic but we are with a trending view so we can you can check the uh the whole uh btc pair with a bit trickster and you can do any sort of analysis technical analysis that's needed for evaluation of the uh of the trend of the rate of the of the all the technical aspects and kpis of the coin so there are i would say that there are already enough data obviously out there but yeah for sure coin market cap is one of the topics on on the agenda um i think it's worth to mention that that it does not depend on us actually we provided all the all the information to the interested parties we provided all the information that we have been asked for uh we have updated our explorer i think with the um reach list recently uh yes we've reached this distribution showing what percentage of coins are dedicated to what goal yeah so this is actually another type of info that you can check to to verify the credibility of the project i would say so also from my perspective you know this being listed there doesn't stop us from anywhere like finance or beatrix it's top 10 already we are there and first we need to encourage people to use more b tracks even if we move to that even higher i think there's also i've heard one more aspect of of this question that it confirms the legitimacy of the project and uh well my personal opinion is that and that this presentation that the role model the team that the development made this it confirms the legitimacy cell by itself uh but what i want to add from my perspective is that we do have some legal opinions saying that our project doesn't breach laws or infringes any kind of rules on the particular markets obviously those are given for for a particular jurisdiction but then again it supports the point that the the the legitimacy is there yeah i think it's quite important um regarding binance also may be a side question from my side uh would it help to get listed on binance if uh we built rapid cv on binance chain well um yes and no the the the answer is like always it depends but getting into a little bit into deeper details right now finance has something what's called launchpad and they're launching our own their own projects and those projects get listed on finance quick why because finance takes apart they support their own system if you are the third party project even if you are uh even your own binaural smart contracts it doesn't mean your own buy notes and there is already like few thousand finance smart contracts tokens and projects following and they are not on the binance so it doesn't work that way okay let's move to another question we have a question about how many canceled transactions were actually uh cancellation rather than someone testing the reversibility of transactions so so the question is what were the real versus testing can we check that no actually actually from the blockchain is very transparent we know there has been uh 200 transactions with the value of 10 000 bitcoin volts which is half of the million but we cannot see if there were testing or i'm sure that all of them were not tests that that what we can say for certain right because who is testing half a million dollar right yeah for example right or sitting and doing 200 transactions so so i would say from my experience with different projects and with this one as well that at maximum five to ten percent of this amount would be testing and the the other transactions are yeah that's a good good example by our users yeah and more we still have the test net version yeah exactly so people because because uh those transactions are on the main menu so it means you use the real bit convolutes and this how we know the value 10 000 of bitcoin volts but we also have launched uh and it's still ongoing it's until the end of till the the the launch of free keys the test net so actually you can test free keys solution for free as you uh don't have to use actual bitcoin volts and i believe if people would like to test it there it's easier to use on the something could doesn't cost you anything okay i think this is an interesting question because it relates to the price in the market uh i think it's fair to say that we are in a ball bull cycle and coins have gone up at least 300 percent while btcv has remained stagnant in the region of 50 to 60 uh us dollars range uh could this mean the market has no interest in is not interested in btc well i'm not a professional trader but know a little bit so maybe from my perspective it's like uh the coin is uh not yet in the mainstream it's not yet connected it's not yet paired with btc and ethereum on various exchanges as well as tether and usd so uh until we have it i think the fluctuations on on the key players will not affect us as much as they would if we would be connected more that's my assumption from my my trading actually yes but it also is related to the liquidity we have to keep it in mind that we're still building the liquidity and the bigger the liquidity the more connection with the market the lower we have it has also some good benefits because if the price is falling some and you your liquidities is uh let's say in a relative low then you are not being hit with the global market and going down so this also has some benefits but just commenting price is always hard but [Music] yeah we're not commenting for the price here the price is dictated by the market uh however it's true that the fluctuation on the mark on the big market i mean uh bitcoin and ethereum especially with both of them changing all time high every week uh it does not affect the price of bitcoin vault because of lack of disconnection with with the major exchanges major uh payment gateways uh um and everything the whole ecosystem right yes i mean our project our product is still young right we introduced our main feature like four and a half months ago and you can check out the if you compare the project that's already a few years on the market it's really hard to compare one to one i mean even the liquidity number of transactions so you have to be smart in what you do and there are some benefits of love or liquidity comparing to i don't know ethereum right this is a few billion per day per exchange or whatever so everything has the benefits and some costs yeah it's a good point that it will affect positively and negatively the price as uh as we progress with the development okay let's move to the next question the staking option is it going to be opened in different exchanges i think we already answered that yeah but it's worth to mention that we will be choosing the partners carefully and uh first of all second of all not uh as we mentioned that staking is usual for the proof of stake coins not usual for proof-of-work and not all of the exchanges offers taking for proof-of-work uh coins so this is like a category within a category which means that the the there are uh selected partners that we will be able to do it yes but also let's keep in mind that we have airdrop for gold wallet users and this will be all completely open so it won't depend on an exchange all you what you have to do is the question was about staking but yeah it's worth mentioning the air drops as well air drops is a kind of of a staking you can compare it because you stake you get bitcoin votes and yeah in terms of result is there is the result is the same you get more bitcoin so this feature that we already discussed airdrops built into gold wallet and all you have to do is download the gold wallet and set up the free keys wallet and put your bitcoin votes in there as well okay there is a question from the community about the centralization and what is the status at the moment we mentioned at the beginning we can repeat that but also the question is how does it affect the value of the coin the decentralization itself well in in global perspective [Music] the mining market is very brutal itself yeah and so we have to keep in mind that you running asked me what is the plan for the full decentralization we have to be very careful in there because what miners do they don't work as charity yeah they don't care about development they care about the development they don't care about the community they don't care about the people who have the tokens all they care is basically how much profits they make so giving a a percent of your network to to open market basically to which is an open market means people will receive bitcoin vaults so from one side we get a solid partner renown and and our network is more secure as we are decentralized but at the cost of course of the tokens that people received but again there can be some benefits of that because more people actually get bitcoin votes and more people use it so we also reach some level of adoption because some people will sell it instantly and this will impact the price but other people will hold it as they receive it and then our community is even bigger more people have bitcoin votes and this is like global people so short answer is it depends it has some also some benefits that i named and the cons are the concern yes that people can who are actually who are mining they can sell it but this is the same with bitcoin right or ethereum you mine it you might keep it or you might sell it just to cover your expenses electricity whatever just the normal market i think i think the centralization is very important in terms of credibility of the project at least from my perspective um and taking into account the fact that bitcoin was developed as fully decentralized project uh it was uh it was like actually at the core of the bitcoin to be decentralized well this this is the my idea of the blockchain it started as a fully decentralized uh anonymous network then it obviously became a competition to the banking system in global and this is why it got regulated so much and so in general this is the the main idea of of blockchain and i think we followed the good path yeah okay maybe one uh a little bit funny question uh to to finish uh on a positive note why uh btcv uh is used as a store of value but elon musk doesn't care why ellen musk doesn't care about bitcoin vault mask doesn't care about lots of things right and yeah he's just one of them i think so too but then again i personally believe that he just doesn't know yet simply maybe maybe we can reach out to him let me have a call sir let's let's try it but yeah also let's keep in mind that helena did that uh no to dodge corn right and like yeah if you compare the technical development from my perspective and the backup how much you do for the software answers it's like it's a joke yeah donkey kong was created as a joke car you know as a mean coin i know but still it's like so sometimes you have to if you look at the credibility of the project please look how much technical development is being done and this answers you what is done behind this stance okay so uh it's been past an hour uh we planned this only for for an hour so we are already uh we already um over time over time and uh just uh just to just to give you um uh encourage our community and uh thank you for as a thank you for joining um today um please go to our social media follow us to be up to date with all the developments uh thank you again for joining us today we will uh select 10 happy new owners of one btcv uh in the next couple of days so please leave your comment tell us what you think about the project tell us what you want to be developed but developed next with btcv what do you think that where do you think the project is going uh just share your opinion with us and uh we will uh we'll give a giveaway 10 btc for all the people that will leave the comments thank you very much for joining us today and have a good day you

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