Getting Started in Virbela

[Music] welcome to rubella where you can be remote yet connected you're watching this video because you're ready to get started and join verbella's open campus with your entire team verbella open campus is a virtual world complete with offices auditoriums meeting rooms classrooms event spaces and even a soccer field we enable you to bring together remote groups of any size in a 3d environment to work learn engage and socialize now let's get started downloading verbella to download verbella open campus head to download and select mac or pc to start your download double-click the downloaded file and follow prompts to install the application note if you're using a pc you may see a prompt for an unrecognized app pop-up click the more info button to continue once the app is installed open it and click play to get started please allow a few minutes for the application to download a patch the first time you log in setting up your avatar the first time you enter campus you'll find yourself in the wardrobe room where you can customize your avatar use the buttons on the left side of the screen to choose your avatar's look and style we have a wide variety of clothing and accessory options so you can create an avatar as unique as yourself these glasses really complete my look when you're done click the green button to enter campus basic controls when you arrive in open campus you'll first appear in the welcome area you'll likely be greeted by our concierge team hey sarah so feel free to say hello or ask a question to walk around use your arrow keys or the wasd keys or click your mouse when you see the movement icon click the microphone button in the lower left corner to turn on your mic and talk when finished talking click the button again to mute yourself there is also a text chat option which allows you to share a message with other users publicly or in a private volume in open campus you'll experience spatialized voice which means you can hear people close to you talking and their voices fades as they walk in a different direction just like in the real world in some areas you may see a blue circle or dotted line on the ground this is a private sound area which means only the people within that space can hear each other allowing for private conversations in the upper left corner you'll notice a blue go-to menu click this menu to see the campus locations you can teleport to of course you can also choose the old-fashioned way and walk to your destination if you click your own name in the blue menu you'll notice several options allowing you to update your user profile change your avatar or set your status to away there are also emotes which allow you to wave clap dance and more in the upper right corner you can find settings as well as the verbella campus hub which lists destinations tips and events in campus verbella open campus is home to many exciting spaces take a few minutes to explore and imagine how rubella can transform your next event class meeting or any gathering we created verbella to empower your organization to be ready to seize every opportunity ready to work ready to learn ready to connect be ready for virtually anything with verbella

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