GET READY! Huge Airdrop Will Rival Uniswap & DyDx!! Millions to Be Made!?

Egg yolk, to all those silly sally viewers
of the tube. This is the last episode, I will be shooting
in this studio back in Chico California. Next time you will see me, I’ll either be
in a studio in Lisbon Portugal, or I just might shoot my videos out on the streets of
Lisbon, like I used to do when I lived in Miami. How should I shoot: studio or outside? Let me know in the comments & I’ll do what
the viewers decide. So, you know our drill, it’s time for Chico
Crypto!! Well all I have to say is Bitcoin better not
be a bummer for my first few days in Lisbon! Because the past couple of days, it has been
a bummer. Bitcoin broke $57,000 for the 1st time since
May…but it couldn’t break 58. Resistance was met late on Monday the 11th,
early morning of the 12th it retried, but as of the 12th the bears took over…and as
of yesterday we dipped below 55k. The crash from it’s high was a fall of 3000
buckeroos, or about a 5.2 percent decrease. A pretty hefty fall, but…it didn’t do
much damage to traders who are leveraging.

Checking out bybt and total liquidations,
on the 12th there was 173 million in Long liquidations, and yesterday there was 131
million. That’s just 304 million over the past 2
days, and if you look into past liquidations history, those 2 green candles aren’t anything
special… Like I mentioned last week, Bullish leverage
traders who go LONG still have the bad taste of September in their mouths, as we can see
there were more than a few massive green candles that month, where they got REKT, including
the big day September 6th in which 3.22 billion in Longs went up in flames. For them to begin placing large long positions
once again, we will need to break of course 58k, but also 60k, and in my opinion, even
break Plan B’s October prediction of 63k. That will be the type of price movements that
will give them the confidence to LONG the markets. So, the BIG leverage dump I’ve been predicting,
wasn’t this dump we just experienced….it’s still to come….

So, as much as I hate to say it…Leverage
is the major control of Bitcion’s price movements now. It’s where the majority of the volume is….over
50 percent. Checking out Coingecko, Binance is the top
spot crypto exchange with just over 26.2 billion in 24 hour volume, and as we can see above,
there is over 135.7 billion in total spot volume, on both Dex’s and Centralized exchanges. Well switching over to derivatives, we can
see the top exchange is once again Binance, but their derivative volume is over 78.8 billion. Aka it’s over 200 percent higher than spot. Then above we can see total volume from derivatives,
175.8 billion from perpetuals plus 13.2 billion from futures, is 189 billion. Of total crypto volume, adding in the 135.7
billion spot, would equal 324.7 billion. So that would mean the 189 billion of derivatives
makes up 58.2 percent of total crypto volume. But, if you aren’t like the many in the
space, that think they can time the markets, and you just HODL, these short term DIPs,
should have no effect on you.

They don’t have an effect on me. I know they are coming. Thus, with RED days, in a bull market, I don’t
get scurred. I see them as buying opportunities as this
market is far from done. Mr. Plan B, the creator of the Stock to Flow
model, and price predictor extraordinaire was just on the Maxi pad Pomp Podcast discussing
his model, and predictions. Let’s listen in… Surprised below 100k by the end of the year. The Bull continues into q1 2022, and it will
even surpass 135k…up to whatever soccer flakes are, but he said 288k? Can you say BULLISH!? So, another altseason MUST go on…and I have
a feeling there is going to be some special altcoin airdrops before the end of the year. I recently predicted Optimisim will be the
first oprimitsic rollup, out of the 2 most popular which includes the tokenless Arbitrum…to
Airdrop a token to users on the rollup…and I still think that is coming this year… But I do think another rollup is going to
airdrop some tokens to users…so are you talking about Arbitrum? Well, no I don’t think they need to.

If we go to l2 beat, which tracks TVL of ethereum
layer 2’s, we can see Arbitrum is dominating tokenless. It has $2.1 billion locked up and up over
32 percent over the past 7 days. That is nearly 9x the size of Optimism’s
TVL, resulting in a market share of over 61 percent. So I don’t think it’s another Optimistic
Rollup who will be doing airdrop, I personally think it will be one of the Zero Knowledge,
ZK rollups doing one! Who on the ZK list could it be, DYDX already
dropped which I predicted as well, loopring already has had a token, zkswap too, in my
opinion, it’s going to be a big, future upcoming player in the l2 space…zksync! So why do I think this? Well ZkSync has already announced a token!! Back in December of 2019 they posted this
blog “Introducing zkSync: the missing link to mass adoption of Ethereum” This blog
was the introduction of the testnet, and in it they said “Guardians comprise the majority
of ZK Sync token holders who stake their token share to nominate validators.

The purpose of Guardians is to monitor peer-to-peer
transaction traffic, detect censorship behavior, and ensure validators caught censoring are
not nominated. Guardians are rewarded with fees from the
Validators denominated in the ZK Sync native token. Their earnings and stakes are locked for a
prolonged period of time, to incentivize the prioritization of long-term ZK Sync token
value over short-term returns.” A ZK Sync native token is coming…which is
confirmed an the rollups documentation.

It says in the Tokenomics sections. “Will ZK Sync have a native token? Yes!” and then below that the question is
aksed-When? How can I get the token? They say “Our efforts and focus have been
so far dedicated for the development of zkSync and its security” And they give links for
their socials for updates. So why do I think they are going to do an
airdrop? Well they basically did in the past in their
documentation and tokenomics section.

Using wayback machine, and going to that specific
page, as we can see under the question: When? How can I get the token? They said “We intend to distribute the majority
of the network government rights to our community. Please follow our news to get all the important
updates” Distribute the majority of network government
rights to the community. If that’s not words for a community airdrop,
I don’t know what is! And guess what, I’m going to show the steps
to possibly be eligible for this airdrop, if there is one…and I think it’s highly
likely, the writing is on the wall.

But before we get into that, it’s time for
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Links are below! Now back to that airdrop…Sooo, there was
some BIG news yesterday from ZK, they announced the launch of UniSync, a port of Uniswap v2,
on the zkEVM testnet! Why is this big? Well, ZKSync in the past has had it’s own
smart contract language called ZINC. They have now created a solidity compiler
which allows solidity on the rollup, so dapps can port over easily.

This means general purpose computation with
the scalability and security of optimistic rollups but with instant withdrawals all while
still using the language smart contract devs are used to, Solidity. But they also say this in the blog at the
very end “P.S. We have some very exciting news coming soon! Stay up-to-date. Airdrop? Is that hint of it….if so then first, I
would test Unisync out. So let’s do it. You can find the dapp in their blog, or it’s
down below in the description.

Open it up, click Launch Dapp, and the next
step is to connect a wallet. Connect using metamask, and select the wallet
you would like to use and click next. It will then tell you you are on the wrong
network, but will automatically fill Metamask in with the network details in Metamask. Over there, just click approve and then switch
network and it will connect you to the testnet. Now you don’t have any test tokens to use,
so you can click request tokens form a faucet, and to get them you will have to have a Twitter,
and tweet with their pre-populated text. Just click tweet, and it will automatically
do it for you on Twitter. Just click tweet on twitter to post, confirm
it’s there and then go back to the Unisync interface and it should show the tokens successfully
claimed after a short bit. Now you have 300 test USDC in your wallet. So let’s swap those bad bois! First put in the amount you would like to
swap, we will do 150 USDC, and then click the token you would like to swap into…we
are choosing that stinky, stinky LINK. Then you have to allow Uniswap to use your
USDC, click that and sign the transaction in Metamask.

Now we can trade, click swap, confirm the
swap, and sign the transaction in Metamask and boom, you made your first swap on Zk Sync,
which as we can see just took .167 seconds. Blazingly fast! Now there is more you can do to prepare yourself
to be eligible, and this is live on the mainnet! At, link for that is down
below too, you will find the zksync mainnet wallet. Here you can transfer to the l2 wallet from
Ethereum l1 mainnet, also here you have the option to mint NFTs on the zksync layer 2. And look at that NFT mint price…just 1 and
13 cents. And I’m doing all of this, because I do
really think they will be doing an airdrop…a big one. Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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