Get In Early On Gains. (This Crypto Revolutionizes Advertising)

the world of digital advertising is about to change forever since the dawn of time people selling goods have been creating new ways to attract customers to buy their products from them instead of their competitors this ultimately led to teams of people putting their heads together at advertisement agencies to develop new slogans and technologies to maximize user engagement to various products and services merging this world with fintech and blockchain technology is revolutionary consequently the advertising industry is on the verge of being rebuilt from the inside out those in the legacy system are about to be mad men because ideas this good would make don draper take a four hour lunch just to wrap his head around it let's get it to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad the largest and greatest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this sponsored video we will discuss alchemy the world's first decentralized advertising exchange is bringing deepview to marketing in 1994 we saw the first digital ad on the internet almost 30 years later it's a multi-billion dollar industry last year digital advertising spending eclipsed offline channels in 2021 the global advertising market is a 576 billion dollar industry 58 of this total ad spending is now in digital advertising which means the value of the digital advertising market is worth an astounding 340 billion dollars ninety percent of display ads sold by digital marketers are processed through a series of intermediaries before reaching the publisher this is known as programmatic advertising this legacy system is inefficient due to its complexity 49 cents of every advertiser's dollar is spent through these intermediaries before it even reaches the publisher and one-third of these supply chain costs are completely untraceable in an article from adweek mark pritchard png brand officer states we have a media supply chain that is murky at best and fraudulent at worst we need to clean it up and invest the time and money we save into better advertising it's obvious that this ad tech tax makes it extremely difficult for digital marketers to engage with their desired demographic let alone get what they paid for donald draper once said i won't settle for fifty percent of anything i want a hundred percent this is exactly what the team at alchemy is going to do just like dvi removes the intermediaries between users and their money alchemy is a decentralized replacement to the programmatic legacy system with a mission to restore the value exchange between advertisers publishers and users the hyper graph powers alchemy it's an asynchronous infinitely scalable and consequently built to handle large sums of data its revolutionary blockchain technology created by constellation is even trusted by the u.s department of defense the hyper graph records every transaction ensuring total transparency zero fraud and significantly lower user fees that 49 ad tax will be reduced to 1.5 cents which would make 98.5 cents of each dollar go to the publishers compared to 51 cents alchemy was meticulously engineered to give publishers incentive to improve the experience of their users this will create an environment where engagement with advertising significantly increases by holding staking alchemy's native token ads users will be rewarded for participation in a system where advertising treats you as a person not a product using the principle of generates of economics the alchemy exchange will reward users publishers and advertisers for rebuilding the intended value exchange of the open web fewer ads better user experience increased engagement using constellations hypergraph gives alchemy the back end to build and define a state channel which transforms what we know about smart contracts these state channels allow alchemy to create custom consensus mechanisms that function on custom data this enables projects like alchemy to decentralize their ad exchange operations while bringing more transparency auditability fast transaction times and unlimited bandwidth to advertising the digital advertising duopoly from google and facebook suffocates the legacy system they dominate the digital ad market and together they take up 53.3 percent of all the digital ad revenue publishers are at the behest of facebook and google these big tech corporations aren't playing by the rules either for years google has been running a secret project known as project bernanke that uses large amounts of data to give its own ad buying system a significant advantage over competitors an article from the wall street journal from april this year states texas is leading an anti-trust lawsuit against google that accuses the search company of running a digital ad monopoly how fair is it that they act as a buyer and a seller at the same time buying ads from themselves just to sell them for themselves google acknowledged the existence of project bernanke in its response and said in the filing that the detail of project bernanke operation are not disclosed to publishers the same publishers that only receive 51 cents from every dollar spent on a digital advertising the wall street journal article also sheds light on a secret deal between facebook and google called jedi blue this allegedly guarantees facebook would both bid and win a fixed percentage of at auctions type of blatant corruption is what alchemy is going to put an end to andrea coselli ceo of uk competition and markets authority stated we're already actively scanning the players and the complaints we have received we certainly expect to open more cases during the course of this year bad advertising broke the internet this is why you see those annoying repetitive ads trying to slowly recover all the money they lost from the series of legacy intermediaries the goal of alchemy is to fix this problem in fact they're already well on their way not only are they saving digital marketers 47 cents on the dollar for each dollar spent they're also addressing a 66 billion dollar problem in the global digital advertising space tweet from alchemy points out the lack of transparency in the ad tech ecosystem has allowed bad actors to prevail global ad fraud cost 66 billion dollars last year that constitutes 20 percent of global digital advertising spending alchemy exchanges consensus will identify and restrict fraudulent actors from entering the exchange this gives customers a real-time fraud prevention tool the evolution of alchemy exchange will allow them to compete in increasingly larger markets alchemy currently captures a one percent share of the top six centralized exchanges it's possible for them to obtain even more of this market once marketers and publishers realize that this technology is going to maximize every dollar spent and also significantly increase user engagement the genius of alchemy is that they take the traditional model of ad monetization and flip it upside down this is a benefit to everyone publishers can monetize bandwidth with ads rather than monetize ads with bandwidth users of the alchemy exchange will require the ads token for both access to the exchange and to facilitate their throughput bandwidth in order to access the alchemy exchange entities wanting to transact will be required to hold or lease the ads token to facilitate bandwidth of the network users can either stake their own ads tokens or lease tokens from the bandwidth liquidity pool the incentive for the community is that token holders will initially receive 25 apr distributed on a quarterly basis to add stakers the l0 ads token will be traded on the lattice exchange allowing l0 swaps for other assets listed on august 26th alchemy went live and alchemy started trading on you to swap for 61 cents after retracement it's now trading for 34 cents per coin you can swap your wrapped e tokens to purchase ads on uniswap tokenomics of alchemy are strong and worth taking a look at with the market cap sitting at five million dollars it's a low-cap gym for short alchemy ceo ben putin did an ama with the bit squad and broke down what makes alchemy special if you've ever been annoyed by an ad on your favorite website by holding as taking an ads token you are helping support an ecosystem with fewer better ideas and being rewarded for seeing them ads holders are rewarded for using the internet instantly participating in the value exchange of the internet leads to fewer ads better user experience and increased engagement it's only a matter of time before this technology makes a serious impact in the crypto and digital advertisement space in time this will put an end to the corrupt monopoly being run by the big tech elites technology saves time and money increases speed transparency and engagement decreases fraud and wasted ad revenue as well as undercutting the dirty deeds of big tech i love win-win-win situations for the entire community and alchemy has positioned itself to be just that you heard it from us first that's all i got be blessed [Music] you

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