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Hi Guys, and Welcome Back to My Channel Earn
Online Degrees. In today's video we will talk about a website
which you can earn unlimited litecoins, tron, and doge coins, you can also earn from mobile
on this website, and you will get your earnings instantly in your wallet, every minute will
be your earning, without any investment , And I will also tell you about a scam cloud mining
website, this website you do not have to invest, but before that I will request you all, please
like the video and subscribe to the channel press the bell and select the notification
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There are more views on the videos of fake
youtubers and people like their videos too, because they show you false dreams, and they
throw you long, I don't do referral standby and I don't warn you for fake websites. I do not promote, nor do I ask you to invest
in fake websites. I can only tell the truth, otherwise I can
make money by dealing with fake websites like other youtubers, I will soon give you proof
of how youtubers deal with scammed fake websites that motivate you to invest. , Don't invest anything themselves, but they
get paid from those websites, my channel is not so big right now, so I'm having trouble
proving it, support me, watch all my videos, and Press the liKe button, this will make
my channel little intresting for owners of fake websites, support me brother so that
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Today's video target is 100 likes. Please do a little humming. So let's move on to the video. The website on the screen in front of you
is called, the website was launched about a week ago and I joined, there was a
5 day free mining offer, so I thought maybe five days. Will pay later, so that I like it and i will
make an investment thinking that the website is real.

But then I pressed the withdraw button, and
seeing that the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.015 LTC, I calculated how much I would
earn from this website in 5 days, now you can see on the screen, 5 On the day I had
0.005 LTC mining, but on the first day I knew there would be that much mining, because there
was a mining profit list here for daily, so I wanted to contact them at the e-mail address
of the website and write an e-mail. Yes, but so far I have not received a reply
to this e-mail, at least they have created a website and left, they just have to take
a deposit from you, nothing to give, otherwise if there was a support team, a reply would
come, my Blogger is a website, whenever a visitor contacts me on it, I immediately reply
to emails, because this is how people who come to my website like it. So don't join this website, brother, but if
you have joined after watching another YouTube video, don't invest, you will lose.

My job was to inform, now your will. Now let's talk about this website which is
real. Brother, the name of this website is notimerfaucet
now don't run away after listening to Faucet, watch the video first, you need some skill
to earn from internet, if you have any other skill besides clicking So, brother, don't
watch videos on YouTube, go straight to Fiverr, select the category of the skill you have
and make your own gig, you will be earning millions a month. But if you don't have any skills, you can
earn up to 5 dollers a day by using this website. There is no sign up on this website, first
you have to select the coin you want to earn.

Then you will come to this page, here you
can see, your address is written, here you have to give your doge coin address, whatever
coin you select on the first page, enter the address of the same coin wallet here. Yes, I am using PaucetPay and after copying
my Doge coin Wallet address from here, I will simply go back to the website and paste it
here, then a little below it is a captcha, I'm not a robot on it. To click and salvage the captcha, Then there
are some words or numbers below. You have to click on these numbers, if you
select the wrong option, there will be no earning, so after paying a little attention,
you have to think and then click on the right answer. I will Also show you how to do it. You see, it's very easy and here you can see,
my earnings have been sent to my Wallet. Now I will also show my FaucetPay account,
so I have come to my FaucetPay account. And here you can see my amount, now i will
refresh the page, and here you can see i recived amount.

You can also check my transaction history
below, here you can see, this is the amount i recevied and you can check same amount on
the website also. I hope this video will be helpful to you. See you in the next video, till then, Take
care. Love you all..

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