Get 100x GAINS on Binance Smart Chain?!

what up everyone i'm coach k and 
we're going to look at the market   as a whole today but i'm also going 
to show you a project that is out   it's on binance and it seems like there might be 
something else coming from them that might be very   interesting to the binance smart chain 
because i'm kind of connecting some dots here   so i'm going to tell you about that at 
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don't forget to stick to the end of this video all right what's up everyone i'm coach k we're 
going to look at the markets today we're going   to look at bitcoin to start if you guys are 
good with that let's get it done now we've   talked about this kijun bounce that played out 
very very nicely and what we're looking for next   guys for the bulls out here is to get above this 
green tenkin and retest that tenkin and go higher   that's what we want if we're bulls if we're bears 
we want to come and see that retest of this level   where we broke where we had an all-time high 
in the past and never retested so some people   are looking at 4142 and i talked about that 
38 level that also come back into play um   that being said right now it looks fine i'm i'm 
it looks kind of almost like a bull flag ish type   of pattern i would really just like to see this 
get above and re-test the tenkin so what i mean   by above and re-test it means above this green 
line re-test this green line and then go higher   above re-test go higher okay something like that 
kind of what we saw down here blurry test go   higher below retest go higher right so something 
along those lines we're going to be looking for   jumping over to ethereum what do we see another 
kegen bounce as we could see the red level   but we are stuck in the candlesticks which i 
don't like to trade in honestly guys i don't   go in long or short in these times i kind 
of just wait to see what it decides to do   what i can see is we're being held down by the 21 
dma and i don't like when we're being held down by   a 21 day ema so i would be staying out of ethereum 
at least not adding more ethereum or looking to   apen i mean if i was going to ape in or put more 
in i would be down here at 14 4 which is our old   all-time high level and uh potentially even here 
this this nice uh level around 13 000.

So that's   what i'll be looking to add to ethereum until we 
can break above and re-test and go higher i don't   really like ethereum yet doesn't mean i don't like 
it forever but i don't like it yet now looking at   the dxy it's pushing up it's probably going 
to come and retest this level it does 916 917   and uh you know birds of a feather flock together 
it might come all the way up to 92 up this level   it's a pretty strong level and then reject and 
come lower but again what i talked about a few   days ago was the dxy expect to see this increase 
because it's that time of year people pay taxes   and they go into more cash so that they can pay 
those taxes right or they take profit so that   they can pay their taxes there's a lot some people 
have lots of different ways of reasons how they   their taxes the point is people are going to take 
profit there will be more cash people will go cash   heavier the markets will generally turn down in 
march and turn back up in april now that doesn't   happen awesome if it happens awesome right so 
that's what we have to focus on all right looking   at bmb our balance coin what we can see here 
is we had a kitchen bounce we had to come back   down pulled towards the kitchen again we kind of 
bounced off the kitchen slash 21 ema and now we're   getting exactly what it talked about on the other 
side of things was that we came we broke above the   tank and the green level we retested that tenkin 
now we're kind of in this limbo we look like   dojis which are really small body candles with 
wicks um what we're seeing here is doji after doji   on the daily kind of like a cool off period 
before what's gonna happen next in my opinion   we got a hooking up tanking we got a flat kitchen 
still looks good to go higher so that's what i'm   seeing with bme traditional markets though 
they're finally coming down to reality and   i would love for us to finally be right about 
this and see us break down and come down here   finally breaking out of this all-time high cycle 
that would be very healthy for the markets and fit   very nicely to be honest with everything else 
that i've been talking about we could see is   this this channel's been holding up pretty nicely 
right and i mean it's not perfectly john just did   it quick but here you can see that that channel 
is pretty strong and holding and uh if i drew   this right the first time then um you know we'd 
be holding that one too which is right here so   that channel is holding okay but if we lose that 
channel we'll be pulling down and we pulling down   so the markets generally you expect the the stock 
market and the crypto markets do similar things   i think they still will you're gonna see a little 
bit more pushing the crypto i would say because   of all the major things that have been happening 
right so we'll leave that there think about those   little factors about april et cetera and poor 
peter schiff your gold is not anywhere close to   his valuable bitcoin and people are selling it for 
bitcoin and people are selling it for tax season   now you guys know okay we talked about energy web 
token it's been crushing along hope we got in we   talked about icx way down here when i talked 
about how this was a really really nice double   bottom opportunity to get in i hope you did get 
in this has been on a tear ever since and i don't   see it stopping another one i don't see stopping 
adam i mean look how beautiful that breakout was   right we're getting a little retest of this tenkin 
and honestly there's it's in price discovery right   like adam's never been this high before so we're 
looking to see where does it go next we just do   a quick one of these bad boys this fib extension 
down to the kitchen and let's have a quick look of   where will this bad boy go next first obviously 
we'll be up to 30 bucks but uh we begin you guys   know how i do these bad boys by this point we're 
looking between the two the one two seven two   and the one six one eight for our next target and 
remember if you solid binance coin could easily go   to a hundred dollars you never know right so just 
uh be weary anything that's an ecosystem the atoms   the bmbs the polka dots these are the ones that 
i'm starting to look at for good long-term holds   because they're a whole ecosystem everything's 
built around them right that's why ethereum's   done so well so everything has to be built on 
ethereum which is why bnb is now big because   ethereum's too slow right so we take all 
these little fundamental factors i mean like   you're like oh crap man that's sick that's sick 
man so here is a really nice trade that you can   definitely get into right now it's not far gone 
at all is the kijun bounce but it wasn't just   the kijun bounce this was a great opportunity to 
get in because it was a bounce from the 21 day   and the kijun and beautiful setup above the cloud 
very far away from the candlesticks we're all go   so if you want a really good trade to get into 
serum would be a really good one especially if   we got above this tenkin but if we look at 
this on the btc side it's holding that 200   day ema and it's had a reduction in volume 
a reduction in price and generally that is   quite bullish and we're seeing that both of these 
are hooking up meaning that this is a lot more um   trajectory on the upside to go to and our really 
our next real real big resistance for it would be   around it would be around here around 17 it's 
almost 70 percent from where it's at right now   and then you know we got this thing 
is definitely gonna go much higher so   serum great opportunity to buy if you are not in 
we're gonna keep on a look on others especially   here's another ecosystem play the lunas they 
just these are the ones that are really powering   forward it's almost like it's ecosystem play 
season right now today we're going to be talking   about baby mild baby mild is baby powder for your 
baby's tucus if you spread this on his toocus when   it's a little bit wet and he's got diaper rash it 
will make it nice and silky smooth on his bottom   it's natural and it's preservative free and this 
is the greatest thing that you could ever use on   a baby's bottom even if they told you don't 
do it if you like to have your kids smile   and laugh and have a tuckus softer than a tucus of 
a baby this stuff is going to blow your mind away   looking at shadows those it's done really nicely 
so far holding the three dollar mark um you know a   lot not what's here to go off but really a really 
cool project synthetics on chain decentralized   synthetics right so very interesting project you 
should definitely take a quick look around and   look at it now this is what i've been talking 
about for a while elio's been talking about it's   his baby you know super and we finally broke 
out of that level we've retested are we going   to go much higher i mean i'm waiting for super 
to give us the first big piece of news they've   been very quiet and when people are quiet that 
usually are on youtube talking about their stuff   there's usually something coming what is coming we 
don't know but usually something's coming for it   okay so i'm gonna introduce you guys a new 
project so unilen finance will give you a   little background the chart wise looks awesome 
looks ready to continue after that first big push   second big push i think it's got a big push still 
left in it i could see uniland at five bucks again   no problem you know they got listed 
i don't know if you guys noticed   on bonnet so they got listed in a innovation zone 
on binance and i went huh really what do these   guys do because they kind of they they've been 
very stealthy in in their approach of how they've   actually done things so what does unity lend do 
well it's a permissionless d5 protocol what it   lets you do is a bunch of different things from 
spot trading money markets borrowing and lending   and smart contracts all in one like an ecosystem 
where you can do all these things so they let   any erc 20 token become collateralized what 
collateralized means is this so let's say i have   a warehouse with five pcs that i'm gonna sell 
and they're worth 10 grand now you normally you   can't go and take a loan against that because 
it's a thing right but now i can collateralize   that now you can do that with your tokens say 
i have a bunch of ethereum right and i want to   collateralize that aetherium i can then take a 
loan against that ethereum because we already   know ethereum is worth x so if i take a loan 
against it i don't pay back my loan i can sell   and liquidate my ethereum to pay back the loan so 
it's just basically stuff that you already have so   they're making it so that anyone can do that on 
erc20 which is huge because you then can basically   open up d5 to anyone holding any erc20 token 
which is massive right so that is where uniland   is coming in but what i wanted to get at the major 
piece of the puzzle is this binance why binance   then i started looking around on their twitter 
and i saw this we've been working on something in   stealth to surprise you nil and fam fasten your 
seat belts something big is coming and they use   this tweet and this video and it really really 
tells me one thing it's that we're likely to see   flash loans from uniland here's what i'm expecting 
to happen guys unilend got listed on binance   binance has bsc bsc doesn't have flash loans 
unilen's creating flash loans unilan's gonna   create a place where all erc20 tokens can become 
default you don't think that they could do that   for binance smart chain 2 of course they could so 
i'm seeing a connection between the two of them   where unilan won't only be for erc20 tokens it 
will be for all erc 20 and bep 20 tokens as well   on top of that will be the first one to have flash 
loans on binance they'll be the first project to   do it so that's what you should keep your eyes on 
guys it's a very very interesting project utility   finance i'm gonna talk about them again it won't 
be the last time all right so this is a crazy   project that just did like 300 x it's basically 
the polka starter 4 binance smart chain called   bsd pad they also um i'm hearing are connected 
with they have ferrum as a sponsor and they might   be also connected in to bsc view which will be 
basically the dex tools of binance smart chains   bsc pad this is very interesting stuff they're 
said that they're going to be doing vetting of   projects which is obviously good because we've 
seen what happened with pools when they did when   they had theirs vetted and they found out later 
after the fact there was a problem and how they're   going to do it you have to stake your tokens and 
you can get certain amounts of allocations for   this okay so you can get up to platinum and then 
there's like different levels beyond 10 000 tokens   right now they're about three bucks a token really 
interesting project with all these projects going   to binance smart chain this could be a really good 
opportunity especially for the projects that did   not include binance smart chain into their launch 
pads so far so the next thing i talked about was   bse view so bse view what is bseu simply stated it 
is the dex tools for buying in smart chain i think   they're the first ones to do this and basically it 
looks like dex tools you know trading view kind of   concept on bse so that you guys could actually do 
charting not just aping in and throwing money and   hoping for the best which is kind of how we all 
started out with unit swap right all right guys   so that's bsc view basically dextools keep your 
eyes out for this project i think there you'll   be able to get an allocation if you hold bsc 
pad so make sure you take a look into that guys   so i want to know what you guys think is unilen 
finance and the binance smart chain connection   do you think those are big and what do you guys 
think about bsc vue will that also be something   that's very valuable to many people i want to know 
what your guys opinions are i want you guys to do   me that favor and smash on them like subscribes 
so that you don't miss any other content and   don't forget that bell it's clicking right over 
there all right guys so i'll see you on the flip   have yourselves a great day or evening wherever 
you are in the world the coach k signing out

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