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behargaming: sup rkxbz: hi 00warl0k00: hello big fan of you LlNUX: <3 Protoxus: Hello 🙂 st47ik: Hi George VoHiYo foxubu: Nooo RegEx 🙈🙈🙈 st47ik: Hi Chat st47ik: Regex PogChamp lefse: REEEEEEEEEEEgex m1k1b_: hi Protoxus: RegEx is nice LlNUX: shit i pronounce it wrong too WinterLabyrinth: Hello speeddrawing101: YEEEEEEESSSSS iagia: sup nerds malg0d: Green tea felixth7: whas up halldorvalberg: SeemsGood aa_ato: NoFrindDoDay: QuantumComputingMIT: First FaustPetrovich: hey malg0d: No quantum here lefse: No matter how you pronouce it, it does the same job Kappa lasercatboss: lasercatboss subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! why malg0d: I'm a l33t god that codes dank regex magic LlNUX: stackoverflow does my regex for me most the time FaustPetrovich: FaustPetrovich subscribed at Tier 1.

Haircutjimmy: Afternoon @georgehotz. Regex, hey? Glutton for punishment! loaffy_: i hate regex virgoshlok: Hi krakendmp: hi blakeswelt: !uptime eax_ebx: Привет. szalalala: Hi @georgehotz ! johnny_thehobo: is this how we hack nasa? jsanxez: it is haircutjimmy: Shahin8520: i guess you forget newline character? Protoxus: 1 @haircutjimmy f_karamazov: Ex > regex macrib02: is it to easy? m1k1b_: try to put 4 dots in the beggining, maybe that is the problem erk4sh: hello, in which country are you jsanxez: I want to learn to hack :/ foxubu: We need AI to automatically generate the RegEx 😀 f_karamazov: Why do you need the $ Vilebiscuit: Hello, I am planning on starting learning machine learning. what do you guys propose I do first itsChoudhry: @Vilebiscuit predict something marsroger44: whats up boys marsroger44: what are we doing today awesomeo113: @vilebiscuit udemy probably isn’t a bad resource Vilebiscuit: maybe udacity? krakendmp: datacamp is ok hmnvdota: they should know you know regex itsChoudhry: @Vilebiscuit Do you care about the Math or just application using prebuilt algorithms? coProof: Yay not coq thing litesam: That guy from destroyallsoftware has made which is a good source to learn RegEx dawgwhisper007: stupid is as stupid does hmnvdota: @litesam wat guy? litesam: Gary Bernhardt Avelansh: anyone remmber 'Wat' video from destroyallsoftware alexlucas_: yo alexlucas_: alexlucas_ subscribed with Twitch Prime.

They've subscribed for 3 months! litesam: I thing first 30 days is free iyilik: Hi I love you haircutjimmy: @georgehotz ! Vilebiscuit: @itsChoudhry No I care about math too forkdb: Hello George winnyXE: maybe its а not a coProof: payoDance forkdb: I might become your sub, once, I get my new debit card… cccnrd: someone knows a thing like hack.hands? forkdb: Am glad you are back online on twitch SlaterUSA: all answers are, in the end, wrong. SlaterUSA: /deep alreye: sup buddy. Emacs user here 🙂 hmnvdota: TTours yoyo_brobro: doctorHEART doctorHEART doctorHEART Protoxus: @slaterusa Then that answer is wrong too. Congratulations, you just created a paradox. sa7b: LesbianPride foxubu: Is that NoScript in his Chrome? 😮 coProof: Truuuuu ImJ4Gu4R: halo halo halo itsChoudhry: @Vilebiscuit Then the road is a little longer, but the bare minimum is Andrew ng machine learning course. For the math then just look up frameworks on how to applly the theory you learn't in the course, but I also used umdey and books to learn about where to apply what and where what algorithm make sense and how to work out which one to use herrmuckelmann: can you move the window to the right a bit? LeadCoder: im coming for you george Bombapil0t: MrDestructoid herrmuckelmann: the cam is blocking stuff BryanSWAGBEAST: we cant see Shahin8520: can you put the browser a little bit to the right, so we can see it ? thakns alreye: What's a good resource to stay up today with computer science news? Protoxus: ^ ImJ4Gu4R: yea, pls adjust that cam Santiago_LHC: Regex Sunday! Yay ImJ4Gu4R: Ahh regex cam coProof: Slow down and pay attention to us! BryanSWAGBEAST: Adjust Cam bro! Bombapil0t: yikes Protoxus: @alreye Not sure, but I use Ars Digita ImJ4Gu4R: slow down brah, cam pls unknown_elemen: how is evry one doing krakendmp: move the windows pls BryanSWAGBEAST: lmao @georgehotz fix cam Santiago_LHC: Why should he move to windows Protoxus: @santiago_lhc Because we can't see the terminal he's typing in krakendmp: yeah Santiago_LHC: Ah, THE window, I thought the OS ImJ4Gu4R: maybe he means window is cam coProof: Yeah move to the boot amp partition on your Mac lol alreye: @Protoxus Doesn't appear on google.

What's the website? data_day_life: Jebaited BryanSWAGBEAST: fix cam ImJ4Gu4R: Alright, so i can continue my sub BryanSWAGBEAST: lmao nobody could stop him rupan3: do you want to be a webdev? Protoxus: @alreye Oh sorry, I remembered wrong, it's Ars Technica alreye: @Protoxus thanks syska: [a-z] StupidGladiator: @rupan3 you have to be crazy to go from the world of machin learning and mathematics to the world of web, so boring ResidentSleeper Protoxus: @alreye You're welcome 🙂 Santiago_LHC: Gotta know some Regex though rupan3: StupidGladiator hehe ImJ4Gu4R: Does anyone know how to do picture in picture in twitch? 0verclass: hi legendary hacker ckk0t0: Increase font. I’m blind 鼻史: genius ckk0t0: Please Vilebiscuit: @itsChoudhry Thanks a lot man Julianhgg: my idol ckk0t0: Cool man. Thanks Santiago_LHC: Detecting links is hard frediiiez: can you zoom the browser a bit? crazywulf770: oh nice i love regex what is he doin? Santiago_LHC: Learning, apparently Bacon4Life_: is this a 4k monitor? frediiiez: noooo gseven_: 5k i think Santiago_LHC: 78k Bacon4Life_: holy shit ckk0t0: Now i can’t read it.

Gseven_: its LG ultrafine 5k i think ㄱ_니은: crawling lesson crazywulf770: i can recommend its my favourite to prepare regex Avelansh: crawling web 101 Satanicus7: hows your keyboard doing man? ImJ4Gu4R: Picture in picture mode, type on your web console. document.querySelector("div.highwind-video-player > div > video").requestPictureInPicture() arxenixOW: is the best imo swagettiyolonaise69: no cock today ? litesam: Why George is not in Twitter? Bacon4Life_: monkaS supnerdstv: do i get mod if i say i like the keyboard? rupan3: what keyboard? Plurmorant: @litesam twitter is worse than heroin Bombapil0t: follow him on instagram @litesam 3310: StupidGladiator , Regex is only for the web … Pepega Santiago_LHC: Keyboard talk gets you banned GustaveTXC: hi alreye: @georgehotz We want to see you do these challenges in C Protoxus: @arxenixow That's the one I use too speeddrawing101: yea shut up Charlie lol ImJ4Gu4R: Dark mode anyone? ImJ4Gu4R: My eyes is burning foxubu: @litesam He is but he does not use it @realGoergeHotz syska: wat s keyborad Bogz75: use regexr website for regex help ckk0t0: Dark mode make it better.

Can’t see shit krakendmp: a keyboard called borad shutchie: @georgehotz line 3 error Shahin8520: because you didnt close the parentesis above in re.compile Santiago_LHC: He tried Dark mode in another stream, didn't like it. zthreee: Line 3 litesam: In JavaScript you have String.match() which will all the matches in a array GustaveTXC: what programming language is? Bombapil0t: i didn't see the tea once today? Shahin8520: line 3 re.compile parenthesis zthreee: Line 3 missing closing ) shutchie: @georgehotz on match line. Line 3 dude zthreee: SeemsGood GustaveTXC: VoHiYo Attlantiz_: what are you doing today george? learning regex? jellyjar: got called out for not knowing regex at work, or here? Attlantiz_: CoolStoryBob GustaveTXC: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 serohh: Regex is sooo boring Bacon4Life_: PogChamp Avraewyn: EZ Clap Attlantiz_: regex is gud and useful litesam: Use which will show the Regular Expression in an State diagram alreye: @georgehotz We want to see you do these challenges in C crazywulf770: <3 gogogo <3 regex <3 HopZe: True Attlantiz_: lmao st peterson Shahin8520: True HopZe: St peterson? Bombapil0t: never thought that way Attlantiz_: The man himself, st peterson rupan3: saint peter you heahtnes abk467: can't argue with that C4TFive: im just gunna go to hell sausainismilka: what is the color of your keyboard? LUL Kappa fghoekstra79: i would love to see you take an IQ test on here imGlitch dr_koili: Stan Peterson Attlantiz_: cant argue with st peterson dr_cashews: st peters son rupan3: what switches? Shahin8520: .

Attlantiz_: no keyboard questions ffs GustaveTXC: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4 0verclass: only i can see is 'welcome to the dark side!' lol litesam: See the power of ya'll gonna love it! visudo20179c: so what is geohot doing today 0verclass: thanks @litesam Attlantiz_: learning regex Santiago_LHC: Well done visudo20179c: good job George GustaveTXC: PowerUpR SabaPing PowerUpL Bacon4Life_: 200 iq sausainismilka: one mistake can mean a lot. crazywulf770: nice to have a stream where i understand what he is doing 😀 Attlantiz_: Kappa Attlantiz_: true frediiiez: have you seen Mr. Robot? fghoekstra79: i think his IQ is high. would love to see him solve those problems Iliftmymousealot: in my fourth semester compiler construction exam I had to write a jflex and antlr rule to match Letter Salutations I still have ptsd because of that exam question forkdb: How can you practice when you feel really sad because you are not able to solve problems?! … please explain Zabak378: dont you need double / ? mltsd: @forkdb coffee 😛 Santiago_LHC: "Stop being a n00b" – George Hotz, 2019 Bacon4Life_: just exercise 4Head Harm133: LUL visudo20179c: if at first you don't succeed, try again forkdb: Ok thanks frediiiez: LUL visudo20179c: while noob do end saurabhshinde: c or python ?? for competitive coding ?? cerrad1234: python cerrad1234: cython Santiago_LHC: competitive coding of what? Luccaasss: JAVASCRIPT sausainismilka: if you not noob you can solve this crazywulf770: maybe its too greedy try .*? sausainismilka: hacker rank:N00B visudo20179c: true coders don't need to compete sausainismilka: just kidding 0verclass: both are good at solve problem i think lostshiya: Hong Kong is on edge, university slaughter can happen Luccaasss: c is the best cerrad1234: just make an ai for solving these problems? MatiGoG: ?gnisu eh si draobyek tahw litesam: Beers – Front Bottoms balzak43: the r prefix denotes a raw string btw grizvok: @cerrad1234 yeah that's totally trivial! Santiago_LHC: @lostshiya I very much doubt it could happen.

Harm133: why dont you use dark mode balzak43: means you can use the backslash without escaping it balzak43: so instead of \ 0verclass: dance time zoki_macola: pee time sausainismilka: that walk tho Bombapil0t: pee & tea Santiago_LHC: He don't like dark mode on hackerrank krakendmp: 😀 Luccaasss: because he is of the light kanogger: lolll mltsd: @MatiGoG gnihtemos ro draobyek rekcah ekil gnihtemos Bombapil0t: sony said so @Luccaasss forkdb: Can anyone answer… how is he so good at coding?! kerlanT: that runescape related video e.e mltsd: @forkdb i think hes been coding a while litesam: @forkdb Practice kanogger: @forkdb he started when he was 3 years old and his brain is twice as big as a normal human jrrbls: He drinks 4 liters of green tea a day jrrbls: That's the secret jrrbls: And mate oMythra: Whats up Georgey boi forkdb: Haha Iliftmymousealot: green tea or ice coffee? crazywulf770: jrrbls good idea i need more green tea 😀 mltsd: does anyone know how many teabags of black tea are safe to drink per day? Trying to quit coffee litesam: Where is your old mini-piano? kanogger: @mltsd try adderal it's healthier forkdb: I do not think it is because of tea…

Kanogger: Kappa forkdb: It is a gift!! mltsd: @kanogger too expensive 😛 johnny_thehobo: geo you dont know me but i love you buddy johnny_thehobo: remember that cakalbaris: make it easier jrrbls: weirdo litesam: Where is your Piano? crystoobaal: !uptime forkdb: I feel sad when he runs tests and few fail.. I feel likewise when I practice on hackerank midnightbytes: hello just found out about you.Awesome work. i m very happy that you stream data_day_life: regex101 . com BlLL: are you living in a tiny house? PushUpek84: regex101 ;] data_day_life: you'll prob like it better FargioFarmani: do you code every day? @georgehotz nautzz: regex101 is quite a bit better jellyjar: regex101 is the best BlLL: PogChamp TM876: LUL cakalbaris: i was told you dude Rekkeno: regexbeast lul crazywulf770: GGGrimmy: Can't wait until he figures out that regex is different in literally every language GGGrimmy: 😀 MDK1980: I have no fucking idea what's going on D: data_day_life: @MDK1980 we matching generic patterns in strings scorpiocyborg: for one time I understand what he is doing :p grizvok: @MDK1980 regex…nothing crazyt MDK1980: @data_day_life I've literally never coded a single second before.

But have to say, this is mesmerizing… nautzz: (?=) is the way to do it litesam: If you complete this HackerRank play a song in Piano!! nautzz: need to make a non capturing group crazywulf770: @georgehotz .* star is greedy you it matches the string until the last situation where the regex would match… if you do .*? it matches until the first match data_day_life: @MDK1980 in this case, it's similar to scraping a webpage and extracting (called capturing in regex) links in the html source GGGrimmy: @georgehotz python has support for non-greedy "star" match also crazywulf770: no just add a ? Zheikk3: Can you talk about your time at CMU ? Thinking about going there next year nesbyy1: PogChamp cakalbaris: <a href="(.*?)">(.*?)</a> isnt work ? Nryqt: heya 不好意思: Pog forkdb: Apparently, this is not as easy as hacking…

Just kidding… nesbyy1: ^ do* litesam: Play Piano after completing this challenge. iammrrob0t: Cheer100 dorkmo: Party1 Jadess: @georgehotz how long till we get level 5 autonomous vehicles on roads anguscupcake: Why do you use a Mac? Zheikk3: @Jadess not in our lifetime okurcozer: Hey george Jadess: @zheikk3 my prof says the same. I'm triggered forkdb: So… what do you do to unwind?! YouPowerRush: ayy lamo Santiago_LHC: @anguscupcake why not? quelsarprime: what is the blue window. I can't read it. anguscupcake: @Santiago_LHC can't upgrade them Santiago_LHC: @anguscupcake to what? MuscleMario: What's happenin? forkdb: Yes.. exactly.. this is why I keep loosing my hackos all the ti,e…. Abo7atm: WHAT! How long has he been live? data_day_life: / srpski ? forkdb: Why does he keep his index finger on his forehead… ?! yamchah2: !uptime gseven_: !uptime MuscleMario: Anyone here been at QCon? Abo7atm: !uptime data_day_life: @forkdb channeling that third eye energy Santiago_LHC: @anguscupcake What do you need hardware upgrades for on a computer for coding? anguscupcake: can't upgrade any component without paying Apple $200 for 16gb of ram Zheikk3: me 🙂 euranymous: hi clean shaved George forkdb: 1uptime forkdb: !uptime crazywulf770: @georgehotz i think you overthinking this one…

Try a more simple one data_day_life: @forkdb 58 minutes kkteja: !uptime Santiago_LHC: @anguscupcake so what? You buy with as much RAM as you need, problem solved. data_day_life: data_day_life subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 2 months! platyGG platyGG platyGG platyGG platyGG euranymous: What are you working on @georgehotz ? MuscleMario: recently I learned [sS] instead of trying to do (.)* for new lines too. b/c some regex's dont support multiline parsing. Hurrdurr forkdb: @data_day_life Thank you Lefer_: Ohayou Geohot san VoHiYo uyuyuySmile forkdb: Hello gundu Akash_44: Pog whichtom: easy Kuunih: Pog anguscupcake: it's a problem because if you ever decide to code something intensive down the line, you have to buy a whole new one. same thing as buying game consoles, it's wasteful data_day_life: platyLILB platyLILB platyLILB Santiago_LHC: TWITCHCOQ! whichtom: eyy twitchcoq MuscleMario: oh no, back to the coq crazywulf770: shit forkdb: Hey… please talk about something interesting…

Bcrscahh198987: Any place to do regex exercises? Santiago_LHC: @anguscupcake So it's not for you. Clearly it's more than good enough for plenty of people data_day_life: i mean if you're running unity then maybe that's true…. but if you're not then…. why not use the cloud @anguscupcake ? 0verclass: dat speed anguscupcake: That's why I want to know why he uses one, what advantages are there? forkdb: Man… I wish I had half of his skills …. warpoit: morning geo happy coding Santiago_LHC: @anguscupcake MacOS I imagine data_day_life: @anguscupcake it runs on top of ubuntu bcrscahh198987: Self proclaimed regex beast, sure thing georgie Jadess: bamboM Sarcazeem: ScaredyCat data_day_life: @anguscupcake but windows now has support for linux subsystem … and then there's docker so…. it's kind of moot psychicside: is this a size font for ants? bcrscahh198987: regex101 is the best website IMO bcrscahh198987: for regex data_day_life: agreed vincexviii: regex PepeLaugh jmc516: Do you have ur RegEx license tho bcrscahh198987: you need a license to use RegEx, damn that's new bcrscahh198987: Probably need a license to type on a keyboard jmc516: Nah it's a meme MuscleMario: Geohot, do you believe in the hype behind WebAssembly.

'Bytecode Alliance'. Idea is that they are trying to take wasm outside the browser and also agree on a set of standards for the 'NEW FUTURE STDLIB' equivalent. U drinkin this kool-aid, cuz I am hype about this. residentsleeperrrrrrrrr: why the FUCK do you use chrome. reduf: could be domain1.domain2.domain3…. reduf: also could be domain1 without any .com Ziv0: emails can have underscores dashes and pluses reduf: and dot crazywulf770: easy one crazywulf770: 🙂 Bacon4Life_: emails can have .com.xx Rudolfkeil: Not using dark mode? U monster bcrscahh198987: I don't think the website offers dark mode MuscleMario: chrome://flags -> forced dark mode crazywulf770: Bacon4Life_ yeah real email regex are much more complex pogu: I think most peopel just google email regex and copy it over. It's pretty big iirc NoLimitFitness: What are we doing? crazywulf770: pogu ^^ NoLimitFitness: tsodinJS tsodinJS ? crazywulf770: python regexing basics NoLimitFitness: nice serhejenos: serhejenos subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 10 months! LaheyFPS: good morning LaheyFPS: yes serhejenos: Hi everyone Sarcazeem: Also mail servers accept sign @georgehotz LaheyFPS: hello @serhejenos euranymous: chew some ice for asmr effect LaheyFPS: chew ice Kreygasm MuscleMario: lol YouPowerRush: here it cums Bacon4Life_: go-army.america PogChamp MonkaSupreme: put ice in nose Kreygasm LiIDrunk: have you tried hands on WASD keyboard euranymous: someone is geting a timeout LaheyFPS: PogChamp Family show residentsleeperrrrrrrrr: wheres the emotes Sarcazeem: we gotta be appropriate as christian channel – chews ice MuscleMario: Geohot -> Wasm -> Runtime outside of browser -> Bytecode Alliance trying to standardize the bytecode of the future (stdlib equivalent) -> hype or sham? prvk3: you can show your tits though crazywulf770: try a hard one filipeoliveiraa: try a hard one Vinndy: hey george please solve my hackerrank problem i'm stuck crazywulf770: ^^ Sarcazeem: but in username field if there are sign a and a is same @georgehotz Bacon4Life_: Are you ready to signup at go-army.america? whichtom: regex is crazy man directrix13: regex?(pert) Abo7atm: George, Amazon just rejected my payment.

What should I do with my life now? Hunted9000: riPepperonis riPepperonis riPepperonis riPepperonis BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG euranymous: I listened to your album last night. It was amazing @georgehotz MonkaSupreme: js wall_streeter: are regular expressions reliable? ragemaster999: did you study at an university? r0kz_: 🙁 whichtom: rip twitchcoq MonkaSupreme: do some multi line regex FargioFarmani: try leetcode regex LaheyFPS: I want your hoodie @georgehotz euranymous: We need a discord channel!!! directrix13: BNF > regex MonkaSupreme: you could regex the twitch chat PogChamp LaheyFPS: D: Farafire: Farafire subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! MuscleMario: I just ran away from regex directrix13: lol MuscleMario: parasing clojure project.clj EDN LaheyFPS: regex is just regex LUL MuscleMario: parsing* VitalyzedTv: i never do regex :C euranymous: regex is regex but you are breath taking Abo7atm: What kind of grammars can regex express? MuscleMario: Its basically pom.xml equivalent project.clj root_user_198: install arch directrix13: regex is a nice hacky little dsl MuscleMario: Im super hype about wasm, but i dunno if i just drunk the kool aid MuscleMario: >_< ImNotTrolling: Do searches AI MonkaSupreme: javascript expert VitalyzedTv: PogChamp fa_k: LUL MonkaSupreme: Number() vmarkushin: 0 directrix13: learn lodash after js MuscleMario: lodash MuscleMario: Dont do any of this lol directrix13: Lodash TheNakedFlame: LUL Ziv0: LUL plomlo12: true TheNakedFlame: I'm so done with the shit-tastic ton of js frameworks that change every month VitalyzedTv: why is he trolling this framework VitalyzedTv: xD MuscleMario: Bytecode Alliance Check it <- forkdb: Hey George…

Please talk about something about your life, which you cherish MuscleMario: let is a function scoped var fa_k: Just write your own framework 4Head MuscleMario: yeet euranymous: JS is my first language BTW MuscleMario: in will return an index to use MuscleMario: of will return the value Vinndy: let is blocked scoped not functon scoped MuscleMario: for (x in coll) { //x is value } th0rgam: you split MuscleMario: fuck i goofed Neven8775: String isn an array of Characters in JS so.. should be iterable MuscleMario: for (x of coll) { //x is VALUE } ragemaster999: exposed on live stream MuscleMario: for (x in coll) { //x is idx } fear_ep: try brainfuck @georgehotz MuscleMario: includes th0rgam: incuds th0rgam: includes euranymous: try brainfuck @georgehotz zoki_macola: string doesnt have .forEach MuscleMario: ^ MuscleMario: kappa ? plomlo12: Are the speed comparisons in vanilla-js real numbers ? MuscleMario: LOLOL MonkaSupreme: you can do '123'.includes('1') MuscleMario: just do regex .match(/regex/) MonkaSupreme: in js you can do the /regex/ syntax PogChamp MuscleMario: just slashes directrix13: regex is built into JavaScript MuscleMario: LOL TheNakedFlame: FeelsAmazingMan REEEEEE MuscleMario: AHHAHA MonkaSupreme: PogChamp i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: squadR LaheyFPS: EZ MuscleMario: im dying, afk fear_ep: HahaHaha pog nautzz: i want a friend who texts me "bro, sealand" Ralph_124C_41: lol scorpiocyborg: lol i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: squadPepega scorpiocyborg: this guy forkdb: Really George…

Why are you learning js.. do you use it often?! zeroeagle1: its just amerge sort I think MuscleMario: b/c its simple skills scorpiocyborg: he is evolving to his final form vmarkushin: bro, clang Vinndy: @georgehotz yo do this one it says ""hard"" nautzz: @forkdb It's A Meme crazywulf770: better than metamath 😀 anguscupcake: react is a meme jrrbls: Learn React Native directrix13: @forkdb because JS is everywhere ImNotTrolling: learn brainfuck @georgehotz LaheyFPS: I hope its sweet tea vmarkushin: Learn haskell plz VitalyzedTv: is that water with ice? or iceatea with ice MuscleMario: Google 'Bytecode Alliance' and validate my hype senpai Ralph_124C_41: lol ragemaster999: react harder :rage: Zabak378: What do you guys think about PHP? nautzz: the original reason behind the creation of brainfuck was kinda cool to me, its not interesting beyond that tho zoki_macola: try Next.js directrix13: Don't learn react, learn what it is based on: the functional programing language Elm smurfd0: had a guest teacher in the univeristy who used BF, and he looked very tired 😉 zeroeagle1: why not web assembly? MuscleMario: ^ That hoffs: yeet it leopp: did he uses screen or tmux? i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: D: mdrake_: im so triggered rn MuscleMario: A framework for a framework my dawg zerofuzzgiven: delete it pogu: yes TheNakedFlame: Framework-ception anguscupcake: npm install npm MuscleMario: apt get apt scorpiocyborg: when is the new album dropping @georgehotz pepino5: apt here we go! Ralph_124C_41: this is actually causing me physical pain LaheyFPS: LUL anguscupcake: apt get gf mdrake_: just gulp it 4Head TheNakedFlame: FeelsAmazingMan All of them ragemaster999: just script it 4Head nautzz: The Future of Software………..

MuscleMario: Web MuscleMario: Ass GGGrimmy: And that's why no one should use macos 😀 MuscleMario: ^ Caene: jokerd6Gold MuscleMario: DAYM ragemaster999: react harder :rage: TheNakedFlame: LUL syrob2804: What did he write? i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: wrap it up domer squadD MuscleMario: I one told that to a Teachers Assistant … good times MonkaSupreme: mylNob forkdb: Hello MuscleMario: squadW directrix13: @georgehotz Learn functional language Elm instead of React since react was literally based on how Elm works euranymous: I am groot i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: so bad squadR quevlo: Anyone have suggestions for how to learn programming? Want to become a Software developer or start off in database for experience. I have zero experience in coding btw forkdb: Please talk something interesting Ralph_124C_41: lol Ziv0: LUL residentsleeperrrrrrrrr: xqcSkip xqcSkip Ricoello: mylBrain MuscleMario: Elm is a web framework i thot whichtom: @quevlo my dude there are a trillion resources online whichtom: any website that teaches through practice euranymous: I am groot forkdb: Hello Vinndy: ewww front-end boring stuff MrOtotheP: we frontend developers now? syrob2804: vue js forkdb: What is not boring?! rektiw0w: react isnt that boring even tho its front end YouPowerRush: 123 go MuscleMario: Okay, well anyone else here know about Wasm and its future goal? hoffs: thats jquery i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: lul MrOtotheP: ClojureScript <3 zeroeagle1: why not try web assembly? nautzz: yes they do actually, its called vanillajs kyyllu: Only angular makes front end not boring reyy911: @rektiw0w it is boring.

Even fear_ep: do you suggest to do AI as master degree? @georgehotz Ralph_124C_41: hahahaha, right wing javascript Hypheus_: LUL XeroKool: lol reyy911: @georgehotz said it TheNakedFlame: Use svelte js 4Head rektiw0w: @reyy911 why? Zasuslive: Thoughts on John carmack saying his focus for the future is AGI? forkdb: Please stay away from front end… you are gonna not like directrix13: Conservative JavaScript framework is thoughtsandprayers.js Ziv0: svelte LUL LaheyFPS: Tim cook LUL mdrake_: did they fix the keyboard MuscleMario: I am stuck between Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 2 vs MBP 16 forkdb: And……… Zasuslive: Thoughts on John carmack saying his focus for the future is AGI? serhejenos: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL MonkaSupreme: you also need nvm so you can switch between node versions mylBrain 0xF61: Does it have esc ? @georgehotz Vinndy: i feel like the problem is not learning React is what type of shit project do you even come up with to learn it forkdb: What…………. Ralph_124C_41: @Zasuslive he's well off enough that he's just doing whatever he wants without an interest in growth TheNakedFlame: PogChamp MuscleMario: WASM bytecode compiler MonkaSupreme: build twitch chat Jadess: HSWP Caene: Literally any project in react will automatically be shit.

MuscleMario: 😀 vmarkushin: facebook rektiw0w: twitch sudoku reyy911: Todo app Ricoello: just copy anything open source reyy911: LUL directrix13: chess MuscleMario: websockets ttoo Zabak378: Calculator GGGrimmy: Make a new web framework in the react framework. Javascript folks love the layers. LaheyFPS: build chat PogChamp zeroeagle1: a front end for the twitchcoq TheNakedFlame: PogChamp That's us forkdb: Please do not touch frontend.. stick to back end only crazywulf770: a scam ps4 emulator website in react ragemaster999: twitch shat Caene: LUL MuscleMario: LOL nautzz: PogChamp revolutionist123: girlfriend finder forkdb: Omg….. i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: #ad Ralph_124C_41: pay 20k and learn to be a professional front-end developer PogChamp zeroeagle1: check the pricing Zasuslive: @ralph_124c_41 yeah i doubt his objective is to increase his wealth, but I think he wants to leave something of significance behind syrob2804: Do u live in bay area? mdrake_: become a developer MuscleMario: Just saw San Francisco for the first time last week, got back yesterday.

Had a great time at a convention. abk467: hey you could work at facebook Kappa nautzz: george studying the ways of the grift kyyllu: dude learn angular instead wtf Vinndy: just pay 20k to learn CSS 4Head Scott_w_c: what are your internet speeds euranymous: linux for president MuscleMario: rip mdrake_: LUL Scott_w_c: RIP Zabak378: rip LaheyFPS: ookla XeroKool: LUL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: F Hypheus_: F LUL TheNakedFlame: LUL directrix13: Make sure you put it in a Docker container using a Debian base orchestrated by Kubernetes Ralph_124C_41: @Zasuslive yeah, I mean I wasn't criticizing, he's putting his skills to good use in whatever interests him at any given time Vinndy: ??????? i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: OMEGALUL MuscleMario: 3 fast filipeoliveiraa: f MonkaSupreme: well Vinndy: LUL forkdb: Dude ..

You are trolling… eax_ebx: f MuscleMario: f myasovlavashe: f Larsson93: Saved nautzz: speedtest brought the stream down for a sec i think lmao MonkaSupreme: its so fast that it kills your stream abk467: whew. that was a close call ragemaster999: Jebaited okeeeeeee: i have 46 LUL UniversalGeneve: codecademy is usually good enough for me, i learned how to program in java, JS, and C# in a week. Ziv0: dem dropped frames pogu: I hate all of the crazy tags adg-asdf-important-component-tag in angular. React is way cleaner LiIDrunk: thoughts on MBP 16 whichtom: holy shit what is happening forkdb: He is trolling…….. MonkaSupreme: I know your ip now, starts with 192 Kappa MuscleMario: close the bitcoin miner smurfd0: what did you think of the new macbook pro 16inch? Scott_w_c: stream frozen LOL Shasan_: i went to college to learn lisp now i am unemployed whichtom: actually powerpoint MonkaSupreme: leak leak Santiago_LHC: Fast frame rates are overrated UniversalGeneve: cyber police kyyllu: why tf is he learning react? Vinndy: hey george can i intern at comma zeroeagle1: use vue instead forkdb: Why don’t you come work for me:) ragemaster999: just abort it 4Head Caene: "Shopping list", oh dear God.

MuscleMario: Lisp is cool komocode_: lolregex hoffs: @kyyllu because he wants to work in a startup komocode_: would you use regex to validate email? Scott_w_c: sold your IP on ebay to elon musk he about to ddos you from starlink as a world wide test kyyllu: dude learn angular then ManWithNoFace: thoughts on the 16" mbp??? kyyllu: way better than react Zasuslive: @ralph_124c_41 Yeah definitely, I wanted to basically know what George thought of the chances of him actually succeeding, considering he pretty much does in any field he enters syrob2804: What salary are u expecting? fwef64: This channel is going downhill. s0rrz: "how to build a startup in a day" Santiago_LHC: #memes rektiw0w: worse… MonkaSupreme: install nvm for node forkdb: Bad idea… MuscleMario: damn geohot, do u go to ctf's or conference anymore? reyy911: Angular is better imo directrix13: @georgehotz write a distributed speed test app that can't be cheated by collusion with ISPs UniversalGeneve: @georgehotz in terms of working at a slef diving company/ A.I.

Oriented product company, what would you say are "employable skills"? razr22: angular is like react nautzz: its just a meme dont get heated @kyyllu Santiago_LHC: Angular is the 2015's React komocode_: eLeCtRon Sarcazeem: maybe flutter LUL Caene: In how many languages does a person have to learn to make a shopping list, before he can call himself a dev? LUL pogu: everythingisaplatformnow.jpg reyy911: Check out RxJS. xEHLE_: @MuscleMario he went to twitchcon, he is a streamer now MuscleMario: LOL reyy911: React is a mess. zeroeagle1: go eith blazor thegamer12349876: reactJS MuscleMario: thoughts on mbp16 kyyllu: Angular is waaaaaaay better than react MuscleMario: leggo ManWithNoFace: yes syrob2804: Socket io chat Santiago_LHC: Let's buy macs rektiw0w: new mac PogChamp reyy911: Reminds me of php lmao VLEESBROODTV: 16 inch 8 tb macbook lets go MuscleMario: Im afraid of becomming a mac ecosystem guy.

Forkdb: YES euranymous: Build a PC instead okeeeeeee: i like the old macs much better GGGrimmy: Buy a dell and put linux on it fwef64: What happened to your windows computer? komocode_: butterfly keyboard is awesome Santiago_LHC: #butterfly MuscleMario: I just want my damn ESCAPE physical key myasovlavashe: DansGame bergsdal: apple bad reyy911: Yes new mac komocode_: better than scissors jstoast: what mac do you have rn? pogu: noooo i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: these prices man wtf forkdb: OHHHHHHHH okeeeeeee: touch pad keyboard DansGame Miu_OS: why not hackintosh? rektiw0w: physical escape key PogChamp MuscleMario: Physical Escape Key xEHLE_: get the 6k macbook PogChamp euranymous: I like the product but the price straight up repels me LaheyFPS: AMD LUL pogu: me too, I like Bfly v2 Santiago_LHC: It is big Scott_w_c: i hae 13 inch and it is great MuscleMario: I was going to get the Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen2 , but then this ish came out. ragemaster999: 4k pc PogChamp komocode_: vue.js Annex_Greenland: 4k for a macbook ManWithNoFace: 16 is way too big Vinndy: just $4k 4Head Caene: 13 inch are perfect, I usually dock my shit when I come home anyway.

LiIDrunk: only 0.7" bigger forkdb: ITS HUGE whichtom: how portable even is 16 inch euranymous: Just build a god damn PC instead of wasting money on expensive social media machine whichtom: ye 13 inch is great MuscleMario: Websockets UniversalGeneve: high T Ziv0: I have the 16in one and it is kinda big syrob2804: Socket IO @georgehotz forkdb: BUILD SLACK Annex_Greenland: 16 inch laptop LULW Zabak378: 6 inches are also fine FargioFarmani: i like my 13 inches too Santiago_LHC: inch jokes incoming Scott_w_c: plz apple i want 26 inch in my backpack i need moniter at school i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @euranymous imagine paying 3k for a laptop Shasan_: use laravel with react MonkaSupreme: install nvm instead, less headache reyy911: I have a 15” swagettiyolonaise69: that's what she said ragemaster999: @georgehotz web sockets MuscleMario: I'm using Brave right now, anyone else? ImNotTrolling: socket io and node js thegamer12349876: use yarn better than npm MonkaSupreme: yarn LUL Vinndy: lol i'm just writing a bittorrent client in node js euranymous: @i4cc8a9morw8kfrh I better buy a i9 and an rtx 2080 ti with that just to upgrade my existing PC directrix13: you should get a unicomp model m keyboard.

It's a lot like your butterfly keyboard in many ways. pogu: Firefox all way okeeeeeee: ejabbered server? kyyllu: @georgehotz learn django xd zeroeagle1: yarn > npm Scott_w_c: use HTML VidaSabudabu: use graphQL on AWS with DynamoDB yuptheladsdownthecans: @LeadCoder STOP sending the same thing over and over idiot Annex_Greenland: coolest chat app LUL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @euranymous true ytazn: i just won a 5k whichtom: LUL Santiago_LHC: BOOM okeeeeeee: LUL XeroKool: LUL i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: LOOOOOOOOOL UniversalGeneve: LUL Lefer_: LUL Ralph_124C_41: LUL Zabak378: OMEGALUL AlcaponeYou: LUL okeeeeeee: savage LUL Rtc_ti5: hahahaha Shasan_: LUL Scott_w_c: BloodTrail kyyllu: LUL LaheyFPS: not subbed LUL rektiw0w: oof Keyeh: good morning @georgehotz directrix13: lol reyy911: LUL LUL LUL speeddrawing101: Nice forkdb: WTF MonkaSupreme: mylNob FlySociety2o9: LUL notoroszbig: grpc? Annex_Greenland: excessive ManWithNoFace: F ytazn: hey no offense but you look great Santiago_LHC: You know when your username is "LeadCoder", you made it.

Forkdb: ifeelbadfortneperson Caene: @LeadCoder Better subscribe to come back. LUL erichtp: LUL Vinndy: you will have to "emulate" discovery by having the server be the middle man all the time revolutionist123: f MonkaSupreme: p2p Scott_w_c: and sell it to stream lab and buy that macbook! i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: comedyStare Keyeh: 🤔 sultantw: ex leader now reyy911: @annex_greenland you thinks so? You should get banned too MuscleMario: inb4 this a botnet okeeeeeee: try erlang @georgehotz hoffs: just use a blokchain pogu: 1, YES PLEASE LaheyFPS: and then you dos us all directrix13: you are going to need some nat traversal MonkaSupreme: write in solidity Kappa speeddrawing101: Do you know React? @georgehotz mariusmafius: erlang DansGame elixir SeemsGood kektobiologist: can u add in title what you're making? @georgehotz ytazn: hey great idea MuscleMario: elixir <- will be fun VidaSabudabu: learn graphQL and use from Reactjs Keyeh: eggs and sausage Kreygasm MuscleMario: ill go make breakfast too erlsek: what is he doing now? Santiago_LHC: FUN LaheyFPS: egg burrito PogChamp Caene: Time for brekkie dorkmo: euranymous: Lets make some chicken tendies forkdb: Shall I sub …

Reyy911: Frozen food otw zeroeagle1: is their ui stuff for elixir? directrix13: breakfast.js UniversalGeneve: bacon, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns FlySociety2o9: sandwhich LUL dorkmo: @georgehotz ^ Shasan_: george a genius it would take me a year to build that ytazn: chat app ytazn: @erlsek erlsek: nice Jewishrambo: 🙄 Keyeh: Discord slayer PogChamp i'm ready ytazn: guys LaheyFPS: DansGame dirty ytazn: boys pogu: @Shasan_ doubt it, it'll take a less resourceful person a few weeks at most 12ka4: hey dude can you teach us vim? your vim skills are lit. ytazn: i will also make eggs now Vinndy: play you were the shit in high school it's sick LaheyFPS: Beethoven VLEESBROODTV: cabal looks hot directrix13: directrix13 subscribed at Tier 1.

Annex_Greenland: LUL cjocol2201: hi swagettiyolonaise69: dont forget to add a ban function LaheyFPS: LUL XeroKool: LUL kyyllu: LOL god_damn: get that guy outta here FlySociety2o9: LUL Keyeh: xcalBanhammer ytazn: i hate fun pogu: 🍌 forkdb: Play your rapp song Annex_Greenland: whys he so awnry ManWithNoFace: what chair is that pogu: lul slow internet hoffs: herman miller euranymous: play some tomcr00se Keyeh: arab subtitles though Fundlak: turkish* pogu: I love this already, fml Keyeh: @Fundlak ty ManWithNoFace: thanks hoffs i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @Keyeh are you serious directrix13: somebody let the dog in with mud on his foot Keyeh: @i4cc8a9morw8kfrh no, just clueless Keyeh: i mean, yes i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: squadD i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: comedyStare Santiago_LHC: Breakfast stream st47ik: cant hear you from that far residentsleeperrrrrrrrr: "comedy" kyyllu: @georgehotz make the chat app with Django instead of shitty js byte_baron: what a swaggalicious song khilshot: Yo yo geohot byte_baron: it's so hip! i4cc8a9morw8kfrh: @kyyllu that would be great byte_baron: so… so… utterly shit euranymous: Do you guys get disappointed by absurd contribution of apple fanboys to the monopoly? XnitronQ: PogChamp Vinndy: PogChamp okeeeeeee: tomcr00se PogChamp Santiago_LHC: what monopoly kytos1k: PogChamp st47ik: PogChamp swami_ramdev_baba: oh geo FlySociety2o9: PogChamp ytazn: i put bacon in my eggs euranymous: @Santiago_LHC Literally every housewife wants an iphone okeeeeeee: rip pc ytazn: not to be mean @georgehotz but you are the best builder ever TheNakedFlame: monkaS I C U Santiago_LHC: @euranymous Where I live only like 10% of all people have iPhones komocode_: what's your dj name? Hotz dropping the 🔥 mkdrmnd: @euranymous so you're asking if anyone else is annoyed that people like to buy the products they like? dorkmo: MonkaSupreme: I bet you gonna have some trouble with P2P stuff in the browser swami_ramdev_baba: oh geoz how do you just live all hours by only typing or leanring st47ik: whats on the plate Kappa SmokeSomethin: what man, hows your day going? okeeeeeee: LUL god_damn: 🤕 speeddrawing101: YEs euranymous: @mkdrmnd I dont mean that.

I meant the company is selling an inferior product for absurd prices which happens to be a status symbol Santiago_LHC: #obstacles gator____: wonder if George has Headspace premium LUL razr22: play at 2x st47ik: ╰(*°▽°*)╯ razr22: jony ive LUL Santiago_LHC: @euranymous I think you don't understand what a monopoly is god_damn: LMFAOOO swami_ramdev_baba: I daily learn like this but i do 5 to 6 mastrub** i cant control it, Santiago_LHC: #curious swami_ramdev_baba: How to control it guy Santiago_LHC: #neural Caene: LUL st47ik: neural networks PogChamp FlySociety2o9: What is this? god_damn: 🤨 mind wondering… st47ik: he's optimizing his neural networks mkdrmnd: @euranymous the iPhone is only a status symbol to poor people, and also, 'inferior product' is a poor assessment because you haven't considered their perspective and how iOS might make it superior for them…

Keyeh: that's some "deep" meditation swami_ramdev_baba: Also @georgehotz , do you know website and what it is giving to world jrrbls: have you tried the Sam Harris one FlySociety2o9: training the neural network god_damn: he really is vibing ytazn: have u tried vue? FargioFarmani: this is hilarious Santiago_LHC: We are meditating bros ytazn: i think if i started over i might not use framework st47ik: oh yeah swami_ramdev_baba: Who is working is that you jellyjar: ah meditating, thought we were getting brainwashed FlySociety2o9: I'm ready kyyllu: Y O G A B O Y Z gator____: breathe through the root chakra, chat mariusmafius: u gotta do this shiet before touching any web framework FargioFarmani: cant do react without mediating first st47ik: ^ Santiago_LHC: :breathe: FlySociety2o9: ^ god_damn: 🤨 leopp: @mariusmafius LMFAO pogu: lol headspace is such a shit product. I like for starting out, wouldn't say premium is worth it swami_ramdev_baba: how to control mastrub* Santiago_LHC: ytazn: i like to hold a weapon while i think it makes me feel a bit better st47ik: D E E P suteki1: 😐 kyyllu: @ytazn MonkaS swami_ramdev_baba: i am addicted to that like john don nesbyy1: What we doing now? st47ik: NotLikeThis god_damn: @nesbyy1 vibing bro swagettiyolonaise69: not sure ytazn: @kyyllu it's weird but try it Santiago_LHC: We are meditating FlySociety2o9: monkaS xohadi: vibe check st47ik: bruh moment Thobrik: okay who called the police hoffs: woop woop 🚓 st47ik: Kappa god_damn: feds monkaS leopp: *sirens in the distance Unsavable: Sirens amplifying the relaxation.

LaheyFPS: haha sirens suteki1: CiGrip swami_ramdev_baba: OM NAMAH SHIYAY rektiw0w: lmao wtf is this stale2000: monkaS kyyllu: imagine meditating before using react LUL jellyjar: namaste notoroszbig: namaste FlySociety2o9: !keyboard YouPowerRush: 123 go st47ik: @kyyllu that's the point LUL Santiago_LHC: meditation is the only way to use react cjocol2201: monkaS Azermite: Meditation is pointless ? aa_ato: Sss Pryetranka: murdaEmusk swami_ramdev_baba: @georgehotz , ARE YOU INTROVERT AND EXTROVERT VLEESBROODTV: zzzzzz kyyllu: react is shit why nobody told him gator____: @Azermite not entirely. It's supposed to increase gray matter in the brain hoffs: @Azermite nah bro, its only way to unlocking 99% of your brian ytazn: i dont use any of the redux stuff it's too complicated YouPowerRush: sleepy boii suteki1: FeelsGoodMan 🚬 ﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞ Caene: I feel so calm.. I feel like a shoe. XeroKool: This is stressing me out Santiago_LHC: a bit of space stale2000: MrDestructoid st47ik: vue is calmer than react 4Head Azermite: Angular : yes swami_ramdev_baba: @georgehotz , tell me how to stop having mastrub***, when i am alone i cant control it Santiago_LHC: #nojudgement nesbyy1: Can someone link the video please thebastl: @georgehotz Do you think making open pilot work for e-scooters is the next big thing? nesbyy1: the video of the orator nesbyy1: or whatever its called gmx27: @realrajanpaudel try stoicism VLEESBROODTV: its headspace kyyllu: Just use django dude forget about react god_damn: george really about it st47ik: Kreygasm stale2000: Never did I thought to see the day of Programming ASMR FargioFarmani: its an app YouPowerRush: sikk headspace bruh pogu: I feel like a blob controlling my body ytazn: i meditate too but maybe not for as long gator____: I hear in silicon valley you have to do this before every HR meeting thebastl: @kyyllu Heretic! Santiago_LHC: #breathing EnjoyToLive: are you scared of leadcoder st47ik: @kyyllu django for frontend WutFace thebastl: Did he just fart? gator____: yes kyyllu: Not for the front end, but for building the app suteki1: yes VLEESBROODTV: eggs are cold by now aa_ato: this work! pogu: @gator____ yeah, HR is so annoying that before and after purge of memory and emotion is necessary Santiago_LHC: #chill kyyllu: Also, Angular for front end is way better than react Keyeh: > "preferred text editor" > not vim LUL gator____: LUL ytazn: i guess it is the start of the project tho EnjoyToLive: chill thebastl: Is he aware that the stream is running? gator____: no st47ik: @thebastl yeah Santiago_LHC: He is aware of nothing but thyself ytazn: hey you got this geohot u r the best one st47ik: LUL EnjoyToLive: you don't have the balls to challenge the Robed guy st47ik: jailbreaking the brain Santiago_LHC: Can someone ban this wannabe hacker? kyyllu: No effort required god_damn: this is how man reaches his apex hoffs: george about to bust one swami_ramdev_baba: @georgehotz , say ohmmmmmmm st47ik: DansGame lwasd: Hey George! leopp: he's channeling his JS BEAST MODE MrBlackPanther: !keyboard LaheyFPS: scream in the mic when done 🙂 jellyjar: we are about to witness some next level coding when hes done lwasd: Just created a security tool for NPM that helps developers safely consume OSS, interested? st47ik: Setup Option 1: Write Code in the Browser 4Head ytazn: i am an asynchronous process ytazn: i will wait patiently while the thread does other things Santiago_LHC: #pleasantthoughts zoki_macola: is he ok lwasd: wtf…

Pryetranka: no ragemaster999: this might be the best javascript code a man has ever written kyyllu: Self driving cars built using react lets go EnjoyToLive: he's just scared @zoki_macola ytazn: i will be executed by a browser aa_ato: DeadMan lwasd: ? gator____: can you imagine george in an ayahuasca ceremony LUL st47ik: u need to meditate before using react SMOrc xrealyy: he should do this before the stream zoki_macola: he looks anxious kyyllu: selfdriving.js st47ik: LUL martinkirilov: Did you get the new MB @georgehotz ? Finally a physical escape key for proper vim using Santiago_LHC: "let the mind do whatever it wants" bayed222: Cheer100 lwasd: Anyone here use Node.js? lwasd: Or NPM? xrealyy: "boobs" aPosterior: he calling kylo ren? pogu: @martinkirilov Switch esc and caps.

How do you even use the normal escape key with vim st47ik: @lwasd most do hoffs: @lwasd stop shilling your shity lwasd: Mean 🙁 kyyllu: @lwasd I do gator____: cyber bully martinkirilov: @pogu no caps on HHKB 🙁 lwasd: It ain't shitty. st47ik: smells DansGame Santiago_LHC: appreciate boys Zabak378: What do you guys think about PHP? leopp: I use CTRL [ to exit insert mode lwasd: I just build a free dev tool to help educate developers on vulnerable OSS packages as they install them. st47ik: smells like eggs in there jrrbls: have u tried Sam Harris one lwasd: I tryna help the world 🙁 🙁 ragemaster999: he is about to concatenate different types in javascript Pryetranka: ResidentSleeper pogu: @martinkirilov I just looked it up rofl MonkaSupreme: good group session oksan309: Has a fly ever wandered into ur mouth while riding a bicycle LUL gator____: swalloed a beetle once ^ lwasd: @kyyllu Wooooo.

Gator____: swallowed* Santiago_LHC: #missingtheopportunity st47ik: @lwasd npm does that kinda? kyyllu: @lwasd work more with python tho ragemaster999: he is rewiring on live stream PogChamp ytazn: geohot is the embodiment of low coupling PhysoTronic: what app is he using? bayed222: headspace mlgdotca: why is he learning react Santiago_LHC: #engage #experience #reflect leopp: he is reading the chat st47ik: PogChamp ytazn: at his core geohot is maintainable code lwasd: @st47ik @kyyllu NPM does, other package managers don't – Python is next. balzak43: is this the new ` import zen` > LiIDrunk: wtf i thought doing weed was the correct way MonkaSupreme: be careful with streaming headspace content on twitch. @georgehotz lwasd: And we also do licence control as well. lwasd: AGPL etc. Vjasal: have you ever tried hypnosis? martinkirilov: tell me you're eating fruit looms or I'll be disappointed hoffs: ok sensei what is your zen level and how is your chakra doing LaheyFPS: please im too relaxed, scream into the microphone. 🙂 aa_ato: 😂😂😂😂 byte_baron: @Vjasal isn't that an illegal wrestling move or something? smurfd0: i geuss the meditation helps? aa_ato: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 leopp: the eggs are cold? gator____: @byte_baron you're thinking of the stone cold stunna LUL st47ik: so calm Kreygasm lwasd: Try the tool and let me know your thoughts? swagettiyolonaise69: meditation is not for thinking st47ik: @georgehotz signaling servers? ytazn: in front of our eyes geohot has ascended to the level of the best developer in the world lwasd: @st47ik you legend.

Martinkirilov: yarn is so much better for react khilshot: Wanna give VScode a try? MonkaSupreme: we need a tracker st47ik: @lwasd wat PhysoTronic: perfect for "simple" skill sunday LUL ragemaster999: are you ready to concatenate different types in javascript? @georgehotz lwasd: Question is, which is safer? Santiago_LHC: @khilshot He already has st47ik: lookup signalhub George thebastl: @georgehotz Do you own a boosted board? dorkmo: did george look at cabal yet lol khilshot: Most of the time i see him using vim. xrealyy: slow net huh two_eight: take a look at svelte. its react without the bullshit ytazn: geohot is simple architecture PhysoTronic: georgehotz what is your background? first time here.

Are you coming from JS or you usually work in other languages Santiago_LHC: @khilshot He codes on vim, but uses vs code to read code Thobrik: George started speaking with that cute yoga teacher voice like the headspace guy LiIDrunk: lol still installing ckrpasa: finally watching you alive and you are making meditation! LOL LiIDrunk: brew is trash st47ik: @georgehotz u goona use webrtc? thebastl: @georgehotz Do you play video games? swami_ramdev_baba: I love windows , hate mac Santiago_LHC: nobody "loves" Windows minichota: I love Linux, hate mac st47ik: there are a few p2p webrtc projects dorkmo: MonkaSupreme: maybe give peerjs a try st47ik: u need a signaling server to connect peers tho swami_ramdev_baba: windows is best friend for poor peoples khilshot: Socketio is good for chat apps. dorkmo: basically all use dht i think Serbius: hello geo when will you make a new rap song, i need more gym pump up songs Santiago_LHC: @swami_ramdev_baba lol, you say that as if it was free swami_ramdev_baba: haha swami_ramdev_baba: it is free , i use cracked version swami_ramdev_baba: all is carcket cursedelboom0: !keyboard pogu: @Serbius It's super weird but I actually work out better with light focus than the standard gym pump up songs Santiago_LHC: Try linux, it's actually free.

Mariusmafius: monkaS st47ik: uses WebRTC swami_ramdev_baba: *cracked PhysoTronic: georgehotz first time here.. are you coming from JS or you usually work in other languages leopp: hey @georgehotz, try gg=G in vim jay_al97: you're doing javascript today Serbius: @pogu im not kidding i worked out with geos songs kyyllu: @physotronic usually he uses python pogu: That's indent all lines in VIM leopp: gg=G idents the code for you automatically pogu: gg=G is indent all lines Vinndy: front end development on vim might be a little bit of a stretch isn't it TheBigK02: hi FargioFarmani: In normal mode, typing gg=G will reindent the entire file. ytazn: geohot has already reached godlike architectural ability and will write highly consistent codes TheBigK02: twitch is so buggy… wanted to watch a vod… only for subs… then i subbed… still cant watch…

What is this shit jellyjar: is your current one 16gb? dorkmo: new maccc booook w9cceixh24b23ouiljlhmyp1: only 32GB ram, i see youre only going to install one dependecy then? Kappa PhysoTronic: kyyllu does he have some project that he works on or he creates new ones often? kyyllu: python > js khilshot: Do you hate java? swami_ramdev_baba: @georgehotz ,, how do you control yourself from mastrubation , give me detailed tips, i am addicted to that shit.

I am out, Neeuuro: 50 tabs open in 10 different windows =D kyyllu: xd MuscleMario: English muffins, egg, salami, meunster cheese, yeet. ytazn: geohot is the grittiest builder in the world jay_al97: why are you learning react? TheBigK02: @georgehotz … step 1: hack twitch step2: fix twitch step3: get 1 milion subs on instagram… deal? PhysoTronic: Neeuuro i have currently ~900 tabs mlgdotca: why vim Santiago_LHC: 95% of chat is "The thing I like is the best thing, unlike that other thing. Why aren't you using my thing?" TheBigK02: why not vim ytazn: LUL kyyllu: @physotronic you mean in general or in js? forkdb: Vim teach me maxjowett: react LUL pogu: @Santiago_LHC That's most of the conversation on the planet lul swami_ramdev_baba: @georgehotz , how to increase my neurons and be genius PhysoTronic: kyyllu well in general and in js.

Does he wants to learn JS so he made skill sunday? ManWithNoFace: OnClick rektiw0w: u have to do camelcase for onclick @georgehotz Santiago_LHC: @pogu Depends who you hang up with st47ik: @georgehotz u know about IPFS? Lutefisk123: onclick with big C ytazn: build for fun implies cream of the crop chocblade: Can you say me a marked for exploits ? kyyllu: @physotronic he is a famous hacker and runs a self driving cars startup if thats what u mean MuscleMario: Did you know that bitwise ops on a JS var forces it to an INT rather than a float which increases performance when number crunching? pogu: @Santiago_LHC I mean even if you say a statement, you're essentially saying "Im thinking in this way, I'm saying this so you can thing in this way too" swami_ramdev_baba: Bye @georgehotz brother , i am interested in deep learning and going to learn come to you in later kyyllu: @physotronic he is learning js because he is making a "simple skill sunday" PhysoTronic: kyyllu didnt know that.

Does he ever demonstrate how to actually hack something? Vinndy: this doesn't exist on that context, callbacks are supposed to be "pure" Spidey2711: hat is some piss poor logic @pogu restitutione: e => rektiw0w: remove the curly braces kingkong3211: use back ticks with dollar sign in front of opening curly bracket kyyllu: @physotronic yes, actually he is pretty famous, if u do a search on Google you will know more about his story ytazn: this is probably dumb but i dont use classes in react anthraxvirus322: what are we doing today chat mariusmafius: pussy kyyllu: @physotronic I think there are some of these hacking videos in yt martinkirilov: what are you reacting to? Kappa pogu: Watch hs Lex Friedman podcast pogu: his* ytazn: @anthraxvirus322 chat app in react MuscleMario: backticks are string templates in new JS two_eight: gotta love that all the react tutorials now use the outdated class syntax.

Every 2 months you should be ready to learn new syntax 🙂 MuscleMario: allow ${x} in strings khilshot: this context is different inside arrow function. anthraxvirus322: @ytazn thanks kind sir SeemsGood skynetrobot: is there a moderator in here that works for Facebook, I get timed out for mentioning lit-html ?? martinkirilov: @MuscleMario template literals, I'm surprised I still remember the name, haven't used js in a while ytazn: no offense to boomers but i dont understand why they care so much about object orientation johnny_thehobo: took me 4 months to barely understand react and geo is out here doing it in ~2 hours Quad___lol: use functional react JS DansGame no one has time to type redundant shit maxjowett: these tutorials are old bloated es5 examples st47ik: LUL 715209: you don't really need the constructor LaheyFPS: monkaS MuscleMario: Moderate your way into Partner Quad___lol: pogu: @st47ik 👏 martinkirilov: “"backtick"${function here} string here"backtick" two_eight: look at the new react hooks syntax rektiw0w: the tutorial is fine onewithoutnamee: onewithoutnamee subscribed with Twitch Prime.

MuscleMario: everything has been done, just the question is, how well. lol khilshot: try scrimba Pryetranka: react hooks is way to go khilshot: it's free forkdb: I think he likes to ban viewers… PhysoTronic: kyyllu damn, he is real deal. just read few bits on wiki ytazn: does anyone here know how to get the html from a site and print it out outside the browser? Santiago_LHC: @forkdb Mostly trolls or people who are dumb and way off topic ytazn: dude yes youre a genius Arksam: monkaS Vinndy: @ytazn use curl electriclime: You could probably pass {this} objects as a parameter to the anonymous function then use it in the alert pogu: VoteYea jay_al97: lol reaganchisholm: the big idea MonkaSupreme: 10v10 tic tac toe champ900: try alt F4 MuscleMario: biggest forkdb: @santiago_lhc I know, was just kidding…

I like him…an inspiration frediiiez: PogChamp printhellosailor: I literally just implemented a server-side webrtc peer data connection a few hours ago SpanglishGamer: Lol wow SpanglishGamer: Genius ytazn: @Vinndy ty revolutionist123: PogChamp BatkoTheBat: wow st47ik: Also this distributed p2p chat app runs on IPFS – SpanglishGamer: w0otahHigh printhellosailor: implementing a server-side webrtc peer connection with a data channel is the only way to get a UDP connection to browsers right now dorkmo: twitch connect 4 plz skynetrobot: lit-html two_eight: wouldn't websockets be better for tictactoe st47ik: PogChamp MuscleMario: ouch electriclime: PeerJS is a simple wrapper for WebRTC that makes it very easy. Basically works like socketio johnny_thehobo: implement some kind of ticket system so people have to pay to play vs you khilshot: try scrimba (react tutorial) forkdb: I like you george printhellosailor: websockets would be simpler, but not as much fun as UDP over webrtc swagettiyolonaise69: theres no winner in tic tac toe if you're good enough equalizer_____: Чувствую русских в чате champ900: I like you George directrix13: ipfs isn't 100% JavaScript though currently Vinndy: but what's the source of truth in this type of services forkdb: He,lobgundu Serbius: Pog MitMax: MitMax subscribed with Twitch Prime.

They've subscribed for 2 months! HolidayPresent HolidayPresent HolidayPresent forkdb: What is pig? forkdb: Pog Santiago_LHC: PogChamp ytazn: when i curl "" @Vinndy nothing prints? kektobiologist: @georgehotz can you take your mic out of your keyboard Ziv0: setState Quad___lol: use setState ytazn: keyboard sounds great Vinndy: @ytazn do curl -L <url> ytazn: ty forkdb: What keyboard is he usually using? Santiago_LHC: HHKB2 st47ik: @forkdb forbidden question NotLikeThis forkdb: Ohgg StoneLightning leopp: we don't talk about the keyboard here mariusmafius: ban inc ytazn: @Vinndy u r genius st47ik: LUL rektiw0w: some people abt to get banned okeeeeeee: do you know 2 level tictoctoe? just make another tictoctoe grid in each of the 9 squares.

The opponent always has to put his cross inside the area where the other player set his cross. e.g. put circle on left side into right field, then opponent has to put a cross anywhere into to right big square one. @georgehotz Vinndy: no keyboard talk here forkdb: Ohgg st47ik: react ResidentSleeper okeeeeeee: goal is to win in any small square Quad___lol: @georgehotz 27 setState champ900: change handleClick = (i) => {…} two_eight: REACT HOOKS Serbius: i never thought i would lose nnn watching a guy code so smoothly Kappa ytazn: setstate is async kektobiologist: please use es6 saves a lot of boilerplate Santiago_LHC: Here is what George's setup looks like: Vinndy: react: "we don't do mutation here" W1lkins: people writing javascript on stream, whole chat becomes javascript experts st47ik: @W1lkins cuz its the most popular LUL Boethig: you dont mutate the state because the dom diff algorithm wont catch it ytazn: never used .fill before what a god kyyllu: @st47ik most popular and utterly shit kyyllu: xd st47ik: not really kyyllu: jk forkdb: @santiago_lhc Thank you very much kyyllu: But I think python better johnny_thehobo: hmm…

Yes. i understand ytazn: it's cool u r learning it super fast Quad___lol: called it 15mins ago jokerd6Weird st47ik: @kyyllu rust is superior imo, just give it a few years kyyllu: python ans js are my main ones zoki_macola: dont call prop.onClick kyyllu: @st47ik I was about to learn Go instead of Rust zoki_macola: just pass function dorkmo: woo do_not_erase: lol YouPowerRush: 123 go Serbius: @georgehotz did you compete in programming in HS? Nubadoxd: If it ain't the sexiest CEO on twitch shedGurt jay_al97: could the terminal st47ik: LUL CaptCalifornia: the boomer is back online PepeLaugh Nubadoxd: Hey George, how are you doing today? 0om4ar: hey man what do you think of golang ? kektobiologist: not using vscode in 2019 FeelsWeirdMan ytazn: this is quick and dirty st47ik: Vanilla JS is better than React for this case LUL kokokaik: aggressive typing forkdb: @santiago_lhc Please accept my friend request on twitch rektiw0w: they make it better as u progress through the tutorial ytazn: sometimes u gotta do quick and dirty fluzfluz: hi georgehotz sirvapealots: @rektiw0w here, learn bad habits and fix it later Kappa sirvapealots: @rektiw0w a bad habit will eat you alive printhellosailor: react is not the best…

But it's popular, and usable forkdb: What is the meaning of noob rektiw0w: @sirvapealots well yea… foxubu: Is the title of the stream still valid? rektiw0w: @sirvapealots however the point of it is to teach u of the basic concepts and not good practices foxubu: Oh thanks ytazn: the title is great fwef64: deprecated is not pronounced like that electriclime: PeerJS is a wrapper for WebRTC that makes it very simple to use. sirvapealots: @rektiw0w learn the basics the worst ways possible Kappa 0om4ar: @kyyllu, golang is definitely the future Pryetranka: LUL estrangedHD: supported on chrome & opera, it's not like they use the same engine LUL ytazn: yeah redux is way complicated i hate it Nubadoxd: But ain't you a god amongst coders, you don't need to practice senpai Pepeflower two_eight: webrtc doesn't work on firefox? sirvapealots: @rektiw0w learn how to lift weights by using the worst forms possible, so you'll ruin your joints forever Kappa kyyllu: @0om4ar yea I really like it forkdb: Sing something george Serbius: @georgehotz you should make it so it can select to random people in chat to play against each other colanzio5: check out redux if you wanna refactor out state from components ytazn: LUL Vinndy: no sirvapealots: @georgehotz @rektiw0w learn how to lift weights by using the worst forms possible, so you'll ruin your joints forever Kappa kyyllu: @champ900 self driving cars in js lets go jay_al97: the p2p gh repo was a troll Nubadoxd: @georgehotz but ain't you a god amongst coders, you don't need to practice senpai Pepeflower sirvapealots: @Nubadoxd he had to sign an agreement with Sony to stop hacking their playstations in the future LUL YouPowerRush: 1 2 3 go 0om4ar: implement it from rfc 😡 sirvapealots: @Nubadoxd that's old news though 🙂 kyyllu: @nubadoxd he is doing this just to satisfy the lads kyyllu: c: Nubadoxd: @sirvapealots I know, LUL he's probably just bored Vinndy: i spent the weekend learning node js and react but got kind of demotivated cause it's too many frameworks and they change all the time sirvapealots: @Nubadoxd bored? nah, he seems to keep going 🙂 Nubadoxd: The simpletons in chat KEKW directrix13: you just pin the files in IPFS, you don't really upload kyyllu: @vinndy node and react wont go anywhere for a while dude, chill sirvapealots: @Nubadoxd keeps on going with good ol' coding 🙂 Quad___lol: simpletons and singletons in chat jokerd6Kekmad kratosboii: PogChamp two_eight: Pog forkdb: What is pog? two_eight: PogU anguscupcake: I'm a quadruple sirvapealots: @forkdb Pog means Pog PogChamp Nubadoxd: singletons…

We're in George's chat, theirs only players here @quad___lol 0om4ar: add bbtv emote Nubadoxd: PogChamp sirvapealots: Loading…………………… kratosboii: can someone explain to me whats going on kyyllu: self resolving tic tac toe? two_eight: copy past every medium article you find. modern web development PogChamp TuleFTW: i feel better about myself knowing george hotz also copy pastes from medium articles sirvapealots: Loading………….. ytazn: is ipfs better than heroku? Quad___lol: heroku is better :] kyyllu: tic tac toe startup incoming directrix13: @georgehotz you want the ipns name so that it reflects changes going forward sirvapealots: POGGERS sirvapealots: WORKS LUL Nubadoxd: It's the one their using tho shedLife sirvapealots: P O G G E R S Nubadoxd: KEKW frediiiez: fetching /etc/passwd razr22: LUL kektobiologist: can someone copy stuff from his pc? razr22: scanning file tree as we speak 1monkjuice: whats the difference with ngnix and this? crazywulf770: maybe index.html works? two_eight: p2p speed LUL ytazn: if you fetch from your computer does your computer not need to always be on ytazn: i have no idea two_eight: build react Nubadoxd: @georgehotz will you let the games begin? I feel that chats going to get bloody when the tic tac tow action begins DarkMode sirvapealots: @georgehotz it has to be uploaded to IPFS i suppose QED__: 5Head directrix13: is your firewall blocking incoming connections W1lkins: mac firewall Kappa sirvapealots: @QED__ hey, hotz is a legend unlike some pleb streamers LUL anguscupcake: @georgehotz favorite textbooks? Nubadoxd: He's the man, the legend Geohotz W1lkins: 50 Russian peers Kappa sirvapealots: @georgehotz make your own repo Pog kratosboii: @anguscupcake probably wikipedia sirvapealots: @georgehotz likely your files haven't uploaded yet kratosboii: lol god_damn: i wish i had peers mdrake_: i am peerless rektiw0w: @god_damn me too kratosboii: !keyboard two_eight: HHKB kratosboii: 5y glitch3dout: Check the console kratosboii: ty* sirvapealots: @georgehotz try a video Counteron: How is the app being built on the cloud? YouPowerRush: 3 2 1 go Counteron: exactly sirvapealots: POGGERS directrix13: @georgehotz you want to use the ipns name so that we can reference updated versions directrix13: otherwise the hash updates with every new change champ900: @georgehotz just use ngrok sirvapealots: @champ900 so how is it better exactly? sirvapealots: try opening it in a new tab 1monkjuice: looks like this is descentrilized in contrast to ngrok directrix13: oooh private information reveal two_eight: this is some pied piper shit sirvapealots: @directrix13 public key 🙂 Serbius: so how does ipfs work? directrix13: but it's just the directory in the current state rektiw0w: ipfs looks cool sirvapealots: @georgehotz post a link here so we can try it LUL residentsleeperrrrrrrrr: lets hack some sony devices!! georgehotz: 1monkjuice: ddos incoming empathiie: nothing happens gonzaloquintas: isnt loading sirvapealots: not loading LUL unique_ptr_: dont work boi razr22: LUL directrix13: that gateway is ass yaus_baus: uptime? two_eight: need MORE seeders sirvapealots: @two_eight need more seeders Kappa dorkmo: "waiting for ipfs….." hotpotato325: what computer u using? Nubadoxd: @georgehotz So like I'm a newbie, can you explain briefly what your are doing two_eight: the matrix PogChamp dorkmo: "Gateway Timeout" directrix13: @georgehotz I think that gateway isn't working well ragemaster999: have you already leaked your ip? gonzaloquintas: gateway timeout sirvapealots: @georgehotz what ports does IPFS use? W1lkins: 22 Kappa sharmouta: what you up to today yung georgie jay_al97: kingkong3211: sirvapealots: don't spam links LUL sirvapealots: Actually write what you're saying two_eight: try this random npm package 🙂 sirvapealots: @two_eight EXACTLY LUL someone understands my sentiments ragemaster999: just run it on an instance Jonzuk: you use mac? sirvapealots: @Jonzuk he doesn't Kappa Jonzuk: lmfao w9cceixh24b23ouiljlhmyp1: FYI cloudflare leaks ur IP @footer sirvapealots: @w9cceixh24b23ouiljlhmyp1 it pulls from IPFS; Calm down dude rektiw0w: maybe we give up on ipfs? sirvapealots: @georgehotz yeah you may have to open up a port directrix13: @georgehotz are you sure your firewall isn't blocking outbound from ipfs? WarSwick: Did you ever complete the iphone Jailbreak you were doing last time on stream? sirvapealots: @directrix13 ISP's block ports; you need to use higher ports, to route things 🙂 directrix13: right, but so does any firewall running on that computer lchowderl: What kind of keyboard do you use boss man? harmanthebest1: new series self compiling compiler sirvapealots: @directrix13 yeah but that's easy to resolve, compared to ISP's blocking them sirvapealots: @directrix13 just use higher port numbers 4Head sirvapealots: @georgehotz now you feel the pain of network engineers LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUl Gentris: !time Gentris: !uptime sirvapealots: webui should work Pog yaus_baus: middle finger on forehead = big brain time sirvapealots: LINK AGAIN sirvapealots: POGGERS georgehotz: carbonchain: So slow gonzaloquintas: nothing yet dorkmo: "waitingggg''''' unique_ptr_: just loading rektiw0w: the title loads…

Directrix13: can anybody pull /ipfs/QmbM8nAZJkTyAQM7c3EyeH2Y2xhqzS6wfcoBG9FKn1jut4 ? 1monkjuice: looks like its not serving the src's rudolphdoesgames: loaded vmarkushin: loaded! sirvapealots: maybe cloudflare haven't recognized it yet @georgehotz foti_kasparov: loaded 1monkjuice: yeye gonzaloquintas: im in! XeroKool: Works Arksam: Keepo Datamaskin: works gankeomenores: works Ziv0: works yaus_baus: worked gankeomenores: i won nicovzq: hotz u r the man! champ900: i lost zeroeagle1: damm i lost zeroeagle1: fking hard game yaus_baus: cheats for this?? W1lkins: just beat whatever idiot was playing against me, ez CSbps: works zeroeagle1: feel better 🙂 carbonchain: some tricks ya @zeroeagle1 gonzaloquintas: when players tie, it keeps saying whos next sirvapealots: THE REAL CHALLENGE LUL zeroeagle1: will you put that on ur resume for the world changing startup sirvapealots: @georgehotz you need sessions Jonzuk: how much do you make on AI yaus_baus: 3.50 adibaby04: i thought this was regex whichtom: that was a while ago crazywulf770: i would not learn react if i am rich…

So maybe he is broke crazywulf770: 😀 georgehotz: leopp: !uptime georgehotz: pull request for tie? zeroeagle1: will you put that on ur resume for the world changing startup Arksam: LUL dorkmo: pull request for connect4 plz rektiw0w: me 🙂 CaptainAshtar: oyy web 🙂 nice you do even web … CaptainAshtar: wtf CaptainAshtar: you are a serious person Hotz … Nubadoxd: I don't know what I understand less, what chat says sometimes, or h flips_hope: LUL CaptainAshtar: StinkyCheese Nubadoxd: George's constant 4 head touching shedLife Nubadoxd: He's re Nubadoxd: my God this keyboard sucks …. BiszkopTT: js god th3_maj0r: 17yo hack iphone, 30yo create tic tac toe BiszkopTT: @th3_maj0r the journey nicovzq: hahahah CaptainAshtar: haha YouPowerRush: 123 or wat ? rektiw0w: @th3_maj0r MuLTIPLAYER* tic tac toe th3_maj0r: oh CaptainAshtar: he created skynet Nubadoxd: wait George is 30? shedShock directrix13: all data goes into state Arksam: Twitchtactoc* nicovzq: !uptime BiszkopTT: worldwideeeeeeeee yaus_baus: george is Timeless nicovzq: !help real_selkie: react sucks Ziv0: it does need to be in a state BiszkopTT: @real_selkie STOP leopp: make it battle royale tic tac toe Arksam: Jebaited / W1lkins: create a constructor W1lkins: and do it in that CaptainAshtar: make it 3D opengl tic tac toe WendellSwan: i always enjoy watching these streams but i never have any idea whats going on Nubadoxd: Oh yeah, this is a lot better.

ShedPat HuntMePls: @georgehotz you can use variables in a class as long as they are in a constructor nicovzq: @WendellSwan same yamchah2: show us your vimrc Pog restitutione: put in {} yaus_baus: its on his git yaus_baus: configuration repo WendellSwan: i know how to print hello world in python anguscupcake: this is good coding ASMR W1lkins: add it to a constructor in Game Nubadoxd: ASMR KEKKW Nubadoxd: KEKW restitutione: { variable } two_eight: those topre sounds Kreygasm kingkong3211: @georgehotz this might be useful Nubadoxd: ^ yamchah2: 9 line vimrc what a legend yaus_baus: real coder vimrc Ziv0: LUL yaus_baus: lmfao michael_laurent: LuL A_Big_Sandwich: LUL two_eight: typescript version of jsx rektiw0w: tsx monkaS frediiiez: LUL Jo__: LYL Nubadoxd: KEKW Jo__: damn CaptainAshtar: why this guy is screaming? Jo__: LUL brisingr1031: @georgehotz a car nicovzq: hahahha data_day_life: tittysex, obvi yaus_baus: TSX???? XeroKool: LUL NeolexBZH: @georgehotz why did you stopped hacking ? MuscleMario: typescript is what ppl write w/ but yeah, it iz 3 much yaus_baus: DELETE THIS jbyte1988: pinga foxubu: 😀 Nubadoxd: tittysex KEKW W1lkins: make an issue on Github Kappa reaganchisholm: looool HuntMePls: LUL directrix13: modified javascript I believe yaus_baus: someone clip that directrix13: like template language or something? Jeppelelle: impeach tsx:ers data_day_life: ismCOP foxubu: George is gonna fry their repo with a friendly pull request lol nicovzq: why ppl make it so complex? D: yaus_baus: is this just an excuse for george to write js? Nubadoxd: Well…

Is it? Brohanson: limmySteel mlgdotca: => binds the context of this cuz js is fukt yaus_baus: tsx confirmed trigger nicovzq: !donate jay_al97: tsx is typescript and jsx Nubadoxd: ^ rektiw0w: so compiling it will turn it into regular react jsx? HuntMePls: tsx comes from typescript, its a javascript library that provides javascript with variables type-checking like declaring a variable int or string yaus_baus: tic tac toe battle royale??? benakiba: Pog mkc0de: @georgehotz ohh react. what's with discord? logicssoldier: Typescript is great but luv u Santiago_LHC: #vanillaJS zoki_macola: George is boomer rektiw0w: forms in react are not nice Nubadoxd: @georgehotz can you add particle effects for when someone wins/loses/ties? shedHeart Santiago_LHC: kids nowadays getting fancy with them frameworks directrix13: Typescript is Javascript# Jewishrambo: do preventdefault god_damn: @Jewishrambo doesnt need to submit so theres no need JdPaulBlart: lmao i just got done making tic tac toe using gtk in c nice timing mkc0de: chat has he created discord server? trchaosTR: this is the first time i see a mod in george's chat Nubadoxd: They are silent snipers shedScared reaganchisholm: pass the onclick event to get the value chagasf: this.connect.bind(this) logicssoldier: you do have an event 😉 Abnormmall: this.onSubmit.bind(this) rektiw0w: u have to save the value of the box into state reaganchisholm: onClick={ (event) => handleClick(event) } mkc0de: just use arrow func reaganchisholm: access the value with reaganchisholm: something like that mkc0de: bind for boomers logicssoldier: oh right you need to setState w/ text box input onChange event W1lkins: just add an id to the element and rip it out of the page with document.getElementById LUL logicssoldier: FailFish Santiago_LHC: #vanillaJSshit directrix13: oh lordy yaus_baus: ok Boomer mkc0de: var NotLikeThis chagasf: you can use ref, or state GOLDSOULTHEORY: var Pog logicssoldier: onChange={event => this.setState({name:})}; directrix13: ^^^ chagasf: onClick={this.connect.bind(this)} logicssoldier: you dont have to bind jay_al97: use => so you don't have to bind logicssoldier: ^^ FlySociety2o9: not bind need3ed Nubadoxd: ^ logicssoldier: lambdas preserve scope logicssoldier: so no need to bind do_not_erase: onClick => connect() logicssoldier: connect = () => W1lkins: since it's in a lambda now you actually need to call connect W1lkins: this.connect() logicssoldier: connect should be a lambda!! W1lkins: before it was invoked automatically gseven_: this.connect() not this.connect dorkmo: tic tac toe player lobby ruslik_: LUL two_eight: don't discuss a man's monitor size Arksam: riPepperonis GOLDSOULTHEORY: LUL yaus_baus: lmao anguscupcake: bruh monitor size is OFF LIMITS kytos1k: LUL Jo__: ahahah httpsdubdubdotcomm: lol yaus_baus: just had to do it to em' dorkmo: Corgo1 logicssoldier: dont disrespekt the monitor size Vilebiscuit: Hi guys, I am planning on learning machine learning.

Where do you guys recommend I start, udacity or some other place? Santiago_LHC: #IGUESS Forbaya: lmao yaus_baus: bro george is the best BiszkopTT: had to do it to em martinkirilov: because monitor size and keyboard aren't preferences, you better have same as him or you will not be approved httpsdubdubdotcomm: small monitor and loud keyboard… was that the insult …wud i miss..? do_not_erase: onClick={ () => this.connect() } httpsdubdubdotcomm: just tuned in yaus_baus: no keyboard talk here directrix13: does react have a virtual dom? restitutione: yes debugger; BiszkopTT: @do_not_erase dis yaus_baus: no hardware talk Vilebiscuit: Hi guys, I am planning on learning machine learning.

Where do you guys recommend I start, udacity or some other place? martinkirilov: @yaus_baus no talk Forbaya: yeah don't talk here please do_not_erase: Your setting the value of connect not calling the function ^^ yaus_baus: @Vilebiscuit check out sentedex on youtube BiszkopTT: this chat is my safe space so just shh two_eight: just start listening to what your machine is saying. that is the first step to learning kytos1k: SeemsGood logicssoldier: @do_not_erase BlessRNG logicssoldier: check out @do_not_erase bsx1123: @Vilebiscuit is the best ml course on the web anguscupcake: dont click that link tornpaperyoyos: @Vilebiscuit do_not_erase: onClick={ () => this.connect() } BiszkopTT: dont need the braces i think Vilebiscuit: thanks a lot guys yaus_baus: i heard siraj raval can teach you AI in 5 minutes whichtom: lmao kytos1k: LUL BiszkopTT: no u need my bad Kappa httpsdubdubdotcomm: @Vilebiscuit opencv may help along your learning path.

Idk W1lkins: yaus_baus LUL init2: Hey, guys, what's up? deadbeatdad7: just smoking weed and watching the stream bro 👍 kytos1k: SeemsGood Vesh: im out of weed some one for me aswell @deadbeatdad7 NonTrivial778: are you on drugs right now? yaus_baus: is coffee a drug BiszkopTT: debuggin with console log is best kind of debugging BiszkopTT: @yaus_baus yea its a stimulant ragemaster999: we need a leaderboard El1T3MaN: @georgehotz you live in a studio apartment? tornpaperyoyos: im ready im ready im ready Bitcoin__: I remember making a Ultimate Tic Tac Toe game in VB.Net when I was younger brisingr1031: @georgehotz what kind of ice cubss do you use?? /s iron_lasagna: maybe Ninja will play it 🙂 martinkirilov: gonna be a long stream, cool two_eight: need hook up google ads as well walktheabyss: walktheabyss subscribed with Twitch Prime.

Yaus_baus: microtransations please martinkirilov: ingame life purchases Santiago_LHC: It also needs a DLC KNOOKEL_HEAD: React PogCHamp BiszkopTT: dlc with battleships martinkirilov: every turn is 100 bits KNOOKEL_HEAD: PogChamp Santiago_LHC: Needs accomplishments brisingr1031: ratirlFlex MrTriharder: Geohot doing JavaScript DansGame not my george DansGame martinkirilov: and hours played Luccaasss: what programming language is that: Luccaasss: ? yaus_baus: paypal george 5$ to have blue X instead of black tornpaperyoyos: are we ging to have player skins as well??? @georgehotz iron_lasagna: Needs loot boxes httpsdubdubdotcomm: can we bet wit bits with this game? schadowman: @Luccaasss js Santiago_LHC: @Luccaasss JS rauluz: yo guys, u can use react for back end too? martinkirilov: we need X and O skins BiszkopTT: @Luccaasss js and framework is react two_eight: @Luccaasss modern javascript 🙂 beautiful ain't it? okeeeeeee: can you implement this variation? @georgehotz MrTriharder: @georgehotz are u working with WebRtc rektiw0w: setState george MrTriharder: oh hes using simplepeer.js MrTriharder: cool library MrTriharder: had used it for video calling SeemsGood kratosboii: oh no MrTriharder: PogChamp razr22: pog MuscleMario: lol W1lkins: PogChamp iron_lasagna: PogChamp KNOOKEL_HEAD: PogChamp you're nuts Luccaasss: you're a jeanus init2: SuperHaxor!!!111 frediiiez: PogChamp Abnormmall: LMFAOOOOOOOOO kytos1k: PogChamp kratosboii: PogChamp Bitcoin__: !donate MrTriharder: No Server communication PogChamp ragemaster999: PogChamp garam_chai94: PogChamp mixxaww: PogChamp PogChamp cjocol2201: Kreygasm Abnormmall: PogU dekassssss: Pog garam_chai94: !uptime nesbyy1: Pog martinkirilov: PogCahmp martinkirilov: PogChamp init2: EIEIO KNOOKEL_HEAD: same port PogChamp luismario0o: He did it, boys yaus_baus: lmao soiax_: PogChamp Luccaasss: PogChamp bsx1123: PogChamp init2: !uptime dorkmo: Party1 Dynasmite: port for console Pog Thobrik: you enjoying this nerdz? KNOOKEL_HEAD: goated on the stickz PogChamp JdPaulBlart: next step: use minimax to calculate best move MrTriharder: @JdPaulBlart or just do if else and write AI Kappa martinkirilov: FakeClick, the maintainability Kappa KNOOKEL_HEAD: those clicks Kreygasm LaunchpadFun: @georgehotz made the PR for the drawn game btw.

Kratosboii: god bless vim kratosboii: and the poeple who made it KNOOKEL_HEAD: wasnt it just 1 guy kratosboii: god bless that dude yaus_baus: bram JUST_5HEAD: nice branch deR_Ed: states.PLAYER_X matejsninja: you need to states.PLAYER_X josergdev: states.X edargorter: I used double DQN for tictactoe … proved quite effective. deR_Ed: 5Head matejsninja: or make const { PLAYER_X } = states; Cjiq: What are we coding today? rektiw0w: @kratosboii what makes vim so good? ragemaster999: use a regex to check the winning condition, for them memes kratosboii: @rektiw0w r u not watching lol rektiw0w: @kratosboii well compared to other editors? razr22: LUL deR_Ed: golang would like to have a word kratosboii: just a lot quicker… no bloat too lol yaus_baus: Tabs in TSX rektiw0w: computers are fast nowadays a lot of stuff runs fast enough MonkaSupreme: give link ragemaster999: use a regex to check the winning condition, for them memes @georgehotz MoProject: why not use ML algorithms, is a lot faster and less code kratosboii: not talking about that..

Takling about the actual fle editing Maw3rick: WutFace rektiw0w: let me beat u on tic tac toe, but promise not to ban KNOOKEL_HEAD: create-react-app PogChamp matejsninja: you can make just if(!conn) { } jellyjar: no cap, as a noob, this shit is impressive to me ronniesmiths7: How old were you when you stated to program? KNOOKEL_HEAD: 1 Santiago_LHC: -2 rektiw0w: george learned how to program right out of the womb tornpaperyoyos: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fourhundredtwenty: me PogChamp rudolphdoesgames: not me kingkong3211: me kratosboii: meeeeeee Maw3rick: Lets roolllll tornpaperyoyos: MEEEEEEEEEEEEE rektiw0w: i challenged u first ragemaster999: me Raiwo: PogChamp httpsdubdubdotcomm: imma watch el_pirulote: not me LaunchpadFun: @georgehotz got the PR ready for Drawn game TuleFTW: me? edargorter: tactic toe httpsdubdubdotcomm: but thanks for streaming @georgehotz and good job with the tic tac toe crazywulf770: we need a player name field anguscupcake: tic tac toe makes me angry georgehotz: MonkaSupreme: hcidzdgohxc00000 georgehotz: 2nthkcj2o3w00000 YouPowerRush: DIE DIE DIIE kingkong3211: eibdntbf4v500000 edargorter: 1oqy54qjumu00000 remote peer id mrgh0st0: va83o50qe0000000 ragemaster999: broken Maw3rick: That was me ez JUST_5HEAD: lmfao KNOOKEL_HEAD: LMFAO KNOOKEL_HEAD: AHAHAHAHA deadpool_reynolds: hahah mdrake_: we're in razr22: DEAD LMAO rudolphdoesgames: u1r6f3yzzaf00000 kratosboii: LOL razr22: draw razr22: LUL httpsdubdubdotcomm: so wait now tic tack toe is a thing..

Can you build tetris next?… god_damn: george is really about it frediiiez: LUL Santiago_LHC: Sick action Jo__: stream snipe Caene: 69xjvbxeak300000 georgehotz: rpw4h1g20k000000 anguscupcake: damn that was intense LaunchpadFun: Yes I did mdrake_: LIT yaus_baus: sweating razr22: very competitive match martinkirilov: pmmt9opj61q00000 kratosboii: lmao smakatak: ut0wvx3obek00000 zoki_macola: knees weak, arms are sweaty MonkaSupreme: 0b0gr288m5sm0000 martinkirilov: tie razr22: hahahahahahaa UniversalGeneve: LUL god_damn: LMFAOOOO Hunted9000: hajm74e72j500000 god_damn: HE TWIRLS SuchALuckyGuy: World Championship right here anguscupcake: I'm on the edge of my seat mrgh0st0: 4z3cixnh62q00000 MonkaSupreme: LUL kytos1k: LUL frediiiez: LUL tychus07: LUL httpsdubdubdotcomm: congrats! razr22: q2p7uqb32gc00000 MonkaSupreme: tunpvcs2reg00000 httpsdubdubdotcomm: hell ya good times cjocol2201: TakeNRG Nelzex: yo what editor is that in your bash terminal tornpaperyoyos: y7w8sgyaejc00000 kratosboii: PogChamp LUL yaus_baus: hype UniversalGeneve: real inspiring stuff. Ziv0: LUL MoProject: hahah god_damn: FUCK AMAZON frediiiez: LUL LUL piccibrah: yayay boiiii whichtom: LUL edargorter: 1oqy54qjumu00000 rektiw0w: 7h79bqn8n5800000 BambiPT: fuck googleeeeeeee bruuuu kingkong3211: loololo FlySociety2o9: LUL MorningScifi: haha fuck google we have tic tac toe mixxaww: LUL yaus_baus: future is here boys KNOOKEL_HEAD: TRUEEEEEEEE LUL kratosboii: HAHAHAH HorseRacing4Life: @Nelzex it's vi El1T3MaN: what server he used to deploy it on? anguscupcake: yea fuck facebook we have react speeddrawing101: TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEE SuchALuckyGuy: WutFace Nelzex: MIDDLE OUT ENCRYPTION!!!! Xaotic: is he using vscode? zoki_macola: neighbours are wondering right now GeneralSoak: its the new new internet? Nelzex: HOOLI CHAT Hunted9000: cym6wjrc42a00000 JUST_5HEAD: Kappa kingkong3211: congress doesnt do shit FlySociety2o9: HOOLI tychus07: fuck facebook -> react yo god_damn: please say it louder for the people in the back dawgwhisper007: omg shut up Harm133: dont you work for google LUL LaunchpadFun: @Xaotic Vim alexdickson98: ni1s6q46kqq00000 alreye: you were a intern at facebook..

Why you trashig them imamazing87: PogChamp frediiiez: TRUE AbnerSK: 2wizgjltt6z00000 Xaotic: Hooli dawgwhisper007: you might end up working there dawgwhisper007: stop schadowman: you worked for google LUL jellyjar: time to meditate again tornpaperyoyos: dch1k5gz3sw00000 Hunted9000: 1p41wvgm26b00000 init2: Evilcorps yaus_baus: george dont work for the man SHINO5454: Richard? smakatak: Hooli > PiedPiper dawgwhisper007: this is recorded you know FlySociety2o9: George to Google confirmed LUL picklesareok: but google says do no evil LUL dawgwhisper007: stop!!! razr22: 2wi37bbfndg00000 alreye: He's mad because he got fired Nelzex: MIDDLE OUT ENCRYPTION 4.00 weisman SCORE! init2: @georgehotz What do u think about school 42? Caene: weEEEeEEeee aRe tHe iNtErNet MorningScifi: we'll become our own google…

With blackjack.. and.. rektiw0w: would u work for elon musk? FlySociety2o9: HAHAHAHA UniversalGeneve: @georgehotz GANs for next stream? SuchALuckyGuy: Well there goes his possible internship yaus_baus: go off george chagasf: hahahahahahahaha alexdickson98: 3841rg8p8bv00000 Santiago_LHC: #COMEATME JdPaulBlart: beat sony now hes gonna beat google PogChamp zoki_macola: so much energy speeddrawing101: YOU ARE SO HYPE @georgehotz smakatak: 5.4 wiseman score imamazing87: any gifters in shifters suteki1: cw2l18irx8h00000 chaprio1: george would rather work for sony TheNakedFlame: Hacking Google with Tic Tac Toe React sodaAgent dawgwhisper007: so you are the best dev in the world? alreye: We need decentralized comma ai Nelzex: 6.0 WEISMAN SCORE kingkong3211: make a decentralised interned suteki1: pfxjb7eiae000000 kingkong3211: internet garam_chai94: LUL KNOOKEL_HEAD: F A C K GOOBLE god_damn: LUL Artistxtv: @georgehotz did you teach yourself everything about coding? tychus07: LUL yo shit don't work yo MonkaSupreme: LUL frediiiez: @alexdickson98make your move bro kratosboii: LUL Nelzex: 7.0 WEISMANN SCORE alexdickson98: d86wl6leaqw00000 AbnerSK: n36h0rt8ev000000 alexlucas_: PogChamp dawgwhisper007: you just learned about regular expressions!!! Alevsk: if someday i see you on the streets can i ask for a selfie with you? rebuhleiv: what do you think about that ipfs files are not persistent? you cant be safe that your files get lost asafshshshsh2121: 1ik51jvbjyc00000 sultantw: send the link Celestial_Jaeger: @georgehotz did you go to uni and where? yaus_baus: george living in 4050 dawgwhisper007: @georgehotz you just learned regex! smakatak: I just got 8.2 Weismann score beat that motherfckers httpsdubdubdotcomm: okay @georgehotz may we build some AI to compete against? tornpaperyoyos: ayyyy that was me alexdickson98: @georgehotz make it so that it is random who starts not always the guest AbnerSK: o0pttlzg2ms00000 suteki1: 890rm25kwb000000 frediiiez: @asafshshshsh2121 gg Nelzex: mIDDLE out EncryTIon! PIED PIPER WAY GANG SHIZZLE LaunchpadFun: @georgehotz I have a PR opne for Draw kingkong3211: why 2020 though? dawgwhisper007: @georgehotz the rant is immortalized forever!!! restitutione: @georgehotz Ultimate tic-tac-toe would be cool chaprio1: who's gonna torn them apart tho SilvanoGJr: here's a dude from Brazil thankful to this guy for allowing us to have iphone's in our local carriers FargioFarmani: ifl5gompu8000000 tychus07: tic tac to is stupid make the one with 9 tables (kinda like sudoku) Nelzex: yo geo how u get so good at vim and shit Artistxtv: @georgehotz did you teach yourself everything about coding? kratosboii: Hopefully torn apart because theyre scum bags KNOOKEL_HEAD: @georgehotz how do i invest in IPFS PogChamp Ziv0: tic tac toe battle royale when? asafshshshsh2121: @frediiiez gg frediiiez: @suteki1 gg jrogan993: nah the new stuff will be hobbyist FANG will rule forever my_curiosity: what do you mean shape up? dorkmo: the only way f suteki1: @frediiiez gg Nelzex: !keyboard Maw3rick: SeemsGood TheKoreanZombi: Code review! FargioFarmani: ofm5vns29rq00000 W1lkins: winner == 'draw' DansGame tornpaperyoyos: @georgehotz do it one mo gain rebuhleiv: ipfs files are not persistent.

What to do about it? the files are lost if nobody is seeding frediiiez: @FargioFarmani you won m8 smakatak: Guys we need AGILE SCRUM this is a chaos kingkong3211: @georgehotz do you take interns at jbyte1988: 0hir9zoyocqn0000 FargioFarmani: lmao @frediiiez alexdickson98: keeps sending ids @chat httpsdubdubdotcomm: has anyone messed with the open bci yet? curious on openions. frediiiez: @FargioFarmani LUL MorningScifi: Yes can we have a 1 hour meeting where we talk about the future of this project MorningScifi: hahaha Caene: I mean, it's JS, it's supposed to look like shit. archeadis: whats the one line for that in python? @georgehotz tornpaperyoyos: @georgehotz play again alreye: @georgehotz Explain why please KNOOKEL_HEAD: @georgehotz how do i invest in IPFS PogChamp jrogan993: decentralized internet will never become mainstream FargioFarmani: lhrgketpez000000 GeneralSoak: yeah torrents are back yaus_baus: @alreye bro the gov is coming for our tendies alexdickson98: @georgehotz have u wath tv show silicon valley Nelzex: GUYS HOOLI IS THE FUTURE Nelzex: HOOLI CHAT LiIDrunk: future of ads though ?? LUL frediiiez: @FargioFarmani gg! SilvanoGJr: @jrogan993 horses are faster bytecube: @georgehotz did you ever look at the iota protocol? god_damn: limewire is making a comeback FargioFarmani: again you? @frediiiez alreye: @yaus_baus but but but…

Why? razr22: h8yzwlvgaa000000 frediiiez: @FargioFarmani lmao yes rektiw0w: d83plm12m7000000 Ziv0: LUL JUST_5HEAD: LOL Vesh: LUL chaprio1: LOL Celestial_Jaeger: decentralized OMEGALUL ragemaster999: LOL Alevsk: fail KNOOKEL_HEAD: lmfao schadowman: decentralized LUL FlySociety2o9: LUK Vesh: lmao LUL god_damn: LMFAOOO chaprio1: google already on it chaprio1: KEKW yaus_baus: limewire: nickleback.exe frediiiez: @rektiw0w gg i won Kappa GeneralSoak: why'd you give up on the self driving stuff rektiw0w: @frediiiez nooooob easyyyyyyyy Ziv0: there's also peertube frediiiez: LUL kytos1k: jeah like emule serverless kingkong3211: do you take interns at LiIDrunk: google just completed 6500 mile private undersea cable Artistxtv: @georgehotz why do programmers use macOS? rebuhleiv: george. can you elaborate on how and where the files at ipfs are stored? if nobody is seeding you loose your files! so you need a server which is not decentralized chaprio1: monkaS chaprio1: banned Caene: @GeneralSoak Google. yaus_baus: @kingkong3211 no comma talk here FlySociety2o9: monkaS NonTrivial778: can you win this competition ? hmmmu: i prefer redtube archeadis: @georgehotz do you watch porn? real talk kingkong3211: do you take interns at god_damn: maybe you cant bytecube: @georgehotz did you ever look at the IOTA protocol? hoffs: should comma be nationalized Celestial_Jaeger: i just wonder why is it not allowed to be discussed? is there something involving the law kratosboii: really miss when porn was decentralized too ! rektiw0w: so how do u feel now as an indie game developer? @georgehotz alexdickson98: @georgehotz do you think everything is invented? Yeahsper: @archeadis Who doesn't? archeadis: @Yeahsper george might not init2: @georgehotz the consiracy bigger than all of us GeneralSoak: do you still work on it full time? init2: The top one percent of top one percent my_curiosity: but the thing is LiIDrunk: yea true frediiiez: @georgehotz Have you seen Mr.

Robot? NonTrivial778: thats porn geohot god_damn: @jbyte1988 no ones laughing suteki1: @jbyte1988 shut up degen alexdickson98: dont enter the link its porn @georgehotz Celestial_Jaeger: science is discovered, engineering technology is invented rektiw0w: @jbyte1988 good troll man wow u are funny zoki_macola: there is dtube also speeddrawing101: @GeneralSoak you're close to getting banned, not allowed to talk about comma in here buddy NonTrivial778: dtube is garbage alreye: yo yo yo brotha you need some mods zoki_macola: maybe idk yaus_baus: mods afk Fatmetheny: @jbyte1988 George ban this dude alreye: @yaus_baus mod is busy checking out the link LUL suteki1: @jbyte1988 schadowman: works real well Kappa LiIDrunk: you are saying gov provide hardware reqs for people ?? Vesh: jbyte LaunchpadFun: spamming Vesh: ban his ass alexdickson98: @jbyte1988 kratosboii: jbyte bytecube: @georgehotz i would like to hear your opinion on the IOTA protocol.

Tornpaperyoyos: @jbyte1988 yaus_baus: yeeted Vesh: cya nerd HeyGuys LiIDrunk: you are saying gov provide hardware reqs for people ?? @georgehotz KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL what a cuck suteki1: @georgehotz what keyboard do you use? Kappa dorkmo: KNOOKEL_HEAD: AHHAHAHAHAHAH yaus_baus: bro i have 1000 iota coin yaus_baus: feelsbad god_damn: LMFAOOOO frediiiez: thoughts on Monero @georgehotz tornpaperyoyos: "quantum computing resistant" wtf LUL LiIDrunk: you are saying gov provide hardware requirements of internet for people ?? yaus_baus: /s/s/s/s/s/s bytecube: haha, thanks 😀 razr22: f KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL alreye: @georgehotz what do you think of tron? MorningScifi: everyone divested the moment you said it yaus_baus: bro they stole my iota my_curiosity: "real coin" – do you mean the US dollar? KNOOKEL_HEAD: TRON LUL MonkaSupreme: buy buy buy suteki1: FeelsBadMan ItsKalu: Have you tried doing any AR apps ? frediiiez: any thoughts on Monero? @georgehotz dawgwhisper007: what the fuck you dont know how to say ternary??? @georgehotz dorkmo: clip art lol Xaotic: cant believe he is using chrome instead of mozilla lol elite_elite1: criticizing google and using chrome LUL dawgwhisper007: ternary operator : ? kratosboii: sponsored by IOTA god_damn: 🤨 ah my brain i see…

Right… mdrake_: spintronics LUL good god W1lkins: ternary and trinary are related dawgwhisper007 Caene: Fuck em Vjasal: sure Kapp alreye: @georgehotz It sounds like these guys are actually thinking about the future… KNOOKEL_HEAD: IOTA ? sell : buy thats the real ternary mdrake_: nice yaus_baus: ill be laughing in 2050 when ill buy twitchtactoe with my iota coins init2: Troika? Is that like Russian triple? Vjasal: brain comping technology 😮 hmmmu: that looks like my homework W1lkins: iota ? implement own crypto badly : take off the shelf crypto ChocolaateRain: harvard boys LULW roletro: they were sudents crispi____: LUL yunidoo: hi @georgehotz, first time i've seen your channel, are you regularly on twitch doing programming/tech? Artistxtv: why is @georgehotz not verified on twitch @twitch lmao Quad___lol: crypto is my favorite scam Santiago_LHC: They wrote a paper. It has to be serious Kappa god_damn: B) SPEARHEADING INNOVATION W1lkins: Vulnerabilities must march on 🙂 KNOOKEL_HEAD: LMFAO crispi____: LUL frediiiez: any thoughts on Monero? anguscupcake: lol MorningScifi: spoken like a true cult leader MorningScifi: haha mariusmafius: pompous marketing shiet dawgwhisper007: they are harvard kids though NonTrivial778: we are not smart as you TuleFTW: u heard of ben goetzel? ckrpasa: you should upload a setup video for open pilot on youtube because when people heard something different they looks it on youtube Vjasal: spearheading technology PogChamp Quad___lol: Progress must march on! We will accomplish 5 year plan in 4 years! kratosboii: geo, please spearhead crypto wiseai: KEKW LiIDrunk: whats made for everybody should be approved by everybody as well imlewpie: @georgehotz how did you learn ML in the beginning ? yaus_baus: this is a decentralized cult @MorningScifi alreye: @georgehotz they sound like alyssa holmes LUL roletro: it's pronounced ket-chak KNOOKEL_HEAD: sPEaRheaDIng tEChn0LOgY imamazing87: @georgehotz what keybored good for programming ? adibaby04: vet my github TheNakedFlame: George spearheaded Tic Tac Toe technology 😎 tornpaperyoyos: @imamazing87 whatever feels good for you or is your favorite frediiiez: any thoughts on Monero @georgehotz ? wiseai: Kappa hmmmu: Kappa god_damn: gods work yaus_baus: george ruining my crypto portfolio yaus_baus: feelsbad KNOOKEL_HEAD: TETHER OMEGALUL KNOOKEL_HEAD: TOTALLY BACKED yunidoo: hi @georgehotz, first time i've seen your channel, are you regularly on twitch doing programming/tech? alreye: @georgehotz what do you think of TRON? imamazing87: @tornpaperyoyos thanks <3 mariusmafius: "lost" Sarkin_dota: @yunidoo no whichtom: it is rather disconcerting how many of these are scams hmmmu: thoughs on NEO @georgehotz LiIDrunk: in the end all of the crypto will drown anyway ragemaster999: tether is backed up with real currency right? frediiiez: how about Monero? MonkaSupreme: ETC Santiago_LHC: When are we making our own crypto on stream? Twitchcoin? yunidoo: thanks @Sarkin_dota so how do you guys know when he's here? ELITEGAMS: 13 is okay but shady alreye: @georgehotz TRON bought bittorrent kratosboii: short all scam crypto picklesareok: what do you like about the others? Arksam: What about brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) ? r000sh: F crypto.

Now everyone must dive in AGI. LoL Sarkin_dota: @yunidoo , you can turn on notifications KNOOKEL_HEAD: @georgehotz Tether has more volume than BTC which is pretty concerning dawgwhisper007: unnecessary enemies LiIDrunk: F crypto anguscupcake: chainlink? Sarkin_dota: @yunidoo will tell you whenever he goes online, which from my experience, is like once in 2 weeks or so revenantrazer: how do you gauge what is a scan or not? kajizzlewat: @georgehotz NANO seems very interesting GOLDSOULTHEORY: What constitutes a cryptocurrency being a scam? dawgwhisper007: @georgehotz unnecessary enemies what if they invested in daxyxy98: zcash just pays the founder an insane tax OMEGALUL frediiiez: do you have Monero? yunidoo: @Sarkin_dota ah, so no advance notice, ok thanks for your help unique_ptr_: i only belive in dogecoin snapcs1: so many people investing when they dont understand shit alreye: All these coins defeat the purpose of cryptocurrency…

Daxyxy98: its dead smurfd0: isnt crypto overall dodgy? elite_elite1: @georgehotz why do you use chrome instead of firefox? ezraflag: bitconnect Kappa Quad___lol: someone should mark a pyramid schema based on crypto… Quad___lol: make* daxyxy98: zclassic made bitcoin private which was kinda scammy alreye: biiittttconnneccttt adibaby04: @georgehotz vet github i want to be roasted Alevsk: what about Stellar Lumens? they are giving away for free from time to time to keybase users School47: zcash is a scam. YOu can't be sure about total suppy of coin @georgehotz anguscupcake: lmao KNOOKEL_HEAD: @georgehotz Tether has more volume than BTC which is pretty concerning ChocolaateRain: zclassic is a fork of zcash great classic whichtom: i don't get the point of crypto imamazing87: best strean every <3 imamazing87: stream* hmmmu: should i sell my house and buy btc cash? snapcs1: yes revenantrazer: lol School47: @hmmmu yes Maw3rick: RPGAyaya Quad___lol: @hmmmu yes absolutely Santiago_LHC: LOBBY KNOOKEL_HEAD: you should do React more often PogChamp press 1 if you agree Artistxtv: to this day i still don't understand how bitcoin works lol. NonTrivial778: I think Elon Musk loves ethereum elite_elite1: @georgehotz checkout siacoin/sia tech.

Thoughts on it? BambiPT: sell you virtual soul and buy btc cash alexdickson98: @georgehotz the player starting should be random not always guest alienware997: alienware997 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months! Greetings from germany! dorkmo: Party1 M03x: what he s working on ?? hoffs: decentralized internet snapcs1: it says in the title? Anakat: twitchtactoe josergdev: a9bmiu1k1eq00000 LiIDrunk: make it work without sharing peerId KNOOKEL_HEAD: peer to peer tic tac toe @M03x M03x: @KNOOKEL_HEAD for twitch ? KNOOKEL_HEAD: for anyone mailboxbandit1: Hey man been a fan since the iPhone unlock. I'm from upstate New York and was wondering how your time at RIT was? chriswolfdesign: @georgehotz, I'm a novice web dev looking into publishing my own web apps.

What service are you using and how much does it cost? okeeeeeee: fw9ffeun9r000000 🙂 LiIDrunk: use rsa Maw3rick: @okeeeeeee link LiIDrunk: to gen key pair as peerId do_not_erase: how do you force window to side like that on mac? jmc516: Base it off a queue jmc516: All I got MorningScifi: What do you want the lobby to do? LiIDrunk: use rsa to gen peerId ELITEGAMS: lobby like a room ? ragemaster999: have you googled it? W1lkins: do_not_erase using spectacle schadowman: not decentralized MonkaSupreme zeroeagle1: do you have an event or something when someone disconnect? MorningScifi: Will the lobby auto match people? josergdev: what tornpaperyoyos: DAMN IT I FUCKED IT UP jrogan993: will the lobby have skill based match making? alexdickson98: automatch is better than lobby LeeRoy_227: you could have won that one Vjasal: missed lethal grey_street: missed lethal NackterZeuS: NackterZeuS subscribed with Twitch Prime.

Yaus_baus: tictactoe elo ELITEGAMS: Create a new lobby with maxPlayers. Every time someone joins or leaves the lobby, it will fire a callback event of the form??? tornpaperyoyos: I was so close lol alexlucas_: elo rank hmmmu: george u need an mmr system with ranks W1lkins: MMR system Kappa Cjiq: 11 4 Kappa chocolatechp: abosolutely Vjasal: add chat MorningScifi: Have a button for trash talk and a button for positive vibes yaus_baus: 5k mmr tictactoe KNOOKEL_HEAD: Rank 1 Peer To Peer Tic Tac Toe Player PogChamp TheNakedFlame: Create skins for tic tac toe boards revenantrazer: @hmmmu do you play dota? NackterZeuS: cheers unique_ptr_: should create a rank system then you can create a skill based lobby 😀 yum72: and paid skins for 'O's and X's daxyxy98: daxyxy98 subscribed with Twitch Prime. hmmmu: @revenantrazer sadly yes Alevsk: add a subscription plan okeeeeeee: all tic toc tow pros played dota revenantrazer: @hmmu nice razr22: fill the page with g ads jellyjar: needs more microtransactions KNOOKEL_HEAD: your vim theme is so ugly i actually love it tornpaperyoyos: YEEEEEESSSSSS tornpaperyoyos: I WIIIIIIINNN gutschilino: @georgehotz why do you have a smartwatch? zeroeagle1: how will you handle when someone disconnect? tornpaperyoyos: MY LIFE IS COMPLETE revenantrazer: doa 4 by 4 tictactoe yaus_baus: @KNOOKEL_HEAD thats what unriced vim looks like lol soisoisoi: put that in your resume tornpaperyoyos: i can die happy now that i beat goergoe at tic tac toe LUL KNOOKEL_HEAD: @yaus_baus unriced LMFAO hmmmu: @georgehotz where can i buy cosmetics? tornpaperyoyos: thats getting printed out and put on my refrigerator LUL W1lkins: unriced is the normal word for it KNOOKEL_HEAD unique_ptr_: next steam: learning photoshop to create skins for my tictactoe game, implementing microtrasaction KNOOKEL_HEAD: put that on your resume @tornpaperyoyos VOR0R: What version of node is he using? Quad___lol: @georgehotz i see you are good in react.

Good! our company needs talented react programmers!!! 🙂 what do you think? yaus_baus: @Quad___lol bruh… KNOOKEL_HEAD: @W1lkins ok k still funny tornpaperyoyos: @KNOOKEL_HEAD i will LUL "Oh and i also beat george hotz at tic tac toe" YOURE HIRED IMMEDIATELY revenantrazer: make thsi version of tictactoe: snapcs1: @W1lkins its definitely not lmfao Quad___lol: @yaus_baus are you also joining? for you, i would have to an interview tho :/ it looks you are just a poor student trying to learn something here schadowman: LUL josergdev: a simple chat cromed56: !uptime W1lkins: snapcs1 ricing is the word, so unriced means it hasn't been riced cromed56: yo george, how long till A.I reigns? imlewpie: @georgehotz how did you learn ML at first snapcs1: @W1lkins ight enjoy being racist ncdoru: ncdoru subscribed at Tier 1.

They've subscribed for 2 months! Keep up the good work 😉 hmmmu: you need to add VOIP so we can trash talk unique_ptr_: can you get all of the available id-s? if you can, you can just need to pair them 😀 yaus_baus: @Quad___lol im just saying labeling george as a 'react dev' is kind of inaccurate metis_zver: Why are using React for this game? It's so strangely W1lkins: snapcs1 it stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement.

Nothing to do with race bro Quad___lol: @yaus_baus how come? he is a perfect candidate??!!! he is mastering css and doing some javascript rocket science th3_maj0r: He is using this game to learn react Quad___lol: next project – twitch chat voip? unique_ptr_: @Quad___lol with webrtc i think it is possible LiIDrunk: create a table of openpeerId's on home page Fr3fou: hi!!! Fr3fou: i didn't know you were into react httpsdubdubdotcomm: xmpp Fr3fou: :s/var/let/gi LiIDrunk: create a table of public peerId's on home page which update every time a user connects Fr3fou: pls treestompztv: var DansGame Quad___lol: have i seen a var? cmonBruh Quad___lol: watchu mean var cmonBruh domas3210: @treestompztv LUL KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL Poselsky: Why no ( ) => { } ? Kappa matejsninja: im always fascinated about people making open source projects like webrtc and etc Fr3fou: don't you need some server for P2P Fr3fou: how does peer.js work r3mote: Hi Fr3fou: or backend w/e you wanna call it W1lkins: peer.js wraps WebRTC Fr3fou Fr3fou: hm okkessh: why would you need a server for p2p? KNOOKEL_HEAD: it wouldnt be p2p then W1lkins: p2s2p Kappa Fr3fou: kek httpsdubdubdotcomm: @matejsninja rtmp stuff is alot of fun to research Fr3fou: yea i thought it was p2s2p Fr3fou: or smsht okkessh: is p2s2p even a thing lol piccibrah: lol Fr3fou: idk KNOOKEL_HEAD: it is now LUL Fr3fou: it's what i was imagning Fr3fou: PeerServer To broker connections, PeerJS connects to a PeerServer.

Note that no peer-to-peer data goes through the server; The server acts only as a connection broker. PeerServer Cloud If you don't want to run your own PeerServer, we offer a free cloud-hosted version of PeerServer. Official PeerServer! Fr3fou: 🤔 Fr3fou: what's broker Poselsky: My dream is to write on keyboard like George. <3 unique_ptr_: broker like in mqtt? okkessh: it just gets them paired W1lkins: Poselsky reach for the skies Poselsky: @W1lkins I'm pretty tall. But not that tall. Kappa matejsninja: can p2p be for more than 1-1? (probably stupid question 😛 ) whoislewys: oh chips we doin webRTC? frankytex: I'm here to learn zie basic davidabeauchamp: davidabeauchamp subscribed with Twitch Prime.

They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! Fr3fou: !uptime martinstuessy: hey @georgehotz I made a cute lil pull request fQrgotteN: Did you not use breakpoints? Fr3fou: what should be in componentDidMount Fr3fou: tbh Fr3fou: instead of window.onLoad Fr3fou: @georgehotz Fr3fou: that* Maw3rick: RPGAyaya im_francuzz: for being a really good programmer what vote of importance you give to mathematic/physic? (in a scale 1/10) @georgehotz schadowman: LUL KNOOKEL_HEAD: try using componentDidMount instead of window.onload() chocolatechp: LULLUL chocolatechp: LUL wiseai: hasMods Fr3fou: @georgehotz yea what @KNOOKEL_HEAD said – make the peer connection in componentDidMount Fr3fou: and also what's the thing you use which lets you snap windows left and right Fr3fou: yes Fr3fou: in game KNOOKEL_HEAD: no Fr3fou: should work there KNOOKEL_HEAD: actually yes in game KNOOKEL_HEAD: my bad TheKoreanZombi: spectacle on mac to snap windows Fr3fou: thanks @TheKoreanZombi NoPartiesGuy: Why peerjs and not socketio? Fr3fou: needs a server Fr3fou: i guess that's what confused me 1kocer66: hello everyone Fr3fou: since i've had to use before and was wondering why does peer.js not need one ppnn123w: tomorrow is my react test lul NoPartiesGuy: @Fr3fou that explains a lot NoPartiesGuy: @ppnn123w people having react tests what LUL tornpaperyoyos: what is george using to write all of this code? martinstuessy: @Fr3fou uses webrtc, it's like newer websocket type thing matejsninja: vim Fr3fou: yea ik now @martinstuessy treestompztv: you can ignore that for now NoPartiesGuy: @tornpaperyoyos good luck learning it for next 2 years 😀 martinstuessy: @Fr3fou 🙂 W1lkins: @georgehotz add .map((i, number) => { <li key={i} Fr3fou: @georgehotz you need to pass a key so react can know what has changed in the virtual DOM davidabeauchamp: Just give them a key of the index ppnn123w: @fr3fou coding test components lifecycle and stuff Nelzex: how are u making the peer ids? crazywulf770: nickname field would be cool Fr3fou: cmonBruh KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL NoPartiesGuy: Everytime you use getElementById in react some small kitten dies Kappa Fr3fou: bruh Fr3fou: Everytime you use getElementById in react some small kitten dies Kappa dorkmo: someone needs to submit a PR to twitchchess with ipfs code manuchroma: what's he doing today KNOOKEL_HEAD: getElementByID and window.onload is the new way of using React ! LUL kzonixcomua: lanaluHacking TheZeroLimit: lift the seat! Kappa smakatak: Everytime you use getElementById in react some small kitten dies Kappa unique_ptr_: this is similar to writing C code in a C 17 project Santiago_LHC: i43zp6bwi8000000 KNOOKEL_HEAD: if it works it works baby Fr3fou: @georgehotz pls do :s/var/let/gi kzonixcomua: writing C code in a C 17 project it is normal practice W1lkins: someone will refactor the whole thing after this stream in a single PR i'm sure alreye: Don't use var use let Fr3fou: me @W1lkins schadowman: @kzonixcomua Thats not a positive Fr3fou: uwu estrangedHD: @W1lkins why after, they're typing as he is Kappa Nelzex: u can hear the crisp topres in that mf hhkb Nelzex: mmm Nelzex: crispyy Fr3fou: what's your opinion on go after having written in it @georgehotz Nelzex: @Fr3fou go syntax is difficulllly crazywulf770: lobby hype KNOOKEL_HEAD: PogChamp LiIDrunk: you gotta add the status TheKoreanZombi: Best lobby Nelzex: bruh im a fookin c# noobski trynna get good at pythoon LiIDrunk: in game or waiting or gone l_mbert: You don‘t need „window.“, don‘t know if anyone said this 😀 Nelzex: do people actually make react native apps for android etc Fr3fou: i have sorta Fr3fou: for 2 hackathons Fr3fou: which i both won 😎 Nelzex: oh nice Nelzex: litty KNOOKEL_HEAD: @l_mbert its the same thing but yeah Nelzex: where do you live Fr3fou: bulgaria Nelzex: aint no hackathons near me Nelzex: oh shit Nelzex: i aint got no excuse 😀 treestompztv: Fr3fou: there's one every few months l_mbert: @knookel_head yeah, but it‘s obsolete 😀 Nelzex: is it online or in person? Fr3fou: in person Nelzex: nice Fr3fou: have had to travel 4 hours for some Nelzex: oh right treestompztv: => console.log(x)) is preferred I think Fr3fou: worth it tho Nelzex: ye it sounds like a lot of fun Fr3fou: and stressful Fr3fou: kek haxiwage: is he using webrtc? kzonixcomua: yes kzonixcomua: peerjs anguscupcake: @georgehotz how do u have infinite energy unique_ptr_: @haxiwage just peerjs Fr3fou: he's on drugs @anguscupcake haxiwage: okok that_turns_me_on: anguscupcake high testosterone Nelzex: is there a way to make android apps in python? Fr3fou: for in loop @georgehotz Fr3fou: oh Fr3fou: if that's what yo uwant, sure Nelzex: hah Nelzex: i want projects to practice python Nelzex: but idk what Nelzex: throw some my way if u have MoProject: its no good to charge at 100% LaneBoyR6: Tic Tac Toe game ? Fr3fou: implement a ghetto blockchain @Nelzex Nelzex: i was thinking tic tac toe Fr3fou: with p2p Nelzex: ghetto alt coin lookin ass Fr3fou: yea Fr3fou: it's fun tho Nelzex: iota lookin ass Fr3fou: i've done jahcoin Nelzex: aight bet LiIDrunk: you also gotta remove those who already joined a game W1lkins: use componentWillUnmount? KNOOKEL_HEAD: ^ anguscupcake: @fr3fou what drugs Nelzex: how tf do u use vim ragemaster999: @Fr3fou can i invest? Nelzex: shits difficult W1lkins: delete x; W1lkins: LUL Jannnik: delete obj.prop reaganchisholm: reaganchisholm subscribed at Tier 1.

They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! 🙂 anguscupcake: kratom? LiIDrunk: you also gotta remove those who already joined a game AnAnonymousCheerer: Anon1 Ziv0: ocr erlsek: github Noxique: is GitHub blocked in china? claymorehack1: yes chaprio1: Is there something unblocked in China? monkaS Noxique: are there any alternatives? Noxique: o.o LoLskiller1: yes, use vpn, then use github Nelzex: ye syska: pog LiIDrunk: add a replay button chocolatechp: me iFun: Lol no iFun: GitHub is not blocked in China NV17: Is that a bed in the kitchen? Caene: link 🙂 kelbs: didn't copy first letter of link archeadis: @georgehotz how do you connect to the IPFS on port 5001? wiseai: china 5Head Maw3rick: @Caene LiIDrunk: add a play again button for rematch bw same users archeadis: how do you run it? kelbs: You didn't copy it.

Put the 'h' in http into your link Caene: @Maw3rick Thanks Maw3rick: Np savlon: I know this says simple skills but come on, this is childs play… get on with it Maw3rick: Hell yeah lolcoolkat: yeah you forgot an h in the url when you copied it NV17: which web browser is the best? okkessh: why was I unable to connect to you okkessh: while you are debugging archeadis: is it go-ipfs? georgehotz: Fr3fou: have you tried implementing IPFS yourself is it fun @georgehotz okkessh: dont you use the peer.js default api ke y Arksam: LUL W1lkins: I don't see any user list httpsdubdubdotcomm: this is cool httpsdubdubdotcomm: i enjoy Caene: I won one! Santiago_LHC: I'm adding some sick CSS styles to PR MuscleMario: lol LiIDrunk: no user list LiIDrunk: showing up unique_ptr_: mama! my peer id is on the screen!! mama got the camera! KrrSplat: KrrSplat subscribed at Tier 1.

Zhrun: Put user count johnny_thehobo: damn he actually learned react in 2 hours and made tic tac toe online KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL schadowman: damn this actually works so well LUL Nelzex: u need to clear the board when game finishes Maw3rick: Gotcha MATE Lugueiro: send the link pls iFun: iFun subscribed with Twitch Prime. altic: 5Head chocolatechp: lol chaprio1: Gz Pog treestompztv: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Maw3rick: ahhaahhaha ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: LUL Ricoello: LUL Bioaim7: pog Maw3rick: @georgehotz WP razr22: ???????????????????/ iFun: lol fear_ep: LOL razr22: lmao johnny_thehobo: get pwned MuscleMario: Staged LiIDrunk: lol KrrSplat: nice dorkmo: Corgo1 savlon: are u on drugs? wiseai: PRO GAMER chaprio1: paid actors smh tornpaperyoyos: let it be known that george is now only 1-1 at tic tac toe LUL and a lot of draws Brohanson: limmySteel KNOOKEL_HEAD: absolute dogshit software PogChamp lolcoolkat: need a way to leave the current game.. cause the person I connected to isnt playing 🙁 KrrSplat: giggity razr22: i missed the link lolcoolkat: KNOOKEL_HEAD: immutable dogshit software LUL treestompztv: gg razr22: thanks zeroeagle1: part 2 twitch p2p chat? Arksam: StinkyCheese ragemaster999: gg wiseai: what chair you use for coding? Kappa httpsdubdubdotcomm: cya @georgehotz thanks for doin stuff martinstuessy: @georgehotz check the PR 🙂 KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL xrealyy: more stuff like this please @georgehotz bluedick69: its broken in firefox NV17: GITHUB Link? yum72: I get no users VOR0R: check PRs Caene: Next stream: Guess Drawing Game, 5man lobbies.

Kappa syska: i won lol georgehotz: unique_ptr_: now i have some silicon valley flashback bluedick69: fix in firefox!!! wiseai: PJSugar bathroom break lolcoolkat: nothotdog Kappa ragemaster999: you may or may not play against bots right now LiIDrunk: did you tried wasd keyboard Vesh: cooking stream george? LiIDrunk: i saw it in a video savlon: did u have playstation @georgehotz KNOOKEL_HEAD: if you use firefox just dont use firefox ppnn123w: waiting for Rick and Morty okkessh: what api key did you use MuscleMario: Wuts for lunch? savlon: hack lolcoolkat: NotLikeThis okkessh: in peer.js martinstuessy: @georgehotz most life changing PR in your repo bro colanzio5: @georgehotz do you think you'll do anything with redux? Maw3rick: This was really fun stream SeemsGood keep up the good work! alreye: @georgehotz you bug..

The opposite player got two tries before I went savlon: did u hack playstation???? @georgehotz ragemaster999: you may or may not play against bots right now KNOOKEL_HEAD: you should do React more often SeemsGood Divulger1: <message deleted> unique_ptr_: now make some skins and get millioner 😀 LiIDrunk: mac and cheese for subscriber milestone maybe ?? zakonegrusha: hackerman stream zakonegrusha: still a skid tho okkessh: which api key did you use Vesh: PogChamp wiseai: PogU anguscupcake: what u use for energy YouPowerRush: sikk MuscleMario: Cooking streams okkessh: then why couldnt I connect to you Caene: you could easily apply for partnership and most likely get it. 😛 Vesh: did u apply for partner yet? cause if u dont apply u dont get it rektiw0w: we had twitch staff earlier in this stream, so there might be a chance Artistxtv: how ur not a twitch partner is beyond me okkessh: this whole time I just tried to make a connection dawgwhisper007: yeahh LeeRoy_227: LeeRoy_227 subscribed with Twitch Prime. NV17: How does make money? unique_ptr_: u need to stream more for partnership, your viewer number is great erichtp: if u become partner can you stream on youtube? zakonegrusha: how do I play tictac KNOOKEL_HEAD: PogChamp HACKER johnny_thehobo: can you do a stream where you pull one pleb and teach him programming? dawgwhisper007: @georgehotz cooleratiz MuscleMario: yeah, gimmie my twitter handle zakonegrusha: guys how can I play tic tac anguscupcake: how do I shot web Vesh: me rektiw0w: me 🙂 Abnormmall: me 🙂 MuscleMario: LOL Caene: probably many here LUL MuscleMario: I got a pleb for u Zabak378: me 🙂 gutschilino: me 🙂 Divulger1: I would be a pleb yaus_baus: im pleb zakonegrusha: HOW TO PLAY TIC TAC Vesh: id volunteer in a hearbeat UzeezU: Computationalist manifesto wiseai: MAKE COMPUTERS GREAT AGAIN Kappa Lythaslol: Lythaslol subscribed with Twitch Prime.

Unique_ptr_: dear 07b136egp8c40000 pls move 🙁 ragemaster999: you may or may not play against bots right now LiIDrunk: some rap for the outro zakonegrusha: is this just a localhost things hes hosting or can I play yaus_baus: freestyle MuscleMario: @yaus_baus sup thedavosfinger: hacker ganster yaus_baus: @MuscleMario yoyo zakonegrusha: @georgehotz what is the link to it tho KNOOKEL_HEAD: LUL colanzio5: @georgehotz do you think you'll do bigger projects with react and redux? Heard you complaining about state being in view components earlier… unique_ptr_: 07b136egp8c40000 sorry, i won, next time better 🙂 i think we should implement a chat for this xD yaus_baus: bye george Divulger1: he is using HHKB Keybaord

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