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jonnyman9: yoyo g00nk1ng: yo propten: hello sojiroz7: First dldudely: Yo 3even: collin32BCH collin32BCH collin32BCH dontbeameme: Okay h0ud1n: yoyoyo hi youtube 🙂 jsosa312: Hey thorfindyo: yo geo two_eight: sup nerd InfiniteReddit: morning scorpion_181: What’s upppp Digital_donger: HeyGuys vHyphy: Yo etsollertisanimi: hi! g00nk1ng: did you know theres no uber in kansas dominant_specie: Yoooooo big fan ginhinio: sup geo clihplol: 0xaa9f4279FC5b8646b6d49313df8AB7FA6792F7e0 ❤️ zaduskokovic: Yo dorkmo: lets goooooo Roushh_: Will End to End learning be the only solution for level 5? dontbeameme: 🚀🚀🚀🚀 to the moon XiaolongTK: Hey Hotz whats up random4real: #1 fan dominant_specie: Watching an ad at the moment clihplol: Love you george albertchon: Centralized bridge? t00big2fl4il: T0000mmmCruuuuzzzzzz dogemeat_: $cETH ! random4real: I got 2 phones? travbicklee: hellllooo jordandiaz1988: hello liqo13: yo EazyBreezy57: whatsup geo iPwnPancakes: mf thats kevin gates lol BenNastovski: George can I mine cheapETH on my MacBook ktzstream: 0x75528822164E259DBcBC642e48285F03dFFBbB4d infomatika: sup boy alfoz88: Yooooo! dominant_specie: Good song pranav1198: !uptime clihplol: 0xaa9f4279FC5b8646b6d49313df8AB7FA6792F7e0 ❤️ manouchehri: Only two phones? qlutoo: thoughts on clubhouse? hoosier_cruiser: What up wit it chat 3even: So whats this drama about WHALEGATE? Tauromachine: George looking like a supreme leader supervillain manouchehri: I’ve got like… a dozen or two.

Manouchehri: Gotta shell them all. macmike69: yo kakopakao: sup georgie boi propten: that is a loud keyboar liqo13: is cheapeth a fork from eth or from scratch? Tauromachine: Rocking the darth sidious cape two_eight: wow george moved out of the parking garage macmike69: i need a job so I can subscribe EdwardApollo: George kakopakao: new apartment again?? 3even: LOL albertchon: Dont you mean trustless? random4real: i love this dude he never stops thinking haha EdwardApollo: How much cheap ETH would I need to pay you to let Willem release his accord torque mod shiece1wootah2ph: Who's the dude in the back dldudely: Does he read the chat? pimpmastashaft: that. background looks fake socialdependency: What is cheapETH macmike69: this guy knows everything lol EdwardApollo: How much cheap ETH would I need to pay you to let Willem release his accord torque mod two_eight: he doesn't read chat when the Adderall is in full effect. krisa002: i dont like this stream, i feel so dumba all the time Hiptin: Hiptin subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 3 month streak! Appreciate the streams George BenNastovski: Lmfao 3even: Can someone give me the deets on WHALEGATE? QED__: LUL macmike69: don't think he's reading the chat this time dontbeameme: Is this a how things work project or a fix something project? Cracktune: yo ssocolow: 0x4279AB54c321670484190Ad51a478fcb7DDD6513 EdwardApollo: How much cheap ETH would I need to pay you to let Willem release his accord torque mod be_69420: be_69420 subscribed at Tier 1.

shiece1wootah2ph: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper t00big2fl4il: tell her Twitchies two_eight: smart people working on crypto scams ResidentSleeper liqo13: expensive or 51% attack Williamlive0: Hello krisa002: this guy is on 1000+ NoFap, thats why he is so smart BenNastovski: George have you played Cyberpunk alt2600: 2chainz dontbeameme: Cheap, good, fast can’t have all three joyl3ss: @krisa002 that would mean he can also fly krisa002: @joyl3ss i wouldnt be suprised if he could Lathendros: @georgehotz what coin do i buy for maximum gains? ROOK ? t00big2fl4il: expensive is a relative term,. letsssss Goooo T0m! skull43: 0x0d24087606fEFaC04b7b5f484CeB571E4032be4b Cheapeth? localcanofdutchgold: @krisa002 NoFap literally 0 IQ krisa002: @localcanofdutchgold ok coomer exqz_ps: science and technology Pog Williamlive0: DrinkPurple t00big2fl4il: rooting the iPhone doable? Digital_donger: yes 🙂 g00nk1ng: who are you? New_Wizards: nfgcUU dominant_specie: Did George make his own crypto or is he and a team making a crypto? krisa002: yes, i understand everything 🙂 g00nk1ng: sorry i thought this was a dennys bionicnacho: how did you get into this TR0P127: @georgehotz What happened with the Odin stuff? Still going to stream bio kit sometime? brendanglancy: who founded cheap eth? Williamlive0: Green tea cheers RennanHaro: do u play any games @georgehotz ? t00big2fl4il: expensive is relative krisa002: explain me how the heck this guy is so goddamn smart t00big2fl4il: cheap is relative himurax3x: I currently work in blockchain, specifically proof of stake, so this is an awesome break from today.

Exqz_ps: they should do pharmacies with smart contracts instead of scrips. also the govt should stop treating people like babies with no accountability thecoder15: We should 50% and take all of @georgehotz premine coin FranktheRipper: Why hasn’t The creator of ETH already done what you’re doing? Sorry if that’s a bad question JesseSkinner: @krisa002 let me know if you find out liqo13: oh so ur building on top of eth? i thought u were making one from scratch krisa002: @JesseSkinner i wont 🙁 Klezk: Good evening ^_^ / 3even: @liqo13 it's it's own chain twiggy_io: ":w, asdf" twiggy_io: why? notagamerk: !today liqo13: but L1 is eth, no? @3even dominant_specie: Why is he doing this though? Is he trying to make it more efficient? sojiroz7: No he is doing it for fun Grupith: Wpm? dominant_specie: Lmao dj_mateo: dj_mateo subscribed at Tier 1.

notagamerk: first timer here what is he doing today? krisa002: @notagamerk only he knows truly lmao notagamerk: hahaha dominant_specie: Lol 3even: @liqo13 sorry you are correct TR0P127: Making better L2 eth @notagamerk TR0P127: L2 but a party dj_mateo: so are you having issues with decentralizing the bridges? bionicnacho: he's making a bridge between cheapEth and Ethereum Luccaasss: hi notagamerk: got it Lathendros: @georgehotz buy ROOK dominant_specie: But what’s the benefit? twiggy_io: Ah yes chainlink dj_mateo: they all rely off over collateralization holicshii: what's up bro krisa002: @bionicnacho what does a bridge mean between two crypto? greekprince123: Cosmos SDK sojiroz7: Some people play games for fun, George codes problems on the fly for fun it seems bionicnacho: @krisa002 It's a way to get value from one blockchain to another twiggy_io: @krisa002 Just a way two chains can communicate krisa002: thanks smart guys <3 skull43: CARDANO 1 DOLLAR brendanglancy: anyone have the github link? bionicnacho: twiggy_io: Don't think its pushed yet ChemicalMastadon: skull43 PogChamp Grupith: cheapETH speedrun pantomathy: AYYY twiggy_io: Does ethhash need to validate the headers? pantomathy: finally i have seen ur stream twiggy_io: Ye pantomathy: love u dude guhaa: hello 👋 Williamlive0: I have no idea NotLikeThis bg7kd94: what is L1 and L2? dominant_specie: What chat is he reading brendanglancy: @bionicnacho thanks TusKaN_BaNaNas: TusKaN_BaNaNas subscribed with Prime.

They've subscribed for 6 months! everyone sub Piq9117: cheapeth, cheapest but mike tyson krisa002: my brain NotLikeThis dj_mateo: they proposed a new way to do it basing it on hashing the pk of the multi sig and using a system of validators that requires 2/3 authority to approve state dj_mateo: consensus of validators would prove state for bridge himurax3x: @dj_mateo This! krisa002: what fdfdfdfdfdfdff: fdfdfdfdfdfdff subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 5 months! wtf george you leave for two weeks and now you come back shilling fake magic internet money? Not Poggers bro twiggy_io: So if I own 50% of the validators I win? twiggy_io: LUL skull43: delegated? dj_mateo: its not perfect but its "something" fdfdfdfdfdfdff: oh my god the HHKB is back? Now thats poggers Luccaasss: @twiggy_io of course ktzstream: Why u not using Binance Smart Chain? fdfdfdfdfdfdff: BNB price makes me wanna vomit Dr_Cheese_Weasel: Binance shills on point tonight brett1479: Do you ever discuss how to implement self-driving on stream? dj_mateo: too damn high Digital_donger: its super high bionicnacho: You dont need a vpn for BSC(?) 3even: Tons of fake usage on BNB skull43: is to the mooon dj_mateo: its like GME at its peak slimjoel: wouldn't we all fdfdfdfdfdfdff: MY LINKY STAYS SUPER STINKY $1000 EOY bionicnacho: BSC != Binance fwiw TusKaN_BaNaNas: where the buy yesterday.

Button skull43: THE HOUSE NEVER LOSES MA DUDE hgreer: If you had put your net worth into bnb a month ago they would have exit scammed by now Grupith: free Roaring Kitty ifross89: so sad angela is leaving politics in Germany after inventing those trees joaovictorsnt: chat dont respect hgreer: "billion" alpayon: how many Bitcoin u got now @georgehotz adnino7: ADA hit 1$ joaovictorsnt: NotLikeThis tallfarquaad101: litecoin 3even: hahaha joaovictorsnt: HyperCooldown fdfdfdfdfdfdff: george please shill chainlink univ3rsz: whats up hgeorge dj_mateo: so there is a SERIOUS need for a working layer2 for eth, theres a bunch of ideas and poc's working on it but whoever makes one and it gets used on uniswap and such, will win itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: cheapeth PogChamp brendanglancy: Why don't u like speculative assets dj_mateo: proof of concept twiggy_io: POC New_Wizards: I tried to buy bitcoin in 2009 was very complicated Saturnalia__: what about BIPOC? greekprince123: I lost my ledger in a boating accident and am a no coiner as well 👀 Saturnalia__: the new shit term esteve_11: Are you still on Macbook Air M1? Luccaasss: What is L1 -> l2, will we can change cheapETH to ETH? badger550: Filecoin! mynamelollol: can u jailbreak my ps3 badger550: Take down the amazon! power to the poeple 3even: Thats deep bruh.

You Jacque Cousteau that one ifross89: george is youre go code oss? can give a pro review if you need it itsxaos: black & indigenous people of color so yea you dont care Saturnalia__: ya, thats what it is krisa002: can you hack into a bank and steal me millions? Saturnalia__: useless Davz: that sounds great hgreer: oh no hes gonna make a political comment skull43: 0x0d24087606fEFaC04b7b5f484CeB571E4032be4b fdfdfdfdfdfdff: george i put my life savings into CTH yesterday and now its down 49.56%. I might have to $ROPE Hiptin: LUL 3even: TDS is real New_Wizards: remember, only trees can separate co2 in carbone and o2 FranktheRipper: 🙂 Saturnalia__: Saturnalia__ subscribed with Prime. kemzeb: Always on the news back then Hiptin: TRUE exqz_ps: PogChamp FranktheRipper: True itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: the media companies are losing their shit without trump need to come up with some new crisis Tauromachine: True slimjoel: from 1 to 10, how stupid do you think is doing useless expensive-for-the-sake-of-it hashing operations and buying expensive hardware just for that? New_Wizards: Trump is a visual guy, thats why nobody auditory could understand him twiggy_io: George Cal Newport says we are all destroyed our attention because of social media do you agree? dj_mateo: polkadot offers grants of like 100kusd , lets all just crowdsource and pump out some bridges, including one for cheapeth ifross89: tbh the lack of political news just allows horrendous foreign policy by the us brendanglancy: true like joe not caring about the internment camps BarneyOfTheTrouble: what's your thoughts on homomorphic encryption George? GoFastBreakThings: Yo @georgehotz whats good bro? ifross89: joe wont fix anything badger550: Can you reject transactions of your coin if it doesnt match your price? vicious503: vicious503 subscribed with Prime.

They've subscribed for 8 months! pimpmastashaft: end Big Media GoFastBreakThings: @georgehotz you ever looked into using dev board? pogpee: You guys used ? ifross89: wasnt he meant to send 1400 to the yanks by now? skull43: what if eth is 1M dollars? AzeonRs: you making your own coin? badger550: Hold the price for a week, only allow change every once a week twiggy_io: no Sznurek066: Am I retarded or tensorflow is retarded when compared to pytorch? NotLikeThis Zheikk3: Does every crypto broker asks for a picture and id now? pimpmastashaft: lol itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: GAMBA PogChamp localcanofdutchgold: addicted lul exqz_ps: cazino itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: 4 hours later OMEGALUL krisa002: OMEGALUL univ3rsz: do you code everyday? ifross89: can I exchange GME for ether? eric_hansen: 36K ETH??? twiggy_io: cheap eth Hiptin: say my name and flip and you'll win 🙂 itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: KEEP DOUBLING TILL U WIN pimpmastashaft: over/under 5 years the end of the $ qualybased: Play some WoW WalnutsRule: 72 mill in eth notagamerk: gambling All0X: cheap eth Hiptin: Poggers dj_mateo: isnt this just bustabit dj_mateo: rofl notagamerk: Scammed skull43: TROLLED dj_mateo: same engine sojiroz7: Hey, George what do you think about MIP* = RE proof? ProDucks: When are they adding betting to smash 64 fdfdfdfdfdfdff: do 1 cTH you wont gussyyy_: So what are we aiming to do here with all of this? nicovzq: how are you geo? ifross89: @georgehotz have done pro golang for MS if you want a code review let me know fdfdfdfdfdfdff: @gussyyy_ this sounds like a "WHY" question and we dont like "WHY" people nicovzq: glad to see you greyoctagon: that's what is amazing about computing – pants are optional coulddoanything: doctor428Doge1 altruisticraven: look at that crypto millionaire crib bagelprodigy: legend TusKaN_BaNaNas: wait by what process is cheapETH pegged to a certain fraction of ETH price alfanjuii: hi shrewduser: does he have 32k real eth or whatever this cheap eth is? twiggy_io: Its a contract Grupith: "eeg meditation" yeah thats what i call it too LUL alfanjuii: what's he up to? twiggy_io: Just like the other contracted coins FranktheRipper: I feel like we’re watching someone that didn’t ruin his life by playing WoW Zohvek: @shrewduser prob cheapeth itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: he has like 7k real eth pretty sure Zohvek: @FranktheRipper right? god damn, what kinda programmer could i be if i didnt spend all my 20s playing WoW k404_au: meth or eth alfanjuii: ahaha alfanjuii: never played wow Williamlive0: Lights flickering? pranav1198: short shorts? jmv_chin: nice chair badger550: Need to figure out this pegging to eth thing Saturnalia__: just be a LUA god from WoW badger550: No making da sense badger550: But why badger550: But how? alfanjuii: is he working on cheapeth? bionicnacho: ye sojiroz7: Yeh ifross89: python is dogshit at byte manip GoFastBreakThings: Yo bro r u ever gonna read the chat? itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: ConcernDoge alfanjuii: bro read the chat krisa002: ConcernDoge alfanjuii: 🙁 FranktheRipper: @gofastbreakthings that will slow him down tbh DaveDreaming: LUL TusKaN_BaNaNas: bro I don't wanna get pegged by eth pimpmastashaft: Almost every POC the concept has already been proven…

Bionicnacho: I'll get pegged by cTH tho krisa002: what is he drinkng? techied: what does cth taste like dawkinsisdoper: is twichies still good thecoder15: cheapeth, pegging eth since 2021 DaveDreaming: what is pegging techied: dangerous question alfanjuii: you don't wanna know krisa002: @DaveDreaming your soul is a saint one chronovagane: أظهر الثدي ! GoFastBreakThings: @FranktheRipper yeah but the main point of twitch is being ignored… it's dead like y0utube now bionicnacho: innocent child brendanglancy: just google it bro alfanjuii: it's heaven TusKaN_BaNaNas: possibly the right question tho exqz_ps: 🙁 Grupith: try AuntHash jmv_chin: does this make money tho AlexEDM: any of you chads up for translating JavaScript code to Python? 🤔 DaveDreaming: nvm then thought it was crypto related bionicnacho: @jmv_chin it's not meant to alfanjuii: why tho alfanjuii: guy lives on the edge jmv_chin: @bionicnacho then wat is it dj_mateo: no eth devs in here alfanjuii: did that ended up fucking up the writing system dj_mateo: ? dawkinsisdoper: twch adnino7: Are you using the M1? sojiroz7: Yh bionicnacho: @DaveDreaming I mean in a more serious sense yeah there's a crypto-related "pegging".

For example USDT is "pegged" to the US dollar so it maintains 1 USDT = 1 USD (or tries to) techied: adnino7 I'm pretty sure that's an imac chronovagane: يظهر الثدي أو يموت DaveDreaming: Ok, thats what i thought tamaalu: check stackexchange lowryder313: lowryder313 subscribed with Prime. DaveDreaming: like tether TusKaN_BaNaNas: pls stop no more squiggly lines chronovagane bionicnacho: @jmv_chin it's ethereum, but cheap alfanjuii: george on percocet? alfanjuii: good tho dunehazard: AlexEDM: is ETH classic going to the moon one day? itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: drake doesnt need to do that when he can rap shitty and make millions Sadge dawkinsisdoper: anyone else notice btc was up today? lowryder313: will this bridge be trustless? Xx_Super_Doggy_xX: does george like any other cryptos or just ETH atm GoFastBreakThings: It's f ed up that in 2019 everyone was energetic, happy, and dope…

Now everyone is down AlexEDM: yes $1.0T market cap..first time ever @dawkinsisdoper TimEndless: hi guys FranktheRipper: He almost said it 🙂 brendanglancy: @GoFastBreakThings the past always seems better propten: hi tim ChemicalMastadon: LUL musashhhi: what happened to certified lover boy? jmv_chin: lol he's so drunk XE TimEndless: omg thekittyslayer7: lol epic jmv_chin: XD AlexEDM: it falls to the floor. impressive 😀 3nder3: forgot to charge it lol 3nder3: those are fun dawkinsisdoper: that was sweet TimEndless: KEKW kemzeb: staple of human engineering dj_mateo: ok we got eth devs in here george alfanjuii: what does the url say Williamlive0: Loud alfanjuii: ¡¡¡ Grupith: Wallmart Drone dj_mateo: WHAT U NEED TO KNOW GoFastBreakThings: @brendanglancy Agree…

But now anxiety is just directly pumped into ppl alfanjuii: WHAT DOES THE URL SAY me2m8: you look like Mark Hamill lowryder313: L3 cheaper eth when? alfanjuii: ????????? thekittyslayer7: @Grupith lol rbsrbs: a loud thing that falls to the ground. I can do that me2m8: and now u using force to fly that drone alfanjuii: I need that presentation dawkinsisdoper: twichies still good dj_mateo: @cusdt.eth 3nder3: @alfanjuii It says a web address dunehazard: @georgehotz ? TusKaN_BaNaNas: @lowryder313 turtles all the way down alfanjuii: :O brendanglancy: @GoFastBreakThings the social dilemma lol Zheikk3: Oh boy lowryder313: EARTH WHEN? AlexEDM: tl;dr alfanjuii: ??? jmv_chin: how do people even articulate creating this type of documentation LOL lowryder313: looks easy alfanjuii: I don't know youngsachi: WutFace alfanjuii: they just crazy lowryder313: sounds expensive 3even: What happened to EARTH project? dj_mateo: its eth speak systemwind: What is this ? mangort: "Can you give me a one page summary?".

Creates one giant page. alfanjuii: the header of the blockchain? GoFastBreakThings: @brendanglancy yeah twitch is mostly positive… ever since the n3ws leaked to y0utube the world got f ed alfanjuii: I mean of each block programmer42: just got here, what are you working on? krisa002: im almost 100% sure that these ppl are intentionally making stuff harder so they seem smarter and it feels good for their ego, thoughts? alfanjuii: na alfanjuii: they do it the most efficient way they know systemwind: I don’t think like that. So what is this guy doing ? Web development ? krisa002: @alfanjuii nah im talking about the presentations brendanglancy: @krisa002 no programming and blockchain is just complex, like good ai systemwind: Hey sir, what do you do/study? alfanjuii: but some university teachers really be like thtat alfanjuii: ahh sojiroz7: True krisa002: @brendanglancy know, but i mtalking about only the presentations systemwind: Or that’s just how they explain it.

Alfanjuii: could be ifross89: @georgehotz i had a look at your minikeyvalue. must be embarassing to look at old code propten: can someone eli5 what he is doing rn ? alfanjuii: some presentations are kinda hard to read krisa002: ye alfanjuii: but I guess it's just cause they lack the explaining tools DigDidd: @propten hes stealing the 2024 election ifross89: afaik he is trying to figure out the structure of some crypto? pantomathy: guys what IDE is he using>? alfanjuii: yep alfanjuii: the header alfanjuii: IDE? kemzeb: Not an IDE, its vim shrewduser: that's vim dawg ifross89: just joined though so its hard alfanjuii: vim Grampet: cheers alfanjuii: use vim for god's sake abhb09: !uptime ifross89: :wq krisa002: CodeBlocks alfanjuii: do yourselves a favour pantomathy: Integrated development environment abhb09: Can you explain about what you are doing? Grampet: what are u doing? alfanjuii: yeah but it isn't a IDE alfanjuii: just text editor shrewduser: it can kind of be an IDE if you have enough plugins. alfanjuii: u compile it with other tools abhb09: He is typing and typing alfanjuii: yeah alfanjuii: true abhb09: And whispering AlexEDM: upgrade pip pls shrewduser: like what's an IDE but a text editor + features AlexEDM: 😀 brenlyons: @georgehotz @georgehotz WHAT MECHANICAL DEVICE THAT PUTS NUMBERS AND LEETTERS ON YOUR SCREEN DO YOU USE @georgehotz @georgehotz @georgehotz 👁👁👁👁👁👁👁👁 alfanjuii: ye pantomathy: hmm pantomathy: nice TusKaN_BaNaNas: @krisa002 It wouldn't be the first time someone obscured stuff with fancy words on a financial product ifross89: I guess the problem is that old school crypto just used to be a merkle tree and now they are going for semi turing complete coinz which makes things harder pantomathy: but why would he use a vim and not IDE krisa002: @TusKaN_BaNaNas yeah exactly alfanjuii: funny guy shrewduser: because vim is good alfanjuii: I wonder how he came up with that mucinoab: *god dj_mateo: Using a Merkel proof, you can prove to a contract that another contract has or had a particular value during any block in the past 256 blocks, since the contract can access the past 256 blockhashes.

Dawkinsisdoper: @georgehotz you should make a program that shows if aliens are here or not. could be a program where if you hit a button it tells you TusKaN_BaNaNas: excellent idea I_Love_Lxthul: hhkb is back xqcLewd ifross89: vim is better for quick edits ifross89: :wq abhb09: Are you ignoring us by not reading the chat? SlaterUSA: wait, eth and the whole crypto thing ISN'T just trash BS? pantomathy: oh i see krisa002: he s working bro badger550: @ifross89 zz dj_mateo: lol, he likes figuring it out on his own 3even: collin32BCH collin32BCH collin32BCH Digital_donger: @abhb09 no, we keep distracting him LUL bananapuddn9: BananaPuddn9 is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 1 in the channel! bananapuddn9: BananaPuddn9 gifted a Tier 1 sub to DigDidd! badger550: @ifross89 ZZ abhb09: $simul pantomathy: thanks for the explanation mucinoab: Put your big head in the other corner @georgehotz deExterminator: how you stay this cracked for this long? dunehazard: Isn't this what you're trying? sad_ost: hi :3 bananapuddn9: hold up let me think about the question berkiee: whose that guy on the computer behind you? dj_mateo: use the merkle proof GoFastBreakThings: Someone gift subs and let me ask the question plz abhb09: But he was supposedly not to be distracted because he lives in a silmulation krisa002: @georgehotz bro write a program that finds out who satoshi is pimpmastashaft: ova unda SlaterUSA: i'm satoshi.

You're welcome. krisa002: @SlaterUSA goddamn TusKaN_BaNaNas: its Hal finney bro SlaterUSA: @krisa002 do not take the name of OUR LAWD in vain 3even: Hal is the best guess abhb09: Are you trying to order a big mac? krisa002: then hal finney was an anme guy lmaoo krisa002: anime TusKaN_BaNaNas: RIP to a legend SlaterUSA: no it's not me. it's that swiss tech guy who was in japan. you're welcome. pantomathy: so what is he working on now? SlaterUSA: ur mom rbsrbs: gottem DuckerZ brendanglancy: @krisa002 satoshi is adam beck 3even: LOL it's not Adam Back SlaterUSA: it's the swiss guy who was in japan. pimpmastashaft: whats a meme commodity abhb09: Guys nobody exactly knows what he is up to today so chill out! SlaterUSA: o rly TusKaN_BaNaNas: perhaps there's a little satoshi in all of us pantomathy: @SlaterUSA are u being funny? shall we laugh? SlaterUSA: @TusKaN_BaNaNas ur a little satoshi TusKaN_BaNaNas: thanks man dj_mateo: geohot needs to join my tg channel its just filled w eth and btc devs lol SlaterUSA: @pantomathy if u want? pantomathy: ignorant SlaterUSA: ur face is ignorant pantomathy: okay rbsrbs: @pantomathy boo bionicnacho: LUL krisa002: @pantomathy bro why u big mad abhb09: Hack some BTC wallet and airdrop some as giveaways pls pantomathy: anyway guys any of u knows what he's working on? 프랑2: Banana ask him what is he doing…

It's like watching me at work… boring bionicnacho: @pantomathy making a bridge between ethereum and cheapeth rbsrbs: gottem x2 DuckerZ 3even: @pantomathy cETH to ETH bridge pantomathy: @SlaterUSA ha ha ha we laughed allow it now it go back to skl sad_ost: hello uwu dawkinsisdoper: you should make a blockchain that makes it so if you own the coin you cant go bald creikey: just gotta make it go faster feehh22: what george is building? alfanjuii: his own cryptocurrency krisa002: 0 pantomathy: @SlaterUSA i have your mum alfanjuii: why isn't it called hotzcoin alfanjuii: ?? feehh22: the quantity ur mom have cypherph4: @alfanjuii lmao no kaysmusic_: 0.3, the maybe doubler was brutal marcelbischoff: marcelbischoff subscribed with Prime. They've subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 4 month streak! 0x9a1738D914710813964B4E06AA5E1994FC8dc60F itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: hes bridging chat abhb09: Geooooo we are here…

Alfanjuii: I find cheapeth not that funny briant_kenzy: love to hear hhkb is back abhb09: Anyways… who wants cheapeth? krisa002: i can do Hello World! 🙂 AlexEDM: me @abhb09 ifross89: I am going to leave but I just wanted to say: geohot has done some amazing things and deserves everything he does have some problematic views over society because he thinks that "anyone with internet should be able to do what he has". Frankly this is a dangerous point of view as it completely disregards anyone who isnt able to escape via computers i.e. all the people that have to feed their families while their mom is sick.

DeExterminator: !uptime alfanjuii: yo goerge when u come down to patagonia hit me up for a free joint abhb09: Your wallet address TusKaN_BaNaNas: I would like to cheapETH pls pantomathy: gotta head off, @SlaterUSA go suck ur mum instead of setting here like a dog understanding nothing Digital_donger: @abhb09 0x77777dbb614df89cbb848f8dc44123f228251384 😀 dj_mateo: headerhash) deExterminator: how do i hack bitcoin? alfanjuii: yo george when u come down to patagonia hit me up for a free joint dj_mateo: andrey from incognito would be clueless dj_mateo: ) AlexEDM: @abhb09 0x2E52e20aef793B97FD3958C61a84c489D7ff0654 mucinoab: @georgehotz make your fonts a little bigger. juicythrax: Ive never seen you live im from youtube lets go cypherph4: D: abhb09: We love you alfanjuii: D: ssocolow: 0x4279AB54c321670484190Ad51a478fcb7DDD6513 heymoocow: haters a on a Friday night 😐 porteus: D: farlopote: maxoL boof_fo: boof_fo subscribed with Prime. Ne0Zer0: ez Digital_donger: D: krisa002: D: xx_slayit45_xx: same here, first time watching hotz live alfanjuii: got scared cubaz_: hey deExterminator: same my first live stream im a noob localcanofdutchgold: blocking the haters krisa002: D: haters? D: itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: monkaS shortxrp: D: GoFastBreakThings: What did he do??? feehh22: so many haters man juicythrax: joker moment shrewduser: 0xDf2faB2980CA6343cCdF5476df2E6B166Ad725Fd J0KERSGOON: haters, ur getting fatter, meanwhile me and george are eating that choclate beer batter heymoocow: haters always tryin to hate 😐 dj_mateo: LOL NullReference0: Haters gon hate Ne0Zer0: we trying to win self driving out here GoFastBreakThings: hating the haters? lol xx_slayit45_xx: dab on them haters exqz_ps: 'they don't want you to succeed' – DJ Khaleed 2015 pantomathy: j sactziz: Should I be messing with cheapeth or drawing my RTL diagrams for my homework? abhb09: LUL LUL iPr3dictionz: hey george alfanjuii: great monologue exqz_ps: Lex Friedman Pog DaveDreaming: sounds like jim bruer 3even: LMAO Cracktune: LEX VenomrushCT: LOL cubaz_: what do you think about HH ? TheKoreanZombi: Any ommers in the chat? juicythrax: this guy is having a mental breakdown GoFastBreakThings: dude he's out of his mind lol cubaz_: HH k b krisa002: me after writing hello world: suffering from succes alfanjuii: good barihenry: lmao george you're literally my hero abhb09: Are you high now? juicythrax: monkaS T3chHS: LMAO slayerdaniel: LUL krisa002: monkaW sojiroz7: “They hate us cause they anus” dj_mateo: this is just normal george Eng1neerWho: What are we doing today? heymoocow: the crown of invincibility PogChamp mucinoab: Make the font bigger.

GoFastBreakThings: Bro we're also here for you!!! don't let the small things break you down!!! itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: can i use ur rolls royce to be an uber driver? cubaz_: is HH k b good? alfanjuii: font bigger alfanjuii: BIGGER FONT ayli__xd: EZ AlexEDM: are you really sending cheapeth? @abhb09 🥺 alfanjuii: BIGGER FONTTTT GoFastBreakThings: Use FPGA dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! dawkinsisdoper: put it into fast mode deExterminator: bigger font? its not even bad raise your res juicythrax: if you buy one you cant return it @cubaz_ Ne0Zer0: just make your monitors bigger Kappa GoFastBreakThings: FPGA FPGA FPGA abhb09: Wait a moment alfanjuii: how do I mine cheapeth GoFastBreakThings: FPGA FPGA FPGA FPGA Eng1neerWho: I wanna use my 67 cTH rbsrbs: @alfanjuii get a bigger monitor? 🤔 abhb09: Some technical issues AlexEDM: kk New_Wizards: put the chat window over the code dunehazard: a Spork JesseDart: Font is fine if you're on a computer not a cellphone.

Alt2600: HM sayl chair alt2600: nice encryptedarrow: I think the font is too big, might need to make it smaller cypherph4: SOFT FORK Kreygasm alfanjuii: smaller font! DaveDreaming: yah make the font smaller alfanjuii: SMALLER FONT PLS confuzedfx: avocado party briant_kenzy: ask hotz how hhkb feels to him alfanjuii: PLS SMALLER FONT I CAN SEE DaveDreaming: i can read it just a lil too well SwaghettiSauce: Cooking stream when? NullReference0: relax @alfanjuii New_Wizards: is it ladies night out? goerge home alone TusKaN_BaNaNas: 0xE7251d76BD88C49967344cc1b36eb6428ee76a6c any cheapETH for a poor twitchy pls alfanjuii: haven't done anything wrong :c cubaz_: @juicythrax I dont want to waste my time buying, waiting an returning a thing novapencil: guys the font is way to small can someone let him know New_Wizards: you need a friend like Ted the bear cubaz_: @juicythrax but makes sense DaveDreaming: font is way too big Talalfullstop: Every time I hear George or Goku talk about Cheapeth I lose even more hope in ever understanding crypto in general.

LUL ChaoticFlounder: wait where is Alex? mucinoab: Bigger font. sactziz: avocados also take a ton of effort to make. #fendoffthecartels cubaz_: someone ask hotz about hhkb dawkinsisdoper: program an acceleration mode J0KERSGOON: drip too hard, charge it to the card, designer to the ground, of which I can barely pronounce the name krisa002: what are we eating? sojiroz7: Can’t resist avocados 🥑 lol greekprince123: ETH new ATH abhb09: I just sent you 1cTH. Did you get it? Eng1neerWho: I wanna use my 67 cTH localcanofdutchgold: is his mic glued to the table? juicythrax: idk what any of this shit means lol rbsrbs: if you keep the avocado seed and plant it you can get free avocados HahaThink noobvincent: does george invest in crypto? dj_mateo: george what do i reassign my caps lock key to? i heard you have the secret key maps yo Ne0Zer0: will cTH be integrated with twitch? LUL cubaz_: what do you think about hhkb briant_kenzy: I use hhkb, for me its a good one. but it takes time to understand how it is actually comfy abhb09: Hanging around and doing nothing alfanjuii: fuck I just need a good computer and food dorkmo: that ufc fight didnt go as planned DaveDreaming: but money makes all the stuff AlexEDM: no @abhb09 miloeu: @georgehotz room tour when? rbsrbs: only one? LUL localcanofdutchgold: PogU J0KERSGOON: huh krisa002: okay so if i eat avocado will i become as smart as George? alfanjuii: ?? Digital_donger: ALL IN PogChamp shortxrp: wow alfanjuii: ahahaaha alfanjuii: cool novapencil: lemme get one moncefmd: So the goal is to steal one from you? DaveDreaming: i call exqz_ps: that would be PogChamp bionicnacho: NFT it at that point Saturnalia__: gimme a growth function like Ripple, and deal.

I love it noobvincent: what are you eating J0KERSGOON: so you would keep the coin until you have the royce? alfanjuii: hes holding the rolls roice tho alfanjuii: royce exqz_ps: royce coin giveaway when? juicythrax: you could create a scavenger hunt for the royce coin and market the business itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: u ever talk to elon if so about what? krisa002: does george have adhd? moayman630: m AlexEDM: it's like a timeshare coulddoanything: can we get parts with sub 1 ROYC ? shrewduser: you'd have to back it by holding rolls royces in a bank helloimDRC: Tether? noobvincent: binance coin? shortxrp: LOL Digital_donger: @krisa002 no he doesn't believe in it leopolddr: wtfff lowryder313: cause of BSC dj_mateo: wtf briant_kenzy: everyday he stray closer to Terry NullReference0: Wait wtf alfanjuii: wtf helloimDRC: BNB shot up, damn novapencil: I own 0.0000000000069 ROYCECOIN dj_mateo: seriously!?!?!?!?! lowryder313: DOT is legit Saadzz: wtf abhb09: WutFace krisa002: DOGE TO THE MOON dj_mateo: WTF dj_mateo: LOL NullReference0: They just kicked off a bunch of US users as well.

Why is it so high leopolddr: probably the most used bionicnacho: BNB going nuts dj_mateo: polkadot is basically eth2 lowryder313: lol cubaz_: is apple magic k better than hhkb itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: DOGE 13 hug0Hq: thanks to pancake Digital_donger: LUL dj_mateo: just a bit more complex shortxrp: USDC > USDT lowryder313: TETHER TO THE MOON bionicnacho: @NullReference0 because of DeFi on binance smart chain abhb09: Finance coin is trading using bots. J0KERSGOON: imma make my own currency Digital_donger: D: ChemicalMastadon: LUL TusKaN_BaNaNas: Any NANO fans here porteus: D: exqz_ps: OhMyDog DarkEpopt: TO THE BASEMENT krisa002: DOGE IS GREAT leopolddr: tether to 1000 krisa002: DOGE TO THE MOON bionicnacho: any cakers in the chat LUL itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: elon single handedly pumping doge EZ localcanofdutchgold: lul dawkinsisdoper: yeah back off doge novapencil: DOGE TO THE VET ChemicalMastadon: TusKaN_BaNaNas yessir coulddoanything: doctor428Doge1 shortxrp: DOGE TO 15 SATS heymoocow: Dodge getting sent to the doggie pound 🙁 lowryder313: TETHER IS MOONING\ dawkinsisdoper: doge for life TusKaN_BaNaNas: hell ya QED__: LUL dj_mateo: doge is literally designed to go down krisa002: BRUH DOGE IS LIKE +1000% IN THE YEAR WHAT YALL ABOUT LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bionicnacho: cTH new doge dawkinsisdoper: say good things about doge alfanjuii: yolo in doge itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: DOGE NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT IN THE BACKYARD AND SHOT LIKE OLD YELLER coulddoanything: doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge doctor428Doge doctor428Doge doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge doctor428Doge doctor428Doge doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge1 doctor428Doge doctor428Doge doctor428Doge Digital_donger: @dj_mateo with 4% inflation? SOmedude456: hey George what do you think about the rust programming language? dawkinsisdoper: i want doge all over my body bananapuddn9: Ok here's my question: What advice would you give to someone at the crossroads between graduate school and industry? I feel a sense of urgency to throw myself at an important problem (e.g.

Go work for a startup), but feel grad school could teach a lot GoFastBreakThings: Dude going against him is like going against m@fi@ dunehazard: what about number 12 AlexEDM: damnit. now I have to eat too dawkinsisdoper: id swallow a huge doge. twice sojiroz7: George. Why do people bet on blockchain when quantum computers are just around the corner. krisa002: YALL GONNA CRY WHEN DOGE HITS $1 MARK MY WORDS alfanjuii: thoughts on golang ? urkepg: what about Bee and Pi mining on phones? @georgehotz juicythrax: thoughts on lua dj_mateo: lol, does dai have tether in its vault itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: how impressive will gpt4 be? SOmedude456: I feel like rust has an inverse productivity curve, at the beginning you're slow af but eventually it becomes worth dawkinsisdoper: george if doge ever has a larger mkt cap than btc you have to balance an avacado on your head for 10 minutes New_Wizards: avocado dont go crunch! mucinoab: I can't read shit briant_kenzy: what color scheme he is using? I never saw that in vim lowryder313: will this bridge be trustless? itswarfox: Hey George how you doing man? rbsrbs: @SOmedude456 no, not really.

It will never be worth TusKaN_BaNaNas: @BananaPuddn9 provide enough value to a company and have them pay for your grad school SOmedude456: why do you say so @rbsrbs ? Eng1neerWho: I have sent u 1 cth itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: what brand of chips? urkepg: anyone knows is it worth mining Bee and Pi? flawless_baguett3: follow me on github please DaveDreaming: how long since you last ate? alfanjuii: Hey George thoughts on learning caml SKPTCL: can I have a CTH 0x689c98804D1C47919dfcbCE42840E2C13aCF2245 doganigooo2: spread what ? bionicnacho: is this an airdrop now rbsrbs: @SOmedude456 because the language is a huge mess and no one can stop the train wreck dj_mateo: how many cth does it take to get a comma3 SOmedude456: @rbsrbs lemme guess you enjoy writing C coulddoanything: 0xfc1454c98830bBbf34C9CcAcb3dF2dA2F4ca460C plz send SOmedude456: I mean who doesn't 😛 heymoocow: after over 9 years of research and long days burning the midnight oil I still can't figure out why exactly haters be hatin rbsrbs: @SOmedude456 why do you know? Kappa Eng1neerWho: @SKPTCL i sent 5 to u rbsrbs: *how SKPTCL: @Eng1neerWho just got them, cheers mate 🙂 itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: u ever read moldbug or scott alexander? fknlando: @coulddoanything sent 0.1 bionicnacho: i mean fuck it 0xFd289769e229B452186b7F1c38A2ef50461E2563 lowryder313: they are bionicnacho: fill er up krisa002: what does george think about porn? AlexEDM: lol concho589: LUL NullReference0: Bring me with you himurax3x: LMAO GoFastBreakThings: Just cook it up in FPGA SOmedude456: @rbsrbs reverse engineer and kernel developer, hahaha everyone who hates on rust is either webdev or low level programming C/asm fknlando: LAMBO TIME alfanjuii: lambo time lowryder313: SPECULATORS UNIT New_Wizards: haters hate because they are liars and cheaters and think everybody is liar, cheater, so they suffer sactziz: lmao helloimDRC: Where's my Rolls Royce at George? fknlando: ROLLS ROYCE: SECURED AlexEDM: @fknlando 0x2E52e20aef793B97FD3958C61a84c489D7ff0654 alfanjuii: george can u give me a ride AlexEDM: -_- alfanjuii: on the rolly lowryder313: ORDERING TESLA NOW flawless_baguett3: stop eating bro rbsrbs: @SOmedude456 TBF rust people make it easy to hate them with their safety propaganda Kappa itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: because they're poor TusKaN_BaNaNas: ROLLS = ROYCED bananapuddn9: @TusKaN_BaNaNas yeah that's an option but I'd like to do research fknlando: @AlexEDM sent 0.1 himurax3x: No where else can you listen to someone rant while at the microwave, and love hearing all of it Talalfullstop: I think I'm a speculator.

I think Ethereum will skyrocket soon, so Cth will as well. 🙂 alfanjuii: you've been rolls royced SOmedude456: what do you think about modern day exploitation on android George which have all these new mitigations, mem tagging is coming this year TusKaN_BaNaNas: wait people on hacker news were hating? bananapuddn9: @georgehotz I was promised a question lol krisa002: imagine being this smart and a guy called lil pump is still richer TusKaN_BaNaNas: @BananaPuddn9 yeah you could research bofa sojiroz7: 5am in Silicon Valley masee14: haters come from hacker news? bananapuddn9: @TusKaN_BaNaNas bofa DEEZ nut lowryder313: cETH confirmed as shard? alfanjuii: guys that spend the whole day on hacker news don't learn anything, they too busy reading stupid articles TusKaN_BaNaNas: yeeeeaeh boi coulddoanything: any onme know the TWCH Token Contract Address? slayerdaniel: true briant_kenzy: anyone here can always understand streamer english but never be able to watch movie without subtitle? heymoocow: you guys still reading Hater News? move on to Yahoo Answers bois thats is where the real discussions are alexsheets12: hahahahahah itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: chomsky haters TusKaN_BaNaNas: true have you ever tried to read through hacker news it takes like 6 hours concho589: LUL true fknlando: i want that shit foreva mang noobvincent: didnt know george listened to drake AlexEDM: @fknlando hmm..I didn't receive the ETH classic yet.

Fknlando: AlexEDM LUL holicshii: is tea better than coffee? brendanglancy: drakes ghost writer fell off SOmedude456: yo boys I wanna start An open source project but motivation is down how 2 come up with ideas? krisa002: @noobvincent drake is on nofap, george is on nofap, ez AlexEDM: @fknlando 🙁 greekprince123: Drake hater slayerdaniel: george is a thug fantadmin: How will you apply "downward pressure" if cETH passes 1/1000th eth price ? DaveDreaming: fix the problem causing low motivation first bananapuddn9: lmao real thing is i'm working on a very exciting academic project but am attracted to the risk and stake of a startup situation Levi55five: @noobvincent which artists did you know about? andamxx: Drake came from the bottom now he’s here New_Wizards: tea is slow release caffeine plus polyfenol, coffee is fast release fknlando: @AlexEDM noobvincent: none haha TusKaN_BaNaNas: @SOmedude456 find a problem in ur life and solve it with software Levi55five: @noobvincent 😀 alfanjuii: hola qué tal SOmedude456: hey jhot why the fuck is graphics programming so hard alfanjuii: jorge jots firstcyraxsputnik: What about my spaguetti code? alfanjuii: cómo estás pradeepkod: hey yo T3chHS: Don't we all, Geroge.

Don't we all… itsmyitsyaboyasmongold: early drake mixtapes are amazing george knows comeback season and so far gone DaveDreaming: You mean Jorge Caliente noobvincent: what is cheapeth TusKaN_BaNaNas: it is cheaper ETH jpcomps: abhb09: Hi Geo coulddoanything: how do i swap twch for cth? Eng1neerWho: cheapeth is the future is earth eth bananapuddn9: @georgehotz let's grow out our hair and write more C lowryder313: cETH confirmed eth 2 shard AlexEDM: @fknlando is that Ethereum classic? fknlando: @AlexEDM no its cheapeth SOmedude456: has George ever written Holy C in templeOS? brendanglancy: @noobvincent read the site DaveDreaming: flight sim in templeOS is legit Digital_donger: @SOmedude456 yes, he installed TempleOS vm a while back spatialfree: thank you for making this george ^-^ SOmedude456: wtf is the point of cheapeth can you crypto guys explain? AlexEDM: @fknlando my bad I thought we were going on about ETC.

Fknlando: @AlexEDM oh well 😀 3even: ETH without the high fees dj_mateo: so now we need to add bulletproofs to cheapeth TusKaN_BaNaNas: @SOmedude456 its like ETH, but cheaper dj_mateo: make it private lowryder313: @SOmedude456 side chain due to congestion AlexEDM: @fknlando I appreciate it nonetheless. SOmedude456: eth has high fees for the network confirmation shit tho, how do you remove that? alfanjuii: I lost the rolls royced clip 🙁 heymoocow: george tryna use us as unpaid interns 😐 SOmedude456: is this just eth but with 1/1000 the confirmation requirements? fknlando: lol dj_mateo: fork eth remove congestion = L2 alfanjuii: sus? alfanjuii: drake sus Eng1neerWho: What can I do with with cTH besides send to other chat people? noobvincent: whats your favorite drake song fknlando: pound cake is pretty dope SOmedude456: shiiieeet so this is some graph optimization or some shit? localcanofdutchgold: cypherph4: George secretly a Drake fan LUL TusKaN_BaNaNas: @SOmedude456 honestly I don't think they like actually solved the gas crisis I think this is just for fun noobvincent: must be in my feelings fknlando: @Eng1neerWho make contracts and buy rolls royce kooshpm: George do you remember mr live? kooshpm: liva* dj_mateo: the secret to geohot's fast typing is his removal of caps lock 11moon11: does coinbase need `to_bytes`? fknlando: fork = GAS CRISIS AVERTED TusKaN_BaNaNas: lol Eng1neerWho: How much cTh I need to buy a rolls royce? dj_mateo: does ceth have 10 block reorg protection? TusKaN_BaNaNas: start savings and maybe one day SOmedude456: even tho I've always been interested in low level complex shit, crypto just hasn't ever grasped me noobvincent: george how do i learn crypto TusKaN_BaNaNas: yeah that your problems you got grasp crypto you can't let it grasp you first SOmedude456: read the code bro piyushbhakat: Are those red switches? kooshpm: ban that mafhk cypherph4: learn cryptography briant_kenzy: topre switch piyushbhakat: @briant_kenzy thanks SOmedude456: I don't think you need to know cryptography to learn about crypto just gotta understand hashes and mathematical guarantee s sojiroz7: Just go watch YouTube lectures and get a book on it DaveDreaming: god i love that feeling fknlando: ^^^ AlexEDM: @fknlando 0x4F1f5AE2864720b2d8FEfb5f6eB538E4eBBBb26f noobvincent: i wish i could code as well as george SOmedude456: george can you upload 720p as well I can't read the text on your screen at 1080p due to anti aliasing Cracktune: what we sippin on AlexEDM: for real this time….

I did the setup NullReference0: Sometimes it just works AlexEDM: 😀 SOmedude456: you can program as well as george, just start writing some shit kooshpm: I know youre sick at typing and all, but zsh ships with some awesome shortcuts for git stuff flawless_baguett3: all you do is eat bro kooshpm: Anyone drinking lord hobo Boomsauces? NullReference0: love zsh fknlando: @AlexEDM sent TusKaN_BaNaNas: using all that brain power takes a lot of energy AlexEDM: 0.2 CTH!!! AlexEDM: thanks AlexEDM: @fknlando thank you 🙂 kooshpm: and yeah haha zsh slaps fknlando: KomodoHype Eng1neerWho: How much cTh I need to buy a rolls royce? @georgehotz jhvdsgjjfzt: imagine if you could breed people like him. we'd own the whole universe within a century kooshpm: at least 7 cypherph4: CONSOOOOM AlexEDM: 🐲 caiquejjx: hey bro, could you stop eating, making me hungry :\ piyushbhakat: Do you feel comfortable typing with greasy fingers? fknlando: @Eng1neerWho you need 25 million cTH to buy a rolls royce allon6: im eating Popeyes FeelsGoodMan kooshpm: you are chaotic evil coulddoanything: anyone know how to swap TWCH for CTH? kooshpm: I love all you represent Eng1neerWho: I have 60cTH and I am sending it to people sojiroz7: George I have a question 🙋🏻♂️ – why do people bet on blockchain when quantum computers are around the corner?? Eng1neerWho: no more sending then SOmedude456: yo guys do you only have 1080p as the quality option? sactziz: I finished my homework! now I can get back to what matters, cheapeth coulddoanything: 0xfc1454c98830bBbf34C9CcAcb3dF2dA2F4ca460C jonnie_dilly: Yeah, just 1080 here brendanglancy: @sojiroz7 because quantum computer are not right around the corner PhantoIsAlreadyTaken: @SOmedude456 yes he has to restart the stream to get transcoding flawless_baguett3: minecraft kooshpm: dude if youre looking at code, it definitely doesn't need to be ray traced at 4k PhantoIsAlreadyTaken: @SOmedude456 and it's not even working everytime Flyerlevrai: Aren’t you a no coiner ? nicovzq: 1080 exqz_ps: party? can I come? SOmedude456: yeah quality is too high for my phone screen, can't read shit shinshinzz: Quantum computers still wouldn’t deem crypto’s worthless fknlando: ray traced text editor sounds cool tho dj_mateo: a no coiner w 100 eth in metamask dj_mateo: lol kooshpm: imagine the shadows sojiroz7: @brendanglancy 15yrs tops lightb00k: 0x62eeC20bb6260Da6F05c2647B7ee0741bcfD87cC dj_mateo: real talk, can i make NFT's on cth? dj_mateo: kek SOmedude456: hey George could you restart the stream for transcoding or would that take too long? 3even: best youtube channel Flyerlevrai: What is he trying to code ? brendanglancy: @sojiroz7 how do u figure that lol, u work in that space or do you just watch speculative hyped youtube videos on it New_Wizards: I wish you find a way to employ 1000 persons, ppl need work, jaydoe01: @georgehotz I watched those jim can't swim clips.

He has a patreon kooshpm: Someone buy that man a coffee SOmedude456: my dude george, could you restart the stream for transcoding or would that take too long? noobvincent: jim cant swim? whats that sactziz: Do you prefer hearing aboug fishy missing person cases or homicide cases? kooshpm: thats an all time wuote buckett0011: who will write the shit code then. CHeck mate atheist 3even: @noobvincent true crime youtube channel bananapuddn9: alright george my q for dono: go to gradschool or go work for startup, or both? TusKaN_BaNaNas: what's the short interest on Humanity? Can we squeeze it le0n_: could drop a track about that fknlando: obsolete to whom? sactziz: im making a parking robot that automates parking enforcement for my senior design. proof of your point flawless_baguett3: wtf are you on about bro smogchalk3: you think america is declining when it is consistently rated to be one of the most innovative countries in the world? NullReference0: Too many people. We need to become multiplanetary. GoFastBreakThings: Resource distribution is a problem in computers and every where else… coulddoanything: SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 SeemsGood1 could you remind me how to swap twch for cth plz, thank you <3 Eng1neerWho: How do I exchange my cTH to dollar? woodpecker991: Can you please restart the stream for transcoding? The only available quality right now is 1080p jpcomps: 64 bits New_Wizards: depends on the product, we will find a new field to employ ppl, we employ more ppl from making cars and using horses to travel flawless_baguett3: please explain in laymans terms sir 69king1: Where can I buy dogecoin that’s not robinhood? marnas8: marnas8 subscribed at Tier 1.

caiquejjx: what tea are u drinking? kooshpm: just changed my insta bio to "If I could short humanity, I would" fknlando: Eng1neerWho by creating smart contracts that do kewl stuff B) thevil0ne: long island w421: @69king1 you could try googling it lol jpcomps: @georgehotz you may need to seal the header…vaguely remembering from geth jpcomps: digest, result = hashimotoLight(size, cache.cache, ethash.SealHash(header).Bytes(), header.Nonce.Uint64()) kooshpm: man I haven't bothered with big endian shit since data structures with Nevard sojiroz7: @brendanglancy global spending on qcomp research mostly. New_Wizards: I like Matcha tea, prepares in a few seconds, just a bamboo whisk needed Gauccing: this is eth or btc code? kooshpm: Man tea must be a spa experience for you fknlando: cant wait to watch geohot create software for our neuralink chips in 10 years TusKaN_BaNaNas: can't wait to be a troll collecting tolls under the cheapETH bridge kooshpm: wait holy shit kooshpm: POV people who waited Silver5005: I raised 500,000 in a presale this week MyIQ90SoWhat: hello george dont ban me for this but u are a mix of elon and steve jobs i think, no offense Silver5005: and I have like 100$ in my bank kooshpm: is anyone here nice with react native? sangor: LUL 3even: AHAHAHAHA amuzinc: is posting links allowed MyIQ90SoWhat: we look up to u not other wy around techied: > twitch chat being helpful be_69420: Lmfao woodpecker991: @MyIQ90SoWhat kel lol T3chHS: Best I can do is shitty memes sorry kooshpm: smh Im here to code and banter in chat, not to be your monkey thecoder15: @georgehotz hey I linked the gene sequencer shit and cool biohacking crap, eth is just lame dj_mateo: ETH BROKE 2k!! dj_mateo: WOOT qualybased: If you need help making a tic tac toe game im ur guy otherwise soz m8 Toledojose60: we’re useless LUL jpcomps: airinspiration_: zzzz jpcomps: not sure if you were here leesin1729: @georgehotz do you have mods in chat? Can I be one? le0n_: hell yeah kooshpm: I just thought you were cool because my teachers in high school told me stories about you 3even: @dj_mateo feels like pre-sale was yesterday lowryder313: front bottoms dj_mateo: lol lowryder313: good stuff shmesar: Atta boy dj_mateo: i cant believe bnb is #3 rn dj_mateo: that is just not right lowryder313: greed lowryder313: is a powerful thing 3even: BNB activity is 100% fake coulddoanything: you sing beautifully @georgehotz ravster90: i mean XRP was #3 before…

Techied: is there a CNS yet? cheap name service Rygaros: George did you charge the drone? 🙂 lifeofjona: George upload more videos. Ty. kooshpm: why isn't your GitHub in dark mode? kooshpm: do you hate yourself more than the normal amount? 3even: dark meat all the things soupernerd: eth $2020 whoah woodpecker991: Please restart the stream for better transcoding…. pity plzzzz 3even: SOUP!!!! soupernerd: yo 3even: collin32BCH collin32BCH collin32BCH kooshpm: ok this was a nice 15 minute break, I'll be. back in an hour if youre still arounf soupernerd: @woodpecker991 my transcoding is looking fine cheetobandeeto: @georgehotz Which drugs make you think this fast soupernerd: oops, Im actually on source jpcomps: i think that article was relating the two, but for ethash it is hashimoto def not double sha3 brendanglancy: @cheetobandeeto adderall makes you think you think that fast jpcomps: you can ref: woodpecker991: @soupernerd same.

I am at source too and i have a shitty internet… not a good combo jpcomps: that would be the loop looking for a nonce New_Wizards: there is 13 glands in the human body all producing different drugs, sojiroz7: The drug called genetics 🧬 you should ask your dad about it soupernerd: @woodpecker991 oh I see what you mean, there are no good options for transcoded video soupernerd: @sojiroz7 Never met my dad.. thanks the_end_is_beer: can someone give me a quick eli5 on cheapeth soupernerd: its eth but cheap cheetobandeeto: @brendanglancy Exactly adderall is a scam banditmax6767: what's fnv()? Lancellott: is this algo using gpu? SHAVEYY_: dataset is probably the DAG file jpcomps: dataset is DAG 3even: @soupernerd what are sippin' tonight? shr1ftyy: @banditmax6767 I think it's jpcomps: mkcache is using lightcache to generate it on the fly brendanglancy: @cheetobandeeto Marcus Hutchins actually cracked wannacry on an addy bender so…

Cheetobandeeto: L1 to L2 bridge this is a cache thing right? cheetobandeeto: @brendanglancy It was just a domain call anyone couldve found that jpcomps: @georgehotz that is all part of ethash, so will be encapsulated in hashimoto_light MagnumSwaggins: wtf is he making MrFahad: hi dude MrFahad: big fan <3 Lancellott: is this algo using gpu? Ba6ix: dude works in bursts sojiroz7: Yeah short sprints MrFahad: what language is this Kodaly: u got this bro dj_mateo: read the folder cheetobandeeto: @MrFahad Solidity I believe dj_mateo: hes making a trustless bridge Kodaly: do you believe in eth more than btc? taldomike: @MrFahad html cheetobandeeto: @Kodaly Absolutely. Eth is the new internet MrFahad: @cheetobandeeto never heard of it cheetobandeeto: @MrFahad Its just for Eth soupernerd: @3even that was last night 🙂 Ba6ix: @Kodaly cause he doesnt know who the King of Cryptro is, Bitcoin is the 1 coin to rul ethem all Lancellott: is this algo using gpu? Kodaly: I still find it hard to believe that people will actually use crypto for anything useful other than as a speculative tool but I guess we'll see jpcomps: jpcomps: i think this is what your looking for jaydoe01: @georgehotz Ethereum breaks 2k eaterenrgy: Why are you using sha3-256 when the example reads 512? TusKaN_BaNaNas: @jaydoe01 damn u right big pump at 10:45 EST bionicnacho: eth at 2k, time to pull out and swap for cTH kooshpm: this is pair programming to the amx idevelop: idevelop is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 1 in the channel! idevelop: idevelop gifted a Tier 1 sub to wavjuug! ChaoticFlounder: !vim AlexEDM: can I mine cTH with only a GTX 1050 Ti? idevelop: idevelop is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 2 in the channel! idevelop: idevelop gifted a Tier 1 sub to tacnode! AlexEDM: @idevelop sub? 😀 ChaoticFlounder: any help functions from bot? taldomike: he needs them to be equals? SHAVEYY_: @ChaoticFlounder he has his config files on github lintbint: lintbint subscribed with Prime.

t0ny2shoes: do you think you are a better programmer now than you were when you were 20 f00z: ln177 missing ] dalex_live: what's your typing speed @georgehotz ? killtop09: missing ] ChaoticFlounder: gracias! ChaoticFlounder: thank you! f00z: twitch powered linting All4one5: Yooooo joaquin_ponce: hey, what is he doing? All4one5: just got here been smoking sup kooshpm: Im a typescript nerd so idk this, but is there an equivalent for ESLint in python? Markidane: Damn I've missed first 2 hours All4one5: mate the fbi outside bionicnacho: @kooshpm pylint SHAVEYY_: @kooshpm yeah it's called pylint kooshpm: I should've thought of that one All4one5: mail me some weed ill mail u some adderall kooshpm: thanks though idevelop: MrDestructoid100 AlexEDM: any of you pros know the Python equivalent to node js's axios? bobbypixeldust: whats goin on..blockchain stuff? lnau: you seem a bit tired, caffeine? kapreem77: i am mining cth at the MOMENT All4one5: seems like some mining kooshpm: ' m sorry I used the chat as my own personal google kapreem77: same lmfao' kooshpm: Oh now I get why hes fast kooshpm: big vim guy over here kapreem77: why All4one5: vim is dank oreo_171: yoo let's go kapreem77: oh yeah vim xx_slayit45_xx: vi oreo_171: hit that :w boi SHAVEYY_: does Ethereum do double hashing like in Bitcoin or is it raw keccack? kooshpm: my fledgling typing skills have kept me from learning that kooshpm: anyone here play chess? SlayerSPandeSaL: yes kooshpm: tryna run some blitz? RasitDenis: @kooshpm i play xx_slayit45_xx: chess haven't got an update for 10000s of years kooshpm: I got access to the early alpha All4one5: ive been up for 72 hr straight All4one5: you should try it thecoder15: RIP @All4one5 kooshpm: Oh I also hate myself, perhaps not that much though All4one5: my jugular is throbbing SHAVEYY_: @All4one5 my body turns numb after 24 hours I can't possibly do 72 hours banditmax6767: dam is this really the lead CHEAPETH DEV? banditmax6767: jk u got it All4one5: dude i already worked past that stage ziinpie: !uptime jpcomps: think your right mining_hash is wrong..

All4one5: now i am out of my body jpcomps: i know in geth, they seal the header All4one5: I made 200 bucks off eth today banditmax6767: maybe if u make a function that returns the number u wanna see u can feel better for a little banditmax6767: just hardcoded flewtwo: you get brain damage if you stay up longer than 48h for sure All4one5: bro ive overdosed off heroin twice kooshpm: pfffft brain damage kooshpm: people do whippets bro kapreem77: @All4one5 whats your specs?!!! All4one5: 135 iq kooshpm: brain damage feels too good to not try it noobvincent: george do you play video games banditmax6767: he plays playstation @noobvincent All4one5: nobody cares dj_mateo: lmao All4one5: do all the drugs you want bro fr slimjoel: positive for nerdism banditmax6767: 19k???? lnau: i bet you need caffeine Kodaly: but marijuana is a drug flewtwo: No nootropics? PressOK: aside from marijuana lol dj_mateo: hes naturally hyper get off his dick All4one5: lol jk MyIQ90SoWhat: @georgehotz how often you smoke weed? vHyphy: no microdosing lsd? kooshpm: retweet that kapreem77: i have only 63 cth yet coulddoanything: just say nay kelvinxg: yeah people always say you are on adderall fknlando: once my cth gambling site is up ill be rolling in it B) Zacoaa: do you smoke weed before coding? wavjuug: i heard booger sugar is good 1deasemw: Microsoft Word is the best IDE lintbint: need big whale to buy his pee kooshpm: smh Red Bull easily worse than black tar heroin zendosoul: use smart contract with chainlink oracle to verify the data 518m4: Good evening chat, what are we doing today? pvdb1505: weed stays for half year in your blood kooshpm: a month* banditmax6767: weed stays in your blood and your childrends blood for life GrinderRobot: eth breaks 2k PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp All4one5: 2 -8 week New_Wizards: human body has 13 glands producing natural drugs, dont mess with that All4one5: without any other cleanse jaimepsantos: why does is light blink? pvdb1505: just dont do drugs ; hoviolllllllllllo: weed permanently taints your blood line All4one5: i have a laboratory producing unnatural drugs banditmax6767: @All4one5 sounds sus All4one5: biology bro All4one5: come work for me mais_dennis: go to the sauna…

That ll get it out! kooshpm: when all of our ancestors were huddled around a weed fire, they rained humanity's bloodline for eternity dj_mateo: the longer i watch this stream the more rich i become in crypto dj_mateo: ) vHyphy: @georgehotz Do DMT with Joe MyIQ90SoWhat: @georgehotz can you make more rap in the speed and rhytm of (light it up contest) it has so much energy the others are cool too but chill soupernerd: need to add to your stream so I can tip you crypto live 1deasemw: Was out for a while is he getting the headers down? SHAVEYY_: police are here to arrest you for using crypto PogChamp bobbypixeldust: 5-0 dog…who'd u hack!? PressOK: cops are here they heard you admit to doing marijuanas lolhabby: Sup chat I’m having pizza All4one5: police is bad kooshpm: People forget that it was called the Cold War because Russia is cold dj_mateo: i am starving noobvincent: its the police mais_dennis: pizza stays in your blood for halk a year All4one5: outlaw police banditmax6767: pizza stays in ur gut for eternity All4one5: build mosques next to every police station 1deasemw: Why? bobbypixeldust: lol, ya, pineapple pizza stays in ur sysytm the longest All4one5: this man high Shashwatkthnxbye: is he using his m1 air? All4one5: pineapple pizza is gross bobbypixeldust: hash banditmax6767: geohot is a monogram for ETH GOO shr1ftyy: or goo eth…

Banditmax6767: anagram* Shashwatkthnxbye: I lost 6 cTh on maybe doubler FeelsBadMan kooshpm: or toe goo banditmax6767: u lost an h kooshpm: give or take and h banditmax6767: 😛 bobbypixeldust: cache 4 hash stash SHAVEYY_: @Shashwatkthnxbye put more in All4one5: the doubler was a scam dude cmon you shouldnt have schlept SHAVEYY_: make sure you own a mining pool so you can influence the RNG too Shashwatkthnxbye: BibleThump All4one5: lol mais_dennis: anagram for thc goo All4one5: wax New_Wizards: going to bed, lul kooshpm: why watch terminal spam on screen when I can make it myself Zacoaa: wish i never smoked weed in my life Zacoaa: or at least after getting rich lol banditmax6767: y @Zacoaa EdwardApollo: How much cheapETH would I need to pay you to let Willem release his accord torque mod All4one5: same dude now im gay kooshpm: Dman thats crazy blueberryguac: Weed is bad fknlando: send me cth for irl luck buff 0xDa9540e5ff1bE3414AAC61f22CEa804298b222bB SHAVEYY_: how much cheapETH for a rolls royce wraith All4one5: bad as in cool kooshpm: Honestly though, streaming while coding is kind of a cheat code Shashwatkthnxbye: how so kooshpm: You have like 600 rubber duckies here Zacoaa: indeed weed is bad "hold a blunt" kooshpm: but he doesn't need them coulddoanything: any one playing All4one5: no wut is fknlando: @coulddoanything yea i lost coulddoanything: bet cth coulddoanything: won 1 lost 2 fknlando: what round All4one5: i have .27 cheeth from last week coulddoanything: round number coming up fknlando: lets bet on the same round vHyphy: set seed thecoder15: where do i download the CETH wallet bobbypixeldust: no cache no hash bruh fknlando: i go 4623 coulddoanything: ok EdwardApollo: How much cheapETH would I need to pay you to let Willem release his accord torque mod Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz show "about my mac" All4one5: StinkyCheese mining cheeth Shashwatkthnxbye: ban incoming 3even: @thecoder15 SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 you can set it up with metamask fknlando: 4625 MrBeastFan310: why aren't you microdosing like all the super cool tech bros?? 518m4: So are we looking to build a contract that can compare submitted Etherium chains and find the best one? dj_mateo: scam removed All4one5: stay microdosed dj_mateo: scam installed MyIQ90SoWhat: @georgehotz Can you do more rap in the style of light it up? it has so much energy and is really uplifting coulddoanything: i went 4623 oops All4one5: say above moores law noobvincent: wtf is microdosing All4one5: ur pp wavjuug: where did you get your chair bionicnacho: @coulddoanything this shit centralized? Shashwatkthnxbye: BibleThump Press 1 if I should get M1 Air – BibleThump Press 2 if i should get M1 Pro – BibleThump Press 3 if I should wait for 16 inch M1x fknlando: 11.11 damn fknlando: ballzy TalonFire: @noobvincent small amounts of funny substances vHyphy: install gentoo SHAVEYY_: is it one of those libraries that uses dedicated hashing CPU instructions MyIQ90SoWhat: press 4 if u dont care coulddoanything: lol think so @bionicnacho 'apparebtly open source but its cth so i havent researched much but playing it thecoder15: send me some baby 0x26F9dDDD335ae2e092CB8E46b096Ea9f41856720 dj_mateo: much python dj_mateo: wow bionicnacho: @coulddoanything got a github link? thecoder15: how can I mine it All4one5: lear nsolidity evilmore: ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮thecoder15 kapreem77: Shashwatkthnxbye: Where goku at? fknlando: rip coulddoanything: lol SHAVEYY_: this is not the evm you are looking for fknlando: damnnnnn FlameSnare: using current time? MyIQ90SoWhat: @georgehotz Can you do more rap in the style of light it up? it has so much energy and is really uplifting thecoder15: holy shit, someone actually sent me some thanks ]]] MyIQ90SoWhat: its called civil war cuz people were civil kooshpm: That meme is such a troll bobbypixeldust: hash cache cashed bruh AappleSsauce: Has life been fulfilling? coulddoanything: playing again MyIQ90SoWhat: ok thecoder15: lol that setup is too much wokr pwnbase: code in PHP and print out dollar sign money MyIQ90SoWhat: not civil thecoder15: give me a scirpt i can run on my Ubuntu distro kooshpm: echo 'poopoo' kaiemon: not so cache money oldmapache: i dont even know how to install a vm but it seems interesting SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 if you have a GPU with over 4G of memory you can GPU mine on a pool mattikaldi: why learn anything in life? Shashwatkthnxbye: Are CTFs and CP still a good course of action to improve your skills as a newbie programmer? musashhhi: @lexfridman MyIQ90SoWhat: what is this key on the bord? vicentedealencar: maybe call check_pow twice and assert equals kooshpm: more like 900 IQ thecoder15: @SHAVEYY_ I got 16GB GPU SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 yeah then gpu mine on something like jmv_chin: is this neovim or just vim coulddoanything: 4642 4.2 CTH 20.00x SHAVEYY_: @jmv_chin normal vim MyIQ90SoWhat: im in 2nd grade 😀 i hate it there jmv_chin: looks sexy kooshpm: I thought neovm was a vscode plugin Shashwatkthnxbye: Where all the helpful people at PythonAcademy: Only 1,700 tensorflow certified people in the world…

Get the training you need to pass the 5 hours test with us! evilmore: Shashwatkthnxbye, in life. 3even: 0xA10e9852875b8Eb3A8F9B3D22e60cC94d99C4942 lintbint: interesting thought SHAVEYY_: @PythonAcademy wut dj_mateo: export to vps johnpyp: Lol nice ad PythonAcademy thecoder15: @SHAVEYY_ how? lnau: try it on x86? dj_mateo: who works local anyway dj_mateo: geeez kooshpm: sauce me the repo 🙂 SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 PythonAcademy: hehe thanks, we are first mover there 😉 PythonAcademy: I also stream python but always love to check out the master George Hotz! coulddoanything: @3even doctor428Doge1 petamemba: @PythonAcademy ur gonna get banned lmao vicentedealencar: assert ret == retAgain Shashwatkthnxbye: Chat poll: At what age did you start programming? ball_gladder: Greetings, sir! dj_mateo: contabo ftw josalt: Hey everyone! SHAVEYY_: @Shashwatkthnxbye 99 I am a 110 year old man who knows algol 3even: @coulddoanything yesssirr 3even: thanks kooshpm: @SHAVEYY_ probably knows fortran smh 1deasemw: Flip with me concho589: LUL RIP josalt: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis le0n_: f SHAVEYY_: PogChamp hashing ball_gladder: F in chat 3even: f josalt: f kooshpm: run a vm MrBeastFan310: m1 FTW mucinoab: F Shashwatkthnxbye: F ChewbaccaMommy: !clip TheLurkingStarman: zfgAnyway vHyphy: F 12345Jenna: muniLUL johnleetran: MaxLOL lintbint: rosetta boned dj_mateo: LOL Sensat1onaI: hii dj_mateo: bro SHAVEYY_: @georgehotz make your own apple VM thats better 🙂 dj_mateo: v p s dj_mateo: rofl ball_gladder: That's unfortunate 65h1000: omg, and I watched the hole story lnau: @lintbint i dont think it was rosetta i think it was native ARM josalt: ooo wow relicck123: other was better 518m4: very nice lnau: endianness problem ball_gladder: Strong Mic Game lnau: sounds better dj_mateo: its right only Markidane: ye thats good vicentedealencar: OSS RULES jnfinite: that bass in the voice, yeeee soupernerd: such a good mic ChaoticFlounder: much better krouzuv: my right ear Sensat1onaI: sound sexier dj_mateo: lacks left audio channel mucinoab: You sound to my right kooshpm: I thought my ears were clogged mitchell_344: something needs to be ported relicck123: only out of my right ear SHAVEYY_: my right ear loves your audio Shashwatkthnxbye: i just c00med soupernerd: good boy, little good microphone SHAVEYY_: make it mono SHAVEYY_: in obs dequavo556: Where was George for the last stream? SHAVEYY_: pls jnnx74: Was the whole point to that a humblebrag? kooshpm: thought I was easing into a stroke idk dj_mateo: fuck arm lol oreo_171: my right ear says yes, left says no 3even: my right ear!!! SHAVEYY_: fuck arm all my homies hate arm lnau: it' dequavo556: D: kooshpm: I will not hear this arm slander relicck123: much better dequavo556: Apple M1 is awesome dj_mateo: muh armsss Sensat1onaI: fuck arm oreo_171: mono sound lnau: not really ARMs fault so much as python devs not doing due dilligence kooshpm: harsh but fair ShredderSherlock: explain the problem to a rubber ducky soupernerd: save it purkinje_: open source twitchies ? ball_gladder: I know that feeling! SHAVEYY_: soon your pacemaker will run ARM SHAVEYY_: and you'll be like "omg I hate arm!!!" and then your pacemaker will turn off 3even: 1 hour wasted coding against a bug.

You must be new here. dj_mateo: good thing i dont code my eth on my pi4 ball_gladder: @3even LUL 1deasemw: I feel bad for him… ball_gladder: This is a path of countless harships and bugs Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Elon musk tweeted about you dommydibs: did you try turning it off and back on again? All4one5: how much the eth mine make today jmv_chin: talk about trade secrets Kappa kooshpm: alpha move ball_gladder: Someone clip that and send it to musk Shashwatkthnxbye: Kappa Kappa relicck123: you super crypto bull? Shashwatkthnxbye: On it lnau: endianness differences are one of those things that have no value… no increased resilience.. there should just be one standard. All4one5: i am musk friend techied: elon pump crypto. geo create crypto. purkinje_: he created kryptos yo pwnbase: what if elon tweeted about cheapeth 😳 All4one5: i smoke drug with musk mortalal: @georgehotz you still in San Diego? jnfinite: hella Kappa montano: @georgehotz hi geo kooshpm: Elon shows you falcon wing doors and paypal MyIQ90SoWhat: would you like a shirt with the slogan "smell my musk"? dequavo556: George + Elon on Roe Jogan + FAT Doinks = EZ montano: @georgehotz where can i buy cheapeth? jnnx74: George and Elon together sound pretty epic Sekstazy1: wat is your wallet adress @georgehotz montano: can i tell u mine ? TheSirPangolin: What do you think of China's virtual currency? montano: instead ? dequavo556: wonder what this mans typing speed is kooshpm: oh also your social security numbber All4one5: 0x6FA27Bc49A990894b0dFCfbEE0C8D72303B03A43 All4one5: ren slimjoel: and corrupt and tyranical jnnx74: Can I get a crash course on Cheapth? jmv_chin: ive never heard you say that about the US government Keepo Sekstazy1: wat currency @All4one5 jnnx74: Did I spell that correctly? All4one5: cheeth ball_gladder: Chinese Government wants to know your location! Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz ADD affects working memory and recall, do you struggle with those? All4one5: add enhances those purkinje_: who will win the cpu war ? petamemba: same with corona All4one5: just flip the script on them SHAVEYY_: it cant hurt you if it doesn't exist 3even: @petamemba bingo All4one5: and sell ur adderall jnnx74: That’s deep.

Blueberryguac: Yeah ball_gladder: PREACH! krouzuv: @petamemba LUL oreo_171: so it's covid zendosoul: what do you think about the oracle problem? lintbint: usd is what u believe Markidane: When is the college starting? jesor24: Hello george, U use m1 air and 2 monitor? ball_gladder: FACTS zendosoul: blockchain oracle ricky_robot: haha =) Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz your belief aint gonna change how your brain scans look 3even: lol not the same oracle Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Did you make money on SLV? kapreem77: im mining purkinje_: you could sell scooters in btc All4one5: send coin 0x6FA27Bc49A990894b0dFCfbEE0C8D72303B03A43 montano: 12v8889kThgoTeHFfNzLbEUHuEM7LyUs2U som1 send me btc i become rich ez All4one5: i will send some eth back All4one5: fr GoldkettenManfred: HeyGuys ball_gladder: 1 coin = 1 prayer techied: geo u want some TET? it's my shitty cth token SHAVEYY_: Dagger Hashimoto is the current algorithm thecoder15: @SHAVEYY_ This minig pool sucks, I aint got shit dj_mateo: eh my radeon gpus used to mine daggerhash All4one5: go back coulddoanything: @All4one5 doctor428Doge1 ChewbaccaMommy: ChewbaccaMommy subscribed at Tier 1.

They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! -5 monthly quest complete SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 wait like 30 minutes it takes a bit to send a share All4one5: im good at math SHAVEYY_: python > math All4one5: go back to the formulae krouzuv: math jmv_chin: hahahahah jmv_chin: funniest thing ive ever heard blueberryguac: I love Georgie's highlighting technique montano: @georgehotz how many bitcoins u have? SHAVEYY_: if the greeks discovered python instead of math they'd be in space dj_mateo: people right in math to appear smarter All4one5: what if i told u that everything python is is math jnnx74: Write All4one5: redpilled Shashwatkthnxbye: Python is going to replace math All4one5: its the same thing…

Lol All4one5: i do quantum mechanics bro jnnx74: George, do you meditate? All4one5: ive seen all ur formula before All4one5: i can help stg kooshpm: I already use Wolfram alpha and mathematica to run my life All4one5: wolfram is crazy not goin to lie All4one5: i type in some crazy thermodynamics problem as a sentence and it spits out the answers Shashwatkthnxbye: I once saw George mediate in a moshpit All4one5: shit blows my mind jesor24: Hello george, U use m1 air and 2 monitor? Shashwatkthnxbye: ban jnnx74: Anyone who says “not going to lie” lies all the time PythonAcademy: I wish George interacted more with the chat All4one5: lol google pend-robinson equation All4one5: peng kooshpm: I don't I love the way he deprives me of attention All4one5: and try to put it into wolfram Shashwatkthnxbye: We need a chill stream montano: 12v8889kThgoTeHFfNzLbEUHuEM7LyUs2U montano: btc btc Shashwatkthnxbye: PLTR to the moon PythonAcademy: also I never understood…

Why does he use the terminal for coding? kooshpm: Idrk what kind of guy he is, but I can't imagine him as a variety streamer PythonAcademy: why not pycharm? Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz How much did you make on SLV? All4one5: bro All4one5: kys All4one5: pycharm is for ppl that need error messages Shashwatkthnxbye: SeemsGood 3even: hahaha 3even: holyshit PythonAcademy: @georgehotz why do you use the terminal for coding not pycharm for example? just curious All4one5: i got bits havent smoked crack yet IdecFilms: >.< jesor24: Hello george, U use m1 air and 2 monitor? Shashwatkthnxbye: Ban @PythonAcademy blueberryguac: Ban @PythonAcademy thecoder15: lol 100X leverage george probably lost like 100 btc back when it was nothing AcuteBaldEagle: Ban @PythonAcademy jnnx74: What’s a nocoiner? GoldkettenManfred: Ban @PythonAcademy vHyphy: ban All4one5: ^ Shashwatkthnxbye: ban GypsyDanger76: ^^^^ Shashwatkthnxbye: @PythonAcademy "if you are asking why, you are missing the point" jnnx74: Ban Roll-On? ncxleg: py or js? GypsyDanger76: NotLikeThis jnnx74: I’m i the oldest person here? Shashwatkthnxbye: yes blueberryguac: I'm 84 hbu jnnx74: 969 vHyphy: 69 kemzeb: 96 ncxleg: 18 All4one5: i need a pizza im about to die All4one5: 25 thecoder15: welp, im cth poor because this god damn pool wont pay out All4one5: bro george where the girls at coulddoanything: what pool? thecoder15: after like a billion accepted blocks Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz How long until we have the Metaverse like in Snowcrash? thecoder15: All4one5: come to my university we will get laid and be eskimo bros 3even: Party next door Williamlive0: Lol party All4one5: yeah All4one5: send .1 eth for the weekend of ur lifetime Shashwatkthnxbye: You sound like a Tajikistan immigrant Williamlive0: No time for parties All4one5: nah uzbekistan PythonAcademy: @georgehotz what's the most advanced python programming concept in your view? All4one5: class Shashwatkthnxbye: Ban! @PythonAcademy PythonAcademy: class is easy…

All4one5: lmfao PythonAcademy: generators? All4one5: i mean go to class Shashwatkthnxbye: Did he just go mute? Shashwatkthnxbye: nvm Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz How'd that Usman bet work out for you? vHyphy: how tf you live without vim plug ins 3even: @Shashwatkthnxbye asking the real qs All4one5: they getting drunk in the other room kooshpm: I think hes just fast enough where he can afford not use them NullReference0: I like vimium in Chrome, what do you use @vHyphy bobbypixeldust: α 3even: HAHAHA Williamlive0: Party stream vHyphy: LMAO All4one5: always bet FlySociety2o9: Burns got destroyed Shashwatkthnxbye: rip 3even: LMAO All4one5: let me know before you bet on a fight All4one5: i can scry the outcome kooshpm: the only role burns has in any betting context is the bankroller bmurph15: have you watched the new jim keller podcast vHyphy: @NullReference0 just vim idk FidgetBoi1: does the maybe doubler still exist? matixq_q: george i love u Shashwatkthnxbye: It never existed thecoder15: lol im giving like 2 percent of the pools hashing FiZdaWiz: you my sir are a genius techied: i made a cth token cl0ckt0wer: why don't you just clone visa? All4one5: cool send it 0x6FA27Bc49A990894b0dFCfbEE0C8D72303B03A43 coulddoanything: 0xC258775a86F878f1ebb3E3c8ec1f2aB36871EE27 Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Do you think if Elon wasn't able to ride the early dot com wave he'd still be where he's at today? coulddoanything: i bet and gave all mine away SHAVEYY_: geth uses dagger hashimoto All4one5: im selling .27 cth for .0001 eth techied: All4one5 coulddoanything done, add the contract address 0x02398eeA18dA7e8b56C47183aeF20f0b2FB30Bca kooshpm: Im selling one USD for 180 INR thecoder15: ill sell 1 BTC for 100 billion CTH coulddoanything: thank you @techied thecoder15: actually make it 100 TRILLION Zohvek: is this golang? kooshpm: no.

Thats his brother SHAVEYY_: @Zohvek he's looking at geths code so he can implement dagger hashimoto in python kooshpm: no this is the Krusty krab Zohvek: @SHAVEYY_ oh so hes converting golang into python? Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz any Philosophy book recommendations? bmurph15: @Zohvek i think hes just looking at the underlying go implementation thecoder15: @georgehotz how many CTH do we get per block? Zohvek: word All4one5: no SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 like 2 or 3 since its forked off of the Ethereum chain kazuakiishiguro: ethash savant_ali: c++ vs python techied: Ethereum is ETHash / Dagger-Hashimoto kazuakiishiguro: Sekstazy1: wat is the import to use uint in python ??? thecoder15: if the eth creator were smart he would have made it a block per second instead of a random number like 86400 PythonAcademy: seriously what does he use for writing code… terminal? bmurph15: guessing is therapeutic though thecoder15: 6549.00 thecoder15: @PythonAcademy its called vim look it up SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 its actually a block per second model by model SHAVEYY_: it uses difficulty SHAVEYY_: to work out an average PythonAcademy: @thecoder15 thank you! geokwi: you should maybe use keccak-512 instead of sha_512 techied: this is py2 thecoder15: no its not, there are 86400 seconds in a day and 6549.00 eth blocks being minted every day bmurph15: lol if its a 2->3 that would just be terrible lol ctllry: ctllry subscribed with Prime.

thecoder15: @SHAVEYY_ The difficulty algo sucks at finding the average than lol SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 its like every 2 minutes techied: look at the fork tree techied: for that repo SHAVEYY_: there is a variable that specifically says how long the interval should be ophicleidon: what's l1 and l2? cache? natural languages? :p megamuskel: caught a stream :O Shashwatkthnxbye: google it thecoder15: @georgehotz make it 10 blocks per second SHAVEYY_: @thecoder15 that is insane techied: geo someone already forked it geokwi: The eth wiki says that they call "Keccak-512" "sha3-512" because sha3 came out later.

So use Keccak maybe? kooshpm: inb4 inflation thecoder15: super fast zoom zoom, HDD's are big these days brain_of_a_emptymind: george. do you use carla simulator? thecoder15: @brain_of_a_emptymind yes he does bettychandesu: what is he doing? seems fancy as hell Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz what brings you joy in everyday life? mucinoab: good night guys givemespice: Your ps3 jailbreak was the reason I fell in love with security and that I thank you g teej_dv: 57 raiders from teej_dv have joined! 3even: 0xA10e9852875b8Eb3A8F9B3D22e60cC94d99C4942 techied: look at the fORKKKSSSSS SHAVEYY_: there are libraries in C++ if you want to bind them 🙂 techied: techied: SOMEONE FORKED IT lightb00k: use github1s 3even: deepsingularity: hello world brain_of_a_emptymind: @thecoder15 thanks for the answer!. Some video where george used it? Penguino138: george only a no coiner for a few more days 😉 quickcheck: sup king gandastiK: LUL bmurph15: why are they no working python3 implementations this is crazy to me SHAVEYY_: you could make bindings for one of the C++ libraries but thats ResidentSleeper kmson1cman: OUCH kooshpm: You know what I've been thinking? thecoder15: naw go read his github its in his wiki @brain_of_a_emptymind All4one5: sry i am trying to buy a pizza with coin Penguino138: Just started learning solidity and ETH Remix today thanks to geo banditmax6767: 6hundoo bmurph15: 639 lnau: 639 lightb00k: 590 stupac62: 639 gandastiK: 670 Shashwatkthnxbye: 631 All4one5: 1k kooshpm: 7 ChemicalMastadon: 5000 quickcheck: 420 stupac62: nah, twitch just not great at counting kooshpm: Shameless liears Shashwatkthnxbye: CosaNostra Pizza only accepts bitcoins Grupith: #noCoiner Penguino138: First there was BTC pizza, next will be btc tesla owners who bought their car for $2Billion geokwi: The eth wiki says that they call "Keccak-512" "sha3-512" because sha3 came out later.

So use Keccak maybe kooshpm: I believe Penguino138: Keccak was a fun algo to mine in 2017 TheLurkingStarman: PogChamp SHAVEYY_: PogChamp Keccack All4one5: what gandastiK: HackeManz PogChamp Hybrid836: Clap techied: KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype bmurph15: whad you do Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp PogChamp quickcheck: gamer god zzconfig: PogChamp All4one5: using kec kooshpm: congrats on fix All4one5: ? foogs_: [hat Lancellott: PogChamp Williamlive0: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp kooshpm: I watch Chess, go bye SHAVEYY_: @bmurph15 he changed hashing algorithm grizvok: i looked away for one second. what fixed it? Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp lintbint: this calls for minting 69000 TWCH JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz is the mars rover running openpilot techied: 👏👏 SHAVEYY_: @grizvok he was using sha2 instead of keccak geokwi: told ya grizvok: @SHAVEYY_ gotcha Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Start a AR VR company bmurph15: whoever suggested that is the real mvp kooshpm: lets not pretend for even a second that we know the difference Hybrid836: those legs poggers Penguino138: dont know the algorithmic diff, but the addresses produced come out different Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Did you ever play PSHome? jmv_chin: monkaTos techied: Pogs for dugdmitry mortalal: nudity! quickcheck: pick that off the floor young man Penguino138: partial dorsal nudity Shashwatkthnxbye: floor is lava Williamlive0: PogChamp Shashwatkthnxbye: @Williamlive0 are you the CP william? Williamlive0: Who? Shashwatkthnxbye: William Lin Linux_____: wow..hes been streaming for 3 hours..I missed out Shashwatkthnxbye: BibleThump Williamlive0: PogChamp Penguino138: because power to the people Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp PogChamp jordan_vx: is that chair comfortable? lintbint: lintbint is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz's community! They've gifted a total of 5 in the channel! lintbint: lintbint gifted a Tier 1 sub to babebroham! lintbint: lintbint gifted a Tier 1 sub to bankzed! lintbint: lintbint gifted a Tier 1 sub to petekp! lintbint: lintbint gifted a Tier 1 sub to meta_potato! lintbint: lintbint gifted a Tier 1 sub to rraksut! quickcheck: IRL late night avocado shopping bmurph15: george not the spam but did you see the new jim keller podcast quickcheck: Pog Shashwatkthnxbye: Damn HovardTR: oh yes george educate me Williamlive0: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp Penguino138: @lintbint Wow you're amazing thecoder15: @bmurph15 dude that was fire CastielFire: wat doink? sfasteapta: I know some of these words All4one5: pizzas otw, my coin gained enough value for it to be free since i ordered lintbint: hell ya zz4181: new place? All4one5: always lintbint: for the boys, and girls bmurph15: @thecoder15 hell ya it was, jim keller is undisputed Williamlive0: Dinner served techied: geo is a god now adnp_: it's always fun to watch someone who understands more than you know Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Do you ever see yourself having kids? All4one5: im freeulator vHyphy: kids are a hoax bmurph15: he even mentioined , in the podcast PressOK: for the record, I knew that chips and pasta sauce would not be good Penguino138: george will have little AI car children coulddoanything: YES! coulddoanything: stop breeeeeding techied: call up dominos and try to buy a pizza with cth Linux_____: I feel like that world will be better than this world tbh stupac62: LUL All4one5: breed like rabbits we have genius in our dna Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp PogChamp All4one5: do it for the human race quickcheck: what's bad about the singularity? stupac62: Yo Noid! Grupith: will bitcoin's price still fluxuate when 21 million is reached? gabbrousset: gabbrousset subscribed with Prime.

vHyphy: lulz All4one5: i literally paid btc for dominos just now itchysoup: quiznos defintley accepts cth Williamlive0: Have a robot child? Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz lex part 3 coming? quickcheck: LUL sfasteapta: :/ banditmax6767: lmaoo grizvok: @Grupith sure banditmax6767: lex gonna say "this podcast is sponsored by cheapeth" pwnbase: new podcast: The Hot Seat with George Hotz brain_of_a_emptymind: when it's podcast with musk?. Lex Book it! quickcheck: or Hotz Summer bubblesnot: No notification when you started streaming 🙁 All4one5: need to hit that 60 sec contract time thecoder15: distributed compute is pointless change my mind @georgehotz sad_ost: hi uwu gabbrousset: why don't you use relative line numbers with vim ? Shashwatkthnxbye: How long until US collapses? quickcheck: got night plans tmrw? Penguino138: @Shashwatkthnxbye 3 hours Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp blueberryguac: Georgie's got a girl :/ Shashwatkthnxbye: Rip Taylor? almondsnakes: chipz quickcheck: pretty sweet project Williamlive0: Nice geokwi: The "bridge" is a smart contract on L1? babebroham: PogChamp PythonAcademy: @georgehotz why don't you use TF for your ML? Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz can you write an algo that can summarise legal judgements? cheesylard: pls give me cheapGOV PLEASE cheesylard: I WANT POIWER Williamlive0: PogChamp PogChamp All4one5: george always with the ladies tf Shashwatkthnxbye: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper All4one5: how long till its operational Shashwatkthnxbye: george is gay All4one5: so bmurph15: 600 usd All4one5: that is All4one5: a lot All4one5: i use to be a residential electrician All4one5: i can do ur wiring bro Williamlive0: PogChamp All4one5: so .5 eth a block bmurph15: what is the potential value of a 51% attack All4one5: high All4one5: always attack dequavo556: Did you listen to whole lotta red by carti SanJacobs: Programming language for assembly-level tasks, but with type safety? All4one5: local oscillator approximation algorithm Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Do you use FL Studio for making music? banditmax6767: discouragrs big transactins on cheapeth banditmax6767: which makes it cheap banditmax6767: good design! bubblesnot: Does solidity provide randomization? Shashwatkthnxbye: that's smart All4one5: i wanted to buy pizza with cheeth tonight sactziz: Doesnt that make large transactions infeasible then? what about inflation? XO_Khaos: @bubblesnot no you need an oracle pigporkman: if they want to make larger transactions feasible then can't they just make ppl wait more block confirmations? Linux_____: how dare you make millionaires wait for anything All4one5: I will trans .5 eth into cth All4one5: fr 5% banditmax6767: @All4one5 wow ballin Shashwatkthnxbye: George Nakamoto All4one5: let me know when to pump cth sactziz: power to the poor people! sfasteapta: Norge Gakamoto! All4one5: buy crypto if your poor noobvincent: is george creating his own cryptocurrency? Williamlive0: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp banditmax6767: what if CTH trades on open market at not the 1000x lower multiple u expect? erichtp: moon2PREGARIO kkj_yo: !time Shashwatkthnxbye: Cryptonomicon All4one5: it will at some point just hold banditmax6767: do u think relying on "pls dont speculate" is risky? novitchok_: new apartment PogChamp All4one5: yolo banditmax6767: lmaoo Shashwatkthnxbye: who wrote that summary of whale gate " Shashwatkthnxbye: ? kelvinxg: yolo don't speculate guys All4one5: damn dont pull the rug on me 733tz: do you think its still a good time to get into eth? lowryder313: SPECULATORS UNIT sactziz: Will mining get less profitable over time as more is mined? ericb16: but what if elon tweets about it lowryder313: HODL CHEAP ETH All4one5: he will then george will hodl lowryder313: WERE RICH Williamlive0: Hodl pigporkman: technically cheap things are good investments PogChamp vHyphy: HODL banditmax6767: o man u funny lowryder313: were gonna make it boys lowryder313: hugs all around lowryder313: im quitting my job now! thecoder15: So you can attack it by being a miner that doesn't sell thecoder15: and get a lot more cth Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp lowryder313: so does the bridge work lowryder313: i was gone All4one5: yes lowryder313: holy shit banditmax6767: are u worried about the SEC? All4one5: its untouchable lowryder313: have you looked at xDai? banditmax6767: lmaoo All4one5: whats the trend of xdai lowryder313: they use a multisig wallet Shashwatkthnxbye: Martin and George in the same jail cell would be fun Williamlive0: , zendosoul: have you checked out arbitrum? All4one5: 32 a coin Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz India is going to ban crypto, what do? All4one5: i bought ren at .10 a coin, sold at .2 thecoder15: What happens when eth goes to 10K and now cth is 10 USD banditmax6767: how can u make money on fees if trasnaction r dirt cheap? All4one5: you cant ban crypto lol All4one5: that will be so lit dude we will all meet up on our private island fortuitouslover: @shashwatkthnxbye get out of india become a citizen of the world lintbint: just make an L3, cheap all the way down banditmax6767: what about expensiveeth L0? All4one5: twiceeth Shashwatkthnxbye: I wanted to move to US but H1B rules are modern slavery thecoder15: cool, ill create cheapest eth techied: if cheapeth is $1,000 then the us gov has collapsed All4one5: 1000 is doable All4one5: eth is next btc just wait 1 yr ethe will be 10k+ All4one5: anything attached will rise the same 11moon11: Make freeETH, which uses test environment lul Shashwatkthnxbye: YOLO ON ETH BOYS fortuitouslover: @shashwatkthnxbye India is going to turn into a neoliberal capitalist china banditmax6767: can u make cheapCommas for $1? Shashwatkthnxbye: better go to australia XO_Khaos: just airdrop thecoder15: Dont worry ill file the SEC complaint against you so you get to live with Martin Skhrelli Williamlive0: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp lintbint: crowdsale proceeds to charity All4one5: i will pay btc to have this man assassinated for snitching Shashwatkthnxbye: Free Skhrelli sactziz: preach George! Shashwatkthnxbye: he did f00kin nothin All4one5: call me dreadpiraterobert XO_Khaos: well the SEC has already ruled ETH not a security, so Im sure this is fine then All4one5: they couldnt take anybody to court its decentr All4one5: lmao Spicymc: wake up.

Wake up. wake up. All4one5: how are they going to take 1000000 remote users to court at once goobyplz69: Martin shkrelli does need a new cell mate Shashwatkthnxbye: When is he coming out? All4one5: takes money to make money Shashwatkthnxbye: sounds good Williamlive0: Money, money… sactziz: at least its a fun hobby project thecoder15: wait CTH is 2USD ??? All4one5: binance coin is good banditmax6767: XRP recovered lmao All4one5: finally All4one5: who holded Shashwatkthnxbye: Hopefully goku isn't shady samtheprogram: LTC 8th 🙁 hardtarget4: ripple bro geokwi: can eth be banned anyways? cellophane11578: lol All4one5: i use cb techied: tether is a scam polygxn: ada is where its at zendosoul: chainlnk 🙂 ChemicalMastadon: Nano Linux_____: is kraken good? petamemba: wtf is usd coin All4one5: coinbase thecoder15: shitcoin to the moon All4one5: uses usd coin squuares: waves (: ImmaDad: eth 2 banditmax6767: self driving crypto ICO by george hotz All4one5: yeah banditmax6767: to get rich T3chHS: scamming people therealariel666: Have you written your own crypto-currency? Shashwatkthnxbye: get the money zendosoul: alpha homora Shashwatkthnxbye: everyone has a sellout phase Williamlive0: 🚀🚀🚀🚀 zzconfig: there are flash loans All4one5: never heard of it shr1ftyy: alpha homora All4one5: i heard of some shit called dracula coin samtheprogram: how do you get CTH, are we waiting for a bridge to convert ERC20 into cheap equivalents? Penguino138: harry potter farming lol cellophane11578: mimble wimble banditmax6767: Officla Response? Penguino138: mimble wimble is legit tho banditmax6767: typo in Reponse banditmax6767: typo in title of whalegate page* banditmax6767: whats a reponse sactziz: As long as the chain is solid, dont worry about the regulators cankunwang: lmao banditmax6767: hahah lintbint: appreciate your work banditmax6767: seems pretty official samtheprogram: oooof banditmax6767: clearly the lawyers read dil31: ripponz fortuitouslover: choose a readable font for the whitepaper maybe? lol 3even: I'm all in cTH gary_burton: I like the logo zendosoul: do initial liquidity mining Shashwatkthnxbye: Accept cTH on , ai banditmax6767: isnt it crazy how u might raise more in ETH Crowdsale than commadevice revenue? crypto so hyped lol goobyplz69: cth to the moooon lintbint: no cth stays earth Penguino138: commie-eth techied: geo i made a token on cth therealariel666: Fly me to the moon thecoder15: @georgehotz im funding my own robotics company come join 3even: "If we're having fun..the hodlers won't want none" -cTH Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz if you could go back in time would you still start , ai? Penguino138: @techied Can I make a token on top of your token on top of cheapeth? Linux_____: you guys found a navigator guy? T3chHS: COMM ipo when thecoder15: Have you seen this yet @georgehotz All4one5: same bmurph15: did you see you got mentioned by jim yesterday Shashwatkthnxbye: react to this banditmax6767: what kinda work? like scaling up production? techied: techied: here u go techied: not enough liquidity tho, not sure how to make it work JdPaulBlart: is mars rover running openpilot colanzio5: nah bro you're good at hacking Penguino138: @georgehotz is that a real plant behind you? thecoder15: Yo look at this @georgehotz its a BCI bananapuddn9: george you never answered my question earlier is the coupon still valid banditmax6767: if u made cheapeth, are u cheapVitalik? 3even: those vids are educational JdPaulBlart: jim cant swim? All4one5: thats hilarious ChemicalMastadon: JCS vids are good All4one5: dont kill anyone samtheprogram: Stephanie Lazarus polygxn: jcs on youtube is so good All4one5: lmfao PressOK: talks for 60 minutes -> "alright this is the talking portion of the stream now" Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz is goku smarter than you? petamemba: and don't reverse sony products itsxaos: oh i think i saw some of those exqz_ps: also never self incriminate Linux_____: thatchapter is a really good crime youtube channel lintbint: geohot made me not do it All4one5: pay ppl to kill ppl spatialfree: @georgehotz your narratives tend to complie bmurph15: jim mentioning you sactziz: You could easily build a more powerful dbc decoder btw halcyyyon: Haha hardtarget4: jim is the goat purkinje_: USA spends 25% of the world's spenditure in marketing and advertising.

Thecoder15: @georgehotz why do you think bootstrapping is better? itsxaos: hell yea i havent watched the jim lex yet very excited All4one5: LOL who sent me a CTH All4one5: tx Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz do you feel full-filled? All4one5: was she interrrogated hardtarget4: look what happened to the silkroad guy itsxaos: are you still in california? coulddoanything: where can i spen cTH? techied: geo here is the cheapswap link, not enough liquidity so not exactly sure how to make it work banditmax6767: has vitalik seen cheapeth? Offlinerocker: 😳 lintbint: i heard quiznos Linux_____: people dont realize they track ur phone & get deleted messages…stupid criminals All4one5: vitalik def is tracking cth Zyrophante: yeah and her defense was it was for a reality tv show LUL samtheprogram: TET? squuares: i remember bricking my first ipod touch with redsn0w LUL All4one5: wow Shashwatkthnxbye: rip banditmax6767: lmao george about to give this guy $200 L0L techied: how do i put liquidity lol psychedelictw9t: pools closed Shashwatkthnxbye: damn banditmax6767: 400 dozzar All4one5: true banditmax6767: i gave cheapeth to a homeless guy is that ok kapreem77: the gaz fee on eth is just crazy MertleTheTurtle: What is cheapeth? Saw you've been streaming it, but haven't watched vods yet Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz did you feel lost in your early 20s? goobyplz69: fly us to the moon friend All4one5: i post cth on my social media Offlinerocker: It’s cheaper eth @mertletheturtle MertleTheTurtle: @Offlinerocker ty All4one5: i was hella lost dropped out of clemson for the first time Offlinerocker: Lolol MertleTheTurtle: LUL but i never get interviews when i put school of hard knocks on my resume All4one5: being lost is part of the journey my friends banditmax6767: what happens if WSB gets infected with CTH pump Offlinerocker: The school of LIFE brother banditmax6767: no solution to that Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz any philosophy book recommendations? kapreem77: i am mining cth at the moment Linux_____: not all who wonder are lost All4one5: lets spam wsb with cth posts sopoook: who's behind you in the other room lightb00k: what is the most difficult thing about being a entrepreneur? 11moon11: Made a meme smart contract app, not sure if it is ok to self promote though bananapuddn9: george imma grow out my hair and write lots of C is that a good career path? vHyphy: Bars gandastiK: LUL All4one5: Nominal existence of a temporal state Ever present and yet constantly fleeting The topic of endless bellicose debate.

Heaven and hell–the two spheres’ meeting. Astral alignments signify an Age’s End. The highest Capricorn breathes in They only remained for him to attend A wave of the hand passes these men. Wood or flesh, the saw still shows teeth. The eternal lesson always harshly taught For there is a deeper meaning to bequeath: Behold an unbreakable Will, as if iron wrought. quickcheck: can you do the fast part of Rap God? bananapuddn9: George you said in lex fridman that the ethical life is the productive life bananapuddn9: where did you find that TheDarkZebell: what do you thin about ATOM and the cosmos network Offlinerocker: @bananapuddn9 this is my current aspiration Shashwatkthnxbye: lmao dil31: fleetcoin Linux_____: how much ether does Marshal own? Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz Do you seek fame? quickcheck: it takes a lot of practice All4one5: i wrote that i love poetry and rap Beastvour: LUL concho589: monkaS Aqualyn: HahaSweat Throwawhey: PogChamp petamemba: PogChamp quickcheck: Pog noobvincent: Pog Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp concho589: Pog gandastiK: PogChamp Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp PogChamp vHyphy: pogu sopoook: PogChamp therealariel666: Profanity POGU' heymoocow: Pog norflin221: PogChamp Offlinerocker: Pog gandastiK: that's a LUL for sure Shashwatkthnxbye: PogChamp nidaleejungler: what chair do you use iltrue: PogChamp All4one5: lets start freestyling banditmax6767: did u hear TSLA bought $1.5m of cheapeth? itsxaos: not bad sfasteapta: python rap concho589: youre real rapper george 7_spam: PogChamp pwnbase: what is your favorite track you wrote? mines 5am in silicon valley dash_58: Eminem just entered the room sopoook: are you eminem fan? banditmax6767: gn geo u THE MAN Shashwatkthnxbye: @georgehotz What's holding back AR and VR? pigporkman: HODL CHEAP ETH shr1ftyy: cya boiis! Linux_____: primeagenEmacs primeagenEmacs

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