Genshiro GENS – Equilibrium EQ – Polkadot / Kusama Parachain Auction – low cap altcoin 2021

so amai on behalf of the schedule for the next
5 page an accent staring september first sunday september 2012 not when we
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after then your home from the options but about the potential to become one of make
leaders within kusama and every dat ecosystem you know what time it is it's time to concentrate
en polka dot en kosso ft launching the purge a options wright well i want bouillon and change
request no money market and other two lovely lovely sexy look in the high touch camp reading
to improve the diva cup advocate ate and become a scalar testnet we together is your love in your
network within budget an expert in action sangha together and i don't know which of a cook you do
normally within participate in the first 5 options and new continue to do so because it in distress
embargo from anyone who wants to be a part of the future of finance to my time hypotheses did
financial histori e is in the measurement let the games start with just remember my case is we just a couple
profitable future fine and his girlfriend guidance on device and is not built on the blockchain
bloodborne wheel is bill danny theories polka dot cow together and for ted with a kano en solana
what you see is the military that closet it's all going to be interoperable harry montague aveve
what you watch this video to day and dan wasted time watching' use flash videos parmessar loan
something they don't know about justin case you now to book then a kazama will allow me to give
you for the second run down bootblocks that only together will enable the conclusion that centralized web
when you and a de users and control post networks april to connect private single searching change
public and promotional is networks and oracles polkadot and kazama facilitate and internet where
independer blog chains can exchange information and transactions in the race lesbi almost a
religion that but esquire h ef the application where we have test network cook together book osama
is a scalable test network of specialized blockchain a pivot using the substrate and
nearly the cm codebase s ok that is so have four times crack well the network is an experimental
development for teams who want to move demands and in a week anke together we simply just be customized
prepare for their die fold menton koeken dat mmm bamboo sticks that a kasama founder in
2019 at doctor k input power polka dot and our co-founder and form chief technical officer of
theories for tamara welcome youtube functional street in case you hungry warm when this mess will
then please die in next day have black case or paddles posey and her on want
youtube bios times the looking at me i hope you can excuse and benefit from the information te
long going to give you here there is one in case you and you to discharge please like smash-up
scribe that it you can be notified sami abdul new videos in between do you rather do great stuff
well i want a million stacks kind of just winter littles what the main advantages that this house had
we wheel a pit members and only get a pool of something s change you were going to be deferred contained
a to participate in the opving arkopharma en van de show you what the rewards pewds in case you
want to continue your kazama tokens ik wim de jong dead texas and number of stronger than just
dance-team of with robot technology camshaft blockchain of blog james en fotos en als for
interconnecting different blockchain networks and the online gadgets i spend the text is the
universe and idea of blade change and taylor james top straits design and scalability member i want
ie bouillon image and decentralized exchange it matches the performance of the centralized can
the error i want u to risk engine oracle and is the model of baking tray the clouds relative
contracts and real world instrument just corpse factual swaps after landing page on both sides and
robust like of liquidation of martin trading and takes the highly witching something broken phinergy's
well this moment a bit like to give you all and home the book home arno van aboe sandwich
decentralized exchange going to be the future make that the or tomorrow nou wantingkara can say
is it the beautiful clothes wmo texas that new non wmo decentralized exchanges and i said that
it's wheelie family come down to the things come down to the user interface you experience
the functionality and danny critique and this is what i want to do en serbio the change you get in
able to outlook in aquino and i'm talking about their finance 10 views drink er then de polka dot
en kusama ecosystem of those you good as new care aware that one of the largest die sandflies the
changes in de world millions of sloggi my heart of know you see is what you're not too low we
that offers decentralized exchanges sign likes of point base and all centralized exchanges at
our game preference finance is it decentralized exchange for stable course chemistry station
linkedin for all together everyone ebels fast efficient and lo fortune stable quincy wat
dedication that die centralized guys just not only works by is far better than traditional
boards de racing car of the ye die nice young blade in this might lesson i take the nation that guys
what is carl solo focus on swapping stable god this is and not with little tomos 0 competition
opinion highly profitable is pi r played is a crypto forks make it our minus kerf of
was like traders finally wifi provider guenter tjes such as whistled religions medima sleek which
no time and loose and the critics conditions are approve supplies t started first eliminates the nearly
in permanently loose is you for the million isabel is 2 check-ins choose between congress is di- rect en
chief at trade special union to join using kies   or lose turns from us die [ __ ] us
the sea unisa moderne use the t eams dentritische you see is what will require to trace making it
always be more expensive to create wet with shrinkage we could have look at shell fuel als
i a cta dilations bit different look a like it bode steve by one stop shop and
research and development had do you know so sad thing is all about deviant shading is
about having lambskin user interface and you experience that we you is catchy is most
lol useful we unicorn also here at the crowd loon and if there is that cost cat casting actors in
the mouth pacing the app and very good chance to you can join to us crowd loon and they would grow
up to 2400 knowledge heroine koh same also in en the dress empathetic meet your family ask deployed
how many a wat is what john words and you can see the price for one can change your is carly
value that by sensors just keep that in mind and it comeback a lock here so romantic
date name c what's with drivers i so no that could take computers e1200 and demos had
adams de 15 september what therapy anita ftc so called it's watching you to become and mary
jane anke together die injured stop shop for skin and then i say ho' preference foncke together
for the crew that cool lfs im it's almost see here and this is again you can connect
your wallet and you can then if you already got it summer we word objective advice today
in the first and you grab what two kinky we this now the new kit doze off rewards my 14th that doe  take
that prestige the lesson who wants music it is in total of hundred james there live co together
and petticoats and amount to have a larger than 20 dollars lucas music 2400 size 5 cents and he rode
and co in and have look at tyco together price a proxy magic tree from a five bucks there
is  in that for locking in congo uding yokohama tokens for did nothing in case you used would then
you will get faxed with lee for the percent words of kenjiro janice tokens data if she you can
cfv the good wife who it l ots of flower adwords and see here there is a make cable sixty
four million and then gets with a swap for not dead long live the grange en realy
would still down since july putzmeister the stream just remember to have a studied now
ate and he love this is going to be the kerf diva cup of smallpox that some energy lots of
answer potential so it for myth die hope with me too bad you must be my mask my
was the tank expectation in case you and in channel inside find the one and caramel you van with the will
implicit likes mashups cry who will she cambodia live streams and the yes the time you see such and
stay safe and sound and death catch my god you so

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