Genesis Mining ICO Gold Rush Power Ledger ICO Quantstamp Initial Coin Offering Update

hello everyone it's a Thursday the 30th
of November spent on a suite at 12 some nice sort of a decent day I suppose but
anyway all right so this is the ski you know at Haines high yesterday was too
long with videos 15 minutes I'm going to try to cut it down a lot so Bitcoin adds
ten thousand three hundred and eighty six I actually got up to 11 a half
thousand last not oh and that's pulled back exactly what we thought was gonna
happen so it's up over this sad look at the percentage there say 11 half you
know what's in our ten thousand three hundred so I'll pull back about ten
percent at the moment so it was a lot Lola darling we've got the end of nine
nine something but anyway so just shows you you know it's very volatile good to
be in it obviously if you're holding but yeah this happens I mean Debbie
surprised leading up to Christmas people going to start taking fun there so
expected to pull back a bit more maybe who knows I mean it's it's hard to tell
but anyway the market cast us 55 percent 55 nearly fifty six percent dominance
Bitcoin by the market cap so 173 billion for Bitcoin anyway so that the skin –
sorry Bitcoin let's get into con stamp I'll just I'll say yes so you should
jump in he was like 13 cents or something I think when we're talking
about it today I can so it's at ten point seven cents man that's awesome
that's a bargain and this is how we know like yeah this is there's no more I
can't give you advice but this market cap this is this is how you know this
does anybody out for like a couple does any man some sort of 20
so xx something like of November it's only unlike about four or five different
exchanges so I've even hit beat tricks pulling it down in Apollo like any of
them big ones once it gets on there yeah light well often I mean if you're in it
yell often like 10.7 that's cheap man I got it in seven cents on the 21st of
November right after I see oh so I picked all you know and picked it up
then I went to 21 cents obviously a couple days after that and then but I've
held it I could it should like tripled my money straight away so so what's
going up in here obviously with this might be caps of 66 million now 67
million for this to get to 20 cents this has to get to 130 million 135 million or
something that's nothing compared to like look at even like power ledger a
little really skeins here and this is a though it's a decent project this is not
a shit project I'll just go quickly in see parsimony
it's like wonder stamp the good thing to also check if I check the social media
accounts and stuff like that because we all see if there's any news if it's
coming on another exchange or anything like that
appreciate it jumped on to stuff away from me of course I think it jumped on
cue con like you coin this morning actually yeah as a joke like you coin
says an online so jumped onto another exchange there is a queue coin and
announcement second bottom two coin as well better thing about a time for it
gets on a bit tricks or a polo so even I have for that you know once look at its
ready go look it's gone up to eleven point two in thought of only been on for
three minutes it's already gone up like half a cent so you know it's this is a
pretty good price you know EVP it goes up said Marco who gets 180 million
something that's 30 cents right everybody now so he's still gonna street
signs in mine so if it's if you're worried obviously don't put a lot in it
so you know do a quick turn over some still got 500
and I'll even a hundred or something get 300 so you know that's how I'd be that's
how I'd be doing it or you ought to keep it long term I mean I'd be keeping I'm
personally hold in a long term I see potential on this coin
I mean it's anything you know sixty sixty nine million and it's only being
twenty two million over a 24 hour tell supply circulating supply so you know
it's and it's only like I said it's only eight or nine days old like it's waiting
on the but on the on exchanges so it's only reddit opera hits a big one be
exchange and then this is gonna go up I mean from what I've seen it supposed to
be people saying like a dollar maybe by the end of December so think of it that
way if that happens obviously so similarly ten times from your money you
know ten times you give you initial investment so we'll go over this the
website I think I want to low for me today anyway so obviously quad stamps
the first scalable security audit protocol designed to find
vulnerabilities in etherium smart contracts
our team is stellar our PhDs with industry experience back by backed by
powerful blockchain industry advisory board I have to check out the team they
are they are a pretty good team that's the thing with the she coins the team's
just shit there's no decent decent team behind it and that the advisers so what
you do you come in you can check check all the in start LinkedIn pages that's
the best way LinkedIn profiles and I'd say yeah do you do diligence with that
obviously you got to check how many tokens are out Harry you know obviously
how many exchanges on at the moment so that's a flavor on a major exchange yet
and it's a good project it's going to be picked up sooner or later
and that's where yet the more volume of people coming in buying it obviously the
price goes up so I won't stay too much on that other than that
or else we're talking about a curious how they just apologist Dan I'm pretty
sure and I mean I was nearly even thinking I only went down a $0.50 I was
actually really tempted to buy more or $0.50 and I got in at 15 so I see big
potential with power legit so 54 cents now so so the power does a good example
parents when I first got it was 15 cents and its market was only 60 million or 70
million when I got it so and it's a great project it's the solar power just
straight up it's an Australian ico actually the estranged federal
government actually invested into this coin as well so because it's all sold
out stuff which is straight we're all getting to that now so but I'll see if
there's any news nerds so they do a trial trial about Hollywood sign a low
covering costs low cost systems installed and connected using the Box
chain technology so it's not about it's a it's a pretty good project I'm in this
one for a long term I can we can you know you can they're forecasting around
maybe three dollars a coin March some of that maybe if you yeah I mean tell me
hard for me not to sell even from 15 cents if it goes to like a dollar I mean
six times it did get up to ninety I've almost attempted to 5x I mean I could
even if it gets a 10 X maybe dollar fifty on an hour I've got this feeling
about this one yeah definitely
I don't know definitely I'm doing a hold for a while longer anyway obviously to
that all the old coins are bleeding at the moment because bitcoin was shot up
so far so hopefully the old coin as Bitcoin starts pulling back hope for the
old coins then start rising again so it's while we're waiting for really
I was a don't stress if you buy a coin and then just because bitcoins flying up
and then the odds going down that was scared its you're there for the long
term right yeah well even though a couple months you don't have to be there
now you don't hold it that long talk to you if you want to just double your
money double it simple as that but anyway uh what else what talking about I
said alright so we're not mine at all or how I'm learning all my stuff is from oh
so yeah go rush so pretty much the IC o—- course tells you everything how to
find your coins and where to find the coins for starters what they are like
what you know what's so funny i CEOs applying a check this we have a
checklist that we goes through to to weed out all the shit coins so invest
responsibly obviously it's up to you and it's up to you when you sell your tokens
and then you rinse repeat so you eat the profits from that one then you go back
in and then start again look for a next next to the coin unless you're holding
it obviously so it's pretty good I mean I enjoy I enjoyed the course it's taught
me I made on you a little bit about this is taught me definitely a lot more than
what I knew so you know you can't know everything and the best ways of is
investing yourself and go from there really and yeah and we have a slack
group which every days it's that much information go so it's just all our
members you know explaining what coins have found what what they think of the
coin or what they don't like about a coin out write it on the checklist so
this is a site that's like group so it has everything so I'm used you know in
different music coming in every day stuff all that so that's good you're
learning you're learning as you're in the slacker in pretty much because
there's things you go well yeah I don't hear no well there's coins that we coins
there that people bring out miss like what the hell
so for that I was shy Luba coins you look a coin schedule I was just saying
right to coin schedule look at me coins are coming out in the next whatever I'll
show you it's amazing what cause of that off come on I'm having this this is this is
amazing look at me coins already out near how
obviously so these are all going or live other ones coming like coming up these
are ones still going The O'Jays are still going where's the upcoming and I
this is where it comes down here Harry these are ones coming up now look at
this it's just amazing coming up and all the ones now how are you gonna know
which ones are shit and which ones are good how do you you're not gonna know
unless there's no way but individually goes for every single one of these coins
and you know it take care oh my taking months and then even when
you get through this slot there's no any more so you know this is why I've joined
that I'd you know it's a one-off thing I thought yep you know what I'm doing it
Bank you know it done so obviously I found power ledger and my stamp from our
group and I do that I found it from the group before I even bought the course so
I already bought power ledge and then bought it 15 and then it already shot
290 like in two or three days or something already six times me does that
I put in and that was after the pre-sale so obviously this course teaches you how
to get a pre-sub you know pre IC o—- and even if you miss it and sometimes
you do miss some because you had to okay wise Co something sometimes you don't
get approved so the only other way to grab them is after the priest after the
IC o—- so well we show your way how to where to find them cheaper sometimes
they're cheaper than the actual IC o—- price sometimes they're not only just
above and yeah and if it's a good protein you really want to get any you
missed it that's another way to do it and we teach
you how to do that too so it's worth it to me I reckon it's been worth every
cent it's a lot of mods I understand it's a lot of money but if you've
already holding Bitcoin anyway they meant a Bitcoin that's gone up it's
already cost me cheaper anyway so if you got to use it that way and see they're a
lot coin then you can pay Bitcoin litecoin and – I think so the best way
is like coin like on or – they're pretty much nearly instantaneous
if you've done a Bitcoin you might have to wait a couple hours to be a prude
like for it to go through like confirmed but I think when I did early on he
waited like an hour to be honest depends on the traffic of you know of it can't
be quite at the time I can get the stupid ridiculous
somebody can wait like 12 hours just a buddy gonna you know transactions
through so but there that's yeah have a look at I see oh gosh doctor joining
them what feeling it doesn't matter I'm not I'm not even really in it for that
I'm you know because I want to show you you know you don't need programs to make
money this is you know it's relying on programs and you know admins pissing off
with your money and stuff like that or was bullshit you're getting paid 1% a
day I mean I there is some that probably in the tailor didn't like me I don't
know most of them I can't even say anymore can't save any Holland Germany
more I mean really especially like I don't know yeah I don't read into it
because we really into its this you think of negative well anyway so anyway
I'm gonna leave it at that I'm hoping join me tomorrow if you want
my yeah you know if we'll have a this video give me a thumbs up if you want to
see more hit the subscribe button hit the bell and every time I do again
you'll come straight to your inbox and other than that I will see you tomorrow
so have a good day

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