Gene Simmons REVEALS His 10x Cryptocurrency Portfolio for 2022 (Top 2022 Altcoins)

is there one particular coin that you hold that you're more bullish on that speaks to you more yes i i bought as a matter of fact two quite a bit of it two two tenths of one percent coins uh because i believe they're going to go up uh tenfold in uh [Music] so you bought a fraction of one percent of like two different coins that's a large part of the supply because you're so bullish on these projects yes and it'll take they'll go to 20 cents in a month please share which ones [Music] all right gene simmons rock and roll legend entrepreneur cryptocurrency investor awesome to have you here you got to do the duck face when you do this by the way do you know what that means this is just nonsense you know uh steers horns and all that this actually means something in sign language it means i love you i've got the dalai lama doing this as holiness and i did a speaking engagement together uh not too long ago and he said i like this what is this and i explained to him and he's running around going like this now you know so all the rock and rollers are saying i love you every time to their fans and their fans back yeah they don't know because this stuff means nothing it's crap the history of that started a long time ago when the english the saxons and the normans normans were actually norse mens that's where normans came from and the normans attacked the saxons france attacked england they took it over but they had a lot of problems because the english invented the long bow which was a six foot tall bone so they could reach the advancing french from much farther away because the french had smaller balls and so before they'd shoot the englishman would hold up their two fingers like this like i'm about to meet your maker and the french hated that so much they cut the two fingers off of the bowmen if they caught them and then of course killed him as a kind of a you're my now phrase are we allowed to say words like that hell yeah say whatever you want just checking say whatever i want jesus god so uh you know after that so then during world war so that became when you go like this that became in english up europe so when you go down the street and somebody's goes like that they're not doing the peace out they're doing then during world war ii the real history is winston churchill did this on the cover of a uh british newspaper which the americans took to mean oh v for victory no he was saying this to hitler up your ass hitler so the americans because we don't know stuff uh immediately bastardized it and so the entire peace movement became you know a piece for every i don't know how v for victory which became up your ass in england that started with we're going to cut your fingers off became a good vibe hippie thing it's completely wrong bastardized and it doesn't mean that it means originally you're my now when they cut the fingers off and then winston churchill before you know changing it to up your ass hitler like that during world war ii and then the kids on the street go to anybody and they stick their teeth out they'll ask any brit that and then the americans go wow peace and love man wow idiots you are a man of history and that's the kind of perspective we want and well i was there i was there when dinosaurs ruled the earth and i saw jesus go but you know i'm an old guy hey um the music still carries on though um and i want to know your history to segue into cryptocurrency how did you get started in crypto why does that interest you the uh i'm interested in all sorts of things i know very little about and i'm highly unqualified in almost anything i do even though i've been highly successful in almost everything i do these are semantics of course but i'm not anti-semantic you can use that not your brother let him stay over there ah mine yes just remember now you know and so the pandemic as sad as it has been and continues to be 700 000 sad deaths in america i mean it's just awful throughout the world but it also quarantined everybody or should or should have and during my quarantine one of two quarantines i had time to you know kind of delve into stuff and find out what i didn't know and this is the entrance way alice threw the looking glass this handheld device for free can answer you any questions how do i make an atom how do i get on all that stuff and crypto specifically bitcoin started to be the you know it's like if you think of superheroes maybe think of spider-man or superman but there are thousands and so bitcoin shone brightest and i said well how do i learn about this i go to the head guy so tyler winklevoss was kind enough to take me through my baby steps and sort of tried to explain a little bit very kind of him and then i did my own research because you and i and everyone else has an inferred fiduciary duty to yourself in other words in plain speak it's your goddamn responsibility to find out what you need to do to improve your life make more money get more chicks whatever it is that floats your boat it's your responsibility this idea of the hippie movement i'm going to drop out and do that well how's the economy going to work oh i don't know about that i'm just going to drop out well how are you going to live where are you going to get money from what's you what have you been what's the labor i don't know about that yeah man life just unnecessary life form on the face of the planet as far as i'm concerned that includes the people well-meaning people who go down to wall street and try to shut it down the kids who live in their mother's basement and talk on their cell phone because they don't like the way wall street works and yet it's wall street money that made that cell phone possible in the first place so so all kinds of smoke and mirrors and out there don't swallow any of it do your own research and that's what i did i know i made lots of new enemies you dare say anything bad about the greenpeace movement yes i do in fact the guy who formed greenpeace quit because greenpeace was supposed to be about the environment and saving whales and wombats and it turned into a political movement so the guy that formed it quit and when you see newscasters asking somebody on a greenpeace uh demonstration what are you demonstrating against they don't have a clue word uh i like clean air yeah so does the far right he liked clean air too now to answer your question so i had discretionary funds which means i have some money that i don't need to pay the rent and eat and put a roof over my head and that's the sage advice which is don't get into bitcoin or any other coin unless you're willing to lose the money don't buy stocks bonds in other words don't use your rent money to get involved in anything that has conjecture in and around it as positive as it is anything's possible having said that not too long ago bitcoin pennies and satoshi's and i'm sure all you guys know all that stuff not too long ago it's worth almost nothing it's gone up god knows how many thousands of percent so i bought in a few million dollars at about 10 000 and change bitcoin and i bought 13 others some defy uh altcoins uh even in the nft world and we're about to do our own uh series of nfts so and now i think we're at 55 000 bitcoin i read the 550 000 bitcoin paper that cameron and tyler uh wrote about and i don't judgment is out there it's highly uh it's their point of view is it going to go to 550 perhaps and i suppose and all that but you got to wait it out you got to be a hoedler for those people who are tuning in because i'm on and you don't know about bitcoins or altcoins or any kind of coins so much a hodler comes from the word hodl h-o-d-l which was just a misspelling of the word hold h-o-l-d so a hodler is somebody who holds stay and don't don't take the short profit because you got to pay weight and the compounded interest you're making interest the compounded value that happens with pre-tax money is much more than after you've cashed out and got lit you got some profit but now you're going way down so it doesn't make if you believe it's going to go up leave it alone and that that includes stocks unless and if you think the bottom is falling on and it's free fall and even then i'd be careful just hold on to that thing use other money to pay your rent and food and everything else now i just it bears noting in the interest of full disclosure before the fact if you continue to let me talk i will suck up all the oxygen in the air okay okay talk all right i appreciate that that's why you like gene that's what we want you we want you to talk for sure and uh appreciate you keeping it inclusive you know realizing that people are going to come in this not knowing too much about cryptocurrency well let me say let me say the following about this there is definitely a bitcoin culture litecoin culture sometimes they don't like each other there's no question there's a dogecoin culture when elon i invested in dogepoint and uh in doge and i'm it's based for those people that don't understand there has to be utility doesn't have to be it bears noting and it helps the financial uh rigidity of something that has a value a purpose dose coin was based on a meme and for those people that don't know what that is welcome to the 21st century it's a thing that doesn't mean anything just some kids who have a lot of time living in their mother's basement i like kylie's new lip gloss those people are the culture changers of the world i know we hate so i hate it too who's on the arm of who and who's i don't give a but they are the leaders of culture so um well let me ask you this yeah let me ask you this because um well first of all it's your credit you know you came out relatively early in this whole cryptocurrency bull market you know it'd be easy to say you're bullish now and i am still bullish and you know we're all excited about it but you were like relatively early you know coming out you know relatively early saying you know i believe in bitcoin i'm bullish on these cryptocurrencies well it's not fair to say it's not fair to say i believe in bitcoin i believe in a wide range of anything if i go into the stock market i mean it heavily don't go to las vegas and bet all your money on 25 black spread the risk as they say well this is what i was going to pour 14 coins that i'm invested and this is what i was going to ask you because we've actually been covering your journey on our channel our audience is familiar with a few of the coins that you've been public about um but you know for the folks at home could you just go through your journey until you started with bitcoin and can you like name some of the old coins that you went into next and you know just kind of list them off and go through how you went to each one in the interest of full disclosure nothing i'm saying means anything please ignore me i'm not giving anybody advice and don't follow there's no 10 steps to becoming rich and do your own damn research and find out for yourself i have to say that for legal reasons and so on oh good lord as a matter of fact i could even do better than that oh my phone's being used because my ipad i thought your lawyer was saying or something like legal the question is what and which lawyers the smart thing i did because thank god i can afford it is hire a washington dc uh crypto guy and hired a crypto lawyer because you want to be you want to understand a lot you just landed in another dimension or in another world you want to or another country you want to understand the culture because it's populated by people who feel you know he's an outsider he doesn't understand us and i was going to comment more about that and then the legal part this is still the wild west how crypto trading and so on goes on the government miss yellen and everybody else and the government are still unsure about it so china just banned bitcoin and other currencies only because they want to do their own don't kid yourself they fully recognize what it is and so it is the wild west you've got to protect yourself it's not like uh some of the stock market i'll go and trade online well you're not talking about pennies people throw a lot of money on it so do yourself a favor and do your own research and if you know somebody who knows more than you about crypto hang out with them more okay so i could have gone down the list of stuff but i invested in doge right before elon posted uh a comic book or something where he's holding me up and i'm holding uh either the dog or the coin up and that caused that doubled dogecoin overnight from four something cents to about eight and a half some something cents and i put in enough money with it so you know what it's based on a meme i don't know how far it's gonna go so i'm gonna cash out even with the uh i don't care guys coming over to tell me that i've got to move on to the next conversation but i actually like this because nobody takes the time to explain to people this goes to what i was going to say which is we all talk as if everybody understands and does and bullish and stuff the masses have no idea what you're talking about bull what they don't know what a bear is they don't know what a bull is they don't and in order for the crypto world to continue to get bigger despite the fact that we and the rest of the world are idiots they don't know anything you need them you need goldman sachs to suggest more than 10 of somebody's portfolio be in cryptocurrency you need it to keep it vibrant and alive so those poor unwashed masses who don't understand what crypto is and don't dress cool and tie-dyed t-shirts even though it's prehistoric it was done 50 years ago but that's okay like yours it's good to have not be the coolest person but surround yourself with other people who don't know as much and be patient explain to them what hotel means this kind of arrogant self-absorbed now if you don't know you don't count i know but just say that to your friends bring in that other big money it'll help you and it'll help the crypto world go big what i love about it is government doesn't have their fingers on it it's cheaper money and you can trace all that money every trade it's difficult to hide the cash especially in nfts where a piece of art is created there's a number a formula and even when it's sold and resold you can track that i'm saying i love that i want to bring it back to nfts in just a second but because you know we have been following you and you've been public and like you said you're not giving investment advice just your opinions your own research make your own decisions but you have been public on certain alt coins that you hold certain cryptocurrencies you set as smart to invest in a basket for our audience who knows a little bit more about cryptos could just go through some of the ones that you hold and like just a sentence on why or don't even have to say a sentence just go through the cryptocurrencies that were interesting to you i like i'm not recommending true tru find out what it trades on and all that i like cardano although it's an idiot name it doesn't trade by its name why why wouldn't you do that why you call it cardano god bless you when it should be ada now by the way the ada trading uh coin is a much more uh sexy story it's about a female mathematician that's cool unethical what's a cardano i have no idea do you know what it is no idea it sounds stupid get rid of that thing just call it call it by the trading name bitcoin what is a trade ad bitcoin yeah so i like the folks at uh binance but i thought catherine coley should be hired back in i called it on day one when she was let go there's a new ceo coming in i said i don't buy it and in my opinion catherine coley should come back in and run that company because she took the time she took the time with me you don't understand this this is how it works and that's what we all need to do not think we're cool too cool to explain something to the next door neighbor take the time be kind to each other and explain so i like litecoin i like true because it pays quote higher dividends as they say on the street and it's gone very well all my cryptos have done very very well ether ethereum um for those that don't understand it it had a a technical kind of computer reason for existing in fact other coins use the process and i don't pretend to understand it theorem is an open source dap platform that anybody can build on so a lot of coins yeah what you just said what you just said people have no idea what that means i wear platform heels and what's a platform they have no you're talking peak talk right and that's okay for the fewer so we have bitcoin ethereum litecoin dogecoin cardano true anything else that you recall that spoke to you back then that you quite a bit more and i bought quite a bit more after that i hasten i caution saying too much because there are a lot of people simply because of celebrity are going to say oh he's doing it i'm going to do it i mean when elon speaks the world shakes okay that's fair and gene we have three more big picture cryptocurrency questions left do we have you for the full three questions or give another thing after this i always have another thing after this but i'm happy to talk to you all right cool we love hearing this perspective and one of the coins that you've just listed and you're super public about was back in february 2021 you announced you bought three hundred thousand dollars worth of cardano now cardano is doing you know it's gone up by a lot it's worth well over a million why cardano specifically and are you still bullish on it i am uh that's just an opinion um 300 by the way was the low end of my investments and stuff so i'm blessed and happy and i appreciate it but the others have been in millions so you know when you bet on the titanic you see this large shadow and kids if you don't know what titanic was you got to do your research and find out i'm not assuming you know or don't find out what is the title what was the titanic i think people know oh really well there's that movie explain it aaron then what is the titanic it was a ship that was unsinkable and it sank and it sank now by the way i've met younger people granted in their 20s who've never heard of the beatles so everybody knows what that no they don't because people are idiots well i'm not casting aspersions and other big words i'm just saying any don't don't think the public knows more than you think they'd be right appreciate it i appreciate you keeping it inclusive the the that's it just just inform people because it's better for the crypto bringing everybody in currency bring everybody yeah like america it's like you know you don't have to be a college professor you can be just a hard-working person who doesn't understand what capitalism is so take the time so i invest not just in the titanic of the idea i want to know who the captain is because the only reason the unsinkable ship sank it's not because of the iceberg it's supposed to be unsinkable it's because of the was the captain when he was told there's an icebreaker i'd just go right through it and so i'm sinking idiot why take the chance you know when you're flying on a plane the planes you know if wings flap and you can fly right through a storm you know you know the pilots do they fly around the storm why would you take the chance so i believe that's why i mentioned catherine coley i don't have any business dealings with her it bears noting and i'm a big fan if i didn't have a family i'd move to puerto rico if i was in the crypto world because of the tax advantages and you don't have to speak spanish you can be serbian and live there but i digress i don't have any dealings with callie i just thought she was a a good executive who took the time to explain to the unwashed masses me at one point and my son nick what is this thing how does it work and and because of her and especially tyler i dove into it and i brought brand new money millions of dollars into the crypto world d5 and so on because somebody took the time to explain to a like me what it was and now i'm less of a so i'm i'm suggesting to all you fans altcoin daily altcoin fans altcoin daily that's right i'm glad you corrected me to explain to people the great unwashed masses hey there's a cool thing but do your own research and find out about it the government's going to have less to say about it it'll be uh interesting money and you're you're better off in my opinion getting involved in crypto than going to las vegas and we're winding up passed out on the floor with two hookers picking your pocket totally we've all been there i'm i plead the fifth so anything more on cardano anything any more reason you like cardona before move on to something else you live and die by the people who steer the company so you're a big charles hoskinson fan charles hoskinson i'm a medium fan of charles i like it instead of a big fan nice so you know the coins that you have been public about you know you don't have to share ones that you don't want to but you've talked about bitcoin ethereum cardano dogecoin litecoin etc is there one particular coin that you hold that you're more bullish on that speaks to you more yes i i bought as a matter of fact two quite a bit of it two two tenths of one percent coins uh because i believe they're gonna go up uh tenfold in uh so you bought a fraction of one percent of like two different coins that's a large part of the supply because you're so bullish on these projects yes and it'll take uh they'll go to 20 cents in a month please share which ones no gene come on not financial advice i know that but what's going to happen is people are going to search and cause money to come in which it in and of itself is gonna cost uh cause the uh rise i want the rise to be natural otherwise you're gonna have short sellers the problem with this stuff if you're such a genius or big i've been very good with stocks bonds and futures commodities and crypto a lot of it has to do with me spending tireless hours and minutes and adam from item ad nauseam finding out like what's inside you see the big car you know the front you got to get into the engine and find out for yourself is it appeal to you or not so i no were these were these hot tips was this based on your own research did tyler winklevoss talk to him about him or no nobody suggested it was based on your own research some interesting and your son's research yes nick simmons now are these like give us the don't name specifics i understand why you don't want to like are these defy coins are these stable coins uh gaming coins is there a particular overarching brand that these fit in that maybe yeah both stable both stable okay interesting well stable coins won't go up well there you can have the asset back to stable coins that goes up like maker anyway we're getting in the weeds here you get you get the dividends that you know yeah the interest yeah gene i would love to see what you what you guys just explained incisive correct you know your stuff please take the time to explain to people what you just said the new people who have all the money that crypto define everybody needs for what for instance they don't know that you can't buy okay i mean i mean cryptocurrency i've got bitcoin and ethereum and a few others i want to buy default or i want to buy an nfd well you can't use your dollars you got to first get in here and use that entity to come into there it's it's like it's never existed before take the time to explain it to them because they've got money to give you the crypto community so don't push them off like your particular you know you're a very successful guy we recognize that you know big fan you back in the day on celebrity apprentice that was great my question to you is for your particular investments are these like midterm trades to you would you consider yourself a long-term hodler as you mentioned and if so like a long-term hodler um do you have a plan to realize profits or at this at this point in time you're just huddling and letting the market move letting it roll for 10 years okay i like that i love that um and and putting in more trips and drugs talk to me which would you say you own more because bitcoin and ethereum you know those are the two market movers the biggest ones the people know the space for bitcoin and ethereum would you say you hold more bitcoin or more ethereum in us dollars almost equal and both of the both are the uh highest investments in uh the crypto world biggest portion of your portfolio is that of your crypto portfolio percentage-wise percentage-wise because i've got uh 12 other i'm sure you've got a trillion dollars so yeah of course a trillion because they're so small you know they they used to be small yeah that's true anyway austin you were going to ask a question jean i got i got to go you guys okay give us a couple minutes give us like two minutes final question final question do uh gene talk to us about nft as you said you're launching them uh why is it about legacy is it about making money uh kiss nfcs talk to us about it well it hasn't been put out there yet so i'm sorry if i'm putting the cat on the back so dead mouse is actually a friend through my daughter sophie and we just started talking and he wanted to roll up his sleeves and do a kiss nft so he did and it is stunning we haven't released it nobody's seen it nobody knows anything is it an ethereum based nft or no comment no comment you can call me but you can call maker's place and ask him questions okay okay um austin gene i i love the time you took to explain crypto to us would you give final thoughts to the altcoin daily audience watching right now yeah listen you guys everybody fully recognizes you're all so much cooler and knowledgeable than people on the street faded complete you're right you're cooler better looking and smarter than everybody else you need you need those people bring it's like a religion you know bring in new people because it it helps everything rise that includes your assets and your everything they may never be cool enough to hang out with you because you know so much and you know what satoshi is and the doge is and they'll say doge and dog don't make fun of them just take their money bring them in explain it to them and let them you know even farmers need a crop is only as good as the fertilizer that goes in the ground i know you think these people are sh you need that to make the crop healthy and that's good for everybody so be kind to them secretly you can say what a he doesn't know he didn't even know what a hoadle is yeah that's okay that's okay just explain it to them let them put the money in and it's then it's going to be real honest money instead of the shysters and the hawks who are waiting there like vultures you know you don't want the short sellers coming in and making this thing more of a roller coaster ride than it is you want somebody to believe in the culture to believe that finally get government out of the way more honest more inclusive so that it's healthier and it's got less of that right now it's got a lot of that because there are people who are in the investment community are coming in putting a lot of money even my friend kathy i don't want to say her last name very uh probably the most powerful female on wall street kathy woods is very good is very crypto friendly because she did a research so she's buying and she understands the future is there that in fact the future is here gene awesome conversation the links are all down below in the video description altcoin daily audience check it out and by the way we love rock and brews rock and brews uh your restaurant in redondo beach huge fans they're all they're all over america by the way and growing and the rock and bruce casinos are coming and check out and also if you're in las vegas october 21 22 23 go to the gene simmons art show yes i have an art show at the venetian hotel go to and these are artworks that you painted or you're curating during the no during the pandemic i've been doodling all my life because i'm an only child you know i was stuck in a warehouse with nothing to do so i ordered eight foot canvases with paint brushes and gardening tools and toothbrushes and all kinds of stuff and tons of paint and just went to town as they say and created about 30 pieces some eight feet by four feet and had it shipped down to uh las vegas and i had a social lunch with a guy that owns an art gallery and we're talking about different things i'm a big kiss fan well that's nice what do you think of this stuff wow who is that guy what do you mean you really think it's good he goes oh it's fantastic look at the colors layers and things and the figures and the composition i don't know what he's talking about because i've never painted never took lessons i've no resume and no qualification said you really think it's good oh yeah tell me who that is i'd love to do an art show well i i painted it you painted it how long have you been painting never i just started doing it okay we're gonna have an art show by the way how much do you think these pieces are gonna go for he says oh a few thousand dollars i go yeah that's what i expected he goes yeah for the little ones the big ones are going to be 250 to 300 000 what yeah that's awesome he thinks there's going to be a cult he think he believes there's going to be one collector who's going to come in and buy it all because it's the first generation of stuff that i've ever done which would be a few million dollars will you be accepting bitcoin or crypto absolutely especially in theory especially ethereum what is it now 3500 yeah around 3500 nice man nice [Music] gene we'll let you go uh thank you big fans of the music huge fans of the music thank you so much for coming on today gene you're the man be kind to each other definitely

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