Gemini Exchange Review in 2 Minutes (2021 Updated)

New-york based Gemini is an exchange best-known for being founded
by the famed Winklevoss twins. It has a great reputation for security
and compliance with American regulations, but is it really that good? Hi, I’m Nate Martin, and we’re taking a deeper look into Gemini
in today’s 2 minute review. Gemini was founded in 2015 with a very different aim
than other cryptocurrency exchanges – instead of trying to avoid regulation,
Gemini decided to embrace it. Cooperating with regulators and offering plenty
of security certifications, Gemini’s key selling point is that
it offers customers peace of mind, knowing that their funds are in safe hands.  Gemini’s exchange is newbie friendly, allowing users to buy and sell crypto
instantly at the market rate.

It even has a nice ‘automatic buy’ feature, which lets you schedule purchases
for every day, week or however often you’d like, making dollar cost averaging that much easier. For the more experienced traders, Gemini offers an advanced trading platform
called ‘ActiveTrader’. This platform has all of the features
you don’t see in the basic interface, such as candlestick charts
and different order types. In addition to the exchange, Gemini’s website is packed with features
such as a payments app, an insurance on customer funds and even its very own stablecoin
called ‘Gemini dollar’ or GUSD. You can learn more about all of these
in our in-depth review.  The one thing our team isn’t so excited about
is Gemini’s fees, which aren’t that great. Traders on the exchange will have to pay a 0.50% convenience fee
on every transaction, and that’s on top of their transaction fees, which are a minimum of 1.49%.

Advanced traders get a bit of a better deal,
paying up to 0.35% on each trade. Also, Gemini’s enhanced security and safety comes at a price of a relatively long
and complicated KYC process. Make it 4.2 Stars from us here at 99Bitcoins, as we think Gemini is packed with features and provides outstanding security
and compliance – especially for US customers, however, these will cost you
relatively high fees and a tedious identification process. Have you used Gemini? Let us know what you think about it
in the comments. And if you haven’t used Gemini, you can sign up or read our in-depth review
using the link in the description below That’s today’s 2 minute crypto review
and I’ll see you…

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