GCN’s Guinness World (Penny Farthing) Hour Record!

– [Hank] Last year Mark
Beaumont tried to break the 136 year old Penny
Farthing World hour record. It turns out that riders in the 1880's were not hanging around and Mark narrowly missed the
mark by 35.55 kilometers. That record is what's called pace though. Meaning that you can have other riders on the track to help you. Something which is a little at odds with the modern day world hour record. So Guinness World Records
have drawn a line in the sand and created a new one, a true test of solo power rider and machine battling
to cover as much distance as possible in one hour. So, can we set an indoor hour
record on a Penny Farthing? (energetic music) So Chris, I mean we've
ridden the track before and even coming in, it feels quite daunting. I mean, the banks are steep. – 42 percent at the steepest and it's a good five meters
from the top of the track down to the bottom and then another two meters for your head when you're sat on top of that.

If you're brave enough to get up there, that's seven meters from the ground. – Mate, I am absolutely terrified. – It's like going back to the
track on day one, isn't it? I was so confident as a rider, on a road bike or a track bike, this is something else altogether. – This is a whole different beast. It was now our turn, we
couldn't put it off anymore. The scene was set and the time has come to
get suited and booted. Can we get a Penny Farthing
rolling on the boards of an indoor velodrome? – I think these shoes are
going to be a problem. I can't pitch off. – Marks just, was set off, and it's such quite difficult, it's setting off on the côte d'azur" cause it is quite slippery seeing as we have carbon road shoes. And he looked like bambi on ice. (man laughs) This doesn't bode well. This is um, this could be quite scary
once you're getting going, but I think when you're getting going you got some speed. Fingers crossed it'll be okay.

But yeah, looks a bit strange. (upbeat music) – I just caught my leg on the peg getting off the Penny Farthing, so you can see I've scraped
it down the side there and it's just popped out. Get a bit of ice on it. – [Man] Hank, with all his
track experience was next to try and to be fair to him,
made it look real easy, for a bit. (energetic music) – I took the corner too sharp. – [Man] Track 1, James nil. – Track 1, James nil,
that's exactly right. – There's a bit of a- – Oh- Sorry mate. – So for our first effort that was strong. – Yeah, I think like- I think when you get into
it it'll be all right. We'll do some throwin' off on the corners. – [Hank] Next, it was now time for Chris. I don't think Chris has any
idea on how he would get on and I could definitely
see the worry in his face. I think it's fairly obvious
though as he's going round, that he's not getting
on with 56-inch wheel.

– Yeah, ready? – Right, that is not cycling. There is no part of that is
anything to do with cycling. It's like an exercise in
how mad you are I think. It's like so different, you're just fighting yourself. Like I genuinely felt pretty confident because I know that I'm
fitter than Mark and James but I don't think I can
ride a Penny Farthing as fast as they can. It's quite weird. – I would say you were a
52, maybe a 54 for racing. But you're riding technique is a 52. – Yeah, I'm like- – So as much fun as the 56 is, I'm going for a 52.

It's much smaller. My short, sprinty legs
are clearly not designed to stretch for the pedals. I'm getting crampy feet, crampy calves. It just feels really uncomfortable so hopefully the smaller wheel helps me feel a little
bit more comfortable, hopefully then, I'll be
as good, as fast as James. – A few hours went by like a flash and it was now time to put the thrills and spills behind us. Get the skin suits on and
attempt a world record. The big question though,
on everyone's lips is, is it even possible? – So my name is Craig Glenday, I'm the editor-in-chief
at Guinness World Records, but I also have the joy
of adjudicating records so I'm here in Darby at the
velodrome with Mark Beaumont to have a go at a record
that hasn't been attempted, well, probably ever really but for more than 100 years, for the one Penny Farthing record.

Are you ready? – Ready. – Five, four, three, two, one go. – [Hank] Go Mark. (upbeat music) – Only lap 32.7 seconds, which is pretty fast
from a standing start. – Mate, that's quick. – On a Penny Farthing. (upbeat music) – He's doing really well. He's ahead of the 26.5 seconds per lap, which equates to 21.1 miles an hour. So he's going faster than 21
miles per hour at the moment. – [Hank] Go on Mark. Go on Mark. I'm blown away. The guy is an absolute monster. He's done 52 minutes, over 300 watts on a Penny Farthing. I don't know if Chris and I are
going to get even close to him. And he's still got a smile on his face. Go figure. (energetic music) (men clap) – Unreal effort. – Well done. – It hurts. – Man, I think that's
a world record matey. I got ya. – Who's next? (men laugh) – I think that'll be Chris. – I can't tell you what an
amazing relief it is to go first. I was nervous about
being out first but uh, well now I've recovered a little bit, it's a nice smug feeling to feel like I've got a world
record before breakfast and it's just up to Chris and James to see what they can do now.

– So Chris's record attempt number two, the one hour Penny
Farthing record attempt, are you ready? – I'm as ready as I'll ever be. – Okay, after five. Five, four, three, two, one go. – Go on Chris, you can do this mate, you can do this. (energetic music) – 40 seconds. (bell ring) – That man is flying. – I am numb in places
you should not be numb. – Phenomenal. Proud of him, that was awesome. – At the start of the hour, I had no idea if I could even complete 60 minutes on the Penny Farthing let alone while trying to
ride as fast as I could. After six minutes, all
I wanted to do was stop.

I stayed focus, knowing that I'm physically in good shape and I started to dig deep. Over the next 50 minutes
I felt more comfortable and more confident. But could I set a world record? – James attempt number
3 for the Penny Farthing one hour record, are you ready? – I mean, I feel like I'm in a movie but I don't know if I'm ready but we'll give it a go chap. – Good luck. After five, four, three, two, one go. – First pedal rev and I was nearly off.

I slipped, that huge 56 inch wheel but after getting to
the bottom of the track, I put that behind me and I focused on building speed. (energetic music) – 30 minutes in and an uncomfortable broken
saddle became excruciating. The plastic on the
saddle gave me no comfort from the metal rods underneath
and it got worse and worse. Sitting at 130 rpm and
not being able to stand up and get off that broken saddle became more painful than I ever imagined. – Come on Hank, seven to big day. – That's just not something
that you experience when you're racing like, so to stand here and
see, look into his eyes and see the suffering is just yeah, it's almost, to say about it is bizarre.

To know what he's going through, to see that he's experiencing
it worse than I am, you know, the discomfort
and just sheer agony, it's quite emotional. (bell ring) – He cannot wait to get
off that ridiculous bike. – Yes James, how was that good? – Ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah. You got it. Ah, ah, ah. Whoa, easy easy easy. – Well done, well done. Well done dude. Bloody good effort. Well done. There's some water. – I need that new saddle. (men laugh) My ass. – Very, very good effort. It was a challenge, I think, much- – Brutal.
– More than you might think and it's very unusual to
see quite such pain after- – It's a quite unusual feeling. – But well done, congratulations, I don't want you to see my clipboard. – No I'm looking at it. – Don't look at the clipboard. – Try to not to look at it. – So Mark, you're up first.

So you had the chance to set the record. You achieved, drum roll, 33.865. – Well done. – That's a good- – So it's very good so
technically I would think, we'll award you that. It's officially admitting as we say. So congratulations on being
the first person to hold– – Thanks very much sir. – The one hour record. – Thanks very much sir. – Well done, congratulations.
– Thanks very much. (men applaud) – The second fastest,
you went the fastest, you did go farthest certainly, very close, 33.809, is James.

So congratulations, you finished. – I finished thank god. – But you don't get anything so. – Can I get a handshake? – Other than our absolute respect because it looked like you
weren't going to finish about 10 minutes in. So congratulations on, you know, still being alive. Which means, this, the
official Guinness World Record certificate is going for
a distance of 34.547, Chris, congratulations you
are officially amazing. – Thank you very much. – Well done, amazing, amazing effort. – Well done, buddy.
– Well done, bud. – That was impressive. (upbeat music).

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